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									                                     The Eagle Beakon
                                        “An insight into your school community”
                                                             December, 2008

                     Take a Chance –
                   Come Dine and Dance!
              At Abbey Park’s annual dinner/dance
                       February 6, 2009
Our biggest, most enjoyable fundraiser of the year at the Oakville Conference Centre
                                      A fun casino
                                   Door/casino prizes
                                     Silent auction
                                 Complimentary portraits

                      For tickets contact Erica at
                                        or (905) 465-0776
                            or, visit the main office at Abbey Park
                                         Tickets $80 each
                 Take a Peek at page 2 for preview of great auction and raffle items
                   Support your child’s education at Abbey Park and….
                               Have a great time doing it!

                                            Sponsored by

   Rina DiRisio, Sales Representative and Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
At Our Next Council                       APHS Gala Auction...                      Street Beat
Meeting, January 26                       We are busy soliciting local              Don‟t know what to donate to this
   Results of parent and teacher         businesses and local families for         year‟s Abbey Park Annual
    attendance survey and
    presentation by Helen Pociurko
                                          items to showcase at our                  Fundraiser – Casino and
                                          Casino/Dinner Dance on
    of the new attendance policy in                                                 Dinner/Dance? Don‟t worry.
                                          February 6, 2009. Here‟s your
    effect for second semester.                                                     We‟ve made it easy for you.
                                          sneak peek at some of the
                                                                                    Simply make a cash donation to
                                          wonderful items donated for the
Everyone is welcome to attend.                                                      our Street Beat campaign and
                                          auction portion of the evening.
                                                                                    your committee will do the rest
                                          You may be interested in bidding          for you!
                                                                                    Our goal is to generate both
                                          ▪ A pair of Maple Leaf
                                                                                    community and school spirit as
                 ***                        Gold hockey tickets to
                                                                                    well as raise money. Some
                                            March game vs Calgary
                                                                                    people have taken the initiative
Chapters Arts                               Flames (value $390)
                                                                                    and canvassed neighbours while
                                          ▪ Pair of Muskoka chairs hand
Appreciation Night                          crafted by tech woodworking
                                                                                    others have simply stepped
Thank you to everyone who came to                                                   forward and made individual
                                            students (priceless)
the Chapters evening and supported                                                  donations. Either way, all
                                          ▪ gift certificates to decorator stores
our students, literacy and the library.                                             donations towards the event
                                          ▪ interior design consultation
It was a wonderful night. Because         ▪ Jazzercise classes                      warrant a RED DOT on our
of your generosity and holiday            ▪ Breville espresso coffee maker          street map. And…more red dots
shopping, we raised $1,000 for new        ▪ 3 month fitness membership and          are showing up, signaling
books for the library. We also very         gym bag (value $200)                    participation and that is great
much appreciate those of you who          ▪ Telus Samsung Instinct                  news.
donated books to the school library.        sleek, touch screen
We had a box full for Mr. Hepburn!                                                  To date, families from the
                                            phone with MP3 and                      following streets in our
                                            expandable memory
We would like to thank Mr. Neufeld                                                  community have donated.
                                            and Jawbone 2
and his students for their wonderful
                                            Bluetooth headset                       THANK YOU!!!
music. Big thanks to Mr. Coleman,
                                            bundle (value, no contract price                Ambercroft Lane
Mr. Payne and the talented art
                                            $540)                                           Denfield Terrace
students for their displays. Thank
                                          ▪ Automobile servicing and                        Greenbriar Drive
you to the Family Studies students
                                            detailing                                        Langtry Drive
Ms Zilkey, Ms. Massecar and Ms.
                                          ▪ Restaurant and spa                                Manor Road
MacKenzie for the delicious baked
                                            gift certificates                              Old English Lane
goods and beautiful gingerbread
                                          ▪ Jewellery                                     Sprucewood Terrace
house. We would like to thank Ms.
                                          ▪ Hand made quilted                              Thistledown Road
Caldwell for being our emcee. And
                                            throw (priceless)                              Rushbrooke Drive
thanks to Mr. Hepburn and his
                                          ▪ Themed gift baskets
library helpers for their assistance.
                                                                                    If your street is not listed, it isn‟t
A special thank you to the great          We continue to canvass local              too late. See our Street Beat
team of parent volunteers, Nancy          businesses and still need help with       flyer and remember that tax
Brown, Laurene Via, Sharon Baroni,        getting more items. If you have           receipts are issued for cash
Deb McInnes, Norene Massey and            anything you would like to donate,        donations of $25 or more.
Shahnaz Kashem, who made the              please contact Cathy Dwyer,
event run so smoothly.                    Fundraising Chair at (905) 469-           Questions? Call Nancy
                                          0537 or Nancy Pickering, Auction          Pickering, Auction Coordinator at
We'll see you next year.                  Coordinator (905) 825-5788. Thank         (905) 825-5788.
                 ***                      you!                                                     ***
                                          We display all donors‟ names at the
                                          event and in our newsletter, so it‟s a
                                          great way to advertise your
Take 48 and Eagles TV                    Thank you for                           White Pine – Read on!
Thank you to Nadine Zilkey who           Supporting our QSP                      Recently, Bob Hepburn, our
presented on behalf of herself, Dana                                             school librarian provided us with
Stubbert and Veronica Kleinsmith at      Magazine Subscription                                excellent lists of
our last parent council meeting.         Fundraiser                                           recommended
                                                                                              reading for our
Eagles TV, which came from Queen                                                              Chapters Arts Night.
Elizabeth Park involves technical                                                             As parents, you
skills and theory for                                                            might be interested in the White
those interested in video                Thank you to everyone who               Pine nominees, announced
and community                            supported our QSP Magazine              recently, some of which are on
productions. Run as a                    Subscription fundraiser. The official   our library shelves.
club, it offers workshops,               catalogue campaign is now over but
with a mission to                        you can still order magazines on-       White Pine is sponsored by the
produce videos on athletic and arts      line anytime during the year.           Ontario Library Association and
activities and graduate occasions at     Remember, approximately $10 from        Mr. Hepburn will be looking for
APHS. Members are everywhere             each subscription sold or renewed       students who are willing to read
filming, with the latest project a       goes right back to our school. What     (at least) five of the ten
recognition rally video.                 a great way to support Abbey Park!      nominated books so they can
                                                                                 vote (next April) for the White
Students learn how to sequence                                                   Pine winner. If your child is a
clips together and produce videos,       To order a new magazine                 reader (or if you wish s/he were),
which is part of the culture now.        subscription or renew an                encourage them to come to the
Halton runs a large film fest called     existing one on-line anytime            library to participate in this great
„Take 48.‟ Some of our students          during the year:
have won awards and gone on to           -Go to
Ryerson to study further in this area.
This fall film fest stemmed from         -Select Supporters, “Shop               HDSB Notification
Ryerson as a „young artist‟ festival     Now”                                    System Announced
and was brought from Milton to           -New users create your own
Abbey Park. Students are given 48        account by clicking on                  The Halton School Board will be
hours to film, edit and produce a                                                implementing a new Home
video. Abbey Park has swept              “Register Now” and follow the           Notification System for parents of
Halton for awards over the last 4        easy instructions.                      elementary and secondary
years.                                   -Our school Group Number is             students beginning in January
                                                                                 2009. This initiative supports
A short video produced recently by       30225 (listed as Abbey Park)            improvements to communication
students was presented. They will        -Renew current subscriptions,           as outlined in the Board‟s 2007-
also be making a video of “A day in      browse for a new one or order           2010 Strategic Plan and
the life of an Abbey Park student” for                                           Operational Plan goals.
the annual dinner/dance in               gift subscriptions for delivery
February.                                for anywhere in Canada.                 The current system used in
                                                                                 secondary schools mainly for
Workshops for editing and camera         For more information, contact           attendance purposes will be
usage are held Friday mornings           Anita Knibutat at (905) 469-9084        extended to elementary schools
from 7:30am in Room 201. The                                                     using the same technology but
editing suite is in Room 214. If                         ***                     with the capability of contacting
interested in this area, a student                                               parents/guardians faster.
should look into the com-tech
studies courses.                         School Council E-Mails                  The system is capable of
Next year, a television production       If you have registered to receive       notifying parents and students by
program course will be offered with             school council e-mails but are   phone and e-mail about board-
more emphasis on the tech side.                 not receiving them, please       wide announcements such as
There is a goal at Abbey Park to                resend your e-mail address       transportation cancellations,
move eventually from oral morning        or send an alternative one to           emergencies and school
announcements to televised      It could just         closures. It will be used by
announcements                            be a typo in data entry.                individual schools for
                   ***                                    ***                    communicating specific
announcements, events or urgent            People for Education                     else, ask them. Here are some
information concerning their school        The latest edition of the People for     resources to guide them to:
community.                                 Education Newsletter is available        
                                           on the web at                             Halton Region‟s Sexual Health
To ensure it is effective, the Board                                                  Clinic Services (905) 825-6065
will conduct a brief two-question
                                           newsletter/nov08 Check out what           AIDS and Sexual Health info
telephone survey of all parents,                                                      line 1-800-668-2437
verifying parent contact information       they have to say about „character
and allow parents the choice of            education‟ and read their notes
                                           about what is happening in other         If you have any questions or
taking part in the system. The                                                      would like more information
survey will be conducted by an             parts of the province.
                                                                                    please contact Nicholle Russell
automated call system beginning the                         ***                     our Public Health Nurse at (905)
week of Monday, December 8.                                                         825-6000 ext 2971 or at
                  ***                                      Breaking        .
                                                                Barriers            Nicholle Russell, School Nurse
For Your Information                                                                                ***
 Thank you to the staff and parents                       Let’s Talk About
  who did their shopping at M&M‟s                          Sex…….                   Parent Education
  Meat Shops in Oakville on                Sexuality is a very complex topic. It    Sessions
  October 22. Ten percent of total         doesn‟t involve just the act of sex      In November, our third in a series
  purchases was credited back to           itself, but many complex issues that     of parent education sessions
  Abbey Park and a total of $89.65         intersect and make us whole              dealt with teen sexuality and
  was raised for our Angel Fund.           human beings. Talking to your teen       relationships. It was so well
 The last day before winter break,        about sex can be difficult and           attended and received that part 2
  Friday, December 19 is early             uncomfortable for both of you but it     is being worked on for the new
  dismissal at 1:10pm                      doesn‟t have to be. The key is to        year. Stay tuned!
 David Muller of Chartwell Baptist        let your teen know about the facts
  Church runs an open gym                  and what your values are. Since          Future sessions are scheduled
  program on Monday nights from            they were born, you have been            for:
  6:00pm to 8:00pm for students
                                           teaching them your beliefs and they       Thursday, February 19 on
                                           need to continue to hear them,             “How to get along with my
  who not playing on a varsity
                                           even when talking about sex. The           Teenager (a.k.a. Anger
  school team at APHS. Table               most important thing to get across
  tennis is played Mondays after                                                      Management)
                                           to your teen is that they are             Thursday, March 26 on “Teens
  school.                                  welcome to talk to you about               and Substance Use”
 The grad formal will be held at          anything!                                 Thursday, April 16 on “Let‟s
  Liuna Station in Hamilton on
                                           If your teen asks you about sex or         Talk about Stress” (a.k.a. Teen
  June 24.
                                                                                      Stress and Mental Health)
 Tickets for the annual fundraiser,       your stand on an issue, make sure
  the casino/dinner dance to be            to follow the 4 point plan…              All sessions will be held at Abbey
  held on February 6, 2009 are on          1.Facts just the facts: Make sure        Park beginning at 7:00pm. All
  sale now in the main office of             you respond with a factual             are welcome to attend.
  the school. Funds raised by the                                                   Nicholle Russell, School Nurse
                                             answer. If you don‟t know the
  live and silent auctions and the           answer, look for it together!                          ***
  raffles support the staff wish list of   2.Values: Your teen needs to
  educational and extra curricular           know your values and not just          Shop and Support
  materials that enrich your                 what they see on TV or hear from
  children‟s education.                      their friends…your opinion
 Thank you to Ashok Bhattacharya            matters!
  for his work as stage manager at         3.Responsibility: Let your teen          In order to get those gift cards in
  the coffee house to make it a              know what you expect from them         time for Christmas, Shop and
  great success! He organized his            and what their responsibilities are.   Support orders must be in by
  roadies to help back stage and           4.Self-esteem: Praise your teen          noon on Friday, December 12.
  everything ran on time.                    and make them feel good about          They will arrive by Thursday
                  ***                        asking you questions.                  December 18. Log on to
                                           If you feel your teen would be more      ID 0100328627) and order today!
                                           comfortable talking to someone                           ***
Save Your Milk Bags!                    the outside milk bag from the three      repairs including brakes and oil
At our November parent council          pack and drop them off at Abbey          changes.
meeting, an environmental recycling     Park. No money is needed. There
                                        is a collection box set up in the        Media arts were the next area of
project was highlighted. Here is a                                               focus, taught by Dan Payne.
link to an article which appeared in    main office to take these bags.
                                        Thank you.                               Colour and black & white
the Hamilton Spectator on August 4,                                              photography and claymation is
2007.                                                     ***
                                                                                 studied. The area has a film                                                developing lab. A digital tablet
/article/229733                         Tech Area of Study                       was displayed where computer
                                        Thank you to staff member Tara           animation can be developed.
The article describes how local         Ashley for the tour of tech at our
women in the Hamilton/Niagara           November council meeting. It             Next was the communication
               area, dubbed “the milk   began in the construction and            tech lab housing many high-end
               bag ladies” crochet      cabinet making area. It was              computers with many programs
               milk bags into           stressed that this course suits all      including auto cad and 3D studio,
               sleeping mats for the    types of students, whether               where 2D and 3D animation is
               Third World. The         identified, in the arts, in applied,     studied. There are four digital
               mats originated in       university or college streams. This      editing suites specific to video
               2001 with World          area gives those non-academic            and sound editing. This is taught
               Vision, which                          students a reason to       by Veronica Kleinsmith and Dave
abandoned the idea when shipping                      come to school and         Martin.
costs and red tape became too                         enjoy a hands-on
cumbersome, says Dianne Scott,                        program and academic       The television studio has a green
coordinator of this project and an      students use their knowledge and         screen, sound proofing, high-end
environmentalist. The idea was          problem solve while developing a         lighting and switch boards for
picked up by a Windsor group in         skill.                                   sound. This area is lacking
2002 and has been slowly spreading                                               enough cameras and the vision
across Southern Ontario.                Grade 9‟s make a mini paddle,            is to some day import live
                                        scale model of a wall and wire two       productions into the classrooms.
The raw material is the opaque          simple circuits to see how electricity   The cosmetology lab has
outer bag that holds three smaller      works. Grade 10‟s expand on the          everything available to practice
clear milk bags. The nucleus group      concept of house construction,           make-up, hair and aesthetics. A
cuts the bags into two-inch strips,     starting with the construction of a      student can enrol in the OYAP
spools them like thread and then        wooden box and also make a               program, write their exams and
crochets them into mats that look       muskoka chair or, a cabinet or night     obtain a certificate as a
like rugs woven from cloth rags.        table. Grade 11 students make a          professional hairdresser.
They are sent through various           scale model of a house and a white
charities and missions to Mexico,       board with different sections for        This proved how tech has
Uganda, Guatemala and Haiti.            notes. They also make furniture.         become modern and more
                                        Grade 12‟s continue the grade 11         diverse.
The mats provide the impoverished
with something to sleep on other
                                        program with higher expectations.                      ***
                                        Gratification is immediate in this
than the bare ground. They are
                                        program because it is physical.          The members of the parent
something durable and dry, a bit
                                                                                 council would like to wish
scratchy but Isabelle Booker of the     Sarah Cunningham is the teacher          everyone a Merry Christmas,
Lutheran Women‟s Missionary group       involved in tech design. This            Happy Hanukkah, Happy
in Fisherville, Ontario says, “If       course involves computer drafting        Kwanzaa and Eid Mubarak and a
you‟ve got nothing to lie on,           in architectural design (bigger unit     Happy New Year.
especially in times of flooding,        of study) and mechanical where
you‟re happy to have anything.”         things are designed.
These mats are appreciated
because they can be washed and          The next stop was auto shop,
don‟t disintegrate.                     containing two hoists where two to
                                        four cars can be serviced, taught by
****Abbey Park Parents and              Doug Godfrey. Adjacent to this
Friends: If you are keen to recycle,    area is an auto classroom where
reduce the carbon imprint and help      theory is taught. Students complete
those less fortunate, please save       medium to major mechanical
Second Hand Book Sale                                                                  Jan 13, Improv Night
Thank you to everyone who made             Important Dates                             Jan 14, Eastern Orthodox New
the second hand book sale such a           ▪ Dec 10, Day of Arafat                      Year
success. We had a large selection          ▪ Dec 11, Semi-formal dance                 Jan 14, Makar Sankranti
of books donated this year, most of        ▪ Dec 11, Eid ul-adha                       Jan 14, Ontario University
them divided into fiction and non-          Dec 12, Link Crew social                   Application deadline
fiction, which was appreciated.             Dec 13, Imamat Day                        Jan 15-16, EQAO Gr 9 Math
                                            Dec 19, Talent show, early                 test
There were a lot of happy                    dismissal                                 Jan 15, Grade 8 parent night
customers including staff                   Dec 20, Maunajiyaras                      Jan 15, Senior art show 7pm
and students. We raised                     Dec 22-29, Chanukah                       Jan 22, Parent Session,
$214 for the school library                 Dec 22-Jan 2, Winter Break                 Course Selection Process
through your generosity!                    Dec 25, Christmas Day                     Jan 22-28, final exams,
Thank you to Sharon Baroni for              Dec 26, Zarathosht no diso                 semester 1
recycling books from the Heritage           Jan 1, Buddhist Temple Day                Jan 27, Chinese New Year
Glen book sale. Thank you to                Jan 5, Classes resume                     Jan 29, Exam review day
Sharon and Laurene Via for sorting          Jan 5, Birth of Guru Gobind Singh         Jan 30, PA Day
the books and selling them at               Jan 6, Epiphany                                         ***
interview night. Thank you to Nancy         Jan 7, Eastern Orthodox
Brown, Shahnaz Kashem and our                Christmas
student helper, Corinne Smith, for all      Jan 7, Ashura
their help in selling the books.            Jan 11, Magha Puja
                ***                         Jan 13, Eagle awards

                                               ‘Street Beat’
      Help us to make this year‟s Annual Fundraiser, on February 6, 2009 the best ever and
                          build on school community spirit at the same time!
                           Don‟t know what to donate? Here is a good idea.
      Get together with your neighbours, who have students at Abbey Park and make a group
                                  donation for this year‟s Fundraiser.
      With the funds you raise you may purchase a group item for the auction. Or, donate the
          money you have collected and let the organizing committee do the work for you!
        All donors will be recognized and monies used towards items needed for the event.
       We‟d love to see most streets in our community represented so help by putting your
                                            street on the map!
                   Fill in the tear off portion below and submit your donations to:
                    Nancy Pickering: Auction Co-ordinator:
                                     Questions? Call 905-825-5788

      The following families___________,_________,________,_________,on
      ________________(Street name) have donated $________ towards
      the 2009 Abbey Park High School Annual Fundraiser.
         1. We have used our group proceeds and purchased ________________( item) for
             the Auction, valued at $__________.
         2. We are submitting the money to be used for the Fundraiser at the discretion of the
             organizing committee.
         3. The __________ family wishes to donate $________or _______(item)

                              Make Cheques payable to: Abbey Park School Council
                              Tax Receipts only issued for cash donations of $25 or more

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