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          The purpose of this report is to provide readers with ideas, innovations and inspira-
          tions to move their business forward. These reports are gathered from some of the
          best Web sites in the business and the best thinkers.

          Time management
          Doug Devitre is a young real estate educator with a growing following. In this paper,
          he talks about the things that suck the time out of your day and offers some tips on
          how to avoid them.
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          Seven sins of public relations
          Dick Pirozzolo is a Massachusetts-based public relations professional who has
          worked with a worldwide clientele. He has written about what he considers the
          "Seven Public Relations Sins You Must Never Commit."
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          Get more efficient: Use the tools already on your computer
          Nationally known speaker and trainer Pat Zaby is offering a Webinar on Dec. 11
          ($129 per person) that will teach you how to be more productive using tools that
          probably already are on your computer.
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          Will seller inspections sell homes more quickly?
          Dan Steward has written a commentary for RISMedia arguing that sellers can get a
          leg up on their competition by having an inspection done before the buyer walks
          through the door.
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          Find somebody to fight with
          If you want to draw attention to yourself (and you do) find somebody to fight with.
          The Seattle Business Journal ran this story about a pair of bloggers, one a real estate
          agent, who are each attracting a lot of attention by opposing each other.
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