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									            ALS Access
Quarterly Newsletter of The ALS Association Florida Chapter                                              FALL 2008

                                      EquiPMENT MAKiNG ALL THE DiFFERENCE

                              I  rv Tobocman is busy cleaning and
                                 making preparations for the arrival of
                                 a few special visitors at his Sarasota
                              home. Just a few weeks ago, such a
                              task would have
                                                                          to fill a gap while a patient waits for a
                                                                          more permanent solution.

                                                                          As the DME Coordinator for the state,
                                                                                          Patti Allman assists
                              been      impossible.                                       people with locating
                              However,        today                                       and delivery of the
                              Irv is successfully                                         equipment.
3242 Parkside Center Circle   cleaning his home
  Tampa, FL 3369-0907        with the assistance of                                           “I work in partner-
     888-257-77             a power wheelchair                                               ship with the pa-
                              he received from The                                             tient’s Care Coor-
                              Florida Chapter’s                                                dinator, and DME
   Board of Trustees          Medical Equipment                                                companies,”    said
     James Moroney            Loan Program. “The                                               Patti. “We work as
        Chairman              chair allows me to                                               a team to ensure
      David L. Smith          function,” said Irv.                                             that people receive
      Past Chairman                                                                            the equipment they
     Dara Alexander           Utilizing equipment                                              need as soon as
        President             closets at several                                               possible.”
      Warren Nelson           locations across the
        Treasurer             state, the Durable                                            According to Irv,
 James Murphy, Jr., Esq.      Medical Equipment                                             the    process   of
       Secretary              (DME) Loan Program                                            receiving his chair
     Dr. Larry Baratta        loans wheelchairs,                                            was quick and
       Josh Garrett           lifting devices, and                                          easy. “I talked with
                              more to assist patients with their daily    [my Care Coordinator] and one week
       Hiram Green
                              needs. The service is provided free         later I was in my chair,” said Irv.
    Cynthia Holloway                                                      “The organization was like an angel
                              of charge to those living with ALS in
      Marty Koscso            Florida.                                    to me.”
       Tom McLean
                              The DME Program is designed to fill         The Program is offered on a first-come
      Dr. Mark Paris
                              a specific need. Loaned equipment           first-served basis. Availability will vary.
      Jack Ratcliffe
                              is offered to patients who have no          If you would like information about the
      Donald Smith            insurance or are residing in a hospice or   Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program,
      Leland Talcott          nursing facility. Also, loaned equipment,   contact your Care Coordinator or Patti by
                              such as a wheelchair, may be provided       calling 888-257-77, ext 08.

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                                                               
                                                                         A    s I write this, Thanksgiving is around the corner,
                                                                              and people are beginning to note the many
                                                                              things they are thankful for. I would like to take
                                                                         a moment to list a few things that I am thankful for.
                                                                         First, I am thankful that the Red Sox won the World Se-
                                                                         ries. No, not because I am a Red Sox fan, but because
                                                                         I am a fan of Curt Schilling. Curt Schilling has shown in-
                                                                         credible dedication to finding a cure for ALS through his
                                                                         involvement with The ALS Association. To commemorate
         888-257-1717                                                    the Red Sox win, the Florida Chapter is selling special
         813-637-9000                                                    Red Sox themed holiday cards. Don’t like the Red Sox?
                                                                         Don’t worry; there are six designs to choose from. Pro-
            STAFF               Amy Dunham                               ceeds benefit cutting-edge ALS research.
                                Editor, ALS Access           Second, I am thankful for the growth of the Florida
        Dara Alexander
           President            Chapter Walk to D’Feet ALS® program. The Florida Chapter has added two new
         Joey Adkins            Walk to D’Feet ALS® staff team members in an effort to make the 2008 Walk season
     Director of Corporate      the best yet. Each team member is equipped with skills and determination that will
         Development,           help propel the Walk to D’Feet ALS® program forward, increase awareness of the
      Walk to D’Feet ALS®       disease, and raise money for research and patient services.
         Patti Allman           Third, and most importantly, I am thankful for you. Patients, families, sponsors,
      Respite Coordinator       volunteers, and donors make what we do possible. Your generosity, willingness,
        Judie Benwick           and dedication to finding a cure for ALS and supporting those living with ALS is a
       Care Coordinator,        remarkable accomplishment that all of us here at the Florida Chapter are grateful
         Jacksonville           to be a part of.
        Jessica Bianchi         Wishing you all Happy Holidays!
       Care Coordinator,
       Southeast Florida
        Christine Bright
       Care Coordinator,
       Southwest Florida
       Jonathan Norris
      Admin. Assistant and
        Events Associate        iN THiS iSSuE                                               LiViNG
        Dileep Dadlani                                                                      Resource Groups .................................. 2
     Director of Corporate      PEOPLE
                                                                                            Durable Medical Equipment
         Development,           Representive Porth: Advocating                              Loan Program ..........................................
      Walk to D’Feet ALS®       for People Living with ALS.....................5
        Amy Dunham                                                                          Keeping in Touch by Webcam ..............3
                                In Memoriam ............................................5
    Communications Specialist                                                               Traveling With a Bi-Level Device.........4
  Rhonda Rittenhouse            Why I Volunteer: Kelly Fason ...............7
                                                                                            Flu Shot Reminder ...................................4
Care Coordinator, Orlando       Walk to D’Feet ALS® Staff Team
                                Welcomes New Members ................... 0                 Caregivers: Dealing with
           Robin See
                                                                                            Holiday Stress..........................................7
                                EVENTS                                                      Bendable Utensils....................................9
          Heran Sisay
    Care Coordinator, Tampa     Chapter Events...................................... 2
         Katie Walters          On Eagle’s Wings Golf Classic ............3
       Team Development                                                                     Year End Giving ......................................6
      Coordinator, Walk to      2008 Walk to D’Feet ALS® Dates ..... 0
                                                                                            Donations, Memorials,
          D’Feet ALS®
                                Step-by-Step Walk Registration .......                    Honorariums, and Sponsors ...................9

2                                                                                                              Florida Chapter ALS Association
                        CONNECTiNG PEOPLE

O        n August 4, ALS patient
         and member of Strong
         Vincent High School’s class
of 962 Gene Robarts attended his
class reunion in Erie, Pennsylvania.
                                        of technology to communicate with
                                        friends and family nationwide
                                        including friends in Maine, California,
                                        South Carolina, and Utah. They
                                        even use it to stay in touch with their
He mingled, caught up with old          grandchildren.
friends, and even had a dance
or two, without ever leaving his
home ,00 miles away in Tampa,
For Gene, traveling has become
more and more tiresome as the                                                       Cindy Holloway and Lou Piniella
disease has progressed. Knowing
it would be too much for him to
travel to his 45 year reunion, Gene
                                                                                      Lou and Anita
decided to sit this one out. However,                                             Piniella’s “On Eagle’s
thanks to a little technology and the   The Robarts purchased their first          Wings” Golf Classic

help of some friends, Gene and his      webcam in 200: one for them and              he ALS Association Florida
wife Kathy attended the reunion via     one for their son and daughter-in-            Chapter hosts the Annual Lou
the Internet.                           law. Because of the webcams, the              and Anita Piniella “On Eagle’s
Old classmates Dennis White             Robarts were able to catch a glimpse      Wings” Golf Classic on Monday,
and Bob Becker heard of Gene’s          of both grandchildren as soon as          December 0th, 2007 at Avila Golf
situation and immediately set a plan    they were born. The Robarts also          & Country Club.
in motion to get him home for the       use the webcams to enjoy birthdays
                                                                                  The tournament is sponsored in part
occasion. The two friends arranged      and holidays with the family and
                                                                                  by Lexus of Tampa Bay, Outback
to have a webcam set up through         watch the kids open their presents.
                                                                                  Steakhouse and Tou Jay’s Gourmet
which Gene and Kathy were able          “It’s wonderful to just get on and        Deli. Entry fee is $500 per individ-
to see and talk to old friends. Gene    chat and see them at the same             ual golfer with foursome packages
and Kathy even finished off the         time,” said Kathy Robarts. “It is so      and sponsorship packages also
evening with a dance.                   much nicer than just a phone call.”       available. The tournament begins
                                                                                  with a shotgun start at noon.
This is not the first time that Gene    Webcams can be purchased from
and Kathy have connected via            many different stores including Wal-      You can win a brand new Lexus
webcam. They often use this piece       Mart, Target and any electronics          RX 400h as the hole in one prize.
                                                       store, such as Best        Immediately following the tourna-
                                                       Buy. The webcams           ment, enjoy cocktails as well as a
                                                       range in price from        steak dinner provided by Outback
                                                       $30.00 to about            Steakhouse during the awards pro-
                                                       $50.00 and include        gram and a live auction. Live auction
                                                       software that must         experiences include a Chicago Cubs
                                                                                  Flyaway donated by Lou Piniella
                                                       be installed with
                                                                                  and a week long stay in a cottage
                                                       your computer. For
                                                                                  in the south of France, just to name
                                                       more       information
                                                                                  a few. 00 percent of the proceeds
                                                       about       purchasing     benefit patients and families living
                                                       and installing a           with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
                                                       webcam, visit your
                                                       local       electronics    For information please contact
                                                       retailer.                  Patti Palmer at The ALS Association
                                                                                  Florida Chapter at 83-637-9000
                                                                                  Ext. .

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                                                                  3
                        TiPS FOR TRAVELiNG WiTH A Bi-LEVEL DEViCE

P      eople with ALS who use a bi-lev-
       el device to assist their breath-
       ing (either just when sleeping, or
also during the day), can still travel.
But it demands a realistic assessment
                                             FLU SHOT REMINDER!
                                             Flu immunizations are highly recommended for people with ALS, their
                                             caregivers, and anyone who comes in regular contact with them. The flu
                                             vaccine helps protect against this year’s most common strain of flu. The
of individual needs, and some impor-         strain changes each year, so even if you were immunized last year, you
tant information and support.                will need a new immunization to protect you this year. The flu can lead to
Cynthia Knoche, RRT, Director of             serious life-threatening problems, such as pneumonia. Pneumovax immu-
Chapter Patient Services for the ALS         nizations are also recommended for people with ALS. This vaccine helps
Association, suggests that before a          protect against certain types of pneumonia and does not need to be given
person with ALS plans a trip, it’s im-       each year. Persons over age 65 may need a second immunization if it has
portant to understand their daily            been over five years since their first pneumococcal vaccine. Please talk to
needs at home and define what they’ll        your physician about these vaccinations.
need to ensure they will be able to
travel smoothly and safely. Matching        trical sources, and such adventure is                        TiPS
the type and scope of travel – from a       possible for those using bi-level de-
visit to a relative in the same state to                                               Knoche offers a wide range of sug-
                                            vices. They’ll need either a DC cord
a cross-continental trip up the Ama-                                                   gestions for people with ALS who use
                                            that plugs into a car’s cigarette light-
zon – to their particular needs is very                                                bi-level devices:
                                            er, or they can hook up to a marine
important, she says.                        type deep-cycle battery. For that          • Talk with the R.T. on their clinic team,
                                            they’ll need an inverter and/or a DC         if possible, about the trip they’d
Bi-level devices are fairly transport-
                                            battery cable adapter, which should          like to take and what they should
able; they weigh about ten pounds or
                                            be authorized by the machine’s man-          consider in planning the trip.
less and there is no problem getting
                                            ufacturer. Knoche says it’s important      • Be sure to call the home care pro-
them through the security process at
                                            to discuss the type of inverter with the     vider and the manufacturer to learn
airports, Knoche says. They can also
                                            home care provider or manufacturer.          what specific inverter you’ll need if
be packed and checked as bag-
gage.                                       Those who use the bi-level device dur-       traveling beyond the Americas or
                                            ing the day, say while in the car or in      Europe.
    FACTORS TO CONSiDER                     a wheelchair, will need a 50-pound         • If you’re using a battery, turn
If the person with ALS is going to          battery. The Deep cycle, marine-type         the humidifier off. It uses lots of
South America or Europe, only a plug        batteries are quite heavy, generally         power.
adapter is needed for the electrical        about 40 to 50 pounds, and may only
                                            last from two to a maximum of eight        • Don’t forget to ask the home pro-
connection. But those going to other
                                            hours, based on their service rating.        vider to reset the pressure settings
continents should check with the man-
                                                                                         if you’re going to a higher or lower
ufacturer of the bi-level device to see     If someone is on a bi-level device for       altitude than the machine is typi-
what sort of adapter is necessary.          20 hours or so a day, it may be wise to      cally set for.
                                            switch to equipment that is designed
For those traveling to a different al-                                                 • Bring some key phone numbers
                                            to serve as a life-support device be-
titude – say from Miami to Denver                                                        with you:
                                            cause such machines have lithium bat-
– the bi-level device will need an ad-
                                            teries which are considerably smaller         • The manufacturer
justment. That’s because the machines
                                            and lighter. Such machines can be set
are set up based on the current geo-                                                      • Your home care provider and
                                            to provide the same bi-level support
graphic barometric pressure at the                                                          the number of a home care pro-
                                            at the same pressure settings as are
user’s location. A change in altitude,                                                      vider where you’re going
                                            the regular bi-level devices. But the
higher or lower, of more than 2,000
                                            transition from the use of a bi-level      The bottom line: Look at your situation
feet may necessitate an adjustment
                                            device to a portable non-invasive          realistically and consider your need
to the machine by the home care pro-
                                            ventilator is multi-faceted, and may       for additional equipment and your
                                            be associated with issues or limita-       safety when planning the trip.
Some people with ALS enjoy camping          tions related to reimbursement, insur-
or traveling away from ready elec-          ance or hospice qualifications.            by Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN

4                                                                                                 Florida Chapter ALS Association
                       Remington Longstreth, Rep. Ari Porth, and Ed Kourt

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                        5
                                      ‘TiS THE SEASON OF GiViNG
                                           can usually make larger gifts using            GiFTS FROM yOuR iRA
                                           stock than they otherwise thought
                                                                                      Thanks to a law signed in August 2006,
                                                                                      if you have an IRA and are at least
                                           Most securities are held in a brokerage    70 ½ years in age, you can make a
                                           account. Transferring shares to The        direct transfer from your IRA to The
                                           ALS Association Florida Chapter is         ALS Association Florida Chapter
                                           a simple matter. Call us to obtain         without including the transfer in your
                                           our transfer information. Your gift is     gross income. As the law currently
                                           complete once the shares are received      states, 2007 will be the last year this

W          ith the holiday season          in our account. As long as we receive      will be available. You can transfer up
           approaching,      thoughts      your shares by December 3, your           to $00,000 each year from your
           turn to giving. A majority      gift will qualify for a tax deduction      IRA. Your transfer counts toward your
of charitable gifts are made at this       (up to 30% of your adjusted gross          minimum required distribution.
time of year.                              income). Your deduction will be for
                                           the fair market value of the shares,
You can use a variety of assets to
                                           and you will avoid paying capital          GiFTS THAT PAy AN iNCOME
make year-end gifts to your favorite
                                           gains tax on the appreciation.             You can use cash, stock, real estate,
charitable organizations, including
                                           Pitfall: if your stock has dropped in      and other assets to establish a gift
The ALS Association Florida Chapter.
Your gifts might even be used to           value, you would generally be better       arrangement that pays you an
generate an income stream for              off selling the stock yourself and using   income. There are several different
you. And if you itemize your               the cash proceeds to make your gift.       arrangements available. Call our
deductions, charitable gifts are           Check with your tax advisor for more       office if you’re interested in learning
eligible for an income tax deduction –     information.                               more.
as long as you complete the gift by                                                   With a little planning, you can make
                                           If you hold stock certificates, you will
December 3.                                                                          the most of the year-end giving
                                           need to mail the certificates to us. You
Here are some tips to remember as          will also need to mail a signed stock      season. We can help. Call our office
you consider your year-end giving:         power form in a separate envelope.         at 888-257-77 or e-mail us at
                                           Call us for details on sending us stock    dalexander@alsafl.org.
         GiFTS OF CASH                     certificates.
Gifts made with cash – which also
includes checks and credit cards – are
the most common type of charitable
gift. Your gift is considered complete
on the day that your gift is mailed (or
the date your credit card is processed
if using a credit card), not the day the
gift is received by the charity. As long
as your gift is mailed by December
3, your gift will qualify for a tax
deduction (up to 50% of your adjusted
gross income). The December 3 mail
rule only applies to the US Postal
Service, not to gifts sent via a private
courier such as FedEx or UPS.

        GiFTS OF STOCK
The second most common year-end
gift, appreciated securities, can make
an attractive gift asset. Individuals

6                                                                                               Florida Chapter ALS Association

I  n 2003, one of my co-workers was diagnosed with ALS. My
   employer at the time knew that I was committed to volun-
   teerism and asked me to create a walk team for the upcom-
ing Walk to D’Feet ALS®. I agreed and was so touched by the
people I met through the Walk that I have continued to support
the Walk every year since.
                                    Each year I see people living
                                    with ALS and watch them as
                                    their disease progresses. It
                                    breaks my heart. I know that
                                    someone’s dollar will find
                                    a cure. My goal is to raise
                                    as many dollars as possible
                                    until we reach that goal.        THANK yOu, CAREGiVERS
                                   I’ve been an avid pageant          The Florida Chapter wants to thank all
                                   competitor for many years.           caregivers for their amazing work
                                   I’ve been blessed to hold                   and selfless courage.
                                   several state, local, national,       The Chapter also wants to remind
                                   and international titles. I’ve      caregivers to take care of themselves,
Kelly Fason
                                   found that walking into a            especially during the often stressful
Mrs. Palm Beach County 2007
                                   room wearing a banner                   holiday season. Recognize the
and a sparkling crown can be a great way to capture the                  valuable work you do and realize
attention of those around me. I enjoy using my titles to help                 how important you are.
increase awareness and raising funds to find a cure for Lou
Gehrig’s disease. In the near future, I’d like to use my network        CAREGiViNG TiPS AND HiNTS
of pageant friends throughout the state to increase attendance
and donations at all of our Florida walks.                                  Take care of yourself both
                                                                             physically and mentally.
I’ve stuffed walker packets, attended Kick-off events, sold
bracelets and raffle tickets at Roger Dean Stadium, recruited        Have a “wish list” available when people
volunteers, hosted a fundraising party, and am now actively             ask what they can do to help you.
participating on the Jupiter walk committee.
                                                                     Be aware of the early signs of depression
I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I’ve gotten so involved           and see you healthcare professional is
with The ALS Association. First, I felt an emotional connection to    you think you are becoming depressed.
the people I met living with ALS and their caregivers. Second,
                                                                         Communicate your feelings with
the staff and volunteers at The ALS Association Florida Chapter      someone you can speak with freely, such
made me feel welcome, like I was part of a family. Third,              as a professional counselor or friend.
there is always something to do and the environment within the
organization allows for creativity and the sharing of ideas. Most        Set limits and make decisions to
importantly, I volunteer because I can.                                        do things for yourself.

I know that my involvement in the community around me will make          Get as much information about
my city and state a better place to live and raise the children          ALS and care giving as you can.
I hope to one day have. I’m blessed and I feel a responsibility
to help those who aren’t as fortunate. I look forward to the day              Attend a support group
when we find a cure for ALS!

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                                                             7
     2008 Presenting Sponsor, Walk to D'Feet ALS®

      VITAS is about life, some of the
      most important moments of life.
                                I’m not a nurse. But my wife’s ALS turned
                                me into one.

                                Before we called VITAS, it felt like I was
                                all by myself. I was overwhelmed ...
                                I was a cop for 35 years—I’d never felt
                                so helpless.

                                Then, there was VITAS.

                                The pain medication was delivered.
                                The medical equipment came when they
                                said it would. Never a check to write.

                                Nurses, nurses aides, social workers,
                                chaplains … even their doctor came to
                                the house.

                                When things got tough, VITAS was there
                                around the clock.

                                VITAS calls it Intensive Comfort CareSM.
                                I call it a lifesaver, a friend.

    Innovative                 Call 1.866.93.VITAS
    Hospice Care
8                                                       Florida Chapter ALS Association

T    he ALS Association Florida Chapter is grateful for all the support we receive. Because of space limitations, the
     following acknowledgement only lists persons and groups who contributed $250.00 or more to the organization
     during July, August, September, and October of 2007. Thank you to all who contributed. Because of your caring
and support, we are able to continue providing valuable patient services to individuals with ALS and their families,
and to support needed research.

        Richard Ackert                   Marks Gray                     Miller Electric Co.              Douglas Solomon
        Gerald Agresti                 Herman Griffin                    Sam Northrop                   Southcoast Capital
       Donald Allebach            Gulfstream Business Bank               Daniel O’Day                       Mgmt. Corp.
  Amelia Island Paints, Inc.             Timothy Hall                    Steven O’Day                    Southwest Signal
    Amelia’s Fine Jewelry                                                 Brian O’Day                     Engineering Co.
                                          Tom Harris
      American Hospice                  Billy Hatcher                       Al Odum                      Robert Stormoen
         Management              HDM Furniture Industries, Inc.           Matthew Ott                Swisher International, Inc.
     Anheuser-Busch, Inc.          Head, Moss, Fulton and                Harry Parsons              Synovus Bank of Jacksonville
Auld and White Constructors               Noble, P.A.             Paul Clark Ford-Mercury, Inc.       Tenant Contractors, Inc.
         Charles Battle               Edward Helquist                     Len Pelletiere                   The Oak Fund
        Thomas Becker
          Kevin Boylan
           D. Brannan                                                              BENDABLE uTENSiLS
          Rod Brannen
                                                            Designed for people with arthritis, upper extremity weak-
         John Brennen
                                                            ness, or reduced range of motion, Ableware® Ubend-ItTM
       Brightworth, LLC                                     stainless steel utensils feature a twist in the shaft that al-
         Richard Brock                                      lows them to be readily hand-bent to the left or right at
        Joseph Brychta                                      any angle needed. Angling the utensil reportedly reduces
        Jeffrey Brychta                                     wrist strain and the amount of rotation needed for users
   Capri Isles Men’s Golf           to feed themselves. The built-up handles are contoured and textured for easier
           Association              holding. A tab on the end can be used to attach a wrist strap. Handles are made
      Jack Casagrande               of polypropylene, and the utensils are said to be top-rack dishwasher safe. Visit
        Brian Chappell              www.ableware.com for more information.
      Richard Clements
         Andrew Cook
        Julie Covington
                                   Howard and Mary Eliza              Perdue Office Interiors        The South Financial Group
          J.J. Crowley              McMillan Foundation
                                                                   Plantation General Hospital           The Village Market
          Julie Cunkle               Island Aviation Inc.                                                    Incorporated
                                                                          Prosperity Bank
       David C.G. Kerr                  Kelly Jefferson                                                  The Winston-Salem
        Memorial Fund                                                   Putnam Investments
                                       Glenda Johnson                                                         Foundation
            E. Dehnert                                            Reeves Import Motorcars, Inc.
                                       Michael Jorgan                                                     Tickets Sports Bar
             D. Derby                                                        RepSource
                                      Kate Obstgarten                                                       Michael Toner
      Michael Donahue                Private Foundation           Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.            R. Van Bogan
         Roger Duffala                  Robert Kealey                       Robert Ross                     Victory Church
       Daniel Dunleavy                    Larry Kerr                Rotary Club of Deerwood                 Neal Von Stein
 Exclusive Sports Marketing                                                Charities, Inc.
                                         Leo Landers                                                        James Walker
     First Guaranty Bank                                                   Dennis Sacha
                                         John Lawson                                                        Kelly Wasmer
Florida Alliance for Assistive          Bradley Lesher                       Paul Schutt
                                                                                                               Al Watson
Services and Technology, Inc.           Sean Maguire                     Bruce Schwinger
                                                                                                           Ronald Weaver
           Ronald Fost                   John Manor                  Scott-McRae Group, Inc.
                                                                                                             Pat Williams
           Roy Foster                Martin and Maxine                Sharp Mortgages, Inc.
                                                                                                    Zurich Insurance Services, Inc.
          Janet Foster                  Solomon Fund               Silverfield Development Co.
    Freedom High School                  Bill Merman                        Garry Smith
        Henry Graham                   Andrew Messina                      Nancy Smythe

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                                                                              9
                                           2008 Walk to D’Feet alS® DATES & LOCATiONS
                                                   Jacksonville Walk – MARCH 29 – Seven Bridges Grille
                                                  Aventura/Miami Walk – APRiL 12 – Founders Park South
                                                   Tampa Walk – APRiL 12 – Bright House Networks Field
                                                      Jupiter Walk – APRiL 19 – Roger Dean Stadium
                                                       Orlando Walk – APRiL 19 – Blue Jacket Park

                           Walk to D’Feet alS® STAFF TEAM GROWS

T    he ALS Association Florida
     Chapter is very excited about
     the 2008 Walk to D’Feet ALS®.
We look forward to a year of dy-
namic growth in the Walk program.
In an effort to make 2008 the best
it can be, The ALS Association is re-
vamping the Walk to D’Feet ALS® by
adding Walk team staff and defining
and enhancing their roles.
With a passion for people and an
enterprising spirit, Joey Adkins has
joined the team and is very excited
about being a part of this monumen-
tal program. Joey will work in the
Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville
markets to increase participation and
revenue. With a background in sales,
Joey has worked with many diverse
groups, motivating and encouraging
them to reach goals.                       2008 Walk to D’Feet ALS® Staff team: Amy Dunham, Katie Walters,
                                           Joey Adkins, Jon Norris, Dileep Dadlani
Also joining the staff is Katie Walters,
who will be providing assistance to        Katie agrees that 2008 will be good      Amy Dunham and Jon Norris.
help teams in effective fundraising.       year, “I’ve already met many won-
Katie is a graduate of UCF Nicholson       derful people here on staff and in       “We are excited to take a new
School of Communications and while         the community and I’m eager to work      team approach with key staff
she’s new to staff, she isn’t new to the   with them on the Walk”                   members playing a pivotal role
Walk to D’Feet ALS®. Florida Chapter                                                supporting volunteer committees,
got a good look at Katie’s energy,         Ashton Chase, Senior Director, Nation-   securing sponsorships and enhancing
enthusiasm and organizational skills       al Signature Event, welcomed the two     communication statewide,” said
while she was on the 2007 Tampa            new members and gave the whole           Dileep, who has been a Florida Walk
Walk Committee as a volunteer.             staff team words of encouragement,       to D’Feet ALS® Coordinator for three
                                           “I look forward to working with the      years.
“I am excited about this year,” said       Chapter staff to grow the Walk to
Joey upon accepting his new role with                                               “We can provide a fun Walk
                                           D’Feet ALS® program in Florida.”
the Florida Chapter. “I am planning                                                 experience while focusing on raising
to nearly double the revenue from          Joey and Katie join Walk to D’Feet       valuable funds for research and
both Tampa and Orlando Walks.”             ALS® team members Dileep Dadlani,        patient programs.”

0                                                                                            Florida Chapter ALS Association
                        yOuR STEP-By-STEP GuiDE
   to Online Registration and Fundraising for the 2008 Walk to D’Feet alS®
it’s time to start registering for the   ENTER your fundraising goal, and
2008 Walk to D’Feet ALS®!
You can register and begin fund-
raising using the Walk online sys-
                                         then SELECT Next Step .
                                         COMPLETE the form by entering your
                                         personal information in each field.
tem. Follow the steps below and join     CLICK Next Step
                                                  Next Stepwhen you have             EMAiL yOuR FRiENDS
the fight against ALS! If you need       finished.                                   AND FAMiLy
additional support, please contact                                                   ADD friends and family to your
Amy at 888-257-77 ext. 07 or          Read the legal notice and indi-
                                         cate that you agree with the terms          address book.
                                         by CHECKING the box x and                   You can use one of the existing email
                                                    Next Step
                                         CLICKING Next Step. .                       templates, or create your own.
                                                                                     SAVE, PREVIEW and SEND your
                                         Now that you’re registered, here’s
                                                                                     email. Your friends and family will
                                         what you can do NEXT!
                                                                                     receive your email with a link for
STEP 1: GO TO www.alsafl.org                                                         them to visit your Walk page and

and CLICK ON the Walk to D’Feet                                                      make a donation.
ALS® logo.
                                                                                     The Follow-ups button will allow
                                                                                     you to send thank you notes to your
STEP 2: REGiSTER                         CuSTOMizE yOuR                              donors and reminder emails to those
                                                                                     who have not given.
CLICK ON the name of the event for       PERSONAL PAGE
which you want to register.              CLICK on My Walk Center and SELECT
If you participated in last year’s           Personal Page
                                         the Personal Page button near the
                                         top of the page.
                                                                                     quiCK TiPS
Walk, LOG IN at the bottom of
the page using your username and                                                          Don’t forget to save your
                                         Customize your page by SELECTING
password. You will then have instant                                                      work as you are setting up
                                         Click here to open this page for editing.
access to your profile and email                                                          your personal page and your
address book from last year’s walk!      You can upload an image to show on               emails.
                                         your page and add your own mes-
CLICK ON one:                                                                             Keep your personal page
 Form   Join  Register as an                                                              current to help motivate your
a Team a Team Individual Walker                 Go to preview
                                         CLICK Go to Preview mode button                  friends and family to support
                                         to make sure your page looks just the            your fundraising efforts.
If you are forming a team, choose a      way you want it.
team name and a team fundraising                                                          Check your reports regularly to
goal.                                    Remember to SAVE your changes!                   see who has given. Send thank
                                                                                          you emails to those who have,
If you are joining a team, SEARCH

                                                                                          and reminder emails to those
for the team name, and then SELECT                                                        who haven’t.
the Join link to the right of the team
after you select your participation      CHECK yOuR PROGRESS
type, consider entering a donation to     My Progress
                                         My Progress will show how close
jump-start your fundraising efforts!     you are to reaching your goal!

ALS Access Fall 2007                                                                                                   
       CHAPTER EVENTS                                RESOuRCE GROuP MEETiNG LOCATiONS
            December 9                            For dates and times visit the Florida Chapter website at
        Celebration of Life                               www.ALSAFL.org or call 888-257-1717
        Lakes Regional Park
         Ft. Myers, Florida                    Brevard Resource Group              Orlando Resource Group
                                                 0 East Florida Ave                  720 Denning Dr.
           December 10
                                                     Melbourne                           Winter Park
On Eagle’s Wings Golf Tournament
   Avila Golf and Country Club                 Ft. Myers Resource Group             Polk Resource Group
          Tampa, Florida                      8359 Beacon Blvd., Ste. 30          600 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
           January 13                                  Ft. Myers                          Lakeland
         Research update                     Gainesville Resource Group           Pensacola Resource Group
           Grand Hyatt                          2000 SW Archer Rd.                  West Florida Hospital
          Tampa, Florida                            Gainesville                           Pensacola
          March 29, 2008
         Jacksonville Walk                   Jacksonville Resource Group         Tallahassee Resource Group
        Seven Bridges Grille                       420 Belfort Rd.              325 John Knox Rd. Bldg. 400,
                                                     Jacksonville                    Ste. 420, Tallahassee
          April 12, 2008
       Aventura/Miami Walk                        Palm Beach Area                   Tampa Resource Group
        Founders Park South                        Resource Group                     2502 N. Pine Dr.
                                                 2600 Quantum Blvd.                        Tampa
           April 12, 2008                           Boynton Beach
            Tampa Walk                                                              Treasure Coast/Stuart
     BrightHouse Networks Field               Leesburg Resource Group                  Resource Group
          April 19, 2008                    800 Lake Port Blvd. (Craft Room)       Martin Memorial Hospital
           Jupiter Walk                                Leesburg                            Stuart
        Roger Dean Stadium                    Manasota Resource Group           Ormond Beach Resource Group
          April 19, 2008                      8330 Lakewood Ranch Blvd.            0 Clyde Morris Blvd.
           Orlando Walk                              Bradenton                        Ormond Beach
          Blue Jacket Park
                                                Ocala Survivor Group               Weston Resource Group
 For more information about these                8880 SW 27th Ave.                2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd.
      events and more, visit                           Ocala                               Weston
www.alsafl.org and click on Events.

                                                                                                     NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                      US POSTAGE
              3242 Parkside Center Circle                                                                 PAID
                Tampa, FL 3369-0907                                                                     TAMPA FL
                                                                                                      Permit No 290

2                                                                                     Florida Chapter ALS Association

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