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Nc Federal Jobs Nuclear Medicine Technologist


Nc Federal Jobs Nuclear Medicine Technologist document sample

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									                              Independent Living
                              INDEPENDENT LIVING                    MARCH 2008

                              Franklin County DSS Independent Living

                              Know Your Own Symptoms of Stress
Special points of             You May Experience:            •   Loss/Increased Appetite
                              •   Muscle Tightness           •   Dizziness/Weakness
• YAC:                        •   Upset Stomach              •   Impulsivity
• IL Classes: March 22        •   Migraine Headaches         •   Irritability
  11-2, April 19 11-2,        •   Jumpiness                  •   Lethargic
  May 3 11-2                  •   Pounding Heart             •   Tense/Fearful
• FAFSA application
                              •   Urinary and Digestive      •   Mood Swings
  needs to be submitted           Tract Problems
                                                             •   Regression to Old Behav-
  online by 3/11/08           •   Fatigue, Insomnia              iors
• Taxes are due 41/5/08       •   Illness                    •   Increased Smoking, Alco-       Knowing that you are
                                                                 hol, and Use of Medica-        stressed allows you to
                              •   High Blood Pressure                                           take action to alleviate
                                                                                                that stress.
                              •   Inability to Concentrate

Inside this
issue:                        Ideas to Help You Relax
Going Digital             2
                              •   Care for Yourself          •   Time Off                         mals
Financial Aid             2
                              •   Set Realistic Goals        •   Talk to Others             •     Take a Long Hot Bath
Best Colleges             3   •   Do the Same Thing Dif-     •   Take a Long Walk           •     Yoga
Jobs—No Degree            3                                  •   Write a Poem               •     Deep Breathing
                              •   Break Away
Thanks You’s              4                                  •   Draw a Picture             •     Stretches
                              •   Take Things Less Person-
                                                             •   Color in a Coloring Book   •     Exercise
Homeless                  5       ally
                                                             •   Blow Bubbles               •     Laugh
                              •   Accentuate the Positive
Leaving a Message         6
                                                             •   Go for a Run               •     Ask for Help
                              •   Know Yourself
                              •   Rest and Relax             •   Spend Time with Ani-
PAGE 2                                                                                                        INDEPENDENT LIVING

Going Digital in 2009
After February 17, 2009, all television       or if there is ever a time you may need        should apply for a coupon. Convert-
broadcasts will be digital. If you can’t      to use an antenna (cable outages, etc.).       ers are priced in the $50 to $75 range
afford to purchase a digital television,      The federal government is offering 2           and the coupons are supposed to be
a converter may be the right option           coupons per household toward the               for $40 each. That is a big savings for
for you. The converter is necessary if        purchases or certain digital to analog         you!
you use an antenna (outside or inside)        converters. Call 1-800-DTV-2009 or
                                                                                             Questions? Call 1-800-DTV-2009 and
                                              visit to apply. You will
                                              need to answer the following: your
                                              name, address, whether or not you
                                              have cable, and how many coupons
                                              you want.
                                              Coupons are not due to be mailed out
                                              until sometime later this spring.
                                              If you are in your own apartment or
                        Order your to-
                                              planning to do so soon, then you
                                              Documents you need in order to com-
                                              plete your FAFSA:
                                                                                             DO NOT MAIL THESE WITH
                                              •    Social Security #                         YOUR FAFSA!
       FOR COLLEGE!        GOING TO           •    Driver’s License                          These documents are needed to fill
                                                                                             out the FAFSA, but copies do not
                                              •    W-2 form                                  need to be sent.
    DUE   3/11/08 TO GUARANTEE
        MONEY FOR FALL         2008           •    2007 Tax Return
                                              •    Current Bank Statement
                                              •    Current Investment Information

                                              General Education Development (GED)            student loan.
Who is Eligible to Receive Financial          Certificate or pass an exam approved by
Aid?                                          the U.S. Department of Education.
                                                                                             •    You must demostrate financial need
                                                                                             (except for unsubsidized Stafford Loans).
To receive federal student aid, you must      •    Be enrolled or accepted for enroll-       Other requirements may apply. Contact
meet certain requirements. You must:          ment as a regular student working toward       your school’s financial aid office for more
                                              a degree or certificate in an eligible pro-
•     Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-
                                              gram at a school that participates in the
                                              federal student aid programs.
•    Have a valid Social Security Number
                                              • Not have a drug conviction for an
(unless you’re from the Republic of the
                                              offense that occurred while you were re-
Marshall Islands, the Federated States of
                                              ceiving federal student aid (such as grants,
Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau).
                                              loans, or work-study)
•    Register with Selective Service if you
are male and 18 to 25 years of age (go to     Also: for more information).            •    You must not owe a refund on a
•    Have a high school diploma or a          federal grant or be in default on a federal
INDEPENDENT LIVING                                                                                               PAGE 3

America’s Best Colleges 2008
(US News and World Report)

1.   Princeton University (NJ)            10. University of Chicago                19. Vanderbilt University (TN)
2.   Harvard University (MA)              11. Dartmouth College (NH)               20. University of Notre Dame (IN)
3.   Yale University (CT)                 12. Washington University in St.         21. University of California Berkeley
4.   Stanford University (CA)                                                      22. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
                                          13. Cornell University (NY)
5.   University of Pennsylvania                                                    23. University of Virginia
                                          14. Brown University (RI)
6.   California Institute of Technology                                               What do Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Oracle CEO L
                                          15. Northwestern University (IL)              What do Microsoft industry leaders are some of t
                                                                                      student loans. These founder Bill Gates, Oracle CEO
7.   Massachusetts Institute of Tech-                                                     What do Microsoft industry leaders are some o
                                                                                        student loans. These founder Bill Gates, Oracle C
     nology                               16. Johns Hopkins University (MD)                 What do Microsoft industry leaders are some
                                                                                          student loans. These founder Bill Gates, Oracle
                                                                                            student loans. These industry leaders are so
8.   Duke University (NC)                 17. Rice University (TX)
9.   Columbia University (NY)             18. Emory University (GA)
                                                                                   24. Georgetown University (DC)

Great Pay, No Degree Required

8 of the 10 fastest growing careers by    11. Computer Specialist $59,480              tor $53,990
2014 don’t require a bachelor’s degree.
                                          12. First-line, nonretail supervisors/   25. Commercial Pilot $53,870
Some require vocational training or an
                                              managers $59,300
associates degree. All of them require
on the job training.                      13. Nuclear Technician $59,200
Here are the top 25 jobs that don’t       14. First-line supervisor/manager of
require a degree:                             fire fighting and prevention
                                              worker $58,920
1.   Air Traffic Controller $102,030
                                          15. Real Estate Broker $58,720
2.   Funeral Director $79,517
                                          16. Elevator Installer and Repairer
3.   Operations Manager $77,839
4.   Industrial Production Manager
                                          17. Sales representative, wholesaler
                                              and manufacturing, technical and
5.   Transportation Manager $72,662           scientific products $58,580
6.   Storage and Distribution Manager     18. Dental Hygienist $59,790
                                          19. Radiation Therapist $57,700
7.   Computer Technical Support
                                          20. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
     Specialist $67,689
8.   Gaming Manager $64,880
                                          21. Power Plant Distributor and Dis-
9.   First-line Supervisor/Manager of         patcher $57,330
     Police and Detective $64,430
                                          22. Fashion Designer $55,840
10. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
                                          23. Ship Engineer $54,950
                                          24. Detective and Criminal Investiga-
PAGE 4                                                                                                INDEPENDENT LIVING

How to Write a Thank You Note (
You can fill even short thank you               favor or entertainment given.                your frame." If you received a gift of
notes with appreciation, sincerity and                                                       money, mention how you will spend it.
                                           3.   Write about the appropriateness
meaning. A handwritten note of
                                                of the gift or favor: "Your baby-       6.   Write about how you plan to use the gift
thanks should be sent via mail (not
                                                sitting for my children has truly            (or substitute this step for step 3): "I
electronic mail) for gifts received, in
                                                been a lifesaver in these difficult          have a picture of my parents that will
appreciation of a favor, following a
                                                times." (You can describe a gift             look perfect in your frame." If you re-
job interview. And although thank you
                                                that didn't quite suit your taste as         ceived a gift of money, mention how you
notes should be sent promptly, "better
                                                "a conversation piece" or                    will spend it.
late than never" does apply as the re-
cipient will always enjoy your thanks.                                                  7.   Sign your thank-you note: "With thanks,
                                           4.   Tie the appropriateness of the gift          Billy."
1.   Begin with a fresh sheet of note
                                                to the person who gave it to you:
     paper and a smooth pen. Thank-
                                                "You've always understood my
     you notes are traditionally written
                                                taste in clothes."
     in cursive, and are headed by the
     date and a salutation: "Dear Aunt     5.   Write about how you plan to use
     Ruth," followed by a comma.                the gift (or substitute this step for
                                                step 3): "I have a picture of my
2.   Thank the recipient for the gift,
                                                parents that will look perfect in

How to Respect Family Members (
                 Respect is something      3.   Leave them room to grow. Re-            Let your family know what they can
     THIS        often extended to              spect sometimes requires walking        do to respect you as well.
   INCLUDES      strangers, like polite-        away, even at home. For example,
 YOUR FOSTER     ness, but not used at          respect your sister's choices in
    PARENTS      home. Showing re-              boyfriends, even when you don't
  AND THEIR      spect for family               approve, by allowing her space to
   FAMILIES!     members can require            make her own decisions and be-
                 extra thought but              ing there to support her when
shows great character.                          they don't turn out so well. Skip
                                                the "I-told-you-so" out of respect
1.   Extend courtesies. If basic polite-
                                                for your sister and your family
     ness is good for strangers, it's
     good for home use, as well. Re-
     member to say please and thank        4.   Maintain contact. You don't have
     you, hello and good-bye, good              to agree with family members to
     morning and good evening. These            show them respect. Disagree at
     are basic rules of etiquette that,         will, but maintain contact. Re-
     when extended to family mem-               spect a family member's opinion,
     bers, show your respect for them.          although you don't agree with it,
                                                by continuing to interact with that
2.   Defend the clan. There's no need
                                                person. Once you've said your
     to go out and stir up trouble on
                                                piece, though, you may want to
     behalf of your family. But when
                                                avoid the disagreeable subject.
     you're in public, watch what you
     say about your family members.
     When confronted with criticism
                                           Ask your family what else you can do
     by others, defend your family.
                                           to show respect. Different cultures
     After all, their bad traits, when
                                           have different requirements for being
     brought to light, reflect poorly on
     you also.
       INDEPENDENT LIVING                                                                                                      PAGE 5

       How to Prepare for Adulthood (
1.   It is up to decide whether or not to let       6.   Choose some extracurricular ac-       9.   If you plan on driving, you’ll need your
     people know that you are a foster child.            tivities. These help you decide            learner’s permit, driver’s education, and a
                                                         what you might want to do with             car.
2.   Enroll in independent living classes.
                                                         your life.
                                                                                               10. Look into where you will live—an apart-
3.   Talk with your worker about what steps
                                                    7.   Follow the rules and do your              ment? In a dorm? You’ll need furniture
     need to be taken before you age out.
                                                         chores—this is good practice for          and household items. DSS can usually
4.   Make sure that you or your social worker            being an adult when you’ll have           help with some of this, so ask!
     has your original birth certificate and             even more rules and chores.
     social security card.
                                                    8.   Figure out what your mode of
5.   Make sure that you have a state issued              transportation will be—bus?
     ID.                                                 Car?

       How to Create a Lifebook (
1.   Write the purpose of your book…”this                scribe the family, draw a picture,
     is my story” or “the story of me”.                  what school did you go to in that              A LIFEBOOK IS IMPORTANT
     Maybe start with a baby picture if you              home, who was your best friend,              FOR ALL PEOPLE TO HAVE, NOT
     have one.                                           did they have pets, when were                        JUST FOSTER CHILDREN
                                                         you there, etc.
2.   Birth Page: birth certificate copy, state-
     ment of the circumstances surrounding          5.   Any significant occurrences in
     your birth, birth weight, length, time, etc.        foster care or out of foster care:
                                                         termination of your parents’          7.   Social Worker and Counselors: you
3.   Parents: write about your parents. In-
                                                         rights, birth of a sibling, gradua-        might have one you want to remember!
     clude some pictures of them.
                                                         tion, vacations.
4.   Foster Care: write down where you lived,
                                                    6.   Friends: pictures of friends, de-
     include a page for each home with pic-
                                                         scriptions, who was your best
     tures. If you don’t have pictures, de-

       How to Survive Being Homeless
It's not easy being homeless, but you never          won't be easy at first, but you'll get    difficult moment. You don't have to go
know when the possibility would be there.            used to it.                               through it alone.
Losing your job, natural disasters - the op-
                                                     Find a shelter. There's usually a cove-   Have faith. There will always be a brighter
portunity might present itself at any time.
                                                     nant house, or a homeless shelter.        day. Someone might lend you a helping hand
Here are some tips in case you find yourself
                                                     They try to keep things sanitary for      one day. In which case, let go of your pride,
in this situation.
                                                     everyone. Be nice to everyone you         and take it. You will learn to appreciate it and
When you learn of your fate, it's best to try        meet, for it is not only you who are      someday you might be able to help others as
and get rid of everything you have and earn          suffering.                                well.
some cash. That cash would be useful in the
                                                     Try looking for a job. There are always   Be strong. Try not to lament your life away.
long run. If you get kicked out of home and
                                                     places willing to hire the homeless, as
you're a teenager, then try to pack as many                                                    Be strong. Try not to lament your life away.
                                                     long as you're presentable. So keep
clothes as you can with you. If you live in a
                                                     yourself clean and showered, smelling
wintery state, then definitely bring a reliable
                                                     good. Don't ever abandon your per-
winter jacket with you.
                                                     sonal grooming skills.
Try to find food resources. There are various
                                                     Talk to a counselor. You will be pre-
soup kitchens in any city. True that the food
                                                     sented with the opportunity to speak
won't be palatable, but when you're roaming
                                                     with one. In which case, do not turn it
the streets hungry, you can eat anything. It
                                                     down. They can help you trough this
          Franklin County DSS Independent Living

                                                                     Yes You Can by Donnie McClurkin
                                            Listen, gather ‘round I found something that you can use
          453 South Main St.
          Rocky Mount, VA 24151
                                            And if you listen, well, I’m here to tell you, you cannot lose

          Phone: 540-483-6850               A simple song, simple melody, to remind you that you can be
          Fax: 540-483-6851
          E-mail:                           The greatest ever, defeated never, even though sometimes you may lose

                                            Yes you can, you can do anything if you try, just try

                                            Yes you can, but you have to believe and rely on what you have inside

                                            You can make it through your trials, for your trials will just make you strong
   Franklin County DSS
                                            You can do anything, yes you can

                                            Teach your children well, it’s time to tell them just who they are

                                            Train them as they go to let them know that they can go far

                                            Oh my brother why do you wait

                                            Tomorrow might just be too late
                                            For God gave the provision, made the decision
INDEPENDENT_ L IVING. HTM                   You can do all things through your faith

                                            I can, I can, yes I can do anything

                                            No matter what it if you can just conceive it

                                            If you believe it, then you can achieve it.

    How to Leave an Effective Phone Message (

    You'll learn 3 secrets to leaving an             your phone number at the begin-              clearly.
    effective phone message that will en-            ning of the message. In the event
                                                                                             4.   Practice. Record yourself some
    hance your chance of getting a call              your target doesn’t get your num-
                                                                                                  day when you’re busy returning
    back. Learn the main mistakes even               ber the first time they hear it, they
                                                                                                  phone calls, making calls and
    the "pros" make.                                 don’t have to listen back through
                                                                                                  leaving messages. Or, call yourself
                                                     your whole boring message to get
                                                                                                  and leave a message. Then cri-
                                                                                                  tique it. Then have a friend cri-
                                                2.   Here's the biggy to ensure your              tique it.
                                                     number is understandable. While
                                                     you say your number — write
                                                     it ... neatly. Say your number NO       Tips:
                                                     FASTER than you can write it.
                                                                                             It should take you between 8 and 10
                                                     Then repeat it. If you have no
                             1.    Leave                                                     seconds to say the number so that it is
                                                     writing utensil, pretend to write it
                                                                                             understandable. 16 to 20 seconds to
    If you want someone to call you                  in the air.
                                                                                             say it twice.
    back you need to know how to                3.   Leave your number, your name,
    leave a message!
                                                     and the nature of your call. Speak

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