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                                                              Business Management

                                            Toolkit was developed to help NGOs balance sustainable business
                                            practice with their missions, and brings together the creative ideas,
                                            expertise and experiences of APC members and its private sector
                                            partners. It includes articles, issue-specific presentations and ready-to-
                                            use forms that address the various business planning processes for
                                            mission-driven organizations. These tools are aimed at helping
                                            individuals working in the non-profit ISP business (APC members'
                            Association for business), but may be more broadly applicable to other mission-driven
The Mission-Driven          Progressive     sectors. Contains business planning resources and financial                  capacity/business/index.shtm
Business Planning Toolkit   Communications management resources in both English and Spanish.                             l
                                            The SME Toolkit helps small and medium enterprises in emerging
                                            markets learn sustainable business management practices. The SME
                            International   Toolkit product consists of four major components: Business
Small and Medium            Finance         Resources, Web Content Management Tool for Partners, Business      
Enterprise (SME) Toolkit    Corporation     Training Curriculum, and Portal(s) for SMEs.                                 e.nsf/Content/SME_Toolkit
MOST - Management and
Organizational                                A suite of tools to help organizations assess their management
Sustainability Tool: A      Management        capacity. MOST also includes the Financial Management Assessment
Guide for Users and         Sciences for      Tool (FIMAT) and the Human Resource Management Rapid             
Facilitators                Health            Assessment Tool for HIV/AIDS Environments (HRM-HIV Tool).                  blications/most.html
Business Handbook for       Summa             Targets private providers operating small health care practices who
Private Health Providers    Foundation        have limited training in business management and finance.                  resources/invest
                                                                 Financial Resources
                                              Toolkit's aim is to build the confidence and skills required by
                                              NGOs/CBOs to strategically and systematically mobilise resources
                                              (monetary) for HIV/AIDS work. Toolkit provides a collection of
                                              information and skills-building activities which can help NGOs/CBOs to
RAISING FUNDS AND                             learn how to plan resource mobilisation work so that it is needs driven
MOBILISING                  International     rather than donor driven and develop key skills, such as proposal
RESOURCES FOR HIV           HIV/AIDS          writing and meeting and maintaining relationships with resource  
AIDS WORK                   Alliance          providers.                                                                 /PNACS569.pdf

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