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									News from the Lafayette Indiana Alcoa Retiree Club
The Lafayette Indiana Alcoa Retiree Club has a long history of being sure that its members as
well as the present plant employees are well taken care of and are given plenty of options to keep
them active in their retirement.
 One or our programs is the giving of cash donations the second and fourth quarter of the year to
the charity of the Retiree Board’s choice. These charities are very appreciative of the donations
which they receive. The charity we are giving to in the second quarter of this year is Homestead
Consulting Services. They are a DBA of Lafayette Neighborhood Housing Services. They offer
education and consulting assistance to all and potential homeowners regardless of their income.
They are a HUD certified counseling agency as well as being certified by the Indiana Agency for
Housing Counseling. Homestead receives its income from government grants, donations, and
small client fees for some of their services. The programs they offer are:

   •   Home Buyer Education. This program covers the topics of managing money, house
       affordability, understanding credit, types of loans, and home maintenance.
   •   Pre-purchase Consulting. This program allows Homestead to work with the clients on
       their personal finance issues and help them get financially prepared to purchase a home.
   •   Foreclosure and Delinquency Counseling. Homestead works with the homeowners to
       work out a solution for payment with their mortgage holder which is acceptable to both
   •   Reverse Mortgage Counseling. This program is offered for those people who request it.
   •   Neighborhood Improvement Program. This matching fund program helps low to
       moderate income homeowners make necessary repairs to their homes to make them safe
       for habitation. Income limits do apply to this program.
It is very easy to see why the Lafayette Alcoa Retirees Club would want to participate in helping
this nonprofit given the state of the national economy today. We retirees are very proud of being
able to fund and participate in this, one of the many projects which we offer.

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