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					   List of participants, International Industrial exhibition «Mashprom-2008», 7-10 October 2008 ,
                       Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Updated on 2 September 2008

                                                  1-st pavilion

 1 Yugo-Zapadnoe                     Tools                                         Dnepropetrovsk

 2 Ace                               Compressors                                   Dnepropetrovsk

 3 Akma                              Metal-working equipment                       Dnepropetrovsk

                                     Manufacturers of equipment in the field of
 4 ALFLETH Engineering AG                                                          Belarus/ Switzerland
                                     lathing, milling, grinding procession,
                                     Power and communication- transformer
 5 Alliance                                                                        Dnepropetrovsk
                                     substations, low-voltage complete systems

 6 Ankor-Teploenergo                 manufacture of automated heat substation      Kharkov

                                     Integrating of the complex decisions of
 7 Ascon-IS                                                                        Kiev
                                     automation of designing
 8 Atlas Сopсo Ukraine               Producing and seling of copressors , mining Kiev
                                     and smelting complex equipment,
 9 Atompark Software                 software development                          Chernigov

10 Autoprompodshipnik                Bearings                                      Kharkov

11 Batex                             Machine building                              Kiev

12 Bropol                            production of instrument                      Brody

13 Carl Zeiss AG                     microscopy, industrialmetering equipment      Germany

14 Center SAPR                       automation                                    Lvov

15 Compressors International         Compressors equipment (Gardner Denver,        Kiev
                                     Mehrer, Donaldson)
16 Delta                             seling of industrial equipment                Dnepropetrovsk

17 Dneprosvarka                      Gas-flame and welding equipment               Dnepropetrovsk

18 Donbass                           Metal-working equipment                       Severodonetsk

19 Donbass-oil                       Supply whole range of lubricants for          Donetsk
                                     industrial equipment
20 DP-TEST, private company          devices of not destroying control             Kyiv
                                     Manufacturing of the goods from the
21 Ecoplast Shtanzl Ukraine          polypropylene

22 Embassy of Poland                 Representing of polish interests in Ukraine   Poland
23 Empire of metals                  Instruments, industrial equipment             Kharkov
24 Etalon-Pribor                     Controls and measuring                        Kharkov
25 Eurooilburo                     Industrial oil                                 Dnepropetrovsk

26 Galika AG                       Metal-working equipment                        Switzerland
27 GIBAS Numeriek                  Metal-working equipment                        Romania
28 Gram                            strain gauges of weight, lifting scales        Slavjansk
29 Hennlich Ukraine                instument and auxiliaries                      Kiev

30 Hospodar-Dnepr                  trading of building equipment                  Dnepropetrovsk

31 Hurco GmbH                      Metal-working equipment                        Germany

32 Hydropress                      components of hydraulic systems                Zhitomir

33 Instrumental centre             metering equipment                             Zaporozhye

34 Ital Techno                     electrical engineering                         Kiev

35 Izmeritelnaja tehnika           control and metering equipment                 Kharkov

36 Kacmozzi-Pneumatic-Simferopol   Pneumatic components                           Simferopol

37 Koda                            Control and metering equipment                 Kharkov

38 Kriogenservice                  industrial gas, cryogenic machinery            Vishneve

39 KVK-Electro                     Electrical products                            Kiev
                                   Industrial electrical equipment (motors,
40 LBU-Tech                                                                       Kiev

41 Ludvic-S                        Designing of boiler-house                      Dnepropetrovsk

42 Lupex                           Pumping instalations, stop valves              Dnepropetrovsk

                                   Delivery of machines, equipment, spare parts
     M. & D. GERTNER GmbH          and accessories in the field of metallurgy and Austria
                                   Control and metering equipment, technical
44 Mashinostroenie, NPP                                                           Dnepropetrovsk
                                   installation, support of electrogenerators,
45 Master Engineering, LTD                                                        Kyiv
46 Masterstyles                    Engineering tools, press equipment,            Kharkov
                                   guillotine shears, sheet-bending machine,
47 Microl                          the manufacturing of the control instrumentation Ivano-Frankovsk

48 Micronlogistics                 touch-control equipment                        Odessa

49 Mikrotech                       Instrument, Control and metering equipment Kharkov
                                   Hydraulic motors, steering units, power
50 Mikrotech                                                                      Zaporozhye
                                   packs, hydraulic cylinder, gear pumps,
                                   directional control valves, accessories
51 Monada                                Electro-technical production               Zaporozhye

                                         non-destructive testing: equipment and
52 Neotest                                                                          Kiev
     Nikolaevskiy zavod of lubricating   production of lubricating and filtering
53                                                                                  Nikolaev
     and filtering components            components for industry
54 Obschemashcontrakt                    Industrial valves                          Dnepropetrovsk

55 Periton Industrial                    heavy engineering                          Kiev

56 Pneumatic                             Electro-technical products                 Simferopol

57 Praktika Ukraine                      metal-cuting instrument                    Dnepropetrovsk

58 Priborservice                         industrial equipment                       Dnepropetrovsk

59 Proma UA                              machines, tool                             Dnepropetrovsk

60 Prommashreduktor, LTD                 reducers, electrical engines               Dnepropetrovsk

61 ProTrade                              production of industrial electronics       Dnepropetrovsk

62 Sial Jet Ukraine, LTD                 sealing elements                           Zaporozhye

63 Specialist                            production and deliver pneumatic equipment Kiev

64 Spetstehoborudovanie, NPP             manufacture and delivery of galvanic       Khmelnitsky
   State Special Design and              vfulfils developing and manufacturing of
65 Technological Office of Physics       devices of noncontacting temperature       Kiev
   Institute of the NAS of Ukraine       measuring of manufacturing

66 Steklopribor, Victer Plus             Laboratory equipment                       Kiev

67 Summit                                Gas-flame and welding equipment            Dnepropetrovsk
                                         Separate components for automation in
68 SV-Altera                                                                        Kiev
                                         various branches
                                         manufacturing of electronic industrial
69 Sveda, LTD                                                                       Zaporozhye
                                         weights and systems of batching
70 Takt                                  Realization of metal                       Dnepropetrovsk

71 Techmash                              machine-building                           Odessa

72 Technofortis                          Compressors                                Dnepropetrovsk

73 Technomash-Dnepr                      Pump equipment                             Dnepropetrovsk

74 Technotep Standart                    Equipment for chemical manufacturing       Kiev
                                   automated systems of typical processes
75 TehnoLogika, LTD                                                             Dnepropetrovsk
76 Teplovi Systemy                 Electro-technical equipment                  Dnepropetrovsk
                                   Delivery of machines, equipment, spare parts
77 Tepris                                                                       Dnepropetrovsk
                                   in field of metallurgy and metal-working
78 Tetra                           metal wiremesh and woven wire cloth          Kharkov

79 Tezmaksan                       Metal-working equipment                      Turkey

80 Trios                           Automated meter reading systems              Dnepropetrovsk
                                   Flexible tubing and industrial component
81 Tubes International                                                          Poland

82 Ukrremstanok                    Repair of metal-cutting equipment            Dnepropetrovsk

83 Ukrrosmetal                     manufacture of compressor equipment          Sumy

84 Ukrtechpostavka                 metall-cutting instrument                    Dnepropetrovsk

85 Ultracon                        devices of not destroying control            Kiev
                                   Manufacture circular sawing machine tools,
86 Verstatotehmash, JSC                                                         Sumy
                                   repair of metal cutting machine tools,
                                   manufacture of spare parts to cars and
87 VVK                             different kinds of industrial equipment      Kharkov

88 Weber Comechanics               Industrial equipment                         Dnepropetrovsk
                                   one of the leading world producers of the
                                   high-efficient gas-fired burners for the
     WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH   industrial furnace in the metallurgy and     Germany

                                             2-nd pavilion

                                   production of conveyer and technological
90 Ammeraal Beltech                                                             Dnepropetrovsk
91 Alista                          industrial equpment                          Dnepropetrovsk

92 AV-Centre                       industrial means of personal protection      Dnepropetrovsk
93 AVP-Group                       industrial equipment                         Dnepropetrovsk
94 Don-Komplekt                    repare of industrial equipment               Donetsk
95 Energy                          trading of timber wares                      Kiev

96 Henkel Ukraine                  industrial glue                              Kiev

97 INTERSED Ukraine                Software developers CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM Kiev

98 ITO                             industrial equipment                         Dnepropetrovsk
 99 Kami Kiev Company       metal-working equipment                      Hmelnicky
100 Motorimpex              realization of hydraulic products            Dnepropetrovsk
                            Development and manufacturing: Whole
                            range of the moulding tools for
                            manufacturing mouldings from aluminum
101 Navigator               and zinc alloys, and plastic; Molds for      Germany
                            various branches of industry (including
                            rubber components, plastic products, and
                            PET-forms);Mouldings from aluminum and
102   Nordgalvantechnika    zinc alloys, and plastic
                            machine-building                             Donetsk
103   Pavlogradteplo        ceramic gas-ring                             Kiev
104   Planeta Service K     realization of metal-working equipment       Dnepropetrovsk
105   PNY Technologies      software                                     Kiev
106   PromDon               Metal-working equipment                      Dnepropetrovsk
107   Promit                automation                                   Lugansk
108   Promtrade             industrial equipment                         Kiev
109   Reductor              reducers and handling machinery              Zaporozhye
                            Designing, producing and montage of
110 Sates                   systems of pneumatic transport, aspiration   Brody
                            and de-dusting
111 Stankozavod             metal-working equipment                      Odessa

112 Techprilad                                                           Pavlograd
                            technical equipment
113 Techsnabkomplekt        technological equipment                      Belaya Cerkov


114 5 Micron                Machine-building                             Odessa

115 Aerokosmoecology        Instruments, industrial equipment            Kharkov

116 Agro-Spectr             industrial instruments                       Dnepropetrovsk

117 Azovcable               cable and conductor produce                  Kramatorsk

118 AZT Slavutich           chemical products                            Kiev

                            Liquids for defend metal structures from
119 Barcor                                                               Kharkov

120 Contech System          control and metering equipment               Berdjansk

121 Fregat                  Details for industrial equipment             Dnepropetrovsk

122 Instrument-Snab -2005   Wholesale of the instruments                 Dnepropetrovsk

123 KIP-Centre              Control and metering equipment               Dnepropetrovsk
124 Laconica                         industrial instruments                        Poltava

125 Poltava diamond instrument       production of diamond instrument              Львов

126 Stahanovmash                     industrial equipment                          Severodonetsk

127 Stroykon                         equipment                                     Dnepropetrovsk

128 Tenzo Ltd                        tenzometric devices                           Stahanov

129 Vibrodiagnostika                 production of equipment                       Kharkov

                                     deliver of electrical products of Schneider
130 Yahont                           Electric, cable-explorer products of Lapp     Kiev

                                             Open area

131 Pokrovsky                        realization of equipment                      Dnepropetrovsk

132 Brenner                          repair of welding equipment                   Zaporozhye

                                     Capacities for saving and transportation of
133 Plast bak                                                                      Odessa
                                     different kinds of goods

                                             In absentia

      Cera System VerschleiBschuts   valves and pipes protected by engineering
134                                                                                Germany
      GmbH                           ceramics

135 Azmol                            industrial oils                               Poland

136 Chester Molecular                production and sale anaerobic-contact         Kharkov
                                     adhesives and sealants

137 Electromashservis                industrial equipment                          Kiev

138 Ohrana truda                     labour protection                             Dnepropetrovsk

                                     production of measuring transformers, sale of
139 Promsat                                                                        Dnepropetrovsk
                                     sensors, industrial computers
140 Roto-Plast                         production of plastic wares   Severodonetsk

141 Sew-Eurodrive                      industrial equipment          Severodonetsk

142 Techlitcomplect                    machine-building              Zaporozhye

143 Technopromservice                  handling machinery            Berdjansk

144 Zeus                               handling machinery            Dnepropetrovsk

                                             Informative support

145 MTT

146 Metal buleten

147 Ukraine Indusrial

148 Metallurgical equipment

149 Metals. Technologies. Equipment.

      Equipment and instruments for

151 Busibess most

152 Financial director

153 MetallInform
154 Metallika

155 ID Compass

156 MM Money and Technologies

157 Business Ukraine

158 Mir Podshipnikov

159 Mashinostroenie Ukraine

160 Metallurgical compass

161 Mediaprice center

162 Metis

163 Business proposucia

164 KPD

165 Shtrips

166 Partner from Ukraine

167 Besplatno vsegda

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