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									 ADAPT or PERISH!
Where will YOUR business be
  12 months from today?
            Our Goal Today

For you to learn there is a “new reality” in REI,
whether you choose to accept it or not … the

Teach you how you can prepare for this

You can’t afford to continue practicing
“yesterday’s” methods
The dream of running a business rather than
having your business run you
What Is “Virtual” Real Estate Investing?

The most intelligent investing methodology
Using the internet and other simple technologies to achieve
better results than previously possible ever before
Streamlining your business by eliminating unnecessary effort
or processes that used to be required
Finally having your business run on autopilot – you may not
be working… but your business will be 24/7
Creating more money with less effort. Work smart, not hard
“Somewhere in the US the market is ALWAYS good”.
Mitigating risk by having a real estate business operating in
several different markets – if you are in multiple markets the
your income is diversified and risks are minimized.
Why Would Anyone Want To Invest In
         Other Markets
 Your market could be doing very poorly
    Florida, Michigan, Colorado and many other markets are
    seeing downturns
    Prices are In decline … the “bust” is happening
    Harder to find good deals (in those markets) because you
    have to sell them at such low prices
 Instead – What if you could cherry pick deals from all over the
 country instead of just your local area??
 The “risk” that used to be inherent in remote investing has all
 but been eliminated
 Repeat – Your income is not just dependent on one area or
 market. One or two down markets are made up for by other
 great markets.
  Why Is The Timing So Perfect
Housing bubble is making certain markets extremely
difficult to invest in – example is Florida
The power of the internet is growing – NAR says that 93%
of deals start online
Traditional business model has diminishing returns – the
real estate investing business is being run the same way it
has been for the last 20-30 years.
The early adapters of Virtual Investing will continue to
dominate the markets they choose to invest in
The technology has finally caught up with the intention
Running a virtual investing business is easier than a
traditional real estate business
           Why Virtual Investing
            Business Is Easier
Work Smarter, NOT Harder
You are no longer required to meet with buyers and/or sellers
You are using technology and systems to leverage your efforts
You can provide buyers and sellers information about yourself
and your services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week regardless if
you are working or not
Because you are casting a larger net , you have more control
over the types of deals you can buy and better choices about
the type of customer you will work with – fire the bozos
What does it take to make Virtual
        Investing Work
Simple Technology
Automated marketing systems – 24 hr
recorded messages – voice broadcasts
Virtual assistants
Virtual closing coordinators
Local people that will help you in the local
market for a small fee
What Does It Take To Make Virtual
      Investing Work (2)
Mindset – most important
Thinking outside the box
Not being constrained by how most people
have run their business
Looking at what successful marketers are
doing online and then modifying their
approach to work in your business
Bottom line – you have to start re-evaluating
your business with a long term outlook
                 Skills Needed
Willing to change your mindset of how you do this
–   You don’t have to meet with buyers
–   You don’t have to meet with sellers
–   You don’t have to personally inspect a property
–   You don’t have to attend a closing ever again
Understanding that you cannot do everything yourself
–   With a virtual investing business you have to outsource
–   You cannot do all things yourself
–   Use technology to get things done
–   You can spend your time on what is going to produce an
    income – doing deals
            Finding Sellers
– Direct Mail
– Bird dogs
– Locally compiled lists
– Pay per click – Google Adwords
– Local search
– Lead aggregator websites
Offline Methods to Find Sellers
              Direct Mail
You mail to anyone from anywhere in the
Access to public record data is much more
prevalent than 5-10 years ago
Because of the internet people are used to
dealing with someone outside of their
town/country --- so why not an investor?
You can target specific areas very quickly and
                Bird Dogs
You should not be limited to your local area
you can get people to find deals for you in any
area with zero out of pocket costs
With technology you can automate the process
so that you can automatically train them and get
them to send you properties with minimal
supervision –
Technology also allows you to train, manage and
implement a virtual bird dog team to find you
       Locally Compiled Lists
Many of the counties are highly computerized
Because of this you can compile most of your
leads online without ever having to go to the
  Evictions, probate, condemned houses, vacant
You can easily have a virtual assistant find these
records, send out your marketing, and even take
the initial call without your involvement
Online Methods to Find Sellers
        Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Get customers immediately – your ad could be
running and being shown to customers in less
than 10 minutes
You can get customers cheaper than you
would by other means
WARNING: If done incorrectly you could lose a
lot of money quickly and spend all of your
marketing budget without.
            Local Search
63% of U.S. Internet users (or approx 109
million people) performed a local search
70% of U.S. Households use the internet when
making LOCAL buying decisions
NAR says that 93% of deals start online - a great resource w/
free tutorials on using “local search”
Google Local Search
Even on the iphone!

       Think about how much the internet
       has changed over the last few years…

       How about its effect on real estate

       Imagine the changes that will
       happen and transform the real estate
       investing industry ..

       Don’t be left behind
              Finding Buyers
Direct mail
– The best buyers can be found offline
– You find them offline and bring them online
Online classified ads
– Craig’s list (FREE)
– (Very Inexpensive)
– Too many others to name (Pricing Varies)
There are tons
of sites where
you can place
classified ads to
get buyers
Drive Them to Lead Generation
Send an email – Sell a Property!!
 Automated Buyer Prospecting
24 hour recorded messages
Voice broadcasts
Lead generation websites
Fax blasts
Email blasts about the properties for sale
Direct Mail fulfilled automatically
   How a Virtual Real Estate
 Investing Business is Typically
Team members
Virtual Assistant
Web Developer
Pay per click – manager
Local people in the market you are targeting
Virtual closing coordinator
           Virtual Assistant
Online property research
Pre-screen leads to maximize your time
List compiling – probate, evictions, etc
Following up with sellers
Speaking with buyers and sellers
Handles everything that is not income
   Virtual Closing Coordinator
Speaks with buyer and seller – Single point of
Reviews HUD
Follows up on transaction
Ensures that all parties are on the same page
Makes sure that your deal closes!
              Web Developer
You do need someone
to help you with your
business on the web
Easy to find – a lot
less expensive than
you think
This is not an activity
that you need to
spend your time doing
or learning
                    Ground Support
You can easily and very
cheaply find people that
will take photos of your
properties which you can
then use to sell them on
your site
You never have to go
anywhere… you can do
this 1,000 miles away or
even in your local market
Use classified ad sites to
find them
You can pay them $30-35
to take photos
 Virtual Real
is Also About
 Systems and
Your Business
  Systems are
  critical if you
 want to run a
virtual investing
Sample Process
  Typical Parts of a Transaction
Lead is generated
Prospect is called
Offer is made
Contract is signed
Property is marketed
and sold
Closing is scheduled
You get paid
All of this should
happen automatically
with as little
involvement from you
as possible
Closing Coordination
Fast Track Implementation of
  YOUR Virtual Real Estate
     Investing Business!
   Virtual Investing Seminar 2
NOT A “PITCH FEST” – Guaranteed!
Complete, Step-by-Step instruction on
EXACTLY what needs to be done to ramp up
Speakers that are experts in everything we
just talked about
You WILL leave the event with your
customized implementation plan
LIMITED ATTENDANCE - Only 60 people will be
allowed to participate
  An Opportunity of a Lifetime
Many of the top real estate trainers will be in the
audience as paid attendees!
– Charissa Cawley,
– Andy Proper,
– Preston Ely,
– Colin Andrews,
– Dan Stojadinovic,
– Todd Murphy,
– Chad Mac,
– Justin Lee,
– Mark Jackson,
You will network and learn what is working best in real estate
Virtual Investing Seminar 2
      W Hotel, New Orleans
   Virtual Investing Seminar 2
When: Feb 28 – Mar 2
Only 60 investors will be allowed to attend
   Virtual Investing Seminar 2
Tailored to be Highly interactive with
Networking Hospitality Suite
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Final decision made based on your goals, level
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