February AM The meeting was called to order by by slapshotmel


									February 2, 2004                                                         9:00 AM

       The meeting was called to order by Chairman Teeter with Commissioners

Bingham and Stapelman in attendance. Minutes were taken by Deputy Clerk Janie


                              Applications for County Aid

       The Board considered the following Applications for County Aid:

Approved: 100074 Denied: 100075, 100042, 100051, 100032, 100034, 100037


       The following bills were examined, approved and ordered paid and the warrants

may be seen at the Auditor’s Office.

       Current Expense            $3,341.86
       Parks & Recreation             47.24
       Revaluation                   350.66
       Weed                           88.99
       District Court              1,525.95
       Justice Fund                4,273.33
       E911                        5,924.96

                                   Minutes Approved

       Minutes of the meetings of January 9, 2004, January 20, 2004 and January 26,

2004 were approved as read.


       The Board signed the addendum to Brad Roger’s lease of landfill property.

                               Reviewed Correspondence

       Commissioners reviewed the letter from Jason Walker regarding the contract with

Mountain States Legal Foundation and Exit 208 wetlands situation; a thank-you letter

from South Central Community Action Partnership; a thank-you letter from Minidoka
County Sheriff’s office staff regarding support of the dispatch/communications center;

and IAC Legislative Bulletin dated January 27, 2004.

                                        4-H Programs

       The Commissioners went to the Extension Office to hear presentations from

Donna Gillespie and Jeni Bywater regarding 4-H programs. Donna Gillespie distributed

handouts and gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding a study of 4-Hers and the

positive impact it has in helping them with life skills and responsibilities compared to

other youth. Jeni Bywater reported about our county’s 4-H youth: youth involved is 572,

adult leaders is 70. She also discussed 4-H Teen Association and upcoming programs.

                          Exit 208 Property and Landfill Farm Ground

       Jason Walker met with the Board to discuss the Exit 208 situation and possible

actions to take. He then discussed the farm lease with Brad Rogers which Commissioner

Teeter signed.

                                Cancellation of Taxes Request

       The next item of business was to schedule an appointment with Clint Crane

regarding the Rodriquez property taxes as the Rodriguez’s turned in the necessary

paperwork as required.

                                      Executive Session

       The Board unanimously approved a MOTION to go into Executive Session

pursuant to Idaho Code Section 67-2345(b). The general tenor of the session was to

discuss a legal matter.
                            Industrial Litigation Assistance

       The Board reconvened in the general session. The Board unanimously passed a

MOTION to approve the application to IAC for Industrial Litigation Assistance.

       The meeting adjourned at 2:05 PM.

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