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					                                          DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE
                                          AIR EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMMAND

                                                                            October Fall/Winter 2007


FROM: Retiree Activities Office
      82 TRW/CVR
      419 G Avenue, Suite 1
      Sheppard AFB TX 76311-2941

SUBJECT: Retiree Update

The Retiree Update is an unofficial publication written, edited and published by the Sheppard Retiree
Activities Office for the convenience of the Sheppard AFB retired population. The information or comments
herein do not necessarily represent the positions or opinions of the DoD, the USAF, AETC or the
82d Training Wing. While all efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this
publication, no absolute guarantee of accuracy can be given nor should any be assumed.

Notify the below addressees immediately after a change of address:
Retirees: Defense Finance and Accounting Service, US Military Retirement Pay, PO Box 7130, London
KY 40742-7130, Ph. 1-800-321-1080      FAX 1-800-469-6559
Annuitants: Defense Finance and Accounting Service, US Military Annuitant Pay, PO Box 7131,
London KY 40742-7131, Ph. 1-800-321-1080   FAX 1-800-469-6559
Addresses for non Air Force military retirees are received periodically from parent services. Changes made
locally are provided to the printer as information is made available from those services. Retirees and
annuitants may also update addresses at the Pay Center's Website:

 82d Training Wing                       2                82d Services Division                     7
 Meet the New 82d Training Wing Vice Commander            Lubbock /Panhandle Area                   8
 Staff Judge Advocate                    3                Texas Veterans Commission                 9
 82 TRW Safety Office                    3                From The Director                         10
 Pay Matters 82 TRW Comptroller          4
 82d Medical Group                       5
 82d Mission Support Squadron            5
     Retiree Update                                     October Fall/Winter 2007             2


  a. Meet the New 82d Training Wing Vice Commander

     Colonel Kris D. Beasley is Vice Commander,
     Air Education and Training Command,
     Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. As the vice
     commander, he assists and advises the
     commander of the largest technical training
     wing in the Air Force. The 82d Training Wing
     is responsible for the technical and health care
     training of approximately 47,000 Air Force,
     Army, Navy and Marine Corps students at
     Sheppard Air Force Base each year, with an
     additional 40,000 students worldwide through
     the wing’s field training detachments.

     Colonel Beasley was commissioned in 1985 as
     a distinguished graduate from the Air Force
     Reserve Officer Training Corps program at
     Oregon State University. His operational
     experience includes duties as an ICBM crew
     commander and instructor and numerous
     assignments in operational units, including
     command of the communications squadron
     supporting the B-2 bomber in its first combat
     operations. He has commanded three groups,                    Colonel Kris D. Beasley
     including a 6-month deployment as commander           Installation Retiree Activities Program
     of the only U.S. combat unit in Saudi Arabia.                       Coordinator
     His staff experience includes tours at Head-
     quarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Air Force
     Space Command and U.S. Space Command.
     The colonel has earned the master communi-
     cator and senior missile operations badges and
     has completed more than 200 ICBM alert tours.

     More valuable information is available at our Web page,
          Retiree Update                                       October Fall/Winter 2007                  3

        b. Staff Judge Advocate (Colonel James Roan)

           ASK Capt Attorney
                                     Legal Assistance Services
                Captain John H. Montgomery, USAF, Chief, Legal Assistance & Preventive Law

          The Sheppard Law Center provides free legal assistance in connection with personal, civil legal
matters. Eligible beneficiaries include military members, retirees, and family members entitled to a military
identification card. Legal issues within the scope of our legal assistance program include consumer affairs,
adoption, domestic relations, landlord-tenant problems, financial responsibility, the Servicemembers Civil
Relief Act, and taxes. We can also prepare wills, advance medical directives, and powers of attorney. By
regulation, however, certain topics are not eligible for our legal assistance. Military or civilian criminal matters,
official matters in which the Air Force has an interest, personal commercial ventures, private business activities,
the drafting or reviewing of real estate documents or separation agreements, ethics, and standards of conduct
questions do not fall within the scope of the legal assistance program.

         We have attorneys and notaries available every day to provide legal services to eligible beneficiaries.
Attorneys may discuss legal matters with a client, give advice, and recommend courses of action. They cannot,
however, represent a legal assistance client in court. To receive attorney services, you must schedule an
appointment and must not already be represented by civilian counsel on the same matter. Notaries are available
between the hours of 0800 and 1630. Please do not sign the document requiring notarization before bringing it
to the Law Center.

        If you are eligible and need legal assistance, please call the Law Center at 676-4262 to schedule an
appointment with an attorney.

       c. Safety Office
                                           Autumn Safety in the Home
                           Mr. James E. Zillweger, 82d Training Wing Chief of Safety
     Fall is here, holidays are just around the corner, and many activities will take place this time of year. As
we hurry to do autumn cleaning inside and out, safety is an important issue to consider. During the months of
October, November, and December, it’s important to keep up-to-date on the fire safety issues, indoor air quality,
      Why? According to the National Safety Council, there was an average of over 350,000 reported house
fires over the past few years. Of these, an estimated average of 18,000 house fires were started by candles while
240 fires were started by Christmas trees. In the U.S. someone dies from a house fire every 3 hours. These
fires not only cause death, but also injuries and billions of dollars in damage to houses. Smoking is the leading
cause of house fires.

     In December many of the fires are caused by candles and decorations catching fire. These fires can be
prevented by not only taking safety precaution during the holiday season, but also by remembering them all
year long.

     This is a great time to test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Along with testing this
equipment, having a fire safety evacuation plan for your family is important. Discuss what to do and where to
         Retiree Update                                      October Fall/Winter 2007                  4

go to get out of the house safely, and determine a safe gathering point to make sure everyone is accounted for.

      Ladders are used often this time of year with outside cleanup activities such as cleaning leaves out of rain
gutters and yes, even in Texas, the occasional removal of icicles and snow from the roof eaves. In addition,
outdoor holiday decorating adds another danger. Every year an estimated 300 deaths and over 100,000 injuries
requiring medical attention occur from falling off ladders. Choose a ladder that is not broken and is suitable for
the job and person using it. Move the ladder to reach new areas rather than stretching too far and losing your
balance. Prevent slippage by placing the ladder on a nonskid surface or adding rubber treads. Never stand on
the top three rungs of the ladder. It is always best to have someone around when using a ladder.
     Some other important safety tips to remember this time of year:

                Always check extension cords to ensure they are suitable and approved for the situation for
                 which you are using them. Don't overload extension cords.
                Check lights before using them for decorating.
                Always extinguish candles when leaving a room. Keep candles away from decorations and do
                 not use on them to decorate Christmas trees. Use candle holders that are sturdy, won't tip over
                 easily and one large enough to catch the wax. Keep the wicks of candles trimmed to 1/4 inch.
                 Put taper and pillar candles out when they burn down to 2 inches.
                Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. Children playing with these items
                 causes many house fires.

     By following these mishap prevention tips, you’ll drastically reduce the risk of injury or property damage
and ring in a safe and happy New Year!

       d. Pay Matters
                           Lt Col Jeffrey S. Bell, 82d Training Wing Comptroller

     All around Sheppard, ATM-like kiosk machines are showing up to help make managing your finances
easier. There are several locations where you can update or make changes in myPay. All you need is a myPay
PIN. If you do not have a myPay PIN, you can acquire one from the finance office in bldg. 402.

     Using kiosks is an easy and convenient way to set up allotments, start a direct deposit, or view your W-2.
Kiosks are conveniently located around the base at the hospital, the main gym, finance, Airman’s Club, and the
post office.

    Also, a question frequently asked by retirees is “Who can answer your questions and concerns?” The
Defense Finance and Accounting Service of Cleveland specializes in retirement pay matters. Their number is 1-
800-321-1080. Notify the DFAS Cleveland Pay Center immediately after a change of address.

     A frequent concern of retirees involves concurrent disability pay. Concurrent disability pay is received
through Veteran Affairs. For answers to your questions, please contact DFAS Cleveland.

     As always, if you want to speak with someone face to face, you are welcome to come to the finance office
in bldg. 402 during our business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on Thursdays
when finance opens at 11:00 a.m.
          Retiree Update                                      October Fall/Winter 2007                  5

       More valuable information is available at our Web page,
Useful Financial Services Websites:
Military Pay & Benefits –
myPay –

2. 82D MEDICAL GROUP (Colonel James E. King, Jr., Commander)
                               Emergency (ER) or Urgent Care? What’s the difference?
                                   How do I make sure I’m not going to get a bill?

     You or your family members just received care at the emergency room. Now you are worried about being
billed for the visit? What do you do now? What is covered? What out-of-pocket expenses will you have? All
of these are valid questions to ask and, hopefully, this article will be useful to you.

      The best way you can protect yourself and your wallet before you head anywhere other than a military
facility for ER or urgent care is to ask yourself, “Did I follow all the required steps?”

     Was it a true emergency (threat to life, limb or eyesight)? If the answer is yes, your care will be paid for
with the exception of your cost share.

    If not, did I call the 24-hour Nurse Advice Line (676-1847)? Did the nurse on call direct me to a network
emergency room or urgent care clinic? If you were directed to seek medical care from the Nurse Advice Line
you will be given a referral and your care will be paid for with the exception of your cost share.

     If you followed the correct steps and still received a medical bill, come by the TRICARE Service Center
with the documentation and they will research your claim for possible errors.

     If you answered “no” to these questions, you could be held responsible for the costs of your visit.

3. 82D MISSION SUPPORT SQUADRON (Major Robert Hoskins, Commander)
    a. Some retirees will no longer pay SBP premiums in 2008.
     Participants in the Uniformed Services Survivor Benefit Plan now have a new milestone to mark on their

     Effective October 1, 2008, SBP participants who reach 70 years of age and have made 360 payments (30
years), will no longer have to pay premiums for continued SBP coverage and will be placed in “Paid-up SBP”
         Retiree Update                                      October Fall/Winter 2007                  6

     In order to qualify for paid-up status, both the age and years-of-payment requirements must be met. If, for
example, a retiree has paid into SBP for 30 years but is only age 69, he or she must make payments for 1 more
year to meet the age 70 requirement and be considered paid-up.

     No action is required of SBP participants to be placed in Paid-up SBP status. Once the eligibility criteria
has been met, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service will automatically stop deducting premiums from
qualifying military retired pay accounts.

    The law establishing Paid-up SBP does not allow for refunds of premiums paid before October 1, 2008,
even though a retiree may have reached age 70 and made 360 or more premium payments.

     DFAS is currently developing changes to the military retiree pay systems that will monitor the number of
SBP premiums paid and the age of the participant. The system updates are targeted for a May 2008 completion
date. At that time, SBP participants who will be eligible for Paid-up SBP status on October 1, 2008, or will
meet eligibility within a short time of the implementation date, will be notified by mail of their impending paid-
up status.

      Those military retirees who become eligible for Paid-up SBP status after the initial group will be notified
of their SBP status on their December 2008 annual Retiree Account Statements, which will note the number of
premiums paid to date. Each RAS issued after December 2008, whether annually or as a result of a pay change,
will include the Paid-up SBP premium “counter,” based on DFAS records, to help retirees monitor their
eligibility status.

     Questions may be directed to the Sheppard Casualty Office at (940) 676-4624/2984.

     b. Casualty Assistance For Non-Air Force Retirees:
         In the event of the death of a non-Air Force retiree, the following contact numbers are provided for
     casualty assistance:

         Army - 1-800-626-3317

         Navy - 1-800-368-3202

         Marine Corps - 1-800-847-1597

         Coast Guard - 1-800-323-7233

         The Sheppard Casualty Office can be reached at (940) 676-2984 for Air Force casualty assistance.
         Retiree Update                                       October Fall/Winter 2007                  7

4. 82D SERVICES DIVISION (Johnnie Phillips, Services Director)
    a. Services Events:
       - AF Club Membership Drive: 1 Oct-31 Dec: Join now and receive 6 months free dues, discounts
throughout Services activities

       - Social Hour: Every Friday in Duffy’s and Tommy D’s, 1700-1900. Free snack and entertainment

       - Poor Boys Nite: Every Thursday in Rustler’s, $3.95 All-U-CAN-EAT BUFFET

       - Thanksgiving Buffet: Reservation recommended; seating times 1030-1400 with seating every 30

       Members: $15.96 Children $5.50

       Nonmembers $17.95       Children $7.50 Call 676-6460 to make reservation.

       New Year’s Eve Celebration: 31 Dec …Don’t miss out on bringing in the new year with a bang.

     Check out several of the latest action events, locations, and times on the services Web page at or call the marketing & publicity staff at (940) 676-3492.

    b. Club Catering and Event Location:
                              RUSTLER’S GRILL          Mon - Fri       1045 to 1300
                              MAIN OFFICE              Mon - Tue       0800 to 1500
                                                       Wed - Fri       0800 to 1700

        We look forward to seeing you at the Sheppard Club for our special lunches and evening activities.
Listen to jazz/blues music in the Rustler’s Grill.

        If you are planning a special event, the Sheppard clubs offer your perfect solution to make it hassle free.
Club catering is available with super new menus from light finger foods to full-course meals. If you need a
location, the club offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Please call for an appointment, 676-6460.

    c. Volunteers Needed for Fitness Center:
       We are looking for a few good men and women. Over the last few years we have seen a reduction in
manpower at the Sheppard fitness centers. With the number of people we have leaving us this year, we now
find ourselves in the situation of needing help to cover desk operations at our three fitness centers. We are
looking for volunteers who can be trained in CPR and first aid to help us out on a regular basis. Our busiest
times are at lunch and from 1600 to 1900, but we would be happy for volunteers at any time between 0500-
2200 during the week and 0700-2000 on the weekends. We have 5-star-rated facilities and are very proud of
the service we offer the Sheppard community; and we look forward to hearing from some of you who would
         Retiree Update                                      October Fall/Winter 2007                 8

like to help us continue this tradition. Our POC is Ms. Cindy Conn, who can be reached at (940) 676-0488, or
visited at the Pitsenbarger Fitness Center, Bldg 540.

    d. Lake Texoma:
       Imagine a romantic weekend under the stars at Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma is famous for its fishing
and excellent marina. Visit the crappie house which is located at the lake boat dock and is heated in the winter
for your fishing pleasure. Hours of operation are:

LODGE                                           SNACK BAR                                 BOAT DOCK

Sun – Thu 8:00AM to 5:00PM      Saturday & Sunday CLOSED                        Sun – Thu 8:00AM to 4:45PM
Fri – Sat 8:00AM to 5:00PM                                                      Fri – Sat 8:00AM to 4:45PM
Call (903) 523-4613 TO RESERVE A CABIN

5. The Lubbock/Panhandle Area (Provided by the Lubbock Satellite Retiree Activities
Office, Douglas G Carlson, Major, USA, Ret., Director)

    Command Sergeant Major Jerry A. Campsey was selected as the Lubbock RAO volunteer of the year for

     The Lubbock Satellite Retiree Activities Office was established to support the military retiree community
in the Lubbock/Amarillo Panhandle area and is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.
Since we are not located on a military post or base, we are mainly a referral station with volunteers who can
advise you on how to get assistance and who can help with your questions or problems. That is our goal.

     Our office would function better with one or two more military retirees or spouses. People from any
branch of service are welcome. Our volunteers have a monthly get-together in the Plains National Bank (50th
and University) Coffee Room. We discuss the month’s activities and we talk about the information received
from Air Force, Navy, and Army retiree newsletters; periodicals calls; and e-mail.

ID Cards can be renewed at the following facilities in West Texas:

      Cannon AFB, 27th MSS/DPMPS, 110 Sextant Ave, Bldg 600, Room 2027, 505-784-2659
      Dyess AFB, 7th MSS/DPMPS, 417 Third St., Bldg 417, Room 130, 915-696-2276
      Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center (NMCRC) Amarillo, 2500 Tee Anchor Rd., 806-372-5589
      NMCRC Lubbock, 301 E Regis St., Ste 1118, 806-765-6657

     It is important to call before going to those locations to get answers to any questions you may have and to
ensure their equipment is operational at the time you want to visit. In Lubbock, the scheduled time for ID card
transactions is 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday and 12:00 to 3:00 PM on Thursday.

    Contact Amos at the TRICARE Service Center, 5121A 69th Street, Lubbock, in person or call toll free, 1-
888-363-5433, if you have questions about eligibility, coverage, pharmacy benefits, or claims. There is a
TRICARE Service Center in the hospital/clinic area at Cannon AFB; however, Cannon is in the TRICARE
             Retiree Update                                     October Fall/Winter 2007                 9

   Central Region (7 & 8), and the Texas Panhandle is in the Southwest Region (6). Some difficulty may be
   experienced in obtaining service from another region.

    For information or assistance concerning military retiree affairs, contact the LSRAO by telephone at (806)
749-3728; FAX (806) 744-5702; e-mail:

   6. Texas Veterans Commission (Abdullah Shamsid-Deen, Veterans Counselor)

                                      DD Form 214 – History and Usage
           This article is written to provide valuable information on the DD Form 214 and to give a brief summary
   on the history and usage of this form. The Department of Defense Form 214, Certificate of Release or
   Discharge from Active Duty, commonly referred to as DD Form 214 (or discharge papers), is the document
   issued by the United States Armed Forces to service members upon their discharge, separation, or retirement
   from active duty.

           The report of separation form, DD Form 214, has been issued since 1950. Before the DD Form 214,
   several similar forms were used by the military services, such as the WD AGO (War Department Adjutant
   General) Forms and the NAVPERS (Naval Personnel) discharge documents.

           The DD Form 214 provides a brief, clear record of a service member’s active military service at the time
   of discharge. The DD Form 214 shows the type of discharge the service member received, his or her eligibility
   for reenlistment, and the reason for separation. Additionally, the DD Form 214 lists the awards and medals, and
   other pertinent service information such as rank, combat service, formal military training, and military
   occupational specialty identifiers or military specialty code.

           The DD Form 214 is required by funeral directors in order to provide military honors to a deceased
   veteran. The family of every eligible veteran can request to receive a military funeral ceremony to include
   burial in VA National Cemetery, the presentation of the United States burial flag and the sounding of Taps, VA
   burial benefits, and a headstone marker, at no cost to the family.

           Therefore, veterans should ensure that their spouses or next of kin have access to their DD Forms 214.
   Veterans are advised to keep their DD Form 214 in a safe and secure place in their homes, or they can file their
   DD Forms 214 at the county clerk’s office in the county where they live. This way, if they lose or misplace
   their original DD Forms 214, they can go to the county clerk and request a certified copy.

           If a veteran loses or misplaces his/her DD Form 214, and has not placed it on file at a county clerk’s
   office, he or she can request a replacement copy from the National Personnel Records Center, in St Louis, MO.
   Request can be made either by completing and mailing a Standard Form 180 (SF 180) to National Personnel
   Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Blvd, St Louis, MO 63132, or by submitting the request
   online at The online (eVetRecs) site allows members of all branches of
   military service to electronically submit a request for records, or correction of records. However, if you are not
   the veteran or next of kin, or do not have online access, you must complete the SF 180 and mail it to the
   personnel center in St Louis.
         Retiree Update                                      October Fall/Winter 2007                   10

       In addition to the DD Form 214, veterans (or their next of kin) can also request copies of other service
documents, such as military personnel records, or service medical records, even Medals and Awards, from the
National Personnel Records Center.

For more information or assistance, please contact one of the following Veterans Offices in Wichita Falls:

         Texas Veterans Commission                           Wichita County Veterans Service Office
         426 5th Street, Bldg 402, Room 234                  600 Scott Street, Suite 103
         Sheppard AFB TX 76311                               Wichita Falls TX 76301
         (940) 676-4140                                      (940) 716-8599

7. From the Director (MSgt James Esther, Jr., USAF, Retired)
      Remember when the weekend meant that we were going to enjoy some of the benefits provided by morale
and welfare (MWR) facilities (now called services)? Back then those benefits included varied activities that
families residing on and off base could enjoy at a cost that was envied by non-military families. Sports,
recreation, touring, child care, a night out at the club all dressed up for dinner served at your table, and dancing
to live music on Friday and Saturday nights. All of these are earned benefits that are disappearing because of a
lack of participation by our active duty and retired military personnel. There are those who say that times have
changed and it is no longer mandatory to use the base facilities or be a club member. How wrong they are.
What has been overlooked is the fact that all facilities on an installation are designed to meet the needs of the
military warrior and those of his or her family. It is a disciplined and wholesome environment that exposes the
family to the best that America has to offer to its citizens. This is extremely important in accomplishing the task
of creating an all-volunteer military force to defend this nation. If you want a reason military families should
band together to protect their earned benefits, there it is. I believe that the military family is the source from
which our talented and professional all-volunteer force will come.

   This is the last issue of the Retiree Update to be published for the year 2007. At this time of year, quite often
we begin to think about, and prepare for, the coming holiday season: Veterans Day, November 11--
remembering and honoring our veterans who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice in order that we
might enjoy the freedom that is ours; Thanksgiving Day, November 22--giving thanks for the blessings that
have been bestowed upon this nation. Along this line of thinking I will take this opportunity to express my
sincere thanks to the Commander and Vice Commander of the 82d Training Wing and all of “Team Sheppard”
for their outstanding support of the Sheppard Retiree Activities Program. Our modern equipment enables us to
communicate both on and off base via e-mail, FAX and telephone (commercial and DSN) as well as official
USPS mail. We also enjoy an area in building 1638 that has been furnished with modern furniture, creating a
wonderful place for retirees to visit while on base.

   The retirees on our volunteer staff have contributed immeasurably to the successful operation of the
Sheppard Retiree Activities Office by giving unselfishly of their time. The Air Force Retiree Activities
Program is “all-volunteer.” We owe them a debt of gratitude. The volunteers we have are great, but we can
always use a few more. Come and join us.

   This is your office and we are proud to serve you. Our success depends upon your use of it and the efforts of
our dedicated retiree volunteer staff. Please come by and have a cup of coffee or cold soda. We would truly
enjoy your visit.
        Retiree Update                                   October Fall/Winter 2007                11

  In closing, I extend a sincere wish for a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

  Persons desiring information or assistance and/or further clarification of item contained in this
newsletter should contact the Sheppard Retiree Activities Office:

Commercial:              (940) 676-5088/3381
DSN:                     736-5088/3381
FAX No.Commercial:       (940) 676-8444                DSN: 736-8444
E-mail:                  Director -
Web Site Address:
Mailing Address:         Retiree Activities Office, 82d Training Wing/CVR
                         419 G Avenue, Ste 1
                         Sheppard AFB TX 76311-2941
Located at:              Building 1638, Room 101 (on Avenue K)
PA Advisor:              Cynthia Jackson, Civ, USAF

JAMES ESTHER, JR., MSgt, USAF, Retired                     KRIS D. BEASLEY, Colonel, USAF
Director, Retiree Activities Program                       Vice Commander, 82d Training Wing

        More valuable information is available at our Web page,
RETIREE ACTIVITIES OFFICE                                                  PRESORT STD
82D TRAINING WING/CVR                                                    U.S.POSTAGE PAID
419 G AVENUE, SUITE #1                                                    SAN ANTONIO TX
SHEPPARD AFB TX 76311-2941                                                  PERMIT 3641

                                   RETIREE UPDATE OCTOBER Fall/Winter 2007

                           CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION
      More valuable information is available at our Web page,

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