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                                                                                Vicorsys LLC.
                                               P r o f e s s i o n a l   We b   &   I T   S e r v i c e s   C o m p a ny  

                                                         Company Brochure


                                                             Vicorsys LLC. 
                                                         4 6 9 4   C e m e t e r y   R d.  
1 | P a g e                                  S u i t e   1 2 7 ,   H i l l i a r d,   O H – 4 3 0 2 6                                         


                                  Vicorsys LLC.  __________________________________________________________ 1 
                                  Company Profile ___________________________________________________________ 3 
                                      About Us______________________________________________________________________  3 
                                      Vision Statement _______________________________________________________________  4 
                                      Objectives  ____________________________________________________________________  4 
                                      Our Principles  _________________________________________________________________  5 

                                  Services Overview  _________________________________________________________ 6 
                                      Customized E‐Business  __________________________________________________________  7 
                                      Internet Marketing  ____________________________________________________________  11 
                                      Web Maintenance _____________________________________________________________  17 
                                      Hosting ______________________________________________________________________  18 
                                      Technology ___________________________________________________________________  20 

                                  Contact Us  ______________________________________________________________ 21 


                                  2 | P a g e  


                                  Company Profile

                                  About Us 

                                  Headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio, Vicorsys started operating in the summer of 2006 to
                                  provide state of the art e-business solutions and services to small and medium sized
                                  businesses (SMEs). Vicrosys is NOT a just website provider; we offer complete
                                  partnership with businesses, along with offering post-implementation support and statistical
                                  reporting packages in our extensive product catalogue.

                                  Within a year, Vicorsys has successfully completed numerous projects with varying scopes
                                  for a diverse set of industries. We work closely with our clients to provide them customized
                                  solutions meeting their respective needs and business goals. Our solutions have fetched
                                  positive returns on investments for our clients.

                                  Vicrosys is committed to improving the profitability of our customers through the use of
                                  cutting edge Internet technologies, delivered by knowledgeable and service-oriented
                                  Internet Consultants. As more businesses realize the importance of Internet to their
                                  continued success and growth, Vicrosys is ready to serve their needs with real e-business

                                  Our focus is customer-centric, and we achieve this by engaging our client at every phase of
                                  the development life cycle. From conceptualization to implementation, we listen to our
                                  clients' needs, business focus and their strategies. This, together with a skillful approach of
                                  our highly qualified IT professionals results in superior solutions.


                                                                 Motto: To your online success!

                                  3 | P a g e  


                                  Mission Statement 

                                  Our mission is to improve the profitability of our customers by:

                                      •    Operating productively, efficiently, and with a high degree of Quality
                                      •    Consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations
                                      •    Anticipating our customers’ needs and providing innovative solutions

                                  Through the use of leading edge Internet technologies.


                                  Vision Statement 

                                  The company seeks to become a well-known provider of e-business solutions by: “Creating
                                  innovative, Cost-effective and Customized solutions for customers”.




                                  We believe that our vision is the driving force behind our objectives. Our objectives are:

                                      •    To be a center of excellence for quality IT service, where old ideas are challenged
                                           and new concepts nurtured.
                                      •    Use IT to form an environment to bring people together
                                      •    Educate and prepare the SME business community for the IT revolution.
                                      •    Expand our customer base in the state of Ohio

                                  4 | P a g e  


                                  Our Principles 

                                      •    Adaptability – The world of IT is constantly changing. We make sure that our
                                           solutions are adaptable and easy to change.
                                      •    Integrity –We take responsibility for our work and always honor our commitments.
                                           We do what we say.
                                      •    Excellence – Provide best e-solutions in the industry and satisfy our customers
                                           with our excellence in IT technologies.
                                      •    Customer - exceeding customer expectations through our best practices is our
                                      •    Innovation - constant change is the norm in IT industry. We embrace it and
                                           continue to invest in our capabilities and future prospects.


                                  5 | P a g e  


                                  Services Overview

                                  At Vicorsys, we use technology to solve client's business problems. We are a client-centric
                                  organization providing tailored solutions that best fit our clients business and technology
                                  needs. Our services are of highest quality, and are available at highly competitive rates.

                                  We have the knowledge, infrastructure and capacity to help businesses, government, non-
                                  profit, and other organizations manage the complexities of creating and managing


                                  Vicorsys offers you following services: 


                                       Customized E-Business Solutions                        Internet Marketing

                                                  Domain Hosting                              Web Maintenance



                                                                Vicorsys is the right choice for you.



                                  6 | P a g e  



                                  Customized E­Business 

                                  Vicorsys specializes in web and related technologies, and has successfully developed
                                  many e-commerce related web sites.

                                  We provide a variety of services, from Web consulting to Network solutions. For the
                                  services you are interested in, please navigate from the following links.  


                                           Web development 

                                           We specialize in professional, custom website design solutions, which meet the
                                           needs of your company. We ask our clients if they need a solution which is long
                                           lasting then don't settle for something built from a generic web template. All of our 
                                           web/Internet solutions are tailored specifically to our clients' requirements. We design 
                                           each site from a completely blank screen and so there are no restrictions on the look or 
                                           layout of the pages. 

                                           Don't settle for something built from a generic web template!  

                                           We provide advanced technical expertise to companies at very competitive rates. A
                                           website is not about just creating a page, or putting few images and text, and
                                           uploading it up on some server. A website is an art form; it is a way to represent
                                           your company and creates a brand image that customers keep in mind while
                                           deciding to do business with your company. It requires skills of experienced people
                                           to plan, design, program, optimize and publish websites.

                                           We offer a full range of professional services to provide you with an integrated
                                           solution, including E-commerce web site design, Flash web design, internet
                                           marketing, domain registration, web maintenance, and website hosting.

                                  7 | P a g e  


                                  E­commerce Solution  

                                           Looking for a complete E-commerce web site solution?

                                           E-commerce deployment requires integration of business processes, infrastructure
                                           and databases to deliver a seamless implementation, which meets customer's
                                           revenue targets.

                                           Full E­Commerce web development Services:  
                                                  Vicorsys offers the following services to cover all phases of ecommerce
                                           shopping cart deployment:

                                                         Helping businesses define product categories, so users can easily
                                                         navigate to the products they are interested in.
                                                         Database support with thousands of products
                                                         User Interactive designs.
                                                         Custom site development
                                                         Complete Graphics development
                                                         Search function, including product name, description and keywords,
                                                         to allow customers to search your entire site.
                                                         Multiple order fulfillment
                                                         Ability to add/update/delete product information
                                                         UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping integration
                                                         Maintenance solution & documentation
                                                         Full Training for store maintenance 

                                                  Secured Shopping Cart: 

                                                         Integrating with your credit card merchant service to allow for
                                                         automated credit card processing.
                                                         Real time online and offline credit card processing, money order,
                                                         PayPal etc.
                                                         Integrating with your shipping vendors (UPS, FedEx, and USPS) to
                                                         support automated query of accurate shipping costs.
                                                         Complete Email notification system throughout the order lifecycle
                                                         Allows flexible shipping, sales tax implementation
                                                         Merchant account and payment gateway setup
                                                         Ability to setup Coupons, Discounts, gift certificates  


                                  8 | P a g e  

                                  Portal development 
                                           We understand the intricacies of delivering the largest and most complex
                                           information systems on the Internet or your company's private intranet. Similarly our
                                           team is experienced with establishing you an Internet presence through portal sites
                                           that are not only lively in design but are also functional in their deployment.


                                           Whether you need a basic website or a highly specialized web portal, we are the
                                           right choice for you.



                                  Web Application development 

                                           Developing an application based on your requirement and integrating it with the
                                           design seamlessly is our specialty. We can develop any application whether it is an
                                           electronic store front or a B2B portal, a discussion board, an e-greeting application,
                                           a web directory or an e-banking application, we can design all kinds of web
                                           application for your needs with higher standards.


                                           Examples of web applications but not limited to:

                                                  o   Content management systems
                                                  o   Customer relationship management
                                                  o   Complex ecommerce
                                                  o   Intranets
                                                  o   Secure membership systems
                                                  o   Automated email and SMS systems
                                                  o   Event management systems
                                                  o   Document distribution and download systems
                                                  o   Online interactive surveys
                                                  o   Online recruitment CV construction and management
                                                  o   Searchable vacancy databases 

                                  Content Management Systems (CMS) 
                                           Large sites can be managed (maintained, updated, revised) more easily with a
                                           content management system, which is essentially a database-driven web site that
                                  9 | P a g e  

                                          uses "dynamic" web pages that pull directly from a database. These systems have
                                          the benefit of being easier to change the overall look of the site via Cascading Style
                                          Sheets and easier to update your content via forms that allow you to easily update
                                          your database.

                                          We provide comprehensive web and content management systems that are easy to
                                          use and implement. Once you have the site ready, you would be able to update
                                          content with ease.

                                          Our systems not only allow website users with content editing, they also take care
                                          of a lot of "behind the scenes" work such as:

                                          •    Automatically generate navigation elements
                                          •    Making content searchable and index able
                                          •    Keeping track of users, their permissions and security settings
                                          •    And much more...




                                  10 | P a g e  



                                  Internet Marketing 
                                  Internet marketing is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to reach the most people
                                  in the shortest amount of time and increase ROI.


                                          Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
                                          Search Engine Marketing, SEO who needs it?   

                                          Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a fundamental part of your website
                                          marketing strategy, we at Vicorsys can help you define that strategy.

                                          Web site marketing strategy is critical. There are now billions of web pages on the
                                          internet, including those of your competitors. It is important to make your web site
                                          stand out from the crowd to draw more visitors and prospects. Vicorsys uses tried
                                          and tested methods for attaining a high ranking for your website.  



                                  11 | P a g e  



                                          Search Engine Marketing 

                                          The majority of internet users find a website by using search engines, such as
                                          Google, Yahoo, MSN, and etc. Search engine marketing is all about using search
                                          engines to help people find your web site.


                                          We make sure that your website attains a high ranking for the keyword phrases that
                                          will produce the greatest business leads for you. We do this through in-depth
                                          keyword analysis and placement, combined with the highest level of commitment to
                                          placing your website above your competitors on the major search engines with our
                                          SEO services.
                                  12 | P a g e  


                                          Most of website traffic originates from the search engines, with the majority coming
                                          from a select few. We have solutions for major search engines like Google, Yahoo,
                                          MSN, and In this day and age, it is extremely necessary to have a high
                                          ranking on the major search engines for your targeted phrases.


                                          How it’s done: 
                                          Some important factors in considering the best search engine optimization
                                          approach are:


                                                   Web Site Architecture 

                                                   As a minimum, we suggest optimizing your home page for your company
                                                   name plus the specific purpose of your company for example, computers. It
                                                   may also be productive to optimize additional web pages for other keywords.


                                                   Unique Content  

                                                   Determining the best keywords for your website is critical. The keywords
                                                   must be targeted, and fit your business model and have an appropriate level
                                                   of competition, so you can achieve a listing on page one or two within a
                                                   reasonable time period.


                                                   Submission of Your Web Site  

                                                   Submission of your site to the major search engines is the first step. Once
                                                   your site is indexed by search engines, it will start appearing on searches
                                                   that matches your company work.


                                                   Link Popularity 

                                  13 | P a g e  

                                                   Some search engines work on the basis of link popularity. The more
                                                   websites refer to you website the more relevant your site becomes for
                                                   certain keywords.


                                          Pay Per Click 
                                          Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on websites, advertising networks,
                                          and search engines where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an
                                          ad to visit the advertiser's website.


                                          “Pay Per Click (PPC) networks provide a shortcut to achieving high rankings on Internet 
                                          search engines, irrespective of site layout, design or content.” 


                                          The ‘network’ allows Advertisers to bid on keywords targeting their specific market
                                          when customers search for specific keywords while looking for a product or service.
                                          When a user types a keyword query matching the advertiser's keyword list, the
                                          advertiser's ad may appear on the search results page. These ads are called a
                                          "Sponsored link" or "sponsored ads" and appear next to, and sometimes, above the
                                          natural or organic results on the page. The advertiser pays only when the user
                                          clicks on the ad. Pay per click advertising is a search engine marketing technique.


                                          Some of the highly rated networks:

                                               •   Google AdWords
                                               •   Yahoo! Search Marketing
                                               •   MSN AdCenter

                                          It is important when managing a pay per click campaign to remain focussed on the
                                          objective and not to get drawn into a bidding war where you compete for top spot
                                          with a competitor. A good campaign is where you get the best ROI, it may
                                          sometimes mean opting for less aggressive campaigns. 


                                  14 | P a g e  

                                          Email Marketing 
                                          Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means
                                          of communicating messages to an audience.

                                          Email marketing is used for:

                                               •   Sending emails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a
                                                   merchant with its current or old customers and to encourage customer
                                                   loyalty and repeat business.
                                               •   Sending emails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing
                                                   old customers to buy something immediately.
                                               •   Adding advertisements in emails sent by other companies to their



                                               •   Ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential
                                                   customers at a relatively low cost.
                                               •   Less expensive compared to other media investments such as direct mail or
                                                   printed newsletters.
                                               •   Good Return on investment.
                                               •   It is quick and fast, as opposed to a mailed advertisement.
                                               •   Advertisers can generate repeat business affordably and automatically  


                                          Why Email Marketing: 

                                          Customer relations

                                          Knowing your customer is a vital ingredient in maintaining a profitable business.
                                          Referring to your customers with their name makes them more capable of
                                          responding to your message, and therefore increases the possibility of them
                                          becoming your next client.

                                          Increased sales

                                  15 | P a g e  

                                          If you are selling products and/or services from your website, email marketing can
                                          send follow-up auto responders to any potential customer after they have signed up
                                          to your newsletter, allowing you to supply further information about your company.


                                          One of the most important elements in the buying process is to establish trust with
                                          your customers. A weekly or monthly newsletter with up to date and relevant
                                          information can start building that trust, which in turn will greatly improve your
                                          chances of acquiring new clients. 


                                  16 | P a g e  


                                  Web Maintenance 

                                  We offer flexible and competitive rates for maintenance plans that are designed so that you
                                  get the most out of your web maintenance hours. You have the choice of opting for hourly
                                  plans or fixed rate plans. Just let us know your needs and we can help you decide, which
                                  plan is best for you.

                                  We can freshen up your web site content, fix broken links, add new products to your
                                  shopping cart or catalog, add Flash animations or special effects, or spruce up your entire
                                  web site layout.

                                  Contact us for more details about our website maintenance plans.  



                                  17 | P a g e  



                                          Web Hosting Plans  

                                          You have the option to pick one of the following plans:

                                            Hosting Plan                         Features                   Price Range
                                                                              300 GB of Storage
                                                                              3,000 GB Transfer
                                                                              FREE Setup
                                                                              Web Statistics
                                                                              vDeck 2.0
                                                                              E-commerce enabled
                                                                              Front Page Extensions
                                              ProLogic                                                  Starting @ $5.95/mo
                                                                              Marketing® credits
                                                                              99.9% Up-time

                                                                       * We will offer you FREE
                                                                       Google and Yahoo search
                                                                       marketing credits
                                                                              100 GB of Storage
                                                                              1,000 GB Transfer
                                                                              Access Database
                                                                              Web Statistics
                                                                              vDeck 2.0
                                                                              E-commerce enabled
                                                                              Front Page Extensions
                                           WindowsLogic                       Marketing credits         Starting @ $9.95/mo
                                                                              99.9% Up-time
                                                                              ASP, .net, CGI-BIN
                                                                       * We will offer you FREE
                                                                       Google and Yahoo search
                                                                       marketing credits
                                                                              Up to 60 GB of Storage
                                                                              Up to 2,000 GB Transfer
                                                                              Virtuozzo™ Panel
                                                                              Includes 1 IP
                                                                              Web Statistics
                                            Virtual Server                                              Starting @ $29.95/mo
                                                                              Plesk™ 8 for Linux
                                                                              PHP, PERL, MySQL,
                                                                              SSI Support
                                                                              Front Page Extensions
                                                                              Marketing credits

                                  18 | P a g e  

                                                                           99.9% Up-time

                                                                    * We will offer you FREE
                                                                    Google and Yahoo search
                                                                    marketing credits
                                                                           Up to 4 X 250 GB SATA
                                                                           Disk Space
                                                                           Up to 3,500 GB Transfer
                                                                           Up to 4 GB RAM
                                                                           Includes 1 IP
                                                                           Web Statistics
                                                                           Plesk™ 8 for Linux
                                                                           24 x 7 x 365 Proactive
                                          Dedicated Server                                           Starting @ $99.00/mo
                                                                           Linux, FreeBSD or
                                                                           Marketing credits
                                                                           99.9% Up-time

                                                                    * We will offer you FREE
                                                                    Google and Yahoo search
                                                                    marketing credits

                                  Contact us for more details about our Web Hosting Plans.


                                  19 | P a g e  


                                  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies, and providing our clients
                                  with the most effective E-Business Solutions. We have extensive expertise in technologies
                                  like .Net, J2EE, Windows, Unix/Linux, and other open source technologies.

                                  Microsoft .Net: 

                                  Languages:         Technologies 

                                  ASP.NET            COM/DCOM        VB        

                                  ActiveX            C #             VC ++   



                                  JSP                EJB             BEA weblogic 

                                  Java Scripts       Java Beans      IBM Websphere 

                                  EJB                J2EE            J2SE     J2ME   



                                  Oracle             MySQL           MS SQL 

                                  PostgreSQL         Sybase 


                                  Open Source: 

                                  PHP                Joomla          MySQL 
                                  PERL               Drupal          PostgresSQL 

                                  Python             phpNuke          


                                  20 | P a g e  


                                  Contact Us


                                  24-hour toll free number : 1-888-283-4664

                                  Other numbers           : 1-614-599-9922

                                  Fax                     : 1-888-283-4664

                                  E-mail                  :


                                  We are located in Hilliard, Ohio, USA, which is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

                                  4694 Cemetery Rd, Suite127

                                  Hilliard, OH – 43026


                                  Request for a Free Quote.


                                  Contact us for more details about our Services. 


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