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					5 Secrets to Running a Successful Online
Business - Be the Best!

A recent Google study found that the internet is worth 100 billion
pounds a year to the UK economy, larger than the construction,
transport and utility sectors. There's never been a better time to
run an online business.

Bringing extra money into the home boosts personal confidence
and can make a massive difference to households struggling to
make ends meet during these tough economic times.

5 secrets to making your online business work:

• Solve your customer's problem

Highly effective marketing comes from delivering solutions to
customer problems. How can I make their life better, what issue
am I resolving for them, and what do they (uniquely) get out of
buying my goods or services are all excellent questions to ask
when focusing on the design of your products and services.

• Optimise, optimise, optimise!

You know how great your business is so it'll be easy to convert
visitors into loyal customers like magic, right? Wrong. Hiring an
SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist who knows how to
optimise your site properly using the right language and keywords
to sell your product or service will transform the levels of traffic
flowing through your site. Hiring a great copywriter = more visitors
= more customers.
• Get the builders in

Don't be tempted to construct the website yourself. Passion
needs shape, and setting up an effective website requires
technical know-how. Look at sites you like then contact them
directly to ask who the designer was. Then go to that designer's
website and check out their client list - if you recognise the
brands, hire them. You'll get your investment back from better
sales thanks to a smarter looking, more user-friendly site.

• Keep your website updated

Don't think once your website goes live, you can forget about
updating it regularly. It's important, not just for search rankings,
but also to keep your business message current, that you
regularly update your site. Think about starting a blog. If you're
too busy, many people find the easiest way to maintain fresh
content is to link their twitter page to their company home page
thus creating a virtual blog.

• Take your business to the movies...

Brand leaders are recognising the growing importance of using
video content on websites. High impact, search engine friendly
and engaging to visitors, these short demos explain who you are
and what you do and are being described by industry experts as
the quickest, easiest way to win more web customers. You can
also upload them to places like YouTube, meaning your demo
can potentially be seen by millions of people around the world
over multiple platforms and last a lifetime. You may not win an
Oscar, but you will win more customers.

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