Document Sample
                 For Selection of the Environmental Consultant
                For Environmental Studies of the Ujh Multipurpose Project [UMP]

A. General Information

1.    Central Water Commission is an apex engineering organization in the water resources
      development under Ministry of Water Resources. It has been entrusted with the task of
      preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Ujh Multipurpose Project [UMP]. One of the
      components of the aforesaid task is to carry out Comprehensive Environmental Impact
      Assessment and Socio-economic Study of the UMP. CWC invites the applications from
      eligible Indian organisations / agencies / consultancy firms, for being short listed based on
      their experience & other eligibility criteria for carrying out aforesaid studies. The studies are
      to be completed in a time bound manner. These studies shall have to be prepared broadly as
      per the Terms of Reference (TOR) for preparation of Environmental chapter of the DPR. The
      Feasibility Report of UMP is available in the office of the Executive Engineer, Chenab
      Divison, Jammu. Further information, if any, may be obtained from the CWC office at
      following address:

                Office of the Executive Engineer,
                Central Water Commission
                29-30 Suraj Nagar, Talab Tillo
                Tele-fax No. 0191-2554223, 0191-2502664

2.    The detailed scope of work for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment, socio-
      economic impact study will be available to only the short listed organisations / agencies /
      consultancy firms.

3.    Interested Indian organisations / agencies / consultancy firms, who wish to be short listed for
      above works and can complete these studies in a time bound manner are required to submit
      their application for the purpose in prescribed Proformas. The proforma and eligibility
      criteria can be downloaded from CWC’s website or obtained in person from the
      office at above address. ‘PQ Statement’ should be submitted in duplicate along with
      processing fee of Rs. 3,000.00 (Rupees Three thousand only) through Demand draft drawn in
      favour of ‘Executive Engineer, Chenab Division, CWC, Jammu’ and payable at Jammu, to
      the address mentioned above in Para – 1, on or before 12 May, 2009 upto 15.00 hrs.

4.    Academic Institutions/Universities/ Research organisations of the Central and State Govts.
      are exempted from payment of the processing fee.

5.    The empanelment of organisations / agencies / consultancy firms will be valid for three years
      for above studies.

6.    CWC reserves the right not to accept some or any of the proposals without assigning any
B. Eligibility Criteria

The Organization/ consultancy firm must have completed the assignment of Comprehensive
Environmental Impact Assessment and study of socio-economic aspect of at least five river valley
projects/ Hydro Electric Projects during last 10 years and have the experience of presenting at least
two Environmental Impact Assessment reports before the Expert Committee of Ministry of
Environment & Forest with evidence of having got cleared the EIA studies.

C. Instructions for Application

1.    All information called for should be submitted as per the enclosed formats. If for any reason,
      information is furnished on a separate sheet, this fact should be mentioned against the relevant
      column. Even if no information is to be provided in a column, a “nil” or “no such case” entry
      should be made in that column. If any particular / query is not applicable in case of the
      applicant, it should be stated as “not applicable”. The applicants are cautioned that not giving
      complete information called for in the application forms or not giving it in clear terms or
      making any change in the prescribed forms or deliberately suppressing the information may
      result in the applicant being summarily disqualified. Applications made by telegram or telex
      and those received late will not be entertained.
2.    The application should be type-written. The applicant should sign each page of the application.
3.    Overwriting should be avoided. Correction, if any, should be made by neatly crossing out,
      initialing, dating and rewriting. All the pages of the pre-qualification application should be page
4.    References, information and certificates from the respective clients certifying suitability,
      technical know how or capability of the applicant should be signed by an officer not below the
      rank of Executive Engineer or equivalent.
5.    The applicant may furnish any additional information which he thinks is necessary to establish
      his capabilities to successfully complete the envisaged work. He is, however, advised not to
      furnish superfluous information. No information shall be entertained after submission of Pre-
      qualification Statement unless it is called for by CWC.
6.    Any information furnished by the applicant found to be incorrect either immediately or at a
      later date, would render him liable to be debarred from tendering / taking up of work in CWC.
7.    Any applicant against whom any criminal proceedings are pending/ ongoing in any court of law
      regarding any project executed by him shall not be considered for pre-qualification. Similarly,
      any applicant who has been debarred/blacklisted by any Government or Semi Government
      Organization shall not be considered for pre-qualification. Joint Ventures/Consortiums shall not
      be eligible for pre-qualification.
8.    CWC reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to annul the Pre-qualification
      process and reject all applications at any time, without assigning any reason or incurring any
      liability to the applicants.
           a.     The pre-qualification application shall be submitted as per the format at annexure A.
           b.     The structure & organization details shall be submitted as per Annexure B.
           c.     The Turnover Details shall be submitted as per Annexure C.
           d.     The Work Details shall be submitted as per Annexure D
           e.     Signing of the Statement:
                      • If the applicant is an individual, the application shall be signed by him above
                          his full typewritten name and current address.
                      • If the applicant is a proprietary firm, the application shall be signed by the
                          proprietor above his full typewritten name and the full name of his firm with
                          its current address.
•   If the applicant is a firm in partnership, the application shall be signed by all
    the partners of the firm above their full typewritten names and current
    addresses or alternatively by a partner holding power of attorney for the firm.
    In the later case a certified copy of the power of attorney should accompany
    the application. In both cases a certified copy of the partnership deed and
    current address of all the partners of the firm should accompany the
•   If the applicant is a limited company or a corporation, the application shall be
    signed by a duly authorized person holding power of attorney for signing the
    application accompanied by a copy of the power of attorney. The applicant
    should also furnish a copy of the Memorandum of Articles of Association
    duly attested by a Public Notary.
                                                                                       Annexure A

                                        Application Letter


The Executive Engineer
Chenab Division, CWC

 Submission of Pre-qualification application for the Environmental Consultant for the Ujh
                                  Multipurpose Project.


Having examined the details given in Pre-qualification Notice for the above works I / we hereby
submit the Pre-qualification statement and other relevant information.

1. I / we hereby certify that all the statements made and information supplied in the enclosed
annexure BB to EE and accompanying supplementing documents are true and correct. The firm
will be legally responsible for any adversities on account of any misinformation/false
information/lack of information etc.

2. I / we have furnished all information and details necessary for Pre-qualification and have no
further pertinent information to supply.

3. I / We also authorize Executive Engineer, CWC to approach individuals, employers, firms and
corporation to verify our competence and general reputation.

4. I / We certify that there are no criminal proceedings pending/ ongoing in any court of law
regarding any project executed by me/us.

5. I / We certify that my/our firm has not been debarred/blacklisted by any Government or Semi
Government Organization.

6. I / We submit the requisite certificates in support of our suitability and capability for having
successfully completed the works mentioned in the Pre-qualification statement.

7. I/We nor any of partners or share holders/ Directors are relative of any of officers in CWC.

8. The Details of draft for processing fees as enclosed are:


                                                                          Signature of Applicant
                                                                                Seal of applicant
                                                                                Annexure B

                                  Structure & Organization

1.         Particulars of the Consultancy Firm/ Organisation
     (a)   Name with complete postal address, Phone Nos. (with
           STD Code), e-mail, Website address
     (b)   Address of Registered Office with Phone Nos., e-mail,
     (c)   Head of Organisation/ Consultancy Firm (address,
           Phone Nos., e-mail, website)
     (d)   Authorised signatory of the organisation/ Consultancy
           Firm (address, Phone, e-mail, website)
     (e)   Authorised contact person (address, Phone Nos., e-
           mail, website)
     (f)   Branch offices (with contact person & Address,
           phone, e-mail, website)
2.         Details of Ownership of organisation / Consultancy Firm
     (a)   Whether Govt. / Public / Private / Partnership
     (b)   Year of establishment & Registration details
     (c)   Details of empanelment with National / International
3.         Details of Professional Membership / Registration with
     (a)   National Organisation
     (b)   International Organisation
4.         Details of Professionals proposed to be associated
           with the study (full time / Part time) – Signed bio-
           data to be enclosed as separate sheets

Experience                      Technical (Nos.)                Non technical         Total Nos.
                   EIA, Study of Socio- Other Water
                   economic         Aspects, Resources Fields
                   preparation of R&R
                   plan       of      Water
                   Resources projects and
                   other related studies
Upto 5 years

5 – 10 years

More than 10
5.     Computer facilities available
          a) Hardware
          b) Software
6.     Details of the owned Equipments

                                                                      Signature of Applicant
                                                                                  Annexure C

                                Turnover Details of the Firm

(Original certificate from Chartered Accountant or certified copy of balance sheet should be
Academic Institutions/Universities/ Research organisations are exempted to submit the financial
turnover details and will be evaluated only on the Work/Assignments Done and financial details
of the consultancy provided.)

 1.(a)    Financial Turnover of Consultancy firms in the               Amount (Rs. lakhs)
          last five years (Annual reports & balance sheets
          to be attached)
          Last year
          2nd last year
          3rd last year
          4th last year
          5th last year
 1. (b)   Financial details of consultancies in related field
          of Academic / Research Institutes of Central /
          State Govts. in the last five years (Duly signed
          Annual Statements to be attached)

          Last year
          2nd last year
          3rd last year
          4th last year
          5th last year

                                                                       Signature of Applicant
                                                                              Annexure D

                                      Work Details

(Experience certificate/letter of award from Employer, covering the above details must be
furnished. The clearance letter from MoEF must be indicated)

      Details of similar Studies for Major Water Name of            Year of    Year of
      Resources Projects handled by organisation/ the               award      completion/
      firm along with copy of letters of award of work Project      of work    present status
      & Completion Certificate                                                 of work

  (a) EIA, Study of Socio-economic Aspects,
      preparation of R&R plan of Water Resources

 (b) Presentation of Environmental Impact Assessment
     reports before the Expert Committee of Ministry of
     Environment & Forest and his evidence of having
     cleared the projects

 (c) Other related studies
 (d) Work in Hand

                                                                  Signature of Applicant
                                                                                    Annexure E

Work Methodology

A brief note on methodology may be given for
         •   Clear description of the activities to carry out the Environmental Impact
             Assessment study
         •   Clear description of the activities for Socio-economic Impact Study, preparation
             of R&R plan & other related Studies
         •   Clear Description of the deployment of the manpower, no., qualification etc.
         •   Clear description of the equipments/ resources that will be deployed