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					 Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

Maintenance Management Professional
Northern College and the Plant Engineering Maintenance Association of
Canada (PEMAC) are pleased to announce the launch of the 4th edition
of the nationally acclaimed Maintenance Management Program (MMP) at
our Porcupine (Timmins) campus. Module 1 is scheduled to start in
September 2010.

The MMP program will be of interest to individuals:
    • Already involved in maintenance management or supervisory
      roles and seeking formal training.
    • Aspiring to management positions in the maintenance field.
    • Seeking full maintenance accreditation by obtaining the MMP
      designation (Maintenance Management Professional).
    • Those seeking focused training in selected areas.

This program enables participants to provide the most cost effective
management of their organization’s physical assets by improving:
• Uptime                                     • Production capacity
• Equipment reliability                      • Economic life of assets
• Safety                                     • Environmental compliance
• Return on financial investment             • Communication between

Developed and authorized by the Plant Engineering and Maintenance
Association of Canada, the Maintenance Management Professional
certificate program consists of eight modules. The Modules are
structured to progressively assist participants in understanding and
embracing the various concepts deemed necessary to be effective as
maintenance and physical asset management professionals.
Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

Module 1 – Maintenance Management Skills and Techniques – (16 Hrs)
Module 1 introduces the basic concepts of physical asset management and the latest developments
and trends in effective maintenance practices. This module provides the basic understanding of the
strategic approach to achieving “Maintenance Excellence”.

• Understanding the diversity of current maintenance practices
• Understanding the evolution of plant equipment from the Industrial Revolution to the present time
• Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance
• Applying current management theories to maintenance management:
• Preventive Maintenance
• Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

Module 2 – Production and Operations Management – (32 hrs)
This module links maintenance strategies with those of production and operations. Topics include an
overview of planning and scheduling methods, inventory control, production management principles,
quality control methods, and Lean improvement concepts such as TPM in a maintenance
environment. Module 2 also provides an understanding of benchmarking and decision making
strategies for maintenance management.

• Understanding the impact of Maintenance on the production process
• Production issues and methods
• Implementing Quality Control
• Lean Manufacturing principles and techniques
• Eliminating the seven types of waste
• Overview of project management approaches

Module 3 – Human Resource Management – (32 hrs)
This module looks at how human resources practices relate to the maintenance environment. Topics
covered include the role of human resources in maintenance management, meeting legal
requirements, recruitment and selection, orientation training and employee development, proper
application of performance appraisals, the union management interface, compensation management
and managing safety in the workplace.

• Understanding the legal aspects of human resource management
• Dealing with labour issues within the maintenance environment
• Human resource planning
• Applying recruitment and selection procedures
• Doing performance appraisals
• Implementing performance management
• Compensation management
• Managing safety within a maintenance environment
 Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

Module 4 – Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager – (32 hrs)
This module will focus on the application of accounting and finance principles as it pertains to the
maintenance management role. This module will provide participants with an understanding of the
foundation principles of accounting and cover the four main pillars of accounting knowledge the
maintenance manager requires in order to support a successful maintenance department. The four
main pillars are: Project Analysis, Budgeting/Forecasting, Cost Analysis for Managerial
Decisions, and MRO Inventory.

• Basic understanding of Accounting Principles
• Project Analysis
• Understanding how costs flow in an Enterprise System
• Budgeting/Forecasting
• Cost Analysis for Management Decisions
• MRO Inventory Management

Module 5 – Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics – (32 hrs)
This module focuses on maintenance efforts to ensure that physical assets safely, capably, reliably
and repeatedly perform to their designed specifications. Focus is on techniques to develop
maintenance tactics that will address how the assets are used, how they are likely to fail, the
consequence of failure, and identifying maintenance tactics that are both feasible and worth doing.
After developing tactics, the module will focus upon how tactics need to be implemented and their
effectiveness tracked.

Topics include:
• Understanding the “Operating Context”
• Defining asset Function and Functional Failures
• Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA
• Understanding consequences and the application of the RCM Decision Diagram
• Maintenance Task identification
• Planning maintenance tasks
• Implementing Preventive Maintenance
• Introducing Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) into the maintenance equation

Module 6 – Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – (32 hrs) Recommended pre-
requisites: Modules 1 & 5

Planning, scheduling and work coordination form the foundation to maintenance’s ability to add value
to the goods and/or services of their companies and customers. Effective planning and scheduling
ensure that the right things are done at the right time using the right resources and the right tools in
an effort to enhance process reliability while minimizing interruptions to production processes and/or
services. This module provides a study of the fundamental principles of the planning and scheduling
process in addition to the basics of planning, scheduling and work coordination methods. Upon
completion of this module, participants will have a sound understanding of planning and scheduling
 Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

tools and how to apply them to effectively transition from reactive to proactive maintenance and
physical asset management.

Key learning elements include:

• Effective use of resources
• Aligning maintenance activities with production or service schedules
• Developing and documenting maintenance strategies
• Integrating proactive maintenance tactics

Module 7 – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) - (32 hrs)
Pre-requisites: Modules 1, 5 & 6

Module 7 is a study of the features, benefits and the effective use of a CMMS or EAM computerized
maintenance work management process. Topics include selection, implementation and optimization
of a suitable computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset
Management system (EAM) in addition to ongoing support and upgrading of a CMMS/EAM based on
changing requirements.

• Integrating use of CMMS with other departments
• Project planning and organization
• Implementing team development
• Assigning team roles and responsibilities
• Integrating the CMMS activities:
• Financial
• Work/Job Planning
• Data collection
• Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Module 8 – Capstone Course – (10 weeks) Pre-requisites: Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
Through the application of the key learning elements acquired from the previous 7 MMP modules,
students apply the principles, latest concepts, and techniques to a final project. Working individually,
or in small teams, participants will select a project that will audit, assess, and improve their current
maintenance departments, develop a new maintenance strategy within their organization or resolve a
significant maintenance issue within their departments. Candidates for this module must have
successfully completed all of the previous 7 modules.
 Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

Delivery schedule
Module 1 is delivered over a period of 2 consecutive, 8 hour days, of facilitator led instruction.

 Modules 2-7 are delivered over a period of 4 X 8 hour days. Past experience, with previous groups,
has taught us that the delivery of the modules was most effective by adopting the following type of
schedule for the 32 hour modules: two, back to back days, followed by a three to four week break and
completion of the module by attending two, back to back days. Typically, modules are delivered from
September to early June. Dates, beginning in mid June, and including July and August are excluded
from the mix, as we have found that it is very difficult for participants to commit to dates during that
time period due to vacation schedules. The final module (Module 8) will require one initial group
meeting, in order to discuss the expectations of the project, and to determine the topics as well as the
make up of the teams.


The total cost of the program will be approximately $8,000/person over the 15 month duration of the

                                         Contact us

    For further information please contact:
    Norm Bolduc                                     or          Lori Scott
    Training Consultant                                         Program Assistant
    Tel.: (705) 235-7213                                        Tel.: (705) 235-3211 ext. 2270
    e-mail:                              e-mail:
            Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training

            Maintenance Management Professional (MMP)
                        Certificate Program
                           Modules and textbook fees
Training Details:

Module 1:           16 hour workshop will be offered in 2 consecutive days
Modules 2 to 7: the proposed delivery schedule for each of the 32 hour workshops will consist of:
                two, 16 hour sessions, delivered over a 3 -4 week period.
Module 8:           10 weeks
Time:                      8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location:                  Porcupine (Timmins) Campus
Training Room:             B132
Registration Fees:         $578 + HST ** (Module 1 – 16 hrs.)
                           $898 + HST ** (price per module for Modules 2 to 8).
                           All fees include: module workbook, campus parking pass, lunch as well
                           as morning and afternoon refreshments.

**Textbook Fees: The cost of the textbooks is additional and will vary for each module. Please
refer to the Schedule of Training section for current cost. It is important to note that the textbook
prices are determined by the publisher and our College Bookstore and as such are subject to

Schedule of Training:

Module 1:           Maintenance Management Skills and Techniques (16 hours)
Required text:      Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management – 2nd edition
Cost of Text:       $58.00 (+ HST) **
Dates:              September 15-16, 2010
Facilitator:        William Thrasher – V.P. PEMAC

Module 2:           Production and Operations Management (32 hours)
Required text:      Fundamentals of Operations Management – 2nd Edition
Cost of Text:       $140.00 (+ HST) **
Dates:              October 6-7, 2010 & November 3-4, 2010
Facilitator:        Brian Malloch – President PEMAC

Module 3:           Human Resource Management (32 hours)
Required text:      Canadian Human Resource Mgt: A Strategic Approach
Cost of Text:       $136.75 (+ HST) **
Dates:              Dec. 6-7, 2010 & Jan. 5-6, 2011
Facilitator:        William Thrasher – V.P. PEMAC
                 Apprenticeship, Workforce Development and Training
                                            P.O. Box 3211
                                     Timmins, Ontario P4N-8R6
                                         Fax#: (705)235-7279

     M.M.P. – Module 1 – Maintenance Management
          Skills and Techniques - SL9702-180
Delivery dates: Sept. 15-16, 2010 Deadline to Register: First come basis – Max 18
Facilitator: William Thrasher, Vice President -PEMAC

Name: ___________________________                ___________________________________
                    First (please print)                            Last (please print)
Home Address:___________________________________________________________
Telephone #: ________________________ E-mail: _____________________________
Fax#: ______________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________
Company/ Municipality: ___________________________________________________

Cost: $578** (+ HST) - Morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch, participant
workbook and parking passes are included. **A separate Purchase order number or credit card
number must be provided for the purchase of the textbook; Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in
Maintenance Management - $58.00 + GST.
Method of Payment:
  1. Visa: __________________________________                 exp/date__________________
  2. Mastercard: _____________________________                exp/date__________________

  3. Please invoice us directly:
Company name:    ______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Purchase order #:: _________________________________________________________________
Module 4:         Financial Management (32 hours)
Required text:    Customized text from McGraw Hill
Cost of Text:     $76.25 (+HST) **
Dates:            Feb. 2-3, 2011 & Feb. 23-24, 2011
Facilitator:      Brian Malloch – President of PEMAC

Module 5:         Developing & Implementing Maintenance Tactics (32 hours)
Required text:    RCM2 Reliability - Centered Maintenance – 2nd Edition
Cost of Text:     $99.50 (+ HST) **
Dates:            March 23-24, 2011 & April 20-21, 2011
Facilitator:      Len Middleton – Asset Management Solutions or Chris Cantwell - Kinecor

Module 6:         Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (32 hours)
Required text :   Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Coordination – 1st Edition
Cost of Text:     $75.50 (+ HST) **
Dates:            May 11-12, 2011 & June 1-2, 2011
Facilitator:      Brian Malloch – President of PEMAC

Module 7:         Computerized Maintenance Management (32 hours)
Required text:    The Handbook of Maintenance Management – 2nd edition
Cost of Text:     $73.25 (+ HST) **
Dates:            September 14-15, 2011 & Oct. 12-13, 2011
Facilitator:      William Thrasher – VP of PEMAC

Module 8:         Capstone (10 weeks) – 1 day on campus to review major points covered in
                  previous modules to assist in applying the principles, latest concepts and
                  techniques to real maintenance problems found in participant’s work. Students
                  will be broken into teams (they may also choose to work individually) to complete
                  a workplace related research project.
Cost of Text:     N/A -participants will refer to all previously purchased textbooks in order to
                  complete this module.
Dates:            1 day on-site (Porcupine Campus) - date       TBA- with 10 weeks to
                  complete the project.
Facilitator:      William Thrasher – VP of PEMAC

                    For more information please contact:
            Norm Bolduc, Training Consultant (705) 235-7213
           Lori Scott, Program Assistant (705) 235-3211 ext. 2270

                           Work well! Work hard!
                            TRAIN constantly!

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