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       Economic and

                                     Workforce, Economic and Community Development

        Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Community Campus, referred to as the “campus
        without walls,” offers employers affordable, cutting- edge and flexible training programs and
        individual opportunities to learn and grow. Participants engage in lifelong learning that builds
        knowledge, skills and abilities for personal vitality as well as productivity in the workplace.

Programs, Services and Training Opportunities

ABE/GED Department                                         Education Assistance
  Adult Basic Education                                      K-12 License Renewal—CEU Offerings
  English as a Second Language
  GED Testing
                                                           Health Care
                                                            Certified Nursing Assistant
Continuing Education                                        CPR Training
  Gulf Coast Youth Leadership                               Medical Billing and Coding
  K-12 Professional Development                             Phlebotomy
  Lifelong Learning Institute                               Physician Office Assistant
  Travel to Learn                                           Other Health-Related areas as needed
  External Grants

                                                           Workforce Development
Computer Applications                                       Customer Service
  Adobe Classes                                             Hospitality/Tourism
  Microsoft Office for Industry                             Labor Recruitment Initiatives
  Microsoft Project                                         Lean Manufacturing
  Microsoft QuickBooks                                      Supervisory and Management
                                                            Tax Preparation Assistance
Proprietary Programs                                        Pre- and Post-employment Screening
  Achieve Global                                            Training
  Command Spanish, Inc.
  Gatlin Education Services
                                                                           Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                                                                         Table of

"In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972 of the Higher Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other
applicable Federal and State Acts, the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College hereby adopts a policy assuring that no one shall, on the grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or
qualified disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the College. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is an Equal Oppor-
tunity Employer and welcomes students and employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or qualified disability."

Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II of the Age Discrimination Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is coordinated by Dr. Billy Stewart, Vice-
President for Administration and Finance, Perkinston Campus, P. O. Box 609, Perkinston, Mississippi 39573, telephone number 601-928-5211, email address

                                      Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                    Workforce Development

              Mississippi’s Workforce Training Program
The State Board for Community and Junior Colleges provides visionary leadership and technical guidance to the
state’s 15 public two-year institutions to ensure that training services provide a positive impact on Mississippi’s
workforce. The Workforce Development program at the community and junior college level is dedicated to im-
proving the economy in each local district by strengthening the professional capacities of the current and future
workforce. These programs and services are designed to enhance an employee’s performance and thus achieve
organizational objectives and to ensure Mississippi workers have the skills needed to compete in today’s globally
competitive environment.
To learn more about statewide workforce training and each community work-
force training center, visit the SBCJC workforce website:


 TRAINING                                                                              Contact a
 This training will include inter-                                                 Workforce Director
 nal combustion forklift training.
 Subjects included: Sit down,                                                          near you:
 counterbalance, internal com-
 bustion powered forklift truck.
 Classroom training includes
 forklift truck safety, inspection,                                                    George County/
 and operation. Driver operation
 training includes pre-operation
                                                                                      Jackson County
 and operation inspections, ob-                                                      Post Office Box 100
 stacle course, and load handling.                                                    Gautier, MS 39553
 Testing will be completed to
                                                                                       (228) 497-7809
 obtain forklift certification.
 Hours: 6 ~ Fee: $55
 Date(s) Day(s) Time Location
                                                                                       Stone County/
 9/21 TU     9 am-4 pm AMTC
 10/13 W     9 am-4 pm AMTC
                                                                                      Harrison County
 11/11 TH    9 am-4 pm AMTC                                                          2226 Switzer Road
 9/28 TU     9 am-4 pm JC                                                            Gulfport, MS 39507
 11/18 TH    9 am-4 pm JC
                                                                                       (228) 897-3878
 9/28 W      9 am-4 pm PC

                                          Workforce, Economic and Community Development
                                                      Workforce Development

                            Mobile Training Opportunities
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
expands training opportunities with its 53-foot
Mobile Welding Center. The cutting-
edge equipment on board this mobile center has
the capability of handling various welding proc
including SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW
and GMAW-Aluminum.
The Mobile Welding Center can be transported to
locations throughout the Gulf Coast service area
to provide specialized welding training.

Mississippi Gulf Coast’s 34-foot mobile

Resource and Assessment
Center is equipped with Internet-accessible
computers and monitors and a data-projection
system, the Mobile Resource and Assessment Cen-
ter is geared for recruitment initiatives, computer
applications training, basic-skills instruction and
occupational assessment, where employers can
identify areas in which employees need
improvement and training.

                                                            For more information
                                                            on the Welding Center
                                                               Or Resource and
                                                             Assessment Center:

                                                             (228) 897-4360

                                               Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                             Workforce development
                                             Construction Skills
Construction Assistant
Introductory multi—-craft training in areas in-
cluding carpentry, electrical, painting and dry-
wall. Safety, theory and practical experiences
will be included. Topics also include installa-
tion methods and materials available for resi-
dential construction using accepted trade prac-
tices. NCCER credentials will be awarded as
well as MGCCC Certificate of Completion.
Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $450
Date(s)           Day(s) Time Location
8/2-10/6          M/W 6 - 10 pm      JD

Electrical Assistant
Introductory instruction will provide stu-
dents with fundamental skills, including elec-
trical theory for residential and light industry
wiring. Safety, basic tools, simple AC and
DC circuits and National Electric Code top-
ics will be covered as it relates to residential properties. Special emphasis will be placed on service-entrance installation, internal
wiring and specialized circuits. NCCER credentials will be awarded as well as MGCCC Certificate of Completion.
Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $450
Date(s)      Day(s)            Time            Location
8/17 — 10/28 TU/TH             6-- 10 pm       JD
                                                                                  10-Hour OSHA for
Introduction to Heating & Air Conditioning
This program will introduce students to troubleshooting and
repairing residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
systems. Basic principles will be taught for the operation, main-              This training will provide construction workers,
tenance and repair of HVAC, ice machines, and refrigerators                    supervisors and other personnel responsible for
for residential and light industry. Freon Handling Certification               construction activities with an awareness of
will be awarded as well as MGCCC Certificate of Completion.                    OSHA safety and guidelines. The class topics
Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $450                                                          include the following: Construction, Intro to
                                                                               OSHA , Personal Protective Equipment, Right to
Date(s)       Day(s)                 Time               Location
                                                                               Know Law, Hand and Power Tools, Electrical,
8/17 — -10/28 TU/TH                  6 - 10 pm          JD                     Scaffolds, Cranes, Trenching and Excavation,
                                                                               Fire Protection and Prevention, Fall Protection,
Blueprint Reading                                                              Ladders, and Stairs. Upon successful completion,
Learn to read and understand the various types of blueprints.                  the student will receive an OSHA Safety &
The student will be able to comprehend and interpret standard                  Health 10-Hour Course Completion Card.
symbols and abbreviations found on construction drawings.                      Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $125
This training will also provide students with terms, definitions               Date(s)            Day(s)    Time       Location
and a fundamental understanding of basic blueprints.                           9/14— 9/16         T/TH     5-10 pm          JC
Hours: 18 ~ Fee: $50                                                           8/3 — -8/5         T/TH     5-10 pm          JD
                                                                               10/19-10/21        TU/TH     5-10 pm         JD
Date(s)     Day(s) Time                                Location                10/07—10/28        TH       5 -10 pm         PC
8/31—10/05 T       6 — -9 pm                           JC
10/26—11/30 T      6 —- 9 pm                           JC
                                           Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                       Workforce development

                                                                                 Basic Refrigeration
                                                                                 Learn the basics of refrigeration systems,
                                                                                 including basic safety, oxy-acetylene and
                                                                                 air acetylene soldering and brazing.
                                                                                    frigerant pressures, states and condi-
                                                                                 tions , and how they apply to the refrig-
                                                                                 eration system, are covered in the
                                                                                 course.. Vapor pressures, sub cooling,
                                                                                 superheat, saturation, latent heat, and
                                                                                 sensible heat are explained and applied
                                                                                 to the refrigeration cycle.
                                                                                 Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $450
                                                                                 Date(s)     Day(s)       Time Loc.
                                                                                 8/02 — 10/6 M/W          6 - 10 pm JD

Commercial Refrigeration
Learn refrigeration safety, advanced brazing tech-
niques, and how to work with light commercial
refrigeration systems such as walk-in coolers and
freezers. Defrost components, timers, solenoid
valves, and how they function in a refrigeration
system will be covered. Students will prepare for
and take the EPA Section 608 certification exam.
Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $450
Date(s)          Day(s)     Time          Location
10/18 — 12/15    M/W        6—10 pm       JD

Sheet Metal
Introduces participants to tools and techniques
used in the sheet metal trade. This course covers
layout and processes, including parallel line devel-
opment, to layout, cut, form, and assemble parts
for ductwork and selected fittings.                    Masonry
Hours: 40 ~ Fee: $195
                                                       Introduces participants to tools used in the masonry trade. This
Date(s)          Day(s)    Time            Location    course covers measuring and estimating, properly mixing mortar
10/18-11/17      M/W       6 — 10:pm       JD          and installation of brick veneer.
                                                       Hours: 40 ~ Fee: $195
                                                       Date(s)         Day(s)          Time             Location
                                                       9/7-10/7        T/TH            6 — 10 pm        JD

                                        Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                General Equivalency Diploma
     GED Preparation

The General Education Development
(GED) test may be administered to per-
sons who desire to earn a high school
equivalency diploma if they were unable
to complete their high school education.

The general equivalency diploma (GED)
is usually recognized by industry, govern-
ment agencies and employers, colleges,
and other organizations as the legal
equivalent of a diploma from an accred-
ited high school.

   Administered in George, Harrison,
   Jackson and Stone counties.
   Prior to taking the test for the first
   time, candidates must attenda
   program orientation session.

                                                                Register Today!

                                                Must be 18 years old or older (17-yearolds must meet certain condi-
                                                tions and restrictions; contact your local campus or center or ABE direc-
                                                tor for more information).
    Earning a GED can                           Must be out of school for at least three (3) months or regular
                                                class has to have graduated.
  open doors to further                         Must be a Mississippi resident.
   education in college                      For information concerning any Adult Basic Education program or
                                             GED Testing, call one of the following offices:
   academic, career or
                                                    George County                     (601)    766-6433
     technical training.
                                                    Harrison County                   (228)    897-3810
   The GED can be the                               Jackson County                    (228)    497-7755
                                                    Stone County                      (601)    928-6358
  ticket to a better job.

                                        Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                      Adult Basic Education

                                                                     Education pays!
                                                  Adult Basic Education classes prepare you to earn a GED, a
                                                  high school equivalency diploma. Earning your GED can open
                                                  doors to further education in college academic, career—technical
                                                  training and/or employment.

                                                  Who’s eligible? Students must be at least 17 years old and
                                                  not currently enrolled in public schools. Proper documentation
                                                  must be presented at the intake session. During the intake session,
                                                  students are assessed to determine which educational areas need
                                                  to be addressed. There is no charge for the intake session or the
                                                  ABE classes.

                                                  SPECIAL PROGRAMS

                                                      English as a Second Language (ESL) — offered to
                                                      individuals with limited English proficiency

                                                      Workforce Basic Skills - ABE/GED and ESL
                                                      classes can be arranged at work sites with local employers

CLASSES AND STUDY OPPORTUNITIES—Classes are held on the campuses in George, Harrison,
Jackson and Stone counties

   Small group instruction
   Personal goal setting
   Assessment of basic skills
   Day and evening classes
   Classroom computer software
   Learning style preferences
   GED online class (for qualified students)

    Gulf Coast has the perfect Adult Basic Education or GED program for you
and a schedule suitable for your lifestyle. For enrolling, scheduling tests or
accommodations for candidates with disabilities, contact the campus nearest
you or call 228-897-4360.                                *There will be no charge for the intake process or classes.

                                                Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                       Computer Training

                                                                           Excel 2007 Levels I & II for the Office
                                                                           An introduction to spreadsheet fundamentals followed by instruc-
                                                                           tion on how to enhance spreadsheets using the formatting tech-
                                                                           niques, managing workbooks and advanced printing options.
                                                                           Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
                                                                           Date (s)          Day (s)   Time                     Location
                                                                           8/10 — 8/24        T        6:00 — 9:20 pm            JC
                                                                           10/27 —11/10       W        6:00 — 9:20 pm            JC
                                                                           9/07 — 9/16        T/TH     6:00 — 8:30 pm           PC
                                                                           9/13 — 9/22        M/W      5:30 — 8:00 pm           WH

                                                                           Excel 2007 Levels III & IV for the Office
                                                                      Create and work with charts, analyze data using Excel’s list feature
Word 2007 Levels I & II for the                                       and learn to integrate with other programs. Also, learn how to
                                                                      create formulas to perform a variety of calculations, how to use
Office Professional
                                                                      macros to automate Excel processes, and how to incorporate the
An introduction to word processing and basic document skills, includ-
                                                                      Internet with Excel features.
ing text editing and printing. Additional topics include formatting
                                                                      Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
characters, document formats, and creating and modifying charts.
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80                                                  Date(s)            Day(s)        Time                     Location
                                                                      8/31 — 9/14          T           6:00 — 9:20 pm           JC
Date(s)             Day(s) Time                          Location
                                                                      11/17 — 12/08        W           6:00 — 9:20 pm           JC*
8/25—9/08            W         6:00 — 9:20 pm             JC
                                                                       9/21 — 9/30         T/TH        6:00 — 8:30 pm           PC
10/25—11/08          M         6:00 — 9:20 pm             JC
                                                                       9/27 — 10/06        M/W         5:30 — 8:00 pm          WH
8/24-9/2            T/TH 5:30 — 8:00 pm                  JD
                                                                      *No Class for 11/25 Holiday
7/20—7/29           T/TH       6:00 — 8:30 pm            PC
8/2—8/11            M/W        5:30 — 8:00 pm            WH
                                                                           Introduction to QuickBooks Pro
                                                                           Set up a chart of accounts and create lists to keep track of
Word 2007 Levels III & IV for the Office
                                                                           customers, vendors, and other information. Additional topics in-
Professional                                                               clude working with invoices and payments, tracking sales and ex-
Topics include working with tables, document views and outlines,           penses, and paying bills. Book for course is included.
templates, paragraph styles, drawing and mail merge                        Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $95
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80                                                       Date(s)           Day(s)      Time                    Location
Date(s)              Day(s)         Time                  Location         8/4-8/25          W           5:30 - 8 pm             JD
10/06—10/20           W             6:00 — 9:20pm         JC               10/06—10/27       W           5:00— 7:30 pm           PC
11/29—12/13           M             6:00 — 9:20pm         JC
9/7 — 9/16            T/TH          5:30 — 8:00pm         JD
8/03 — 8/12           T/TH          6:00 — 8:30pm         PC
8/23 — 9/01           M/W           5:30 — 8:00 pm        WH

Outlook 2007 for the Office Professional
Learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook. How to open and send
e-mails, keep contacts, calendars, daily tasks, and reminders of events.
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
Date(s)            Day(s)             Time           Location
9/9 — -9/23        Th                 6:00 — 9:20 pm   JC
7/06—7/15          T/TH               6:00 — 9:20 pm   PC

                                              Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                      Computer Training
Intermediate                                                                                            Adobe Dreamweaver
QuickBooks Pro                                                                                          Learn the broad capabilities
Learn more advanced features                                                                            Dreamweaver brings to Web
of Quickbooks, such as gener-                                                                           development.
ating balance sheets, creating                                                                          Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
customized reports and invoices,                                                                        Date(s)   Day(s) Time  Loc.
and amending payroll                                                                                    10/7-10/28 TH 5:30-8pm JD
Hours: 10 ~Fee: $80
Date(s) Day(s) Time                                                                                     Adobe InDesign
9/1-9/22 W     5:30 - 8 pm                                                                            Learn the fundamentals of
Location: JD
                                                                                                      Adobe InDesign! You can design
                                                                                                      and produce professional print
                                                                                                      documents and layouts.
Access 2007                                                                                           Learn how to manipulate text,
Levels One & Two                                                       shapes, colors, and frames to create eye-catching print products
for the Office Professional                                            using Adobe In Design.
An introduction to database fundamentals, followed by instruc-         Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
tion on how to enhance spreadsheets using the formatting tech-             Date(s)         Day(s)              Time          Location
niques, managing workbooks and advanced printing options.                  9/2-9/23        TH                  5:30— 8:00 pm JD
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
Date(s)           Day(s)             Time              Location        MS Power Point 2007
8/16 — 8/30        M                 6:00 — 9:20 pm    JC
10/07—10/21        TH                6:00 — 9:20 pm    JC              Levels I to III for the Office
10/19—10/28        T/TH              6:00 — 9:00 pm    PC              Professional
10/18 — 10/27       M/W              5:30 —- 8:00 pm   WH              Topics include basic presentation skills, formatting & editing text,
                                                                       graphic images and tables. Other areas that will be covered include us-
Access 2007 Levels Three & Four for                                    ing the slide master, working with drawing objects, tables, and charts,
                                                                       slide transitions, animation, using Hyper links, and other features.
the Office Professional
                                                                       Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $96
Instruction on how to use queries to display and manipulate data-
base information; how to create forms to enter and edit database       Date(s)             Day(s)           Time                   Location
records. More on creating reports to display database information      9/21 — 10/19        T                6:00— 9:00 pm            JC *
in a professional format.                                              11/17—12/15         W                6:00— 9:00 pm            JC *
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80                                                   10—19/10/28         T/TH             6:00— 9:00 pm            PC
                                                                       * Off holidays when MGCCC is closed.
Date(s)           Day(s)             Time            Location
 9/13 — 9/27       M                 6:00 —- 9:20 pm JC
11/18 — 12/9       TH                6:00 —- 9:20 pm JC                How to Fight Spam, Viruses, Pop-Ups, &
11/02 — 11/11      TU/TH             6:00 — 9:20 pm PC                 Spyware
 11/1 — 11/10       M/W              5:30 — 8:00 pm WH                 Protect your home computer with the knowledge to fight the
                                                                       Viruses that can cause your computer to crash.
Designing An Effective Web Site                                        Hours: ~ Fee: $35
As technology use increases around the world, web design is a skill    Date(s)             Day(s)              Time                Location
that will help one stand out in the workplace. Web designers create    8/18—8/25           W                   6:00—-8:00pm PC
presentations that are placed on the world wide web. This course
will cover the basics on how to create an eye catching web site.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60                                                          REGISTRATION INFORMATION
Date(s)           Days               Time              Location
11/2-11/11        TU/TH              5:30—-8:00 pm     JD                                    Pages 30-32

                                       Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                           Computer Classes

                                                            Basic Keyboarding/Typing
                                                            An introduction to basic keyboarding skills. Participants will learn
                                                            where keys are located and how to use them to type accurately.
                                                            Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
                                                            Date(s)           Day(s)             Time               Location
                                                            9/01-9/15         W                  6:00 - 9:20 pm     JC
                                                            7/12-7/21         M/W                5:30 - 8 pm        JD
                                                            7/07—7/28         W                  5:00—8 pm          PC

                                                            Advanced Keyboarding/Typing
                                                            Continue to practice the proper use of the keyboard while
                                                            beginning to set up basic files and folders.
                                                            Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
                                                            Date(s)       Day(s)                 Time                Location
                                                            10/20 — 11/03 W                      6pm—9:20 pm         JC

                                                            Organizing your Computer
                                                            Keep your computer working at maximum efficiency. Learn
                                                            to organize your pictures and documents, how to add and
                                                            remove files and get rid of unnecessary software.
                                                            Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60
                                                            Date(s)            Day(s)            Time                Location
                                                            10/6-10/27         W                 5:30-7:30 pm        JD
Introduction to Computers
Learn the basics of how to use a computer and commonly-     Windows Movie Maker
used software.
                                                            Create personalized movie CDs. Windows Movie Maker is
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
                                                            already installed on computers . Photos and music to com-
Date(s)        Day(s)    Time                  Location     plete a family movie to share with family and friends.
8/19—9/2       TH         6:00— 9:20 pm        JC           Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $80
11/02-11/16     T         6:00—-9:20 pm        JC
                                                            Date(s)           Day(s)             Time                Location
7/27—8/17      TU         5:30— 8:00 pm        JD
                                                            9/28-10/26        TU                 6pm - 8 pm          JD
9/13—10/18     TU         5:30— 8 :00 pm       PC

                                 Learn to Design Using AutoCAD
  AutoCAD for Beginners                                     Advanced/3D AutoCAD
  Get to know the AutoCAD interface, basic com-             Prerequisite: AutoCAD for beginners successful com-
  mands, and how to create drawings. Build on your          pletion. A continuation of the AutoCAD interface, ba-
  skills with dimensioning, hatches, using text in draw-    sic commands and how to create drawings. Utilizing
  ings, plotting and printing.                              scale factors for paper space and model space.
  Hours: 36 ~ Fee: $125                                     Hours: 36 ~ Fee: $125
  Date(s)    Day(s)              Time        Location       Date(s)         Day(s)             Time             Location
  8/17—9/23 TU/TH                6 —- 9 pm   JC *           10/26—12/7 T/TH                    6—9 pm           JC*
  9/13-12/06 M                   6—-9 pm     JC *           *Ask about dates off for holidays!
  9/11—12/04 SA                  9am—-12     JC *

                                    Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                       ABE/GED and Computer Training

                            WIN JOB CENTERS
                      Mississippi Department of Employment Security

  Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College works in
partnership with the Mississippi Department of Em-
ployment Security (MDES) through the Workforce In-
vestment Act. WIA services include assistance in find-
ing workers, job skills training for new or existing
workers, and assistance in business downsizings or clos-
ings. Programs and resources are available for job seek-
ers and employers at no charge.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) assists students
with funding for MGCCC credit and non-credit train-
ing. The purpose of this funding is to increase the em-
ployment, retention and earnings of participants. If you are an unemployed adult who has been unable to
obtain jobs through WIN Center core services or if you are employed but need additional services to reach
self-sufficiency, you may be eligible for training under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998.

    MGCCC sponsors classes for persons                       For current GED and computer class schedules:
 registered through the WIN Center for core services:                      visit online at

      FREE ABE/GED Classes:                           
                                                                 WIA Programs and Services
                Program Orientation
                Personal Goal Setting
              Learning Style Preference
              Assessment of Basic Skills
                                                             Contact the WIN Centers:
              Basic Employability Skills
                                                                    10162 Southpark Drive
      Free Computer Classes:                                         Gulfport, Mississippi
                     Keyboarding                                       (228) 897—6800
              Introduction to Computers
                   Microsoft Word                                    1604 Denny Avenue
                    Microsoft Excel                                Pascagoula, Mississippi
                   Microsoft Access                                   (228) 762— 3726
             Introduction to QuickBooks.

                                      Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                          Spanish Offerings

           Online Classes                                           Classroom Training

Command Spanish, Inc.
is the country’s leading provider of occupational Span-
ish language materials and programs for the work-
place. The objective is to provide learner-friendly ma-
terials and workshops that require NO PRIOR

These language classes eliminate the tedious grammar
instruction found in most other language programs.
Other benefits include the following:

               Online Format
   Immediate access to classes
     Well-researched materials
 Adult-based learning principles
          Pre-and post-testing
                                                               Basic Conversational Spanish I
     Cross-cultural information                                Learn the basics of common Spanish words, phrases
                                                               and pronunciation. Includes book.
Listed below are just a few of the more than 40 oc-            Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $90
cupational-specific Command Spanish occupations                Date(s)        Day(s)     Time          Location
that are available to individuals interested in                8/26 — 9/23    TH         6:00— 8:00 pm     JC
ONLINE instruction:                                            10/18—10/25    TU/TH      6:00 — 8:30 pm PC
    Business                                                   11/2 - 11/11   TU/TH      6:00 — 8:30pm     JD
    Financial & Real Estate Sectors
    Medical, Hospital & Dental
    Manufacturing & Industry                                   Basic Conversational Spanish II
    Hospitality & Food Service Industry                        Expand your knowledge of Spanish basics,
    Education & Child Care                                     including common words, phrases and
    Law Enforcement and Corrections                            pronunciation.
    Public Safety & Emergency Services                         Will use book from Conversational Spanish I.
    Social Services                                            Prerequisite: Basic Conversational Spanish I
    General Interest                                           Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $60
                                                               Date(s)     Day(s)        Time         Location
                                                               10/21 11/18 TH            6:00 — 8:00 pm     JC
  For Command Spanish Online or                                12/7—12/16 TU/TH          6:00 — 8:30 pm     JD
       Classroom Instruction
          Call: (228) 896 - 2535
                                             Workforce, Economic and Community Development


                         The MGCCC Jackson County Campus, in partnership with
                          Singing River Health System (SRHS) offers training as a

               January - April 2011

Students must be selected for these

SRHS requires that all interested applicants:

    Must have a GED or High School Diploma
    Take the TABE Reading Comprehension and Math test and score 12 or above.
    Complete application packet
    Interview for program slots.
    Pass a urine drug screening and a physical exam along with fingerprint and background check
    Chosen applicants will have the program tuition paid.
    Students are responsible for the book cost, uniform and any miscellaneous classroom supplies.

Clerical Systems — Students will work in hospital admissions learning patient registration, admissions, medical
terminology, communication skills, customer service and signs and symptoms of medical disorders.

Health Unit Coordinator unit will provide for the student to learn the managerial, clerical and communication activities of the
nursing unit under the supervision of the registered nurse. Students will also learn to transcribe physician’s orders in the hospital com-
puter system, act as the unit communications liaison and is responsible for specialized tasks to assist the nursing team.

Certified Nursing Assistant training prepares students to provide basic nursing care to patients according to
predefined guidelines, a plan of care established by a registered nurse and under the direct supervision of the LPN/RN staff.
Students will be prepared to take the certification test upon completion.

Students who complete this program will be able to work in any of the three areas of the hospital. This is not a job guarantee but
SRHS does hire from within the class. If hired at the end of training, a one-year employment contract is required.

                      TABE Test Scheduling will begin the week of October 18, 2010.
                             For Testing appointment, call (228) 497-7828.

                                             Workforce, Economic and Community Development

Phlebotomy Certification Course
Hours: 140 ~ Fee: $425
This intensive 140-hour course of study is designed to prepare students for immediate employ-
ment as phlebotomists in the hospital or clinical setting. The phlebotomist’s primary function is
to assist the health-care team in the accurate, safe and reliable collection and transportation of
specimens for clinical laboratory testing. Classes meet on campus (40 hours) with clinical day-
time experience at local hospitals. After the didactic portion is completed, the students will par-
ticipate in campus lab practice and clinical rotations at several sites. Students will complete a
minimum of 100 venipunctures and 25 skin sticks under supervision to meet ASCP eligibility
requirements of 40 hours theory and 100 hours clinical experience. Students are required to
                                                           purchase personal uniform scrubs and
                                                           shoes. A series of three HeptaVax in-
Medical Terminology                                        jections are recommended. Pre-
Hours: 30 ~ Fee: $195                                      requisite: All applicants must provide a criminal background check
This beginning course in medical language relates to ($50 fee). Results must be brought to the CE office before a student
the various body systems, including diseases, proce-       can register for the class. Call your local MGCCC CE office for cur-
dures, clinical specialties and abbreviations. This        rent list of facilities that provide this service. In addition, a pre-test is
course will help give the start you need to enter the      required ($25 fee). Registration is contingent upon background
medical field as a coder, biller or transcriptionist.      check and pre-test results.
Date(s)           Day(s) Time      Location
8/10— 9/9         TU/TH 6—9:00 pm JC                         Date(s)           Day(s) Time                 Location
8/23—11/22        M      5—9:30 pm JD                        8/23—11/22        M      5 - 9:30 pm          JD

CPR Certification:                          Fee: $45
This American Heart Association course covers adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well as rescue techniques for choking
adults. The course meets the requirements for most STNAs working in long-term-care facilities. The intended audience
includes lay rescuers, particularly those who
are expected to respond to emergencies in
the workplace, and also family members of         Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $150
people at high risk for sudden cardiac death.     Learn basic principles of X-ray generation,
Each student who successfully completes the       image formation, biological effects of             Radiology
skills performance and written exam will          radiation, radiation protection, infection
receive a course completion card.                 control, film processing and film mount-
                                                  ing, intra-oral, extra-oral and panoramic radio-
Date Day Time                        Location     graphic technique, patient management and
                                                  special problems. Seminar enrollment is sug-
9/24       F      5:00pm             GC
                                                  gested for persons who want to become regis-
11/16 T           5:00 pm            GC           tered dental radiographers and persons seeking
10/5 TU           3:30 pm            JC           employment in dentists’ offices. Upon success-
7/14 W            4:00 pm            JD           ful completion, students will be eligible to apply
8/19 TH           4:00 pm            JD           for radiology permits for the Mississippi State
9/13 M            4:00 pm            JD           Board of Dental Examiners.
10/19 T           4:00 pm            JD           Date(s)            Day(s) Time         Location
7/29 TH           5:00 pm            PC           7/17               SA        8am-5pm JD
11/04 TH          5:00 pm            PC           10/16              SA        8am-5pm JD

                                          Workforce, Economic and Community Development


                                                                         Medical Billing and Coding
                                                                         Prerequisite: Medical Terminology is a pre-
                                                                         requisite for all Medical Billing and Coding courses!
                                                                         (Course listing on page 16.)

                                                                         Basic ICD9-CM Coding
                                                                         Emphasis on basic coding rules, regulations and con-
                                                                         ventions are included in this course. Learn how to
                                                                         perform diagnosis and procedure coding. Outpatient
                                                                         services and physician billing are addressed in this
                                                                         Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $150
                                                                         Date (s)         Day(s) Time              Location
                                                                         9/15—10/06       W       6:00— 9:00 pm JC

                                                                         Advanced ICD9-CM Coding
                                                                         Emphasis on more advanced coding rules, regulations
                                                                         and conventions are included in this course. Learn
                                                                         how to perform advanced diagnosis and procedure
                                                                         coding. A continuation of outpatient services and
                                                                         physician billing are addressed in this course.
                                                                         Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $150
                                                                         Date (s)         Day(s) Time               Location
                                                                         10/13—11/3        W      6:00— 9:00 pm JC

                                                                         Basic CPT Coding
Certified Nursing Assistant                                       Experience using the CPT manual to code for anesthesia,
This State-approved program prepares students for employ-         surgery, radiology, etc. Discuss the certification process,
ment in long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics and home    exams, job role, and responsibilities.
health agencies. Upon completion of the training, participants    Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $150
are eligible to take the competency exam to become State-
Tested Nursing Assistants. Pre-requisite: All applicants must
                                                                  Date (s)          Day(s) Time               Location
                                                                  11/10—12/8 *       W      6:00— 9:00 pm     JC
provide a criminal background check ($50 fee). Results must
be brought to the Continuing Education office before a stu-
dent can register for the class. Call your local MGCCC Con-
tinuing Education Office for current list of facilities that      Physician Office Assistant
provide this service.                                             Students are oriented to their role and responsibilities in a
Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $375                                             physician’s office. This course includes training in CPR,
  Date (s)         Day(s)     Time                 Location       EKG, glucose testing, phlebotomy and records management.
  8/23-10/7       M/TH        5:00—10:00 pm        GC             Both classroom and daytime clinical hours are required.
  10/18—12/2      M/TH        5:00—10:00 pm        GC             Hours: 80 ~ Fee: $400
  8/25—10/13      M/W         5:00—10:00 pm        JC*            Date (s)          Day(s) Time               Location
  10/18—11/29     M/W         5:00 —-10:00 pm      JC*
                                                                  8/18—11/3         W    5:00 — 9:30 pm JD
  7/19—9/1        M/W         8:00 — 3:00 pm       JD (Day )
  9/7—11/18       T/TH        5:00 — 9:30 pm       JD
                                                                  10/5—11/18        T/TH 8:00 — 3:00 pm JD
  7/12—11/1       M           5:00 — 10:00pm       PC

                                             Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                               MGCCC Non-Credit Online Classes
                                                                   CAREER DEVELOPMENT
    MGCCC                                       Building Teams That Work

  Ed2Go Online                                  Teams are becoming a staple in today's workplace. In this course, you'll learn
                                                the components of a successful team and the stages of its development.
                                                You'll master the skills you'll need to effectively manage projects, make deci-
   Classes and                                  sions, and solve problems in a team setting. $89

    Certificate                                 Going Green at the Workplace
                                                Learn how to position your business as a responsible environmental leader
                                                in a world of green consumers and carbon-conscious regulators. In this
    Programs                                    course, you'll discover how to save energy, save money, and reduce your car-
                                                bon footprint, all at the same time. $89

  How to Get Started                            Managing Customer Service

You can take all of our courses from the        As a manager, you probably interact with customer service personnel every
comfort of your home or office at the           day. But are you empowering your organization with quality customer ser-
times that are most convenient to you. A        vice suggestions? In this six-week online course, you'll discover the dynamite
new section of each course starts monthly.      methods for bringing out the best in your team, measuring customer service,
All courses run for six to eight weeks and      and learning what you need to do to anticipate the needs of your reps and
are composed of 12 lessons, representing        your customers..$89
24 or more hours of instruction. You can                                     LANGUAGES
ask questions and give or receive advice at     Grammar for ESL
any time during the course.                     This class prepares students to enter main stream English classes. $89

Website Information:                                               PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
Go to
Start Dates: A new section of every             Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Digital Photography
course in this catalog will begin on July       (Part I or Part II) - Bring out the best in your images! Adobe's Photoshop
21, Aug. 18, Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Nov. 10,        Elements 5.0 provides the tools you need for quick fixes and detailed en-
and Dec. 08.                                    hancement. $89 each

Requirements:                                                      START YOUR OWN BUSINESS
All courses require Internet access, e-mail,
the Netscape Navigator, or the Microsoft        Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Internet Explorer. Some courses may have
                                                Find out how to market your business on the Internet from an e-commerce
additional requirements. Please visit our
                                                expert, even if you have little or no money to spend. In this practical, hands-
Online Instruction Center for more
                                                on course, you'll learn little-understood secrets about the types of businesses
                                                that thrive on the Web. Then, you'll discover proven methods that will help
                                                you establish an Internet presence and build an online brand identity. $89
If you have questions about registering,
paying for, or transferring in or out of a
                                                Start and Operate your own Home-Based Business
course, please address them to:
                                                Starting a home-based business is the hottest trend in today's challenging
 (601) 528 — 8489
                                                business environment! Learn how to be your own boss and eliminate the
                                                stress of having a job. The benefits of working from home are endless! Earn
                                                what you deserve, be independent, have tax deductions, do away with traffic,
                                                office politics and more! $89

                                                Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                  MGCCC Non-Credit Online Classes

                                                                                      Ed2Go COMPREHENSIVE
                                                                                      CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS

                                                                           Bookkeepers are an organization’s financial record keeper, and
                                                                           virtually every business must have one. In this program, you’ll gain
                                                                           the wide range of skill and knowledge needed to succeed in this
                                                                           challenging and rewarding field. A certificate in bookkeeping will
                                                                           show the employers that you’re well trained and qualified to be a
                                                                           professional bookkeeper. $698

               SKILL ENHANCEMENT:                                          Medical Coding and Billing
                                                                           Seven of the ten fastest growing occupations are currently in the
Beginning Writer’s Workshop                                                health care industry, and the outlook for billing continues to be
If you’ve dreamed of writing creatively, this course is a great place to   good. A career certificate in Medical Coding will show future em-
start. Get a taste of the writing life, improve your writing skills, and   ployers that you are well-trained in billing, medical coding, creating
discover new ways to stretch your creative muscles. $89                    paper records, generating billing statements, researching and audit-
                                                                           ing claims, and more. $998
Handling Medical Emergencies
Every second counts during a medical emergency. Recognizing the
early signs and symptoms of common medical conditions and pro-             Make Age
viding appropriate treatment can mean a better outcome for the             an Asset in
patient. Early recognition and intervention can greatly reduce the
seriousness of the illness, which means a shorter hospital stay and         Make Search
                                                                           Your Job Age
lower medical costs. It's also very satisfying to know how to help
someone in a time of need. $89                                              an Asset in
Homeschool with Success                                                      Your Job
Homeschooling can be a bit of a mystery if you're new to the topic.           Search
In this course, we'll start at the beginning, delving into the history
of homeschooling and examining its status today in all 50 states.
You'll see how to find the laws and regulations that govern your
community--and you might be surprised to learn that homeschool-
ing is legal and growing all around you. $89
                                                                            This course, based on research and programs developed by
                                                                            AARP, is a guide for older workers looking to make a career
                  PERSONAL FINANCE                                          change, find employment opportunities, or learn strategies
                                                                            that give them the best chance of getting hired. You’ll dis-
Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search                                     cover how you can capitalize on your age and experience as
World-renowned author and career advisor shows you how to get               you reposition yourself in today’s workplace. You’ll find out
the job you want quickly and easily and in any economy. $89                 how to use the AARP Foundation’s exciting new interest
                                                                            and skills-assessment tool, WorkSearch. By the end of the
Where Does All My Money Go?                                                 course, you’ll have completed a self-assessment so you’ll
Learn how to get control of your money once and for all. $89                know what kind of job is most suited to you, developed a
                                                                            résumé and cover letter, and prepared for that all-important
                                                                            interview. $49.
Debt-Elimination Techniques That Work
Learn specific, powerful, and proven strategies to get completely out
of debt and live a stress-free lifestyle. $89                                     ONLINE CLASS START DATES
                                                                                  Jul. 21 Aug. 18  Sept. 15
                                                                                   Oct. 20 Nov. 10 Dec. 08
                              Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                 Online Education

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, in partnership with Gatlin Education
Services (GES), offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills
necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations.

Our programs are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field, who
work to provide the most effective web-based learning experience available today. Instruc-
tors/mentors are actively involved in your interactive online learning experience.

Each program includes a set of lessons and evaluations; grades are a combination of the
instructor/mentor’s evaluation of students’ work and computer graded tests.

To register or for more information, call (601) 528-8489
or visit

                                                  Event Management and Design
    Game                                         This exciting Event Management and De-
  Design and                                     sign online program is structured to pro-
   Develop-                                      vide practical knowledge of the special
                                                 event industry. The program will equip
                                                 you to advance in the field if you are al-
  This nationally                                ready working in events, or to prepare you
  recognized                                     to enter the profession as a beginner. Stu-
  Video Game                                     dents will build the foundation to begin
  Design and                                     or supplement a career in special events
  Development                                    or start your own special event business.
  online course and training program is
                                                  Hours: 300            Fee: $1895
  an appropriate starting point for stu-
  dents who seek a professional career as
  a video game designer and developer.
  It is also well-suited for enthusiastic
  amateurs and gamers looking to ex-
  plore this exciting field as a
  recreational endeavor.
  Hours: 500                Fee: $1995
Workforce, Economic and Community Development

          K-12 Online Classes

                                          Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                   Health, Fitness and Lifestyle
                                            Pilates               Jazzercise
                                                                  This class incorporates cardio, strength, and stretch moves
                                            Improve your          for a total body workout. We’ve taken moves from hip-hop,
                                            mental health         yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing, and resistance training.
                                            and physical well-    Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $60
                                            being, increase       Date(s)          Day(s)           Time           Location
                                            flexibility, and      10/6—11/3        W                5:30 - 7:30 pm JD
                                            strengthen core
                                            muscles with a        Turbo Jam
                                            safe, sensible        Get in shape and feel great while revitalizing your mind,
                                            system of exer-       body, and spirit.
                                            cises. Pilates        Hours:     ~ Fee: $30
                                            builds strength
                                                                  Date(s)          Day(s)           Time          Location
                                            without adding
                                                                  9/8—9/29         M                5:30— 6:30 pm PC
                                            excess bulk, re-
                                            sulting in a sleek,   Biggest Loser
                                            toned body.           This program will challenge your level of fitness by compet-
                                            Hours: 10             ing with other individuals and teams for the greatest percent-
                                            Fee: $60              age of weight and inches lost. Learn to assess and track your
Date(s)          Day(s)           Time             Location       exercise and food habits so that you can become your own
7/21-8/18         W               5:30 pm           JD            “biggest loser”
                                                                  Hours: 20 ~ Fee: $50

Tennis for Beginners                                              Date(s)          Day(s)      Time                 Location
                                                                  7/29-12/16       TH          5:30 - 6:30 pm       JD
This basic course is designed for beginners as well as those
who want to brush up on their skills.                             Look Your Best
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $50
                                                                  Discuss your concerns regarding skin care and proper make-
Date(s)           Day(s)    Time                   Location       up application with a professional. Discover new methods of
9/14—10/07        T/TH      5:30—6:30 pm           JC             maintaining that youthful appearance.
8/16—-10/18       M         4:30—5:30 pm           JD             Hours: 4 ~ Fee: $30
                                                                  Date(s)          Day(s)       Time                 Location
Tennis for the Intermediate                                       8/24—8/31        T            6:00 — 8:00 pm       PC
This course is designed for the intermediate tennis player.       Living a Healthier Lifestyle
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $50
                                                                  Look and feel your best by learning to make smart, healthy
Date(s)           Day(s)     Time                  Location       eating choices as well as learning techniques to fit physical
10/19—11/11       T/TH       5:30-6:30 pm          JC             activity into your day. Enjoy the benefits f m better health
10/25—12/13        M         4:30 –5:30 pm         JD             and well-being, no matter how busy you are.
                                                                  Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55

Yoga                                                              Date(s)          Day(s)      Time                  Location
                                                                  9/7—9/28         TU           6:00 — 8:00 pm       JD
Yoga classes encourage stretching, relaxing and reviving the
body and mind.
Hours: 30 ~ Fee: $75
Date(s)          Day(s)       Time                 Location            Registration Information
7/5—10/13        M/W          6:00—7:00 pm         JD
7/27 — 11/9      TU/TH        6:00—7:00 pm         WHC                             Pages 30—32

                                         Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                         Personal Enrichment
Fundamentals of Photography                                     Text with Your Teen
Learn the fundamentals of good camera operation, perspec-       Learn the basics of cell phone texting and basic social
tive, lighting, mood, form, and color. A digital or film SLR    networking in order to better communicate with friends and
camera with manual control modes is required. Students          family and understand the computer communication for
should list the camera type on registration blank.              today’s world.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60                                             Hours: 4 ~ Fee: $30
                                                                Date(s)         Day(s)            Time        Location
Date(s)         Day(s)    Time                    Location
                                                                9/16—9/23       TH                6:00—8:00pm PC
9/13—10/4       M          6:00— 8:00 pm          GC
10/6—10/27      W          6:30— 8:30 pm          JC
8/31 - 9/21     TH         6:00— 8:00 pm          PC
                                                                Home Staging
                                                                This course shows how to prepare a home to sell by combin-
Fundamentals of Photography
                                                                ing design and marketing techniques. Explore new ways to
(West Harrison Center)
                                                                spruce up your home.
Hours: 16 ~ Fee: $120
                                                                Hours: 4 ~ Fee: $35
Date(s)     Day(s)       Time                    Location       Date(s)         Days      Times                    Location
10/2—-10/23 SA           8:00 - 12 pm            WH             7/9—7/16        F         6:00 — 8:00 pm           JD
                                                                11/08-11/15     M         6:00 — 8:00 pm           PC
Secrets to Better Photography
The fundamental of good camera op-
erations, lighting, and color will be                                                    Cartooning
reviewed. Students will begin to learn                                                   Learn to draw cartoon characters,
stronger design composition, layout,                                                     comic strips and storyboards. This is
and lighting                                                                             a fun-filled way to learn to draw.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60                                                                      Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $50
Date(s)  Day(s) Time        Loc.                                                         Date(s)  Day(s) Time           Location
7/7—7/28 W      5:30—7:30pm JD                                                           7/15—8/5 TH    6:00— 8:00 pm     WHC

Photograph your Child’s
Magic Moments                                                                            Ballroom Dancing
Learn the technical skills and tech-                                                     Learn the etiquette of ballroom
niques needed to successfully capture                                                    dance, even if you have “two left
childhood’s magic moments. Topics                                                        feet”. No partner required.
include proper preparation for picture                                                   Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60
-taking, how to manage the mood of
                                                                                         Date(s)   Day(s) Time   Location
the child, and suggestions for indoor                                                    8/05 –8/26 TH 6:00— 8:00pm PC
and outdoor picture taking.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60
Date(s)  Day(s) Time         Location                           Social Networking
8/4—8/25 W      5:30 –7:30pm JD                                 Have you communicated on Facebook, Linked In, or
                                                                Twitter? Join this class and discover new options in
Home Security and Safety                                        communication.
This course will help residents become more aware of ways       Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $60
to protect their homes and possessions.                         Date(s)         Day(s)            Time                c
Hours: 3 ~ Fee: $25                                             9/13—-9/22      M/W               5:30—7:30 pm      JD
Date(s)         Day(s)           Time               Location
10/14           TH               6:00— 9:00 pm      PC

                                            Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                             Personal Enrichment
                                                                    Cake Decorating Level 2
                                                                    Continuing from Level 1, this course will add basket weaving
                                                                    techniques . The student will also learn to use various tips
                                                                    for creating flowers. Kit is included.
                                                                    Hours: 8 ~ Fee:$70
                                                                    Date(s)     Day(s)            Time                    Location
                                                                    11/06       SA                8:00— 4 :00 pm          GC

                                                                    Drawing for Beginners
                                                                    Always wanted to draw but don’t know where to start? We’ll
                                                                    teach you! Learn the basics of drawing in four easy lessons.
                                                                    Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55
                                                                    Date(s)              Day(s)          Time          Location
                                                                    10/19— 11/9          TU              6:00— 8:00 pm GC

                                                                    Have fun making art pottery with clay. Examine hand build-
                                                                    ing techniques while creating pottery pieces to keep and dis-
                                                                    Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $60
                                                                    Date(s)              Day(s)          Time             Location
Learn how to paint, using basic brush techniques. Partici-
                                                                    7-12-8/16            Th              5:30 - 7:30 pm    JD
pants will also learn the different types of paint available for
use.                                                                Kayak Fishing
Hours: 12 ~ Fee: $60                                                This basic course is designed to introduce the angler to in-
Date(s)          Day(s)            Time           Location          shore saltwater fishing techniques and use of fly rods in fish-
7/15—8/29        TH                5:30 - 7:30 pm JD                ing in the Gulf Coast area. Students should supply their own
                                                                    fly fishing rod and reel.
Small Furniture Upholstery                                          Hours: 4 ~ Fee: $50
Beginners welcome. Learn to upholster a small project.              Date(s)          Day(s)        Time                   Location
Student must have access to sewing machine for homework.            9/18—9/25        SA            8:00—12 :00pm           JC
Bring project to be upholstered the first night for instructor
approval (ex. Small chair or footstool). Materials can be pur-      Cooking with the Green Egg
chased from instructor list.                                        Learn different techniques from grilling to smoking to slow
Hours: 12 ~Fee:$65                                                  cooking with the Green Egg.
Date(s)           Day(s)          Time          Location            Hours: 6 ~ Fee: $50
8/5—9/9           TH              6:00— 8:00 pm JD                  Date(s)          Day(s)         Time                  Location
                                                                    8/2-8/30         M              6:00 pm - 8:00 pm     JD
Cake Decorating I                                                   The Sauce is King
Creating a beautiful cake does not need to be difficult.            Learn how to make sauce! Participants will learn the compo-
Decorating basics are taught in this 8-hour program.                nents of a sauce, the basic ingredients of each Mother Sauce,
Hours: 8 ~ Fee:$65                                                  thickeners, small sauces, and the use of gastriques. Partici-
Date(s)          Day(s)      Time                     Location      pants will receive a binder of handouts and recipes.
10/23            SA          8:00—4 :00 pm            GC            Hours: 4 ~ Fee:$30
9/14—10/5        TU          6:00— 8:00 pm             PK           Date(s)         Day(s)          Time                  Location
9/13—10/4        M           6:00— 8:00 pm             WHC          9/11            SA              8:00— 12:00 pm        WHC

                                            Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                Personal Enrichment
                                                                  Learn the basics of quilting including fabric selection,
                                                                  color coordination and pattern selection.
                                                                  Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $60
                                                                  Date(s)             Day(s)     Time                 Location
                                                                  11/01—11/10         M—W         6:00— 8:00 pm       PC

                                                                      Water Aerobics
                                                                      Water Aerobics is a great form of low impact aerobics.
                                                                      Learn the basics of water-aerobic techniques.
                                                                      Date(s)          Day(s)        Time                Loc.
                                                                      8/23—12/6        M/W/Th         9:00— 9:50 am1 JC
                                                                      8/23—12/6        M/W           10:00—10:50 am2 JC
                                                                      8/23 —12/2       M/W            5:00— 6:00 pm3 JC

                                                                      1   9—9:50 am — 3 days per week —   $ 125.00

                                                                      2 10—10:50 am—2 days per week —     $ 69.00

How Automobiles are Constructed                                       3   5—6:00 pm — 2 days per week —   $ 69.00

from Old to New
Participants will learn how vehicles are created. Individuals    Sewing for Beginners
will learn how vehicles are constructed from full frame to unit-
                                                                 Learn the basics of sewing, with a needle and thread. Class
ized body, the difference between front and rear wheel drive,
                                                                 includes simple tailoring techniques such as sewing a
basic steering components, and front end components.
                                                                 button to a garment.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $50
                                                                  Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $55
Date(s)          Day(s)     Time                     Location
                                                                  Date(s)              Day(s)       Time              Location
8/7—-8/14        SA         8:00 —--12:00pm          WHC
                                                                  8/5 — 9/2            TH           6:00 — 8:00 pm    JD

Car Care Clinic
Learn the basics of caring for your vehicle! Class will cover
vehicle service and maintenance needs, preventative mainte-
nance, sights and sounds of your car, hands-on under the
hood, hands-on under the vehicle, and traveling tips.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $50
Date(s)          Day(s)      Time                    Location
8/21—8/28        SA          8:00—-12:00 pm          WHC

Energy Psychology
Address the relationship of energy systems to emotion,
cognition, behavior and health to live a less stressful life.
Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $60
Date(s)    Day(s)               Time                  Location
11/2—11/30  TU                  6:00 — 8:00 pm        JD

                       Registration Information Pages 30 — 32
                                                Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                     Personal Enrichment
Bridging Generations
in the Workplace
Sometimes our perceptions of others are accurate... sometimes
not. In order to lead, manage and coach each generation, we must
make sure we are not impacted by negative assumptions. This course
takes an objective view at the four generations currently in the work-
place and offers tools for managing and motivating each of them.

Hours: 6 ~ Fee: $60
Date(s)            Day (s)    Time                    Location
9/09—9/23          M          6:00—8:00 pm            PC

Event Planning
Event planners create/organize special events, managing de-
tails of weddings, parties, award/fashion shows, fund-raisers,
business conferences, fairs/festivals, political functions, con-
certs, and other small/large events. Learn tools to success-
fully plan any event.                                            Music Made Easy
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55                                              Learn how easy it can be to play some of the most compli-
Date(s)           Day(s)      Time                 Location      cated instruments. This class will help the average person
10/20—11/10 W                 6:00— 8:00 pm PC                   feel more knowledgeable about music.
                                                                         Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $6 0
Guide to Getting Published                                               Date(s)        Day(s)          Time              Location
Do you know the 5 most common reasons why manuscripts 9/13—10/18                    M               6:00—-8:00 pm      JD
are instantly rejected? Which publishing markets fit your
style? Give yourself the credibility needed to succeed.           Parliamentary Procedure 101
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55                                               Need to lead your organization’s meetings as an officer and
Date(s)           Day(s) Time                     Location        haven’t a clue what to do? This workshop is designed to pro-
8/4—8/25          W        6:00— 8:00 pm          JD              vide basic rules of parliamentary procedure for presiding at
                                                                  and/or participating in meetings. The workshop will prepare
Conquering Phobias in one Evening the student to take the exam for the National Association of
This course will be hands on to conquer phobias in one evening
                                                                  Hours: 4 ~ Fee: $25
using energy psychology. Participants will learn what is a phobia
and why energy psychology is a powerful tool to conquer phobias. Date(s)            Day(s)          Time               Location
Hours: 3 ~ Fee: $30                                               9/20—10/4         M               5:30 — 7:00 pm JD
Date(s)     Day(s)           Time                     Location
9/27        M                6:00—9:00 pm             JD                 Basic Grant Writing
                                                                         Learn the sources, purposes, needs, and processes involved
                                                                         in granting money to the public.
Memoir Writing
                                                                         Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55
No one lived a life quite like yours. This class will help provide
an approach and plan to capture your life and its meaning.               Date(s)   Day(s)        Time                    Location
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55                                                      8/02—8/23 M             6:00—8:00 pm            PC
Date(s) Day(s)               Time                   Location
11/2—11/23 T                 6:00—8:00 pm           JD

                                            Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                               Financial Planning

Understanding the
Stock Market
This course is designed for novice investors who want
to understand stock market items and definitions. Par-
ticipants will learn basic principals for the direction of
the stock market over the next few years and learn how
to invest smartly.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55
Date(s)          Day       Time                Location
10/19—11/09      TU        5:30— 7:30 pm       PC

Personal Financial Planning
Learn the fundamentals needed to be a better manager
of your own finances. Learn to use credit and to invest
wisely, save money on taxes, and plan for future ex-
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55                                             Wills, Trusts, and Estates
                                                                Learn the fundamentals of setting up a will or trust and how
Date(s)           Day(s)        Time                Location
                                                                to wisely prepare a family estate in order to maximize or
9/13—10/04        M             6:00—8:00 pm        PC
                                                                eliminate probate and federal estate taxes.
                                                                Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55
Where Does All My Money Go?
                                                          Date(s)     Day(s)                 Time                Location
Learn the fundamentals needed to manage finances through-
                                                          10/07—10/28 TH                     6:00—8:00 pm        PC
out the ups and downs of the economy. Discussion includes
an overview of investment options.
Hours: 8 ~ Fee: $55                                             Debt Elimination Techniques that Work
                                                                How to negotiate debt down, manage interest rates and pay-
Date(s)          Day(s)            Time          Location
                                                                ments to cut your monthly bills. This technique
8/5 —8/26        TH                5:30— 7:30 pm JD
                                                                helps to gain long term financial freedom.
                                                                Hours: 8~ Fee:$55
                                                                Date(s)         Day(s)       Time                Location
                                                                7/6-7/27        TU           6:00pm—8:00pm       JD

                             Real Estate Investing (online )
   Want to invest in real estate but have no money and no idea where to start? In this course, the technical
   aspects of acquiring and profiting from property are simplified.. Let’s explore how to find, finance, and
   negotiate a deal, how to invest in lease options, foreclosures, quick flips, rehabs, and mobile homes. And
   most important, you'll finish up the course with a specific game plan tailored to your individual investing
   goals that will put you well on your way to finding your first (or next) deal.

               Registration Information - Page 18 Ed2Go Online — $89

                                            Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                                                                  Holiday Programs

                                    Holiday Programs
                                                                Designing and Creating Personalized
                                                                Greeting and Christmas Cards
                                                                Why buy your cards when you can make beautiful, one-of-a-
                                                                kind greeting cards that will be sure to please your family and
                                                                friends. A supply list will be sent to you at registration.
                                                                Hours: 10 ~ Fee: $60
                                                                Date(s)            Day(s)      Time                Location
                                                                9/28—11/2*         TU          6:00— 8:00 pm       JC
Bows for Holiday Wreaths & Packages
                                                                9/30—11/4          TH          6:00— 8 :00 pm      JD
Learn to tie beautiful bows for all your holiday needs.
Students should bring 12 yards of wired ribbon, chenille        *off 10/12 for holiday
sticks (pipe cleaners), 10 yards of regular ribbon (for pack-
ages), scissors and a gift box.
                                                                Holiday Wreath Decorating
Hours: 2 ~ Fee: $20
                                                                Learn to make beautiful holiday wreaths. Students should
Date(s)          Day(s)     Time               Location         bring artificial wreath (size of your choice), ribbon that is made
                                                                in bow tying class or purchased, the decor desired for the
11/11            TH          6:00— 8:00 pm JC                   wreath, roll of flexible wire, cutting pliers or scissors.
                                                                Hours: 2 ~ Fee: $20
                                                                Date(s)            Day(s)      Time                Location
Holiday Cookie Decorating                                       11/18              TH           6:00— 8:00 pm      JC
Learn to decorate delicious cookies for any occasion. A         11/4               TH           6:00— 8:00 pm      JD
supply list will be sent to you at registration.
Hours: 3 ~ Fee: $25
                                                                Creative Pumpkin Carving
Date(s)          Day(s)      Time                 Location
                                                                Learn to carve pumpkins like you have always wanted with
10/28            TH           6:00— 8:00 pm        JC           different scenes or scary faces.

10/21            TH           6:00— 8:00 pm        JD           Hours: 2 ~ Fee: $20
                                                                Date(s)             Day(s)         Time             Location
11/4 - 11/11     TH            6:00—8:00 pm        GC
                                                                1 0 /2 6            TU             6:00— 8:00 pm     JD
Scrap Your Own Mini Holiday Book                                1 0 /2 1            TH             6:00—8:00 pm      PC
Mini scrapbooks are economical and great for holiday
decorating. Give your guests a glimpse of the holi-
days in your home. A supply list will be sent to you at
Hours: 2 ~ Fee: $20
Date(s)          Day(s)        Time                Location
9/17             TH            6:00— 8:00 pm JD

                                                  Workforce, Economic and Community Development

 Non-Credit Registration
   Individuals who wish to enroll in semester hour credit courses
       must complete an MGCCC Application for Admission.
                                                                                                 “We make a positive difference in people’s lives every day.”
Course Name:                                         Course Date:

   Scheduled          Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center                   Jefferson Davis Campus                            Online classes
    Location          George County Center                                         Keesler Center                                    West Harrison Center
  (check one)         Jackson County Campus                                        Perkinston Campus                                 Other

                Last Name                                 First Name                                         Middle Initial            Previous Last Name (optional)

Social Security Number:                 -        -                               Date of Birth:               /          /
                                                                                                    Month         Day        Year
Street Address:
City:                                                                     State:                                               Zip code:
County of residence:                                                      E-mail address:
Home phone:                                                              Work phone:
In case of emergency, please call:                                                                           Phone:
 Race (Only check one):                                                                        Educational Level: Please indicate which of the following
                 Asian                                                                         best describes your level of education (Check one):
                 Black/African American                                                                                  Less than High School
                 American Indian/Alaska Native                                                                           High School degree/GED
                 Hawaiian Native or other Pacific Isl ander                                                              Some college (no degree)
                 White                                                                                                   Associate degree
                                                                                                                         Bachelor degree
 Ethnicity: Would you describe yourself as a person of Cuban, Mexican,                                                   Graduate/Professional degree
            Puerto Rican, South or Central American or other Spanish culture,
            regardless of race?
                Yes                                                                            Employment Type: Please tell us if your current
                No                                                                             or most recent employment is/was (Check one):
                                                                                                                         Full Time
 Gender:         Male                                                                                                    Part Time
                 Female                                                                                                  Seasonal

 Employment Status (Check one):                                                                Temporary Employment: Please tell us if your current
                 Employed                                                                      or most recent employment is/was temporary:
                 Retired                                                                                                 Yes
                 Unemployed                                                                                              No
 Name of Employer:
 Signature:                                                                                                                  Date:           /          /
                                                                                                                                     Month       Day        Year

 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act provides for the publication or disclosure of certain directory information on students.
 Check below if you do not want your name, photograph or other directory information included in these publications.
                  Directory Information                   News articles for publication in media                        Other, specify

                                                          MGCCC Non-Credit Refund Policy
                                                              (For Continuing Education Classes Only)
 Registrants will be entitled to a 100 percent refund, provided written notification is received by the appropriate Continuing Education
 specialist one week prior to the start of the class. If the class is canceled, a full refund will be given. A registrant may designate a
 substitute person to attend if notification is received at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the class/program. Mississippi Gulf Coast
 Community College reserves the right to substitute instructors, change class schedules, and cancel programs due to insufficient
 enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. Any exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Community Campus vice
 president or designee for approval.

 Payment           Cash                      Check Number                    Credit Card No.                                                     Exp. Date
 Type:          Cash Amt.                   Check Amount                        Name on Card:                                                    Amount

 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes students and employees without regard to race, color, religion, national origin,
 sex, age or qualified disability. For further information, contact the Equal Opportunity Officer at a Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Center, Campus, or the
 Central Office. Compliance is coordinated by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Perkinston Campus, P. O. Box 609, Perkinston, Mississippi 39573,
 telephone number 601-928-5211.
                                                                                     30                                                          SS-ADM-34 (Rev. 2/09)
                                            Workforce, Economic and Community Development

                          HOW TO REGISTER                                                 PAYMENT OPTIONS

1.    Online at Scroll to Related Links. Select         Payment or appropriate information regarding
      Workforce, Economic and Community Development Registration Form.           payment (if your employer is paying) must be sub-
2.    By Phone or Fax: Contact us at one of our campuses or fax the registra-    mitted at the time of registration.
      tion form to the campus location offering the class.
                                                                                 Accepted credit cards: Master Card and VISA.
3.    In Person: Visit the campus location where class will be held.
                                                                                 Checks should be made payable to: Mississippi
4.    By Mail: Mail registration to the campus location listed in the schedule
                                                                                 Gulf Coast Community College Continuing Edu-
      Attention: Continuing Education. For AMTC classes, mail to Jefferson
      Davis Campus location. For George County Center classes, mail to the
                                                                                 A $40 processing fee will be charged for all checks
      Jackson County Campus location.
                                                                                 returned for non-payment.


                                                                                                George County

 Perkinston Campus                                                                                    Center
          PO Box 548                                                                                PO Box 77
     Perkinston, MS 39573                                                                      Lucedale, MS 39452
        (601) 928—6215                                                                           (601) 928—6215
      Fax: (601) 528-8926                                                                      Fax: (601) 528—8926

                                                                                                Jackson County
      Advanced Mfg. &
                                                                                                    PO Box 100
     Technology Center
                                                        Jefferson Davis                          Gautier, MS 39553
        10298 Express Drive                                                                       (228) 497—7856
        Gulfport, MS 39503                                    Campus
                                                                                                 Fax: (228) 497—7788
          (228) 897—4360                                 2226 Switzer Road
                                                        Gulfport, MS 39507
                                                          (228) 896—2535

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