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					University of Miami                                                                   Last Revised
School of Business                                                                    July 10, 2008

                                            Martin E. Segal

                                      305-284-4870/ 305-284-4633
                                         317-J Jenkins Building
                                      Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Current Academic Rank                       Lecturer

Primary Department                          Business Law

Secondary or Joint Appointments             None

Citizenship                                 USA



        University of Miami                                          J.D., cum laude 1967
        Law School                                                   L.L.B.          1964
        Coral Gables, Florida

        University of Florida                                        B.S.B.A. 1961
        Gainesville, Florida

Certification, licensure

        The Florida Bar                                             1964 - Present
        The Colorado Bar                                            1986 - Present
        The New York Bar                                            1988 - Present
        American Bar Association                                    1964 - Present
        Dade County Bar Association                                 1964



        Lecturer in Business Law                                     1991 – Present
        University of Miami
        School of Business Administration
        Coral Gables, Florida


        Patton & Kanner Law firm                                     1964 – 1987
        Walton, Lantaff, Schroeder & Carson Law firm, Of counsel 1987 – 1998
        Sacher, Martini & Sacher Law firm, Of counsel                1998 - Present
        Experience includes Trial Lawyer and Office Practitioner in
        all areas of Business, Corporate and Commercial law, as well
        as Entrepreneurial Ventures.
Curriculum Vitae – Segal                                                               July 10, 2008


Books and monographs published

        Segal, M. Florida Real Estate Tax Certificates (a financial bonanza) (1976).
        Segal, M. The Guru Is You (how to play and win the game of life) (1985).
        Segal, M. Peeling the Sweet Onion (unlayering the veils of identity and existence) (1990).
        Segal, M. Blame it on the Buddhists (and other stories) (1993).
        Segal, M. The Business Law Survival Guide (2003); BSL 485 Special Edition (2004);
                  BSL 213 Special Edition (2004); BSL 212 Supplement (2004).
        Segal, M. Preventative Law for Business Professionals (2005).

Juried or Refereed Journal Articles and Exhibitions

        Assignment of Non-Competition Covenants, 17 UM Law Review 196 (1962).
        Duty of a Liability Insurer to Settle within Policy Limits, 17 UM Law Review 557 (1963).
        Joint Adventures – Sharing of Losses, 18 UM Law Review 429 (1963).

        Magazine Articles Published:
        Florida Expands Intoxication Liability to Employer Social Hosts, Florida Bar Quarterly, (Jan.
        1995, Vol. VII, No.2).

        Unhappy Hour: Signals are Mixed on Employer Liability for Injuries Caused by Drunk Drivers,
        ABA Journal, (May 1995, p.56).

        To Foresee or Not to Foresee? Problems in Enforcing Pre-Existing Duty Promises, Florida Bar
        Quarterly, (Dec. 1996, Vol. IX, No.2).

        Equalizing the Competition: Covenants that Restrain Trade are Enforceable when Reasonable,
        ABA Journal, (April 1997, p.80).

        Reasonable contracts in Restraint of Trade are Enforceable, Business Strategies Bulletin,
        (CCH May 1997).

        Poor Prognosis: Medical Releases may not have long to live as Malpractice Shields, ABA
        Journal (August 1997, p.74).

        Debt Settlement: Discord and Dissatisfaction for Creditors, Business Strategies Bulletin, (CCH
        April 1998).

        Unloading Debts: Reduced Amount Payments can leave Creditors High and Dry, ABA Journal
        (Jan. 1999, p.83).

Other works, publications and abstracts

        Newspaper Column: “Ask Doctor Law”, appears weekly in the Business Monday section of The
        Miami Herald.


Editorial Responsibilities

        University of Miami Law Review                               1962-1963
        Visions Magazine                                             1990-1995

        Ask Doctor Law-Miami Heralds’ “Business Monday”              2003-
Curriculum Vitae – Segal                                                              July 10, 2008

Professional and Honorary Organizations

        The Florida Bar                                              1964 - Present
        The Colorado Bar                                             1986 - Present
        The New York Bar                                             1988 - Present
        American Bar Association                                     1964 - Present
        Dade County Bar Association                                  1964
        Phi Delta Phi                                                1964
        Omicron Delta Kappa                                          1964
        Wig & Robe Honor Society                                     1964
        Assoc. Trial Lawyers of America
        Who’s Who in American Law
        Martindale – Hubbell; The Author’s Guild


Teaching Awards Received

        Award for Excellence in Teaching                             1993 and 1998
        School of Business Administration
        University of Miami

Teaching Specialization

        BSL 212 Introduction to Business Law
        BSL 213 Business Organizations
        BSL 301 Commercial Paper
        BSL 333 Real Estate Law
        BSL 412 / 612 International Law
        BSL 485 Managing the Legal Factor
        BSL 575 Advanced Business Law
        BSL 616 Securities Regulation
        BSL 695 Legal implications of Executive Decision Making


Community Activities

        Honorary member of Golden Key International Honour Society.
        Volunteerism - Camillus House; Jackson Memorial Hospital.

        Charitable: The Segal Family Foundation; The Samuel Segal, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund;
        The Martin E. Segal Scholarship Fund, The Martin E. Segal Business Law Department

        Faculty Advisor for Project Sunshine, a campus service organization that provides programs and
        services for children with life-threatening illnesses.


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