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 J UNE 2008
                                                                         Cottonwood Heights
                                                                         City between the canyons

                                          The State of the City
                                          goals and objectives for future years               Meadows Mobile Home Park --            CITY INFORMATION:
                                          and to continue improving the life                  this was accomplished primarily        City Council Members
                                          style we have come to expect and                    through the energetic, tenacious
                                          enjoy.                                              efforts of Mayor Cullimore
                                                                                                                                     Kelvyn H. Cullimore, Jr.
                                          The following major budget - related            •   Created a new Ordinance
                                          accomplishments show how your tax                   Enforcement Division with three
                                          dollars have been spent:                            enforcement officers, including        DIST# 1 - Gordon M. Thomas
                                          • Developed a general plan and                      animal control -- this has been
        Don Antczak                         amended zoning ordinances to                                                             DIST# 2 - J. Scott Bracken
                                                                                              accomplished with an increased
            DISTRICT #3
                                            facilitate that plan -- many district             level of service and at a financial
Cottonwood Heights has been
                                            meetings were held for resident                   savings                                DIST# 3 - Don J. Antczak
incorporated since January 14, 2005.
                                            input                                         •   Created a new Geographic     
At Incorporation, it encompassed
                                          • Created      and      appointed     a             Information        System     (GIS)    DIST# 4 - Bruce T. Jones
approximately nine square miles and
                                            Planning Commission, Board of                     Department                   
had just about 36,000 residents. In
                                            Adjustments, and Architectural                •   Improved over 2.26 million square
the three and one half intervening
                                            Review Commission to oversee                      feet of street pavement, completed
                                                                                                                                     CITY MANAGER       –
years, the elected and appointed
                                            and provide input in the city’s                   many street and sidewalk safety
                                                                                                                                     Liane Stillman
officials of your city have been                                                                                           
                                            development                                       projects, installed traffic calming
committed to creating the best city in
                                          • Developed and adopted plans for                   devices and new discernable
Utah in which to live, work, recreate,                                                                                               CITY OFFICES:
                                            construction and maintenance of                   street signs, poured over 30 ADA
and do business. In fact, Forbes
                                            transportation and storm water                    ramps and removed over 5,000           265 E. Fort Union Blvd. #250,
Money Magazine has already named
                                            facilities                                        trip hazards – additional funds        Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047
Cottonwood Heights as one of the
                                          • Completed          many       capital             have been budgeted this year for       phone (801) 545-4154
top 100 cities in the U. S. in which
                                            improvement         projects    with              continuation of these projects         fax (801) 545-4150
to live.
                                            numerous others in the process                •   Revitalized and improved many
We are now preparing our fourth
                                            of being funded and ready for                     street and monument landscape
city budget; and, in doing so, we are                                                                                                CALL DIRECT:
                                            construction                                      areas -- this is an ongoing process,
reviewing our accomplishments to
                                          • Initiated and coordinated efforts                 working our way through the city       City Manager                545-460
                      date in order
                                            to raise more than $1.2 million in                and continuing our beautification      Deputy City Manager         545-465
                                to set
                                            cash and services for assistance                  plans                                  City Planning               545-472
                                            in relocating the residents of the                       continued page 4
                                                                                                                                     Recorder                    545-462
                                                                                                                                     Treasurer                   545-475
                                                                                                                                     Finance Director            545-477

                     CHPD BULLETIN                                                                                                   Code Enforcement
                                                                                                                                     Customer Service
                                                                                                                                     Public Information          545-463
                       Actual Costs Less Than Feasibilty Study Projections
                                                                                                                                     To hear the agenda for the next city
There has recently been confusion         Mr. Harmer is a CPA and was                     credentials in municipal budgeting
                                                                                                                                     council meeting call: 545-455
over the cost of the new Cottonwood       Business Administrator for Salt Lake            and finance.
Heights Police Department (CHPD),         City School District for 29 years.                                                         For the planning commission agenda
                                                                                          The facts about the CHPD budget,
generated by stories in the Salt Lake     He also served on the Government                                                           call 545-456
                                                                                          including projections of start-up and
Tribune and on radio. In an article       Accounting Standards Board that                 on-going costs are as follows:             For details about the agendas,
correctly reporting that the city was     promulgates the accounting rules for                                                       check our web site:
                                          State and Local Government in the               The feasibility study projected start up
$500,000 under the costs projected                                                                                         
                                          United States. He is a highly respected         costs of $1,660,000 and first year
in the feasibility study, the Tribune
                                          and eminently capable professional              operations costs of $4,200,000 for
quoted Sheriff Winder as saying that
                                          in whom we have great confidence.               a total of $5,860,000. In the 2008 -
Cottonwood Heights must be using                                                                                                     NUMBERS TO KNOW:
                                          Because of his budgeting expertise,             09 budget on page 25 under Police
“fuzzy math” and “hiding costs.”
                                          Cottonwood Heights received an                  is a budgeted amount for 2008-09           Emergency:                      9
Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore responded                                                          of $5,863,124 for police start-up
to these unfounded allegations as         ‘Award for Excellence in Municipal                                                         Sheriff Dispatch:          743-7000
                                          Budgeting’ from the Government                  and operations. On page 26, under
follows:“I regret the Sheriff feels it                                                    Proceeds from Capital Leases is            Fire Authority:            743-7200
necessary to continually attempt to       Finance Officers Association in only
                                          our third year of operation.”                   an amount of $769,171 which is             Animal Control:            833-8376
discredit our decision to self-provide.                                                   financing for leased police vehicles.
I characterize his comments as            The Mayor suggested that Mr.                                                               Justice Court:             273-973
                                                                                          Subtracting the second number from
groundless political rhetoric and         Harmer’s credentials should alleviate           the first number gives an amount of
nothing more.        Our budget is        any citizen concern over allegations            $5,093,953 in 2008-09 budgeted             Writer/Editor - Robert Warnick
constructed and maintained under          of “fuzzy math” or “hidden costs,”              costs. Adding to that number the 
the capable stewardship of our            especially coming from Sheriff
City Treasurer, Mr. Gary Harmer.          Winder who has few, if any,                                                                Designer - Jeimi Woffinden
                                                                                                   continued page 4
                                                                            Cottonwood Heights
 J UNE 2008                                                                 City between the canyons

                                                     NAMES IN THE NEWS
Once again this month we recognize residents and            Anderson during an escape from prison. Deputy             at the park watching his sons, saw Mr. Schee collapse
others affiliated in some way with Cottonwood               Lowry participated with other Sheriff ’s Office           and immediately began administering CPR which
Heights for honors they have received through               personnel in chasing the suspect to an Arby’s             he had learned while in the Army. Mr. McDonald
their vocation, avocation, or school. The NEWS              restaurant. He then placed himself in imminent            continued CPR until the paramedics arrived and
JOURNAL is pleased to make our readers aware of             danger in helping clear the restaurant and capture        transported Mr. Schee to the hospital where he
personal and professional accomplishments and of            the suspect without further incident.                     remained in a coma for 0 days. He had suffered a
noteworthy efforts to help others. This month we            Ralph Barney – Ralph the Barber, a 45 plus year           full cardiac arrest and was subsequently transferred
recognize the following:                                    resident of Cottonwood Heights, was featured in a         back to Florida for recovery and therapy. Mr.. Schee
(Sheriff ’s Stars are awarded for exceptional performance   recent Close-Up in the Salt lake Tribune. Ralph has       recently returned to Cottonwood Heights hoping to
of duty, accomplishment of highly creditable or             been cutting hair for well over 45 years, and currently   locate Glen McDonald, the man who had saved his
unusual law enforcement actions, or success in a major      has a shop just north of Cottonwood Heights on            life and whose name he didn’t even know at the time.
investigation, project, or operation.)                      Highland Drive (6325 S). Ralph has been the barber        He returned to the skate park, asked around, and
Assistant Chief Paul Brenneman – While a Sergeant           for hundreds of men from the Salt Lake Valley,            eventually was put in touch with Glen McDonald, a
with the Sheriff ’s Department, Paul Brenneman              including the likes of former KSL Anchor Dick             Cottonwood Heights resident and hero.
witnessed a tragic auto-pedestrian accident following       Nourse and numerous other TV personalities, past          Scott Klepper – A Cottonwood Heights resident
which he quickly assessed the pedestrian’s condition,       and present. His key to success, in addition to his       is involved in providing aid to the people of Burma
opened her airway, and rendered appropriate first aid       barbering skills, is that he remembers names and          (Myanmar) following the cyclone that ripped
for several minutes until paramedics arrived. Paul          tidbits about his customers.                              through part of that Southeast Asian country. Mr.
received the Sheriff ’s Star for the professionalism        Dallan Jones – Cottonwood Heights is home to this         Klepper’s effort is the result of a recent visit to that
with which he saved the young lady’s life.                  nationally rated Chess player and instructor who, at      country at which time he located the only synagogue
Detectives Corbett Ford and Dan Bartlett – Both             6 years of age, competes in both regular and speed       in the entire country and became acquainted with
of these detectives, assigned to the Cottonwood             Chess Tournaments. He is a member of the United           the caretaker of that synagogue. He has sent water
Heights Precinct for the Sheriff ’s Office, were            States Chess Federation and will often play against       purification tablets through the caretaker’s son, who
involved with a third detective, April Morse, from          more than one opponent at a time.                         lives in New York.
another precinct, in investigating and ultimately           South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society               Cheryl Smith – Cottonwood Heights’ resident
arresting Dr. Stack, “The Candy Man,” who was               (SVUUS) – This religious community recently               Cheryl Smith is the mother of 9-year-old Carson
writing prescriptions for hard narcotics for anyone         celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Cottonwood             who is Autistic. She is helping create enhanced
willing to pay the fee. Dr. Stack is believed to be         Heights. Located at 6876 S. Highland Drive,               awareness of Autism and its impact on families and
responsible for supplying prescriptions to a number         it welcomes friends from around the valley to             school mates. She, along with about 2000 other
of individuals who ultimately died from abusing             participate in its religious services. SVUUS focuses      Utahns who are affected in various ways by Autism,
drugs. All three Detectives received Sheriff ’s Stars       on celebrating religious freedom, nurturing curiosity     recently organized and participated in the first Walk
for their part in this investigation and arrest.            and learning, and working toward a more just,             Now for Autism. Through the effort of many, over
Deputy Heath Lowry – Another Cottonwood                     compassionate, and sustainable world.                     $60,000 was raised to go to the non-profit group,
Heights Precinct Sheriff ’s Deputy, Heath Lowry,            Glen McDonald – Jamie Schee, a recently arrived           Autism Speaks, where it will be used for research and
also received a Sheriff ’s Star for his part in the         former Florida resident, was skateboarding at the         to raise awareness of Autism. Cheryl also successfully
apprehension of a known gang member with a                  Richard Guthrie Skate Park in August , 2007, when he      lobbied the Utah Legislature a few years ago to create
lengthy criminal history who was suspected of               sat down briefly on the wall, then suddenly collapsed     a scholarship fund for children with disabilities who
shooting and killing Corrections Officer Stephen            and fell over the back of it. Glen McDonald, who was      will do better in a private school setting.

      QWEST IS INSTALLING                                                                       DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                               With summer here (at last), those who are              screen with seating on your own blankets
     The construction currently disrupting                     interested in participating in city - sponsored        and pillows on the hillside.
     traffic flow on the Boulevards,                           activities should mark the following dates
                                                               on their calendars:                                    FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JUNE 13 & 14 – The
     (Bengal, Fort Union, and Wasatch),                                                                               American Cancer Society East Bench
     2300 East and Hollow Mill Drive,                          SATURDAY, JUNE 7 – Movies in the Park                  Relay for Life (see details elsewhere in this
     is for installation of an expanded                        – Mountview Elementary (1651 E. Ft. Union              issue).
     Fiber-Optic cable system for Qwest.                       Blvd.) – Shrek the Third
                                                                                                                      TUESDAY, JUNE 24 – Primary Election
     Additional side streets will also be                      SATURDAY, JULY 18 – Movies in the Park                 Day – Final Election for New School Board
     affected in the coming weeks. This                        – Mill Hollow Park (2900 E. Hollow Mill Dr.)           Seats.
     installation provides Fiber-Optic                         – Surf’s Up
                                                                                                                      THURSDAY, JULY 24 – Butlerville Days – A
     cable to the distribution Nodes                           SATURDAY, AUGUST 1 – Movies in the Park                Family Historical Bike Ride will begin at
     and significantly upgrades the                            – Bywater Park (3300 E. Banbury Rd.) – BEE             7:00 a.m. Festivities for all begin at 4:00
     telecommunication         infrastructure                  Movie                                                  p.m. with a parade along 2700 East from
     in the city. Cottonwood Heights is                                                                               Fort Union Blvd., to Bengal Blvd, then
                                                               This series of three outdoor movies is                 west to Cottonwood Heights Elementary
     one of the first cities in the state to                   sponsored by the city in cooperation                   School. They will continue throughout
     receive this upgrade. Qwest informs                       with the Cottonwood Heights Recreation                 the afternoon at Butler Park, with rides,
     the city that the entire project should                   Center and Granite Construction Company.               contests,    food,   entertainment       and
     be completed by the end of June and,                      Festivities begin at 7:00 p.m. and there will          exhibits. The event will climax with a stage
     although it will not provide Fiber-                       be a nominal per family or per person fee              performance and fireworks, the latter
                                                               to play on the inflatable rides. The movies            beginning about 10 p.m.
     Optic hook-up between the Nodes                           are FREE for all ages. Bring your own food
     and the end user, it should improve                       for a family picnic and enjoy the rides until          THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 – Public Safety
     internet speed and will create a Fiber-                   approximately 9 p.m. when the movie will               Fair and Night Out Against Crime – Watch
     Optic backbone for future expansion.                      begin. The movies will be shown on a 30 ft.            for further details in future issues.

                                      w w w. C o t t o n wo o d H e i g h t s . u t a h . g ov

With the onset of Spring, Public Works are busting out all over. One
                                                                                  June City Council Meeting
needn’t drive very far to encounter street construction of some kind
with the water system upgrade on Union Park, and the Qwest cable                          Schedule
extension project on Bengal, Wasatch, and Fort Union, to name only
four. Other projects are going on in various neighborhoods. The
announcement of additional projects to begin in June is a double-
                                                                              All City Council business meetings are held in the council
edged sword. No one likes road construction, but everyone enjoys              chambers, 1256 East Fort Union Blvd., Ste. 300. The work
the benefits, once it is completed. So–let’s be patient and allow the         meetings are held in the conference room at the same address
contractors to work while the sun shines, so to speak.                        but in Ste. 250. The meeting schedule is as follows:
Kevin Smith, Deputy City Manager and Development Director
announced the following for June:                                               • Tuesday, June 3
•   Slurry seal application to all streets east of Wasatch Blvd.                   6 p.m. Work Meeting
•   Installation of new benches and trash receptacles at city transit
    stops                                                                       • Tuesday, June 10
•   Landscape around Cottonwood Heights welcome sign, 1300
                                                                                   6 p.m. Work Meeting (reconvenes following
    East/Union Park
                                                                                   business meeting)
•   Construction of cross walk and refuge island on Bengal Blvd at                 7 p.m. Business Meeting
    2400 East
•   Repair of sagging sidewalk on Honeywood Cove a 7900                         • Tuesday, June 17
                                                                                   6 p.m. Work Meeting
Plans are also progressing for the Fort Union re-paving project,                   7 p.m. Business Meeting
between 1300 East and Highland Drive, in which a new procedure
                                                                                   7:15 p.m. Public Hearing on 2008-09 Budget
will be used to dig up and mix the existing asphalt and road base,
followed by a layer of asphalt on the expanded base mixture.
There is, apparently, only one machine that can perform                         • Tuesday, June 24
this procedure in the state and this project will begin                            6 p.m. Work Meeting (reconvenes following
when that piece of machinery is available. That will,
                                                                                   business meeting)
hopefully, occur sometime in July and/or August.
                                                                                   7 p.m. Business Meeting
Each of these projects will cause some
inconvenience. Please be patient and cooperative
with construction personnel.

    Emergency Preparedness Tip
             for June
Do yourselves a favor, and take a moment to review some
photos of the devastation in China (earthquake), Myanmar
(cyclone), and our own Midwestern States (tornados),
Southern States (hurricanes), and California (fires). Or--
---just think back a few winters to the hardships many of
us suffered from loss of power in the midst of some rather
severe snowstorms. All of these scenes are frightening and
should give us a wake-up call. This month’s tip is to finally
do something about preparing for the possibility of a
disaster striking in Salt Lake Valley and, more specifically,
in Cottonwood Heights, which sits right on the Wasatch
Fault. Most any kind of disaster could shut everything down
for at least 72 hours. Those who think they could merely
make a call to our wonderfully efficient and well trained
emergency personnel are fooling themselves. Emergency
workers are first, members of their own families; and they
may have priorities and/or other limitations, including
the sheer numbers of people needing help, to slow down
response time. We are first responsible for ourselves and
our families and now is the time to put together that 72
hour kit, and, in fact, to store enough supplies in our
homes to meet basic needs for at least 14 days. While
putting emergency supplies together, don’t forget the
possibility of evacuation. It’s important to have supplies
that can be transported to wherever safety is available.

                                                                          Cottonwood Heights
                                                                          City between the canyons
                                                                                                                                     JUNE 2008

                                                        CHPD BULLETIN                                         from page 1

                                                        city is that there will be more officers dedicated    equivalent or improved services with other
approximately $250,000 being spent this year            to working in the city and the cost per officer       agencies and at much shorter response time due
for start-up costs totals $5,343,953 for CHPD           will be less than it would have been under the        to closer proximity.
start-up and operations for the first year. That        contract with the Sheriff.                            Hiring of Sergeants, Detectives, Officers, and
number is $510,000 less than the feasibility
                                                        Further, while operating under budget, CHPD has       Civilian employees is also on-going. Over 40
study estimated and CHPD start-up and first year
                                                        successfully negotiated for shared SWAT services      individuals applied for the Sergeant positions
operations are projected to come in under budget
                                                        with Midvale and Crime Lab services with the          available in CHPD. That number has been
by that amount.
                                                        State Crime Lab - one of the best in the state. It    reduced and five Sergeants have accepted job
It is possible that mid-year budget adjustments         has also negotiated for mutual aid services with      offers. Nearly 100 have applied to become CHPD
may be required. However, it is doubtful that such      surrounding communities. Rather than waiting          Officers, and they are now being screened and
budget adjustments will come close to consuming         for Sheriff’s Deputies to respond from Holladay,      interviewed for the 26 that will be hired in mid-
the entire $500,000 cushion. Cottonwood                 Millcreek, Magna or Kearns, now officers from         August. It is also anticipated that by the time this
Heights City Council and staff are conservative in      Sandy, Midvale, and Murray will be available          paper is delivered, the office space remodel will
their projections and are confident of their ability    to provide back-up if additional resources are        be completed and civilian personnel will have
to meet the costs estimated in the feasibility study.   required.     The specialty services previously       been selected.
What is more beneficial to the residents of the         provided by the Sheriff will be replaced with

         The State of the City                          • Planned and will soon begin construction of         • Created the soon to be operational
                                                          Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail, Old Mill Pond            Cottonwood Heights Police Department
                from page 1
                                                          Urban Fishery, and a Wasatch Blvd. Trailhead/         (CHPD), effective September 1st, 2008 -
   • Acquired part of the property needed for             Open Space Park; and obtained $1.2 million in         - there has been controversy surrounding
     a city center and begun developing a city            grants to pay for their construction, in addition     this decision, and, yes, it will cost a little
     center plan                                          to commitments for nearly $4 million additional       more than we currently pay; but we will
   • Contracted with Holladay City in a joint             funds for open space and trails                       have additional officers and significantly
     venture Justice Court                              • Participated in development of Golden Hills           improved service, and the safety and
   • Improved communication with citizens                 Park on Wasatch Blvd.                                 welfare of our residents is our top priority
     by an enhanced website, the NEWS                   • Participated in numerous ribbon cuttings              -- we are well within our projected budget
     JOURNAL insert in The Valley Journal,                officially welcoming new businesses                   and the feasibility study projections --
     periodic mailings, district meetings and           • In cooperation with Cottonwood Heights Parks          citizens will be very pleased and secure
     communication poles and banners -- we are            and Recreation District, the city has held and        with this new department
     trying every way we can think of to keep             sponsored many community events such as             • Held the line on taxes -- other cities around
     residents informed                                   Butlerville Days, Birthday Celebrations, Easter       us are increasing taxes -- Cottonwood
   • Appointed an Historical Committee -- they            Egg Hunts, The American Cancer Society                Heights is not and will not for the
     are working to establish an accurate history         “Relay for Life,” Thanksgiving Day Run, Tennis        foreseeable future
     and to identify and preserve landmarks               Tournaments, Public Safety Fairs, Outdoor           There are many other less visible
   • Created a Bicycle Advisory Committee to              Movies, Political Candidate Forums, Bark in         accomplishments that are making our city
     assist with planning for future events and           the Park and, in the future, a mini triathlon       better, and many more to come in the future.
     routes                                             • Participated with Sandy, Midvale, Draper, and       With the continued support of our residents
   • Created an Emergency Planning Team that              Alta in creating a new school district -- what      and the resolve and focus of your elected
     is now prepared to provide a command                 a great opportunity to address the specific         and appointed officials, the horizon looks
     center and vital communication in the event          educational needs of our students and enjoy         even brighter!
     of a disaster                                        community involvement and cooperation
   • Issued 1511 building permits                         within a smaller district

                                   JUNE 24TH PRIMARY ELECTION IS ALSO A FINAL ELECTION
                                                               The Primary Election scheduled for Tuesday, June 24 is more critical for many residents
                                                               of Cottonwood Heights than some similar elections in the past. This one is also a Final
                                                               Election for those running for the District #3 seat on the New School District School
                                                               Further, those who want to take care of their voting prior to June 24, for whatever
                                                               reason, can vote between June 10 and June 20 at Sandy City Hall, 10000 S. Centennial
                                                               Pkwy, or Sandy Fire Station #35, 8186 S. 1300 E. This early voting program provides
                                                               opportunity for all of us to have our votes counted, even with this election in the middle
                                                               of traditional vacation time.
                                                               The number of candidates running for the District #3 seat on the New School Board
                                                               was reduced by one this past month as Renee Bangerter dropped from the race. There
                                                               are now 15 candidates. The candidates’ names and brief bio’s can be found at www.
                                                      or at


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