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Greetings from the President - PDF by jonlucas


									June, 2005

A Newsletter for Members of Safari International

Greetings from the President
Ken Brunner
Here I am, again running late on the deadline for this article. Due to connectivity challenges when traveling, I find keeping track of such issues as deadlines difficult at best. We are currently traveling back to the West Coast after Eastern Homecoming in Orlando, Florida and the Pre-rally in Hoboken, Georgia that was so effectively pulled off by Jim & Linda Markwood. Despite inclement weather this event was clearly enjoyed by all in attendance. Among the activities that were undertaken while in Hoboken was an effort by your Board of Directors to give consideration to revitalizing our Club’s web site and to discovering new ways to attract participation in the Club’s activities. This effort will continue at a special retreat prior to the Pre Rally at Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota this summer. I would like to invite any member who might have input to this process to send me an e-mail detailing any suggestions which they might have, so that that information can be shared with the Board at this retreat.


Calendar of Events

June 21 - 25 Northwest Region Rally Newport, Oregon June 12 - 16 South Central Region Rally Guthrie, Oklahoma August 9 - 13 pre-rally to Minot, ND FMCA Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota September 27 - 30 15th Annual Homecoming Salem, Oregon

November 3 - 6 The Nominating Committee completed their list of candidates for office as West Region Rally listed elsewhere in this publication and there were no nominations received Buellton, California from the floor for the election of officers who will lead the club for the next two years. Candidate resumes are printed in this issue of Safari Trails and I encourage you to read these resumes and carefully evaluate the candidates. As our FMCA International Area President, Max Durbin, points out in his recent newsletter, “Be wary of candidates, or their supporters, who make disparaging remarks about their opponents. An informed voter is the best voter.” Charlene & I have now been on the road for almost four months and are looking forward to getting back to our vacation home in California to settle in for a couple of months prior to hitting the road again for the summer’s activities. It seems that while on the road we look forward to returning to our roots in California, only to then look forward to being on the road again and to visit again with all of the friends which we have been lucky enough to have gained amongst the membership of Safari International. For those of you who have actively participated over the years in the club, you know the rewards of close fellowships. For those who have not yet been actively involved, I encourage you to get involved….you will find that involvement to be some of the most enjoyable time which you can spend, with close friendships supported by mutual interests. This is your club and needs your active involvement to be successful. See you all down the road this summer.



renda’s ulletin

Hello Safari Club Members! Well it looks like winter is over and spring is here in Oregon. Spring is one of my favorite seasons here in Oregon; everything is fresh and new. Speaking of new, I have a new grand baby. Our first granddaughter: Isabella Mercy Ann; she was born March 21st and was 7 lbs & 19 inches. We were ready for a granddaughter after four grandsons! Oh grandchildren, nothing quite like them!, Now on to club business. I see the directory is out, and a lot of you are taking advantage of the tear out card in the book that says, “Help keep us current.” The nice thing about the card is that when you mail it in, not only do we make the changes in the club roster, but also in marketing for Adventures magazine, and also in our warranty department. When you send in your membership renewal checks, you should receive back from us here at the main office, a new membership card to put in your wallet. If you did not receive yours when you renewed, give me a call. I can print you out one and drop it in the mail. Don’t forget you can call me to pay your dues by credit card! Call 1-800-634-0855 and ask for Brenda, or extension 8090. This Safari Election is an important one; please don’t forget to mail in your vote. Every vote counts! I hope to see all of you at the Salem Homecoming Rally in September. Put your dancing shoes on! I hear it is going to be a great rally. Take care,


etters from uanne

Hello Safari Owners! I am enjoying the beautiful spring in Oregon – the azaleas are in full bloom and the dogwoods are just beginning to blossom. We are finally getting the rain that eluded us in January and February. I still need to get out in my flower beds and do some weeding, but my berry patch looks like it will be very productive this year. Speaking of that, I want to give a “berry” big “Thank You” to Jim & Lynda Markwood for the great job they did at the rally in Hoboken, GA. In spite of the cold, a good time was had by all. And it looks like good times are ahead as we get into the summer months. The Webners & I have been calling and emailing back and forth to make arrangements for the PreRally in North Dakota coming this August 9-13. Give me a call at 1-800-634-0855, ext. 8285, if you would like to register by phone. You can sign up for two rallies in one phone call because close on the heels of the North Dakota rally will be Safari Homecoming, September 27-29, 2005 in Salem, Oregon. Our theme is “Fabulous Fifties” and we will have “The Platters” as entertainment one evening. Come reminisce about the “good old days” with us in September! See you down the road!

SI Supports Fun Clubs
Several Safari fun clubs have asked Safari International for support in obtaining insurance for their rallies. The Safari International Board believes our Chapter is a rally chapter. We want to support as many different kinds of rallies as our members will attend. Safari fun clubs provide more avenues for Safari members to gather at rallies. They gather by region or by groups that have things in common. These clubs came out of Safari International. Some of the fun clubs developed boards and treasuries and decided to charter as FMCA Chapters. Other fun clubs didn’t want the structure of an FMCA Chapter. The Safari International Board would like to
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Please contact your regional Vice President to let the club know of the severe illness or death of any member. VP will let the appropriate indiciduals know so that a card will be sent.


National Director’s Report
The Hoboken Pre-Rally is over along with the 73rd International Convention, and, in spite of the weather, a good time was had by all. While at the convention I attended the President’s Forum, International Area Gathering, and a seminar on FMCA Headquarters Support for Chapters; of course I also took time to view the new coach displays and visit all the vendor booths and grab a couple bowls of Peach Cobbler. The entertainment was outstanding, and there was a first for Perry, Georgia: I drove out under my own power. The President’s Forum was very informative. It seems that the matrices for National Officers term of office was not approved by the legal department and will have to be rewritten and voted on at the Minot Convention. Candidates have been nominated and approved by the nominating committee for all National Offices and are as follows: National President (two year term) Don Moore (currently National Senior Vice President) vs Don Crawford (former North Central Area VP); National Senior Vice President (two year term) Max Durbin (currently International Area VP) vs Connie Poole (former National Treasurer); National Secretary (one year term) Ginger Painter (current National Secretary) unopposed; National Treasurer (one year term) Jim Kern (currently National Treasurer) vs Robb Steinheider. The treasurer reported that the last two conventions have broken even or turned a little profit, and that the Association is in good financial shape, actually a little under budget and ahead of schedule in revenues. It looks like we have everything under control and have turned the corner. The main problem facing the Association is loss of membership. We lost 4500 members last year, some because of the dues increase, but age attrition is also a factor. Everyone is asked to tell your friends about FMCA and bring in new members. The International Area Gathering turned into a discussion of the upcoming International Area Rally in Lebanon, Tennessee May 3-6, 2005 and election of area officers. All nominations for International Area Officers are due into FMCA Office by March 31, 2005 and voting by National Directors will be in May, 2005. There are 94 chapters in the International Area making it the largest area in terms of chapters. The Seminar on FMCA Support was extremely helpful and identified several areas that the Association can help us with: recruiting new members and retaining old members. I plan to take several suggestions to the Safari International Board for consideration at the Minot Pre-Rally. One final reminder, the Medex Card in the January issue of the FMCA magazine (the big book) had a wrong phone number listed on it; please remove the new card from the February magazine page 15 and throw away the other one. This will help expedite help if you ever need it. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota. Robert (Bob) Cerney National Director Safari International

Editor’s Request
Safari International has two major rallies coming up in the next four months: the pre-rally to the Minot FMCA Convention at Lake Sakakawea in August, and the 15th Annual Homecoming at Salem in September. Due to prior commitments I will be unable to attend either, and thus am turning to all of you for assistance. I would very much like to hear from you if you are planning to attend either of these rallies and would be willing to write about your experience for Safari Trails. If you have been a reader of this newslettter for long, you will realize that this does not need to be a major writing effort, two or three paragraphs telling those of us who did not attend a rally about your rally experience is sufficient — although, on occasion, in the past, we had someone keep a rally diary which we edited and printed. It’s pretty much up to the author! If you would be willing to contribute in this way to Safari International, please get in touch with me at or give me a call at 928-427-9438 or on our cell at 928-9190883. I look forward to hearing from someone (or two or three) out there! Jane Summers, editor


From the candidates: their views on Safari International, the club’s future, and their role in it . . . .
For those of you whom we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I am the taller one on the right. My wife, Phyllis, and I have been full-time RVers and members of Safari International and FMCA since 1995 and are presently driving our second Safari. My qualifications to be your club president: • Eleven years in management and administration: developing plans, assembling and organizing individuals for implementation, and bringing those plans to completion; planning and producing business conferences and meetings • Five years running my own consulting company acting as a go-between for corporations/ individuals and government agencies • Working relationship with Monaco Corporation in developing the new volunteer liability policy (see letter in Safari Trails December 2003) • Active participation in Safari International at rallies: parking, bar, vendors, etc. • Phyllis and I planned and held two small rallies. My goals: • Put the “F” for fun back in Safari • Continue the fine relationship with Monaco Corporation • Develop 21st century communications with members • Bring the Trek clubs back to Safari International • Comprehensive review of bylaws and standing rules • Develop standards for food and beverage quality at rallies • Continue to assure the financial health of our club • Rally coordination to avoid overlaps to give individuals and vendors the opportunity to attend as many rallies as they desire • Explore ways to expand our membership • Find ways to expand member involvement; volunteerism is essential for the club to grow. Please visit my website at

Purchased our 1st RV, a ’96 Sahara in Aug. ’95. We had flown to the FMCA Conv. in Minot N.D. to shop for a RV. Hailstorm hit, the Sahara was returned to Harrisburg, Or. for repair. We flew home to Baton Rouge, La. Took delivery of the repaired Sahara on 10/1/95 near Dallas, Tx. Enjoyed the Sahara so much, we began full timing 1/1/ 97. We have attended all 10 Eastern Homecomings, all but one Western Homecoming. Have attended all Prerallies except when prevented to by health concerns. Have attended Regional Rallies in all but one region. Participated in the Redmond and the Salem Safari Habitat Builds. Parking Volunteer since ’96. Parking Chairmen since ’01. Originated the famous Dumping Party as Parking Chairmen. Nominating Committee Member ’98, ’99, ’00 & ’01. Chairman ’99 thru ’01. Member of the Bylaws Committee since ’01. Elected Executive Vice-President in ’01, reelected ’02 & ’04. I am the only current officer to list his address, cell number & E-mail address in all of his SAFARI TRAILS Articles. I can be reached, I can be bothered, I do respond to you and your needs. Have served as Alt. Nat. Dir., Nat. Dir., Secretarytreasurer, Executive Vice-President and President of the FoBW Chapter. Charter Member of the FoBW and the Caterpillar Chapters. Retired MD. I will be the president who will be available to and responsive to all of our members, to treat all our members equally and fairly. # 1 priority is to increase participation of our members in our chapter activities. An informal survey I performed in ’01 showed only 24% of our members participated in at least one of our activities in ’01. This is the only survey of its kind done for our chapter. I want to improve communication between Monaco’s design and planning units and us Safarians so that the final Safari Products from Monaco will satisfy more of our fellow Safarians’ expectations. This will cause less of us Safarians from leaving and buying non-Safari Motorhomes. Our current officers have served as advocates for our members with unresolved warranty and service issues. I will continue this advocacy role and I will continue to list my cell number, address & E-mail address in my articles in the SAFARI TRAILS. Thank you for reading this and considering me as your candidate for our president. (605)351-5727 PMB # 46 3700 South Westport Avenue

443-994-1109 3590 Roundbottom Road, #F193604 Cincinnati, OH 45244


I am running for the office of Executive Vice President of Safari International. This position assists the president and performs the duties assigned by the President or the Executive Board. • Joined FMCA in 1998 • Joined SI in February 1999 after purchasing first Safari coach • Elected NEVP 2002 – re-elected 2005 • Served on Executive Board since 2002 • Rallies attended • FMCA International Conventions minimum one per year 1999 into 2005 • Pre Rallies minimum one per year 1999 into 2005 • Eastern Homecoming every year since 1999, Western Homecoming 2004 • Safari rallies hosted • 4 NE Regional Rallies • 1 NE/SE Regional Rally • Pre Rally at East Aurora, NY • Member of SCONE since 2000 My goals would be to enhance the lines of communication between Monaco Corporation and Safari International, to promote better attendance at rallies, to explore other ways the club can be a benefit to our members and promote unity within the club. Also would like to see more Trek owners represented on the board, since the Treks make up a large percentage of the club.

I am currently serving as your secretary. During these three years, my husband Dick and I have enjoyed participating at rallies all over this beautiful country. We have been traveling smoothly in our third Safari. I have enjoyed being your Secretary and would like your support in the up and coming election.

2145 NW 50th Circle Ocala, Florida 34482 (352)840-5969


Bernard Shenkman is a native and lifelong Miamian, a retired Certified Public Accountant and has served as Treasurer and Board Member on several businesses,Temples and Homeowners Associations. He has been made an Honorary Life Member of both the Florida and American Institute of Accountants in recognition for his service to the profession. He has been a FMCA member since 1990 and a member of Safari International since 1991, when he bought his first of two Safaris’. Bernard and his wife Ana spend the summer months traveling in their Serengeti and the rest of the year doing some international traveling and honing his golf skills. Bernard previously was appointed Treasurer, to take over after the sudden death of Bob Summer, and then was elected Treasurer in the next year’s ballot. Early within this term he resigned because of severe financial and philosophical rifts with the new administration. With his knowledge and experience his Goal is to support the formulation of projects and benefits that will wisely and efficiently utilize the clubs financial assets for the betterment of the club and all its members. 8521 SW 106th St. Miami, FL 33156-3571 (305) 271-3921

519 Blooming Grove Dr Rensselaer, NY 12144-9406 (518) 283-1562


Hi everyone! Clark Skeans is my name, becoming your treasurer is my aim. I am anxious and excited to introduce myself as a candidate to become your next treasurer. It is my desire to carry on the tradition of excellent accounting established by Art Gray and his predecessor, Ken Brunner. They are responsible for successfully setting up the club’s financial records in Quickbooks accounting software & adding a large measure of integrity to the treasurer position. With computer skills that are above average and experience with the Quickbooks software, the transition from Art to me should be seamless. Budgeting, tracking and timely reporting of finances is imperative and a high goal for me. Most recently my background was in leadership capacities with non-profit organizations and their boards of directors. With great people & communication skills, I will be able to effectively communicate within our club and the club’s interests with Monaco. I have been a member of Safari International for 3 years. During this time I have served the club as a volunteer at many rallies. My wife, Martha Skeans and I served as Co-Rally Masters of the Pre-rally in Farmington, NM last year. Before retiring, my immediate past work background was starting a gleaning project that in 10 years became the largest in the country and a model for many similar programs nationwide. Prior to that, I worked 28 years for Ore-Ida Foods, Inc. in many Logistics capacities before retiring in 1988. My primary concerns for the club are that there are not enough qualified people stepping forward to serve in club leadership roles and, the decline in both rally attendance and membership renewals. We need to dispel the perception of class differences between the lower and higher end coaches. Finally, we need to overcome the apathy toward voting. Generally, only a handful of people vote for the leadership of our club that serves more than 3000 club members. It will honor and humble me to receive your vote in this election. Thank you in advance for your support. Safe and Happy Travels,

I am Robert (Bob) Cerney and I am running for National Director for the Safari International Chapter of FMCA. I have been a member of FMCA since 1989 and a member of Safari International since 1998. My wife of fifty years Freda and I live full time in our Serengeti traveling from coast to coast visiting family and friends while also attending various rallies and conventions. We belong to four other FMCA Chapters “Full Timers”, “100% er”, “Elks International”, and “CAT RV Owners”. I have attended over twenty FMCA Conventions attending the Governing Board Meetings even before I became a board member because of my interest in FMCA business affairs. I have been Safari International’s Alternate National Director from 2002 through 2004, and the National Director for 2005 and would appreciate your vote for 2006. I was a Rally Master for the Full Timers Chapter Pre-Rally in 2003. I have worked on several rally parking committees. My cousin Ralph and I have called Bingo for the last several years at the Pre-Rallies, and assisted in coordinating the vendors and suppliers at four of the Safari Home Comings. I also help set up and tear down the bar for cocktail hour. If elected I will attend all FMCA Conventions and Board Meetings for 2006. I will also attend all Pre-Rallies, Home Comings, and Safari International Board meetings in 2006. I also plan to attend at least two Area Rallies in order to keep the Chapter members informed of the status and condition of FMCA along with addressing Safari International’s concerns to FMCA. The Safari International Chapter operation is high on my list of concerns and I want to make the continuing loss of membership one of the top priorities of the Safari International Board. In addition we must find some way to involve more of our members in Rallies and Home Comings. Maybe one way to improve this is making the rallies more family friendly. Too many members are missing all the fun and fellowship that goes along with Chapter Membership.

8100 E. Camelback Rd, #51 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 423-5424

779 E. Merritt Isld. Cswy. PMB 1305 Merritt Island, FL 32952-3309 Cell Phone (530) 518-7884


I am Ralph Cerney and I’m running for Alternate National Director for the Safari International Chapter of FMCA. I have been an FMCA and Safari International member since 1998. My wife Mary Ann and I full timed for five years before settling back into a house and now spend about 6 months a year touring the country and attending rallies. As your current Alternate National Director my primary function is to attend FMCA Conventions to represent you on the Governing Board in the event the National Director cannot attend. Beginning my term this January I attended the recently completed convention in Perry Georgia. While at the convention I was present at all FMCA business meetings, looking at the current direction of our organization. There are many positive things happening, first and foremost, the high attendance at Perry, 6147 coaches. This shows solid participation by the membership. I also learned of new ways for Safari International to make use of the FMCA main office. One major item will help us identify potential new members for our club. Membership is a key goal. To increase that membership and membership participation is and will be my primary goal this year. I would like to see 600 coaches at both homecomings and at least 100 coaches at area rallies. We have done it before and I think we have the interest to do it again. Determining our membership’s wants and desires will help us reach that goal. Many members don’t fully realize the fun we have at these events. Although I am currently running unopposed, I would appreciate your vote of confidence in my primary goals….fun, fellowship and participation. PO Box 2430 PMB 1553 Pensacola, Fl 32513 Cell Phone (352) 408-0816



alph R


Messages from your Vice Presidents
When you receive this, summer will be near and we will be heading to Guthrie, Oklahoma for the South Central Rally. This is an important year for Safari International. Not only will there be elections to fill the chapter offices, President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director and Alternate National Director, but in August 2005, a new Nominating Committee will be elected at the Lake Sakakawea, N.D. Prerally. Candidates for this committee can be nominated from the floor at our general membership meeting. This Nominating Committee will serve 2 years. The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting candidates for our chapter offices, is responsible for verifying that the candidates are members in good standing of Safari International and FMCA, and recruits candidates to fill any unexpected vacancies. If you are interesting in helping the chapter by serving on the Nominating Committee, contact me or your Regional Vice President. Candidates do not have to be present at the meeting to be nominated, but must contact one of us soon. I served on the Nominating Committee from 1998 through 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed my period of service, especially the two years I served as Chairperson. I hope some of you will step up and enjoy this experience. It does not require a lot of time or travel. The Safari International 2005 Rally season started with the Pre-rally in Hoboken, Georgia. in March. It was plagued by rain and cool weather. Attendance was low at 104. An informal survey performed during the famous pre-caravan ‘dumping party’, showed the attendees enthusiastically enjoyed the Pre-rally’s activities, crafts, entertainment and food. The attendees felt that they had gotten a great return for the money they spent to attend. All surveyed expressed a strong desire to attend future rallies. A new caterer was used and was well received. It was a pleasure to be served good food again. Hopefully, as more members hear of the good time and the good food the attendees experienced, more members will attend our rallies. Congratulations and thanks to Jim & Lynda Markwood who served as Rallymasters for Hoboken. If you attend one of our rallies and enjoy yourself, tell everyone you know. We need to get the word out! The next Pre-rally will be at Lake Sakakawea in Pick City, N.D. Terry & Barbara Webner will be Rallymasters. Having attended their North Central rallies, we can attest that they do a great job putting on a rally; you will have good time. Paulette & I feel that we received a great value for our rally fees. Brian & Vivienne Wigzell will be putting on the Northwest Rally in Newport, Oregon in June. This rally has a beautiful site on the Oregon Coast, overlooking the ocean. Later in November, Ted & Gerda Wedel will be putting on a West Region Rally in California. Hopefully, one or more of these chapter activities will be in your travel plans. If you attend one of these rallies, you will have as much fun as we had a Hoboken. First time rally attendees receive special recognition. If you are a first timer, feel free to ask any of the other attendees if you have any questions. At one time, all of us were first timers and did not know what to do, what was up either. Motorhomers love to pontificate, just ask. The first timers who attended the Hoboken Prerally were the most enthusiastic responders in the informal survey. Special thanks to the Hoboken Parking Volunteers: Tom Ottum. George Swisher, Peter Wehnau, Harry Johnson, Bill Caldwell, Steve Lechner, Sam Churchill, Bill Trendler, Art Gray, Bud Ness, Ralph Cerney, Joe Kerr, Ed Comans, Ken Krueger, Dick Piispanen, Dick Marr, David Duke, Steve Singer and Don Evans. Those volunteers who excelled at parking were promoted to man the dumping stations; thanks to Peter Wehnau, Harry Johnson, Bill Trendler and Steve Lechner who masterfully manned the dump sites. Also, kudos to Gary Smith who led the caravan and Tom Ottum, George Swisher, Ed Chandler, and Steve Singer who formed up the caravan. With this quality of volunteers, being parking chairperson is simple, just get out of their way, water and feed them, and let them make me look good. Seriously, without the hard work of dedicated volunteers our rallies would not be as enjoyable or available at such a low cost. A simple thanks keeps them motivated. Hope to see you at one of our chapter function soon. Safe travels. (605)351-5727 PMB # 46 3700 S Westport Ave Sioux Falls SD 57106

The Northeast Region held a joint rally with our Southeast neighbors at Bethpage Camp-Resort in Urbanna, VA in May. We had a good turnout and the attendees enjoyed the fun, food, and fellowship that Safari rallies are known for. As was published in the March issue of Safari Trails, I will be running for the office of Executive Vice President of your


club. I ask for your support. All mailed votes must arrive in Coburg, OR by the first of August, however those club members attending the August pre-rally in North Dakota will have the opportunity to vote there in person. I look forward to continue serving the club in that capacity. One of my goals is to get better participation in our rallies. There are many members who have never joined us and many more who we see only once or twice. As a way to meet this goal I hope to have a survey done of the members looking for input as to how the club may be of more benefit to the members and ideas to enhance attendance at our rallies. Another goal is to attempt to get more Trek owners involved by becoming members of our Executive Board. Remember that in 2006 we will be voting for new regional VPs, there are four who will not be able to run again, so new candidates must be found for these positions. Please consider serving the club and having a voice in the direction the board moves in the future. While I am disappointed that Monaco Coach Corporation has made a decision to no longer provide tech support for our regional rallies, I realize this support is costly for the company and takes many man hours away from the service centers. To this end perhaps we can convince Monaco to provide several new centers in the northeast, Texas and southern California, so that those of us who do not live close to a service center could be provided the expert service that is obtained when visiting the existing centers. For the record, Winfield, the Safari cat, has enjoyed a quiet winter in Florida taking time out to visit fellow Safarians at Eastern Homecoming and the Hoboken pre-rally.

vendors were there doing service/repair work and, of course, the Monaco Tech Crew was doing a great job of doctoring any ailing coaches. Bryan Barsel of Cutting Edge Catering provided the food and drink. He did an extraordinary job!!. The food was excellent and was served HOT!! The entertainment was outstanding. A Country Western band played one night and a local Blue Grass band entertained another night. Monaco provided $1000 for bingo prizes on Wednesday evening. There were 21 seminars and 7 craft classes. A large flea market was held one morning where attendees sold craft items which they had made and others cleaned out their storage bays of useful but no longer needed items. On Saturday about 40 coaches caravanned to Perry, Georgia for the FMCA International Rally. Ten other coaches from the Hoboken rally also went to Perry but went to a nearby campground and attended the FMCA rally during the days. There were about 5000 coaches in attendance. Now Lynda and I are going to play some golf and relax until time to prepare for the next rally. Hope to see you all there!!! Our email address has changed to or Until next time, we wish you safe and happy travels.

It’s June and all signs of winter are gone. You should have your coach ready and trips planned for summer. We hope you have your application in for the Summer Pre-Rally to Minot at Lake Sakakawea starting August 9th. This is the only rally we are doing in the North Central Region this year. An application for this rally is found in this issue of Safari Trails. Lake Sakakawea is the one of the largest man-made lakes in North America. It is a great lake for boating and fishing. The State Park’s campground has paved sites with 30 amp service with water at some of them. This area of North Dakota is where Lewis and Clark wintered going to and from the west

Hello from NE Georgia! Lynda and I have stopped at a Georgia State Park to catch our breath and play some golf after the Hoboken pre-rally and the FMCA rally in Perry, GA. Everything went well in Hoboken (except the weather, of course). We had about 102 coaches in attendance. Two dealers, Guarantee RV and Lazy Days RV, displayed new coaches and made a few sales. About a dozen


coast. It is also where they picked up the Indian guide Sacagawea. The lake is located between Minot and Bismarck. Send in your application quickly or call LuAnne with your credit card to sign up before July 1st. Think about signing up for the FMCA Convention at Minot. You can caravan and park with the Safari group. Your Safari Board has started planning the direction of the “Club” (Safari International). Your input is needed in this planning. Without your input we can only plan what we think the membership would like to see in Safari International. That would be what we would like to see. I’d like to hear from the members (especially those in the North Central Region) what you would like to see Safari International do for you. We (the board) feel that this is a “rally” club. Let us know if that is what you want. If it is, what kind of rally would you like? Are you looking for service, information, entertainment, fun with other members, tours, big or small? If you would like this club to give you more, what other things are you looking for? We hope your summer plans include spending time with your Safari friends.

the opportunity to meet so many new ones is the best part of being a member of Safari International. The board has been discussing the new demographics of some of our motorhome owners, many with children and some not yet retired. We are realizing our weekday and school year rallies restrict many of them from participating. I am addressing this in my article because I had a couple call and ask if children were allowed to come to my rally? The answer was, YES. I let them know what kind of RV park we would be in (no swimming pool), and what various activities and entertainment ideas were nearby. I also let them know we had an evening social gathering where there were various beverages and that some of the activities and entertainment were usually geared toward the adults. I share this because we encourage you to contact us with your thoughts and ideas to help us better serve everyone and increase our attendance at our various gatherings. This issue offers a slate of candidates for you to vote on. Each person has agreed to run because they have a sincere desire to serve this club. The future and direction of our organization will be well taken care of by whoever is elected because they all have our best interests at heart. Please take a moment to cast your ballot for these very important positions See you soon,

Hi y’all!

I have just left the Perry, Georgia FMCA Convention and prior to that, our wonderful, albeit coooold, pre-rally, hosted by Jim & Linda Markwood in Hoboken, GA. Their hard work and endless hours of planning was evident in every detail. We had food, fun, and fellowship as only Safarians know how to – first class! Thank you both for a job well done. Our South Central Region (TX, OK, KS, MO, AR and LA) was well represented. We enjoyed being together again with Burnley and Juanita Donaldson (from my hometown of Arlington, TX). Also, enjoyed meeting and getting to know some other Texans; Damon & Betty Briggs, Ron & Pauline Cormier, (she had on the best “Safari” vest made years ago in a craft class with Sandy Behrens), George & Dianne Frerichs, Shep & Donna Howson from San Antonio, TX (he retired from Monroe Shock Absorbers), Joel & Maggie Kolbensvik, Fredlein & Susan Schroeder (he is a true Texas born & raised in Seguin). The “Show Me” state put us back together with George & Marilyn Swisher in the “pink of health” and Marv & Mary Emas (they were a great help when the North & South held a joint rally in St. Charles). Mark & Pat Sporl gave us that Louisiana spice with their Cajun accent and southern charm. Getting to spend time with so many dear friends and having Once again we are at home in BC after our winter stay in Mesa, Arizona, and once again, in early April, the weather leaves a lot to be desired. Our winter in Arizona also was different, with record rainfall and generally cooler temperatures. Our regional rally takes place at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport, Oregon, June 21st to 24th and should be a lot of fun. Vivienne & I look forward to seeing many of you there, old friends & new ones. We will be heading east in late July to attend the Lake Sakakawea pre-rally August 9th. to 12th. I am also looking forward to meeting many of the “first timers” and hoping to see some of our Canadian members attend and experience one or more Safari rallies. There are a few Canadians who regularly attend the Northwest and other Safari rallies and I thank them for their support. I also know that new Safari coaches are being sold in Canada, so where are you? Our $CDN. is far stronger than it was a year ago and fuel prices tend to be a little cheaper in the USA., so “come on


Canada,” let’s strengthen the “International” in Safari International. Safe travels

The West Region is having this year’s rally at Flying Flags in Buellton on November 3rd through 6th. We discovered that Vandenberg Air Force Base gives tours, so we have arranged for a special guided tour on Thursday, November 3, prior to the rally. The air base is only about 20 miles from Buellton. The special tours are available only Thursdays and start at 9:00 am. Since we had already booked the park and agreed upon the price for Thursday through Sunday, there was a problem. I think we solved it because the park is allowing us a special price of $18 additional for Wednesday night only. That is half of the current rate. Thus we can be ready for the car caravan in the morning. Another option is to drive your rig to the base on Thursday morning where they will reserve a remote parking lot for the motorhomes and provide a bus to transport all to the entrance. We will be divided into groups and bussed to various places morning and afternoon. Lunch is available on the base at your cost. I was surprised to learn that cameras, binoculars, and picture phones will be allowed. The Air Force requires that a roster of those on the tour be provided four weeks before the event. This roster must include the full name of each person and his/her Social Security number. After looking into this offer we thought it would be interesting to see where all that money goes in the missile and space programs. All Safari owners and Safari International members are invited. October 5 must be the deadline for reservations that include the Vandenberg tour, and October 12 for non-space cadets. The Pre-rally planning for March of 2006 is progressing nicely. We have reserved most of the San Bernadino County Fairgrounds for March 14 through 18, 2006. The fairgrounds are in Victorville in the California high desert (2175 feet above sea level) and are 50 miles via interstate highways from the FMCA site in Pomona. Places to visit include Calico Ghost Town, Route 66 Museum, and Las Vegas, Nevada (about 180 miles away). Among the seminars we are arranging is one with the California Highway Patrol who will discuss the requirements for large RVs as well as new California laws. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the high desert to get your kicks on Route 66!

Howdy from the Southwest! Theresa & I have been at Happy Trails all winter, therefore not much Safari biz to report. This has been an exceptionally wet winter, which was good for Arizona, but bad for us since we were trying to build our Arizona Room adjacent to the 14th tee of The Great Eagle Golf Course. It has a lovely view, but seems to be a little windy. There were many Safari friends in and out of Happy Trails this season. Nice to see these folks and share stories and potlucks. Sorry we could not travel to Florida, but we had committed to this build and thought it better to stay and oversee our project. Theresa flew to Orlando and visited her sister and taught her Swarovski Crystal bracelet class along with her girlfriend Judy. She enjoyed seeing many wonderful Safari friends. In the last issue, we asked for a volunteer rally master for a 2005 SW Region Rally, but no one has come forward. Therefore the SW Region will not have a rally this year. However Ted & Gerda have extended a warm welcome to all SW Region members to join them at their California rally the first week of November in Southern California. I strongly urge all SW members to look for the application in this issue of Safari Trails and join Ted & Gerda in what looks like a fun time in their region. Ted has planned a tour of Vandenberg Air Force Base for those interested. I am scheduled for major back surgery on May 2nd. Yes, again. You may recall I had back surgery in 2003 and was laid up about 6 months (staph infection). At that time, Martha Skeans stepped forward and took over the Farmington Rally. When she got sick in Farmington, Clark filled in very effectively. Incidentally, Clark is running for Treasurer. Respectively signing off, and hoping to be back on my feet again very soon.


Hoboken Pre-rally . . . a Wonderful Place . . .
The Safari Pre-rally, just prior to the Perry, Georgia FMCA Convention, was held on March 15 -19 in Hoboken, Georgia. Jim & Lynda Markwood, Rally Masters, were successful in coordinating the many tasks and set the stage for a fun and enjoyable rally. Parking the approximately 100 attendees, under the leadership of Ray Mock, with the assistance of able volunteers, began on Saturday. The weather, while cool, cooperated with the parkers up to the day prior to the rally opening. Despite the cool and somewhat wet weather, all of our members bundled up and began the festivities on the 15th. Two Safari dealers, Guaranty RV and Lazy Days RV, were able to provide several new Safari coaches for our consideration and, despite the weather, many of the attendees were out looking over and driving the show coaches. There were several vendors in attendance to provide service, sales, and exhibits. Twin Oaks Park, our hosts for the rally and a “hot bed” of Blue Grass music, had many opportunities to entertain us. Over and above the entertainment at the rally dinners, there were Blue Grass ensembles throughout the park; these gave many of us the chance to hear and appreciate this unique style of music. It was great! Twin Oaks was a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the Georgia countryside; our hosts bent over backwards to lend a hand in almost every aspect of the rally.


. . . and a Fun Get-Together!
Cutting Edge Catering, our rally catering company, outdid themselves with continental breakfasts, a full breakfast on our final day, and four great dinners. Daily Happy Hours as well as numerous other rally activities gave us the chance to renew old and establish new friendships. One of the main functions of our Safari rallies is to meet and greet new attendees as well as those with familiar faces and names. This rally was no exception: we had about twenty new members at their first Safari rally. March in the Southeast is known for its varieties of weather and the Hoboken rally and Perry FMCA convention were no exception. Despite the weather challenge, the Pre-rally was a success and the caravan to Perry on Saturday was held under warm and sunny skies. Again, our thanks for the outstanding job done by Jim & Lynda Markwood and the many volunteers who have a habit of succeeding in creating interesting and fun gettogethers. Hopefully, we will see many of you at the next Pre-rally in Lake Sakakawea State Park, near Minot, North Dakota on August 9 - 12, as well as the upcoming regional rallies this spring and summer. Art Gray

(Thanks to Terry Webner & “the general” for photos of Hoboken!)


Safari Tech Talks
edited by Brian Wigzell
Welcome once again to technical matters on Safari coaches. For new readers, this column aims at sharing technical information with club members on pre-Monaco /Safari coaches. Post Monaco/Safari coach owners should get tech help from the service center. Engine overheating is still the number one topic, especially with CAT powered coaches. Two very innovative items have come to light recently. The first from Wayne Smith ( His 97 Sahara with CAT power was suffering from the common overheating dilemma. Wayne’s solution was to install another small radiator behind the rear grill on the left rear of the coach. “Using a “rotozip” cutting tool, I removed the fiberglass about 18 inches square and mounted a radiator from a V6 Isuzu, then installed a fan behind it. I then put “T’s” in the heater line. It was a simple modification.” Wayne did it himself, it is quite effective, and cost less than $200.00. If you need any further info, please contact Wayne. Before we move on, if anyone can help Wayne locate new drawer runners and rollers he will be very appreciative. Still on the overheating issue, I know that Ralph Andrews ( installed an auxiliary transmission cooler in his 96 Serengeti, in a similar way to Wayne’s. The cooler tranny oil has a positive effect in cooling the engine coolant when it enters the main radiator. I spent a complete day in early March flushing a degreaser (Simple Green Automotive) through the radiator fins on my coach. I used a garden hose and worked diligently back to front and front to back. I did the whole operation twice. The second time I was appalled at the amount of filthy, oily muck that was deposited under the rear of the coach. During the journey home we crossed Tehachapi summit in California, with the motorhome fully loaded and towing a Grand Cherokee; the engine temperature never exceeded 195 degrees F. Outside air temp 75 to 80F. I have not done a thorough cleaning for two years, 21000 miles. Russell Anderson ( also encourages Safari owners to check and make sure their fan is inside the fan shroud. Engine manufacturers have fan extenders. With this and four longer hardened bolts and some “loc tite” the overheating problem is reduced. Russell also experienced the left front shock absorber mount on his coach coming loose and hitting the frame. He replaced both 5/8 inch bolts then welded the plate to the frame. He also checked the other mounts and found them OK. A good thing to check or have checked under your coach. The main item this quarter comes from Bob Gudde ( who had an experience to share. Personally I think he understates the potential seriousness of the event. I am copying Bob’s letter word for word. Bob owns a 99 Sahara. “As I was returning from the desert sand dunes just off I8 near Yuma in eastern California I experienced a problem with the leveling jacks. Just west of El Centro on I-8 all of a sudden all the gauges, except the boost gauge, started bouncing from peg to peg. As I started to pull over to the wide pavement shoulder I heard and felt a loud scraping sound. When I got stopped I discovered that all three of the leveling jacks were extended. The right rear was fully extended and the swivel pad was positioned up the shank of the jack, and the shank was driven into the asphalt 1-1/2 inches. The scraping of the jack on the pavement had worn through the pad swivel mechanism and allowed the pad to slide up the jack barrel. A call to “Good Sam” ERS got a service technician to the scene and we managed to get the jacks retracted and disconnected the main power supply to the solenoid on the jack pump. Gauges were all OK and everything seemed normal. “Off again heading home until we got up Mountain Springs grade near Boulevard about 60 miles west of Yuma and 50 miles east of San Diego. All gauges acted up again and the engine quit running. I managed to get to the shoulder off the highway, again on the asphalt, safely out of the freeway driving lanes. Set the four way blinkers on, the only thing that worked, and set up emergency triangles. Called “Good Sam” ERS again to get a tow, three hours later, at night and in the rain, the big rig showed up. He hooked me up and disconnected the driveline and off we went to Hawthorne Power Systems in San Diego. The next day I talked to Hawthorne service and they said that they would look at it. We both theorized that the problem had to be a direct short circuit somewhere. “Over two weeks later they finally called and said they found the problem, which they had, and submitted a bill of $3500. I balked at this and said it should not have taken that long to find a short circuit. Especially with professional technicians at $100 per hour. They reduced the bill to $2000. When I got home I decided to take a look at what they had done.


“The short had occurred where the main bundle of wires goes into the circuit breaker panel enclosure on the driver’s side just ahead of the front wheel. (See photos). The wire bundle, the factory installation, was too close to the ground terminal block. Ongoing abrasion from vibration, or whatever, caused the mounting bolt of the terminal block to wear through the wire insulation of wires in the bundle. Hawthorne moved the wire bundle and added some insulation wrap around the wire bundle. “Being a curious fellow, I wanted to see exactly what they had done. So I opened up the insulation wrapping they had installed. The fix appeared to be satisfactory, one spliced wire and two taped wires, and I reinstalled the insulation wrapping. The hole that the wire bundle goes through was not resealed with foam, as the factory installation was which covered up the wire bundle proximity to the stud on the ground terminal board. When I am satisfied that everything is OK, I will add the foam seal.” That is the end of this story, which I am sure will have you out checking you own coach, if you have a similar installation on your coach. Bob has added a further history of his coach, which I will save for a later publication.

I received a most comprehensive and excellently produced article from Bill Halberstadt titled “Adding a 2-speed Engine fan to a Diesel Pusher Motor home”. Bill was in the enviable position of having excess cooling in his 2003 Cheetah, so he designed and engineered a two speed fan installation. If you would like a copy of this article, all fourteen pages, I will mail it to you. Remember, this is for a 2003 Cheetah, if you have a different coach, new design and engineering will be required. Many thanks Bill. The final item comes as a request from Wes Reynolds ( Have any of you coach owners with diesel generators had fuel lines that seeped fuel? If so please contact Wes.Thanks. My thanks again to all who help with this column, with questions, answers, or articles. My thanks also to all who read it. I can be contacted by e-mail ( or by mail to 7750 East Broadway road, #250. Mesa, AZ. 85208. (Our mail is forwarded to us during the summer months.) Safe travels.


Other Safari Activities
Sept 16 - 18 NE Treks North Conway, NH Sept 29 - Oct 2 Safari R Us Vacaville, CA Chuck Hasman, 925-943-7417 October 7 - 9 NW Treks Ocean Park, WA Roger & Phyllis Knight, 360-665-5495 October 14 - 15 Safari of Southern California Acton, CA Gary & Diana McDougal fall, dates TBA SE Treks North Carolina Fishers, Benners, Bells

January 18 - 21 Texans on Safari Fort Myers, FL January 28 - 29 Safari of Southern California Joshua Tree, CA Prunners, Keys February 26 - March 6 Safari of Southern California Puerto Penasco, MX Longs, Yarchevers

us how to make better(??) use of some men’s underwear! Ask Linda for details.

Our Spring rally will be hosted by Eileen & Jerry McGarvey and Linda & Don Bennett. It will be held June 2 - 5 at Adirondack Adventure Schroon River Resort, Diamond Point, New York. Please make reservations directly with Eileen & Jerry, because the campground is closed for the winter. In order to receive the $25 per night rate, the reservations must be made through Jerry & Eileen. Full hookups are $25 a night. It will be a great start to the 2005 camping season and that part of New York state is quite lovely. Please include expected arrival and departure dates.

We enjoyed all the hospitality of Monaco and would like to thank them for it. Linda & Jim Markwood and the volunteers did a fantastic job. We wish we could have caravanned onto Perry, but we had to return to North Carolina. Our next outing will be with the NE and SE Safari rally at the Bethpage Camp Resort in Urbanna, VA, May 23-26. Hopefully we will have some beautiful sunshine. We attended our “first timer” rally in Urbanna several years ago at another NE/SE Safari rally. Not only did we have a fun time there, the surrounding areas are great for visiting as well. Our fall rally will be finalized soon. Details are being worked out as we write! We happened to stop in Savannah on our return trip from the Hoboken Rally. The second largest St. Paddy’s Festival in the US was in full swing. Major shoulder to shoulder crowds with streets blocked off for dancing and music. Even the beer was green and no one was feeling any pain. If you are ever in that area, stop by for a great time. Jim Fisher

We just arrived home from the Hoboken, Georgia Safari prerally to the Perry FMCA rally. Trekkers were strong with 33 of the 101 coaches. The rally was excellent, but the weather was very unique. I really haven’t been that cold and wet in a long time. The caterer was fantastic after he got past the BBQ ribs. Friday’s dinner was superb and as usual “we Trekkies” took care of disposing of all the leftover wine. Linda Markwood showed


The second regular rally of the new NW Trek Fun Club, led by Ron & Ginny Rawson, was held March 18-20 at Cathlamet, WA, with attendance of 20 coaches. Despite a day and a half of rain and cold weather, we had a full schedule of greeting, visiting, sight-seeing, fun, food & games. It was such an enthusiastic group, that when we put out the word that a few of us would be there a day early and would have an impromptu potluck dinner, we had 10 coaches show up early! We were the first group to use the new Cathlamet Port RV facilities at their marina and participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the city officials. The town was small, but it had a museum, shops, a glassblowing studio and very friendly and welcoming townspeople. The RV facilities were quite adequate, with 50 Amp service and located right on the Columbia River. During the business meeting, we introduced our logo designer, Jeanette Block, and our web master, Greg Hollister, who proceeded to give us a tour of our new website It’s awesome, folks – take a look at it! Our next rally is scheduled for October 7-9. Join us in Ocean Park for another Trek Fun Rally. Let’s get better acquainted and share some of our “trekking” stories with each other. There are plenty of things to see on the Peninsula, and Ocean Park is in the heart of the Peninsula. You may want to bring your tow car or you can just drive your coach to most sights. The Ilwaco Heritage Museum is having their Cranberrian Festival (9 miles from Ocean Park) which will include a tour of the cranberry bogs. There are also shops, antique stores, bookstores, art galleries, historic homes, lighthouses, etc. to see. Of course, there is the infamous Jack’s Country Store just two blocks from the rally. This is one of the “don’t miss seeing” places on the Peninsula! The Rally is being held at the Ocean Park Resort, just four blocks from the ocean and within the heart of the business district. Reservations are $20.00 per night plus tax. Please contact the Resort at 1-800-835-4634 to make your arrangements and mention you are with NWTFC. Be sure to check out their web site at For this rally we plan on a potluck social hour with substantial hors ‘d’oeuvres on Friday night, continental breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning and another social hour prior to the catered dinner (choice of Roasted Turkey or Baron of Beef with all the trimmings) Saturday night. The cost for this rally will be $20.00 per person, which is in addition to your campsite fees.

More information coming later, but if you have any questions feel free to contact Roger & Phyllis Knight via email at or snail mail at PO Box 1008, Ocean Park, 98640 or by phone 360-665-5495. They’re looking forward to being your Wagon masters in October. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for October 7th, 8th & 9th! Even though the rally is for three days, feel free to come early and stay longer. There’s plenty to see and do on the Long Beach Peninsula!

Everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day rally held at Kimball Creek RV Park located on the beautiful Rogue River just upstream from Gold Beach, Oregon. Rally Masters Jerry & Toni Smith and Dan & Carol Siefers had lots of surprises to complement the 100 mile jet boat ride through the wilderness areas of the wild and scenic Rogue River. This is truly one of nature’s more spectacular areas! Alpine Recreation and Dan Ball kept the party flowing all weekend, and provided several show coaches for us to look at. Everyone headed out with fond memories of a wonderful rally. Safe Travels! Chuck Hasman

Here we are going into our 2005 rally season. It has started out very well with the first rally at Joshua Tree, CA Jan 14-16. The wagonmasters were Hall & Marion Rich and a great time was had by all. The next was at Puerto Penasco, Mexico February 14-21. This was the longest rally we have every done, it lasted 7 days. The wagonmasters were David & Norma Gipson. We had a great time, and enjoyed the food, shopping, entertainment and the shrimp (yum yum). We are looking forward to doing it again next year. The rallies that we have coming up are: (1) Pismo Rally, May 13-15, which will be held at the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort. The wagonmasters will be Dave & Myra Moore. (2) Acton, CA, October 14-15, which will be held at the TT Soledad Canyon Preserve. The wagonmasters will be Gary & Diana McDougal. Have a great time, join a Safari Club, meet and make new friends. Happy and Safe travels. Larry D. Burks, President


More Happy Hoboken Faces

John McHale, the Vice President of the SE TREK Fun Club, has made arrangements for a discounted 45 day tour to the Yucatan with Tracks to Adventure. The trip will start from Hildago, Texas on January 22, 2006. The Tracks to Adventure contact is Jennifer Lindner at 800-351-6053. Cost is about $5,075 with a $500 deposit. Questions? Ask John McHale,


2005 Safari International Election Ballot Directions
Read the following instructions carefully. DIRECTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED TO MAKE YOUR BALLOT VALID. This year’s election is for the offices of President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director to FMCA, and Alternate National Director to FMCA. You will need to provide 1 (one) #10 envelope.

Place your completed ballot inside the envelope provided, labeled “Election 2005” and seal it. This is envelope number one (1).

Election 2005

Address a standard #10 envelope as shown: This is envelope number two (2). Place envelope number one (1) inside of envelope number two (2) and seal it. Your name and address MUST be on envelope number 2. Your FMCA number should also be on this envelope. Please print this information; if it is not legible, your ballot cannot be identified and thus will not be counted.

Your Name FMCA # Your Address

Safari International Election Committee 91320 Coburg Industrial Way Coburg, OR 97408

BALLOT ENVELOPES MUST BE POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2005. If you are not current with your FMCA and Safari International memberships your envelope will not be opened and your vote will not count! You have two ways to vote: by mailing this ballot OR by voting in person at the Prerally to the Minot, ND FMCA Convention. Either way, please vote! One vote per coach membership. Your ballot is on the next page (page 20).





PRESIDENT: BOB GORDON RAY MOCK _______________________
(write in)

(write in)

(write in)

(write in)

SECRETARY: SUE MARR _______________________
(write in)

(write in)



MEMBERSHIP DUES: Dues $12.00 per year. Please make your check payable to Safari International and mail completed application to: Safari International 91320 Coburg Industrial Way Coburg, OR 97408 *If you purchased a new Safari, you need not pay. Monaco Coach Corporation has paid your first year’s dues. Any questions - Please call: Brenda Reagh (541) 681-8090, E-mail:
















The meeting was called to order by President Ken Brunner at 3:00 pm. It is noted that a quorum is present. The reading of the August 13, 2004 General Membership Meeting minutes was waived. The following is corrected: Safari Trails Editor, Jane Summers, has requested any changes in addresses be sent to Brenda so she can update the mailing list. It was moved to accept the minutes as corrected by Terry Webner and seconded by Judy Pederson. The minutes were approved as corrected and will be placed on file. Treasurer Art Gray gave his report. Liquid Cash Accounts: CD’s Total Current Assets Total Fixed Assets Total Liabilities & Equity Total Income Total Administrative Expenses Total Rally Expenses Newsletter Expenses Badge & Pin Expense Bank Charges FMCA Safari Chapter Meeting Expense Equipment Repairs Depreciation Total Expense Net Income Currently we are $216.00 under budget It was moved by Wayne Prigge to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read. The motion was seconded by Phyllis Gordon. The motion carried and the Treasurer’s Report will be placed on file. Committee Reports: Martha Skeans, Membership Chairperson: report was read by Sue Marr $142,111.05 $24,696.84 $166,807.89 $200,951.86 $200,951.86 $ 18,932.00 $2,400.00 $7,208.42 $5,376.44 $677.00 $81.00 $1,750.00 $179.01 $1,079.76 $18,751.63 $180.37

Membership cards are now being sent with new and renewal memberships. Brenda sent them to the Board members so that they could see how they looked. New Directories were mailed earlier this month. Membership numbers still remain around 3,000. 43 were archived this month for delinquent dues for November. Currently for December we have 70 delinquent. Eight reminder cards were sent to members for past due FMCA dues (3 months past due) for the period 1/1/05-2/1/05. In an effort to retain our members and make another personal contact, I will be experimenting with sending cards to new members (free memberships from Monaco) that have not sent in their badge application forms. Perhaps this will stimulate an interest in the Club, and at the proper time, they will renew their memberships. I’m also playing around with finding a way to followup with members who were given a free one year membership in Safari International and FMCA but never renewed. Want to give them an opportunity to activate their membership. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Martha Skeans, Membership Director Dorothy Nolen Sunshine Chairperson reported that she sent cards to Betty Cain, Clark Skeans, Elsa Gattschlak, Sharon Andrews, Peg Connelley, Chuck Gatzka, Phil Brown, Kenneth Cerro, Emil Mitchell, Irwin Shapiro, and Dick Marr. A sympathy card was sent to the family of Don Riddle National Director’s report was given by Robert Cerney our FMCA National Director. Robert reports that Max Durbin has decided not to run for a second term even though he is not seriously ill as was reported earlier. He has decided to run for National Senior Vice President. Less Alexander and Connie Pool are running for International Area Senior Vice President. Due to By Law changes, National Officers will be serving one two-year term and alternate office elections. The President and Senior VP will run for a two year term, Secretary and Treasurer will run for a one year term. Area VP’s will be elected for a two year term. Elections will be held at the Minot, North Dakota meeting.


The new National Officer Nominating Committee consists of Gerine Reagen, Chairperson, Don Crawford; Tom Ainsley; Jay Blumenthal; Allen Rein. Alternate National Director, Ralph Cerney has no report; he felt the material was covered by Bob Cerney. Safari Trails, Jane Summers no report: It should be noted that the new directory has been mailed out and Safari Trails has been mailed. Regional Vice Presidents’ Reports: Executive Vice President, Ray Mock: Ray asked all of his parkers to stand, giving them his thanks for a job well done. Parking for this rally went very well with no problems. Northwest Regional Report from Brian Wigzell was given by Ray Mock. Northwest Regional rally will be held June 2124, 2005 in Newport Oregon. Registration forms are available at the information desk and in Safari Trails. The campground is a 5 Star rated facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Brian would like to extend an invitation to all to come see the area. Southeast Vice President Jim Markwood reports the rally is going very well and everyone expressed their approval of the rally. Southeast and Northeast regions will be having a combined rally in Urbana, Virginia and he said that Peter Wehnau would give information on that rally. Northeast Vice President Peter Wehnau reports the Northeast/Southeast regional rally being held May 23-24, 2005 at Bethpage Camp-Resort Urbanna, VA is developing well. Letters have been sent to all area Safari dealers asking for support. Support has also been requested from Jeff Uphold and Joel Eberlein, Monaco/Safari regional sales managers. Thirty-eight (38) registrations have been received with of hopes for many more. Fishing trip and boat trip to Tangier Island are being offered at an additional cost. Monaco has informed him that they will be unable to support the rally with techs because the numbers of attendees is not high enough. The criterion is 75 coaches; the location of the rally and area dealership support is needed for techs to be available. Letters were sent to new owners in the northeast area with regis-

trations for the rally included. As of this date no response has been received, but letters to new owners will continue in hopes of encouraging participation in Safari International. North Central Regional Vice President Terry Webner reports his last year’s rally at Shipshewana, Indiana was his region’s last rally and due to his involvement in the Pre Rally to Minot in August, 2005 there is no rally planned for 2005. However, plans are being made for 2006 regional rally. Sakakawea is the location of the pre rally to the Minot, North Dakota FMCA Convention. This rally is being held August 9 through August 13, 2005. A family group performing gospel and country music, numerous crafts, and Bingo are scheduled for the entertainment. The caterer has been selected. If you are coming in early to the rally it is suggested that you arrive on Thursday because the campground fills up with local people for the weekend for fishing. Please indicate on the registration early arrival, golf, and if you are caravanning to Minot. The caravan departs on August 13 with arrival in Minot at 1:15 pm. West Regional Vic President Ted Wedel reports he is planning the 2006 pre rally in Victorville, California at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds. The dates for this rally are March 14 18, 2006. There will be a 50 mile drive to Pomona, March 18 to the site of the FMCA Winter Rally. The area around Victorville has much to offer the visitor. Las Vegas is only 160 miles away; there are also historic and archeological locations, Death Valley, and golf available. Ted encourages all to come early and see the sights. There is the possibility of enjoying loggers as their will be a large group sharing the grounds. South Central Regional Vice President Teri Stanek wants to extend an invitation to her regional rally in Guthrie, Oklahoma on June 12 - 15, 2005. There will be full hook ups and all sites are on concrete slabs. The area around Guthrie is full of historic places, Banjo Hall Of Fame, and a golf course at the campground. The area is also the beginning of the great Land Rush in 1899. A reenactment will be part of the entertainment, along with a renowned Banjo player.

Nominating Committee, Martha Skeans: read by Wayne Prigge We have the following candidates to propose for the indicated offices, listed alphabetically:



Bob Gordon Ray Mock Beverly Duke Peter Wehnau Bernie Shenkman Clark Skeans Sue Marr Bob Cerney Ralph Cerney

(Safari International) with diplomacy and strength. The membership owes him their gratitude. A standing ovation was given to Ken Brunner. Judy Pederson asked that the candidates stand and introduce themselves. All candidates present were introduced. Ken Brunner introduced Jim & Linda Markwood, our hosts for this rally. An expression of our gratitude for a job well done and a great rally was given. Recommendations for Changing the Standing Rules Changes in the Standing Rules printed in the December issue of Safari Trails were discussed. These changes included changes in Rallies and Meeting, Membership, Procedures for amending by laws, Ethics, Executive Board, Fiscal Control, and CampaignElections. Phyllis Gordon made a motion to accept the changes as printed in Safari Trails. This motion was seconded by Beverly Duke. The motion carried. The Standing Rules changes are in effect immediately. Wayne Prigge made a motion the meeting be adjourned. This motion was seconded by George Swisher. The motion was carried and the meeting was adjourned at 3:50. Respectfully Submitted, Sue Marr Secretary

Executive VP


Secretary National FMCA Director Alt. National FMCA Director

President Ken Brunner opened the floor for any additional nominations. There were no nominations. Wayne Prigge made a motion the nominations be closed. It was seconded by George Swisher. The motion carried and the nominations were closed. New Business Old Business Bill Brown, Past President of Safari International gave a tribute to Ken Brunner and his work for Safari International during this period of adjustment. Ken is a special person who fought for us

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offer additional rally support for these fun clubs that are not FMCA Chapters. FMCA provides their chapters general liability insurance to protect FMCA members. Rallies hosted by groups of FMCA members (fun clubs) are not covered. In support of more rallies the Board invites Safari fun clubs to conduct Safari chapter rallies similar to our regional rallies. These rallies would be coordinated with the Safari Chapter through one of our Vice Presidents and hosted by Safari International members of the fun club. Fiscal responsibility would be monitored by the Vice President and reported to the Safari International Board the same as any Safari rally. It would be expected that these rallies would have no profit or loss. The Vice President would contact FMCA for a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” for the rally the same as any other Safari rally.

Fun clubs still have the option to conduct a rally with no connection to any formal club. Those attending rallies and the campground where the rally is held may be liable for any damage done during any rally. This may not be any different then a group meeting at a campground for a few days. If a group of Safari members (fun club) would like to run a Safari rally, please contact your Regional Vice President or any Board Member. The Board will then establish some guidelines for managing these rallies. This is an open invitation to any member that would like to host a Safari rally. Our Regional Vice Presidents would welcome help in running a regional rally. Terry Webner


Editor’s Corner
by Jane Summers
I cannot stress too much the importance of taking a few minutes to complete the enclosed ballot and put it in the attached envelope, then add your own outside envelope and get it in the mail! A couple of comments about this process might be pertinent: 1. It is all too easy to set this issue aside thinking “I’ll do it later,” only to discover that you forgot to vote! I speak from experience — even your editor has done this! 2. Please be sure to complete all the information required on the outside envelope — preferably printing neatly. When I helped at the last election, I was amazed how many return addresses on envelopes were almost impossible to decipher. If your envelope cannot be reconciled with the membership list (we can’t read your name, FMCA number absent or illegible) your vote is liable to be rejected. To ensure that your vote is tallied, use your full name and address as is shown in the membership roster (see address label on this issue Safari Trails). Please read and consider carefully the comments submitted by each candidate. If you have questions to ask before making a decision, I have endeavored to include contact information. These folks will be your club officers for the next couple of years — and will affect the direction the club takes. Don’t be shy; contact anyone you wish to; e-mail is probably preferable, but feel free to use any of the contact information given. And most important of all — please VOTE! Have fun and travel safely this summer!

Disclaimer: Any advice, recommendation, hints, or counsel included in the Safari Trails newsletter from time to time is an opinon or observations which has been reported to the Editor. FMCA, Monoco Coach Corp., and the Safari International Club do not accept any legal responsibility for the validity or accuracy of such information. This includes the Editor.

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