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Real Estate Agent Marketing Secret


Real Estate Agent Marketing Secret document sample

More Info
									Please complete ALL highlighted areas. If the areas are not completed, we will assume that section does not apply to you and

REFERENCES are extremely important. If you DO have references, please be sure to list THREE of them, as there are some co

Zip Codes: Please enter your service zip codes. Keep in mind that most websites MAX out at about 25 zip codes (a couple on
We will submit the other zip codes in the comment section of the website, but it doesn't mean that they allow them to be pu

Please send the following in ONE document, scanned all together in this order: RESUME, LICENSE, ZIP CODES, E & O, W-9. Th

If there are sites other than the "Top Secret List", please make sure to include it

In summary, your email back to me should include: *This completed form, and the completed scanned document packet as d

We CANNOT start on your registrations until I receive these 2 documents* back form you.
                                        email them to me at
 section does not apply to you and we will leave it blank on the registration forms.

REE of them, as there are some companies that will not allow you to register with out them

at about 25 zip codes (a couple only allow up to 6), so keep the most "important" websites at the top of your list.
ean that they allow them to be put into their system…so we want to make sure we get your prefered input up front.

CENSE, ZIP CODES, E & O, W-9. This packet gets directly sent to the lenders, so please make sure it looks PROFESSIONAL.

 ed scanned document packet as described above.

ts* back form you.                                                       Please
put up front.

                                                                   Your information                                                                                                                Register Me with:
FULL NAME                                                                                                                               DOB                                                 BPOs       BPO/REO Only REO
ARE YOU A BROKER?                   YEARS                       License#                                                State                           Expiration
AGENT?                              YEARS                       License#                                                State                           Expiration
                                 Company Information - USE YOUR INFORMATION IF YOU ARE THE COMPANY
Company Name:
Type of Company:
ADDRESS:                                                                                                  <----This is the address we will
CITY                                                                                                             register you with.
STATE                               ZIP
PHONE      (         )
FAX        (         )                                                                                  Website
CELL       (         )
HOME       (         )              (IF YOU WANT IT IN THE APP)                                800 Number
                                                    BROKER INFORMATION, if other than you
NAME:                                                                           License Number                                                          State
PHONE:                                                                          Expiration
WHO DO YOU WANT CHECKS PAYABLE TO? You or your company?                                                                                 *
STATE                              ZIP
*If paying company, include the company W-9 and TIN, if paying yourself include your personal W-9 and SSN
TIN:                                                          OR                SSN:

                                                                        E & O INFO
BEGIN DATE                          EXPIRE DATE                                                                         enter date as (mm/dd/YYYY)
How long have you managed REO's?                                                         BPO'S?
How many REO's have you handled?                                                         HOW MANY have you handled?
How many REO's can you handled?                                                          HOW MANY BPO'S CAN YOU HANDLE (WEEKLY)?

Current REO Client Names:
Do you do Commercial BPO's?                                      Full BPO Fee            $                              Turnaround for Interior photos
   Residential BPO Fees               Drive By Fee?    $     -   Full BPO Fee             $       -                     Turnaround for Drive by
How many real estate transactions have you closed in the past 12 months?                                                      Total Current Listings
Number of REO sold in the last 12 months?                                                                                   Total REO Current Listings
What is your average DOM for your listings?                                                                               Annual Sales Volume in Units
How long has your company been in business?                                                                                 Annual Sales Volume in $                    $
If your company is franchised, enter the name of your franchise.                                                                       GCI                              $
Number of offices                                                                                                                 Avg Sale Price                        $
# of REO qualified agents
# of FT agents
# on your REO Team
Cash for Keys:

                                                                     I make every effort to have a face-to-face interview with the occupant(s)to determine who is living in the property.
                                                                        Should my face-to-face attempts be unsuccessful, I post a note at the property informing the occupants that I
                                                                                             represent the owner and requesting they contact me immediately.
                                                                   I arrange to meet face-to-face with the occupant(s) to present and execute the Cash For Keys agreement and W-9. I
                                                                  negotiate a cash amount that does not exceed the limit set forth by the REO Company. Occupant(s) are encouraged to
      a. How do you handle this process (steps) - Please                 consult with an accountant or tax professional to determine any tax consequences that may arise from the
  review & modify answer to best describe your needs.                         Agreement. Once executed I immediately forward the documents to the REO Company contact.

                   This is a sample:
                                                                   On the day of the Cash For Keys I meet the occupant(s) at the property to confirm it is in “broom cleaned” condition
                                                                       and that all personal property and trash has been removed. I also confirm that attached fixtures and installed
                                                                       appliances remain as installed and exterior trash and debris has been removed and the lawn mowed (weather
                                                                            permitting). All keys, garage door openers, community keys, gate openers and cards are turned over.
                                                                  If the above conditions have been met, the Cash for Keys Acknowledgement is executed and the check is given to the
                                                                                         occupant(s). Occupant(s) are no longer be granted access to the property.
                                                                      I photograph the interior and exterior of the property. I confirm or arrange for the property to be rekeyed and
                                                                                                       secured dependent on the REO Company’s policy.

     b. Figures: # completed successfully
                 # completed unsuccessfully
Average list price to net sales price statistics
     a. Avg list price
     b. Avg sold price
     c. Avg list to net sales price
Average REO Days to close
# of staff currently working on your REO portfolio

Have you been certified by the gov't as being a small disadvantage company or woman owned?
Mark any that apply…                 YES               NO
Disabled Veteran
Native American
Non-Minority (Caucasian)
Asian/Pacific American
Woman-Owned Business
African American
Hispanic American

What is your geographic coverage capability and what major markets do you service? General area (Greater Atlanta Area, etc….not zip codes)

Current Market Share in %
Current Market Share in #
Market Share of top four competitiors:
Location(s) of branch offices, if any…

                                                                                                    Answer "Yes" or "No"
Is MLS membership available in your area?

         If yes, is your company a member?
Name of MLS:
         If not, do you cooperate with outside companies in the sale of your listings?

Does your company have a Corporate/REO Department?

           If yes, how many years has it been in operation?

What percentage of your business results from Corporate/REO business?

                                                   Please provide us with information on your Management/REO Team
Name                                Title                        Yrs Exp          Years w/company       Description of functions for REO position

                                                                             REFERENCES: MUST HAVE 3
                                                                                                                                                    Listings last   Current
Company                  Address                                 Contact Name                           Telephone              Email                  12 mos        Listings

                                                              Professional Organizations in which you’re a member

                                                                   List Affliations / Certifications that you hold

Is your company a member of REOMAC?
If yes, member since                                             Date of last meeting:

Do any of your REO agents have specific REO designations? If so, please give the Agent’s name and designation.

Please list any REO related awards/recognition and the date(s) received

What technology do you use to track your REO Business:
What are your company qualifications to service REO Business?
Does your company offer any formalized training?
What is your marketing Marketing Strategy:
History with Similar Properties:
Tell us about you (25 words):
Additional comments you wish to provide to lenders: Ex. Short Sales Pitch

                                                     ZIP CODES - Will use in order given; Please use top 6 first
        County                      City                 Zip                County     City         Zip        County   City   Zip

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