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            GROUP NO :3
              PGPM (B)
   About Airtel
   The Old School
   Implementation
   Benefits
   e-CRM initiatives
   Customer Experiences
   Stations of Experience
   India the most talkative nation after
   Bharti Airtel, today is a behemoth
    with close to 34% share of country’s
    mobile telecom market.
   Crossed 100 million subscribers base
    this year.
   Most profitable telecom network in
    the country with a revenue more than
    Rs.36000 crore.
Problems faced and reasons for implementation
   Individual modules for each of the processes
     Order processing
     Project management
     Billing
     Customer details
     Call center operations
     Direct Marketing
     Sales Management
     Channel Management
A simple thing comes to their mind: How?
Step   • Technology
         evaluation   Step   • Internal
                               restructuring   Step   • Pilot
  1    • GAP
         Analysis       2    • Re-
                               engineering       3    • Feed back



•Social Callers
   Operational CRM
     Workflow
     Day-to-day activities
   Analytical CRM
     Customer information
     Business development
PREVIOUS                   CURRENT

 Order processing             Marketing
 Project management           Planning
 Billing
                               Campaign Management
                               Lead Management
 Customer details
                               Sales
 Call center operations       Activity Management
 Direct Marketing             Knowledge Management
 Sales Management              (FAQs, How to guides)
 Channel Management
                               Call Center Support
                               Opportunity Management
ORACLE adds Magic to AirTel
   Customer segmentation
   Cross selling and up selling of relevant schemes
   Market analytics like records of customer
    profiles, profile, payment history etc
   Generation of accurate leads and SMS bursts
    that target only the right customers based on
    their segmentation is possible
   First time resolution has increased from 40 %
    to more than 90 %.
   Customized and simplified bill formats,
    payment collection centers, network
    deployments, and the activation process was
   Better value added services were provided
   It facilitated knowledge sharing amongst
   Started e-billing
   Online customer support on new system
   The customer gets the same level of service
    across India especially from call centers.
   Reduced cost of customer or customer
    acquisition cost
   System is highly scalable as the number of
    subscribers increase.
   Automatic escalation of problem to superior
    authority on breaching pre-set time limit.
The way forward
   After implementation of the Oracle CRM, Airtel
    now implementing e-CRM.
   e-CRM implementation partner is IBM
   Would provide a host of services now running
    on Oracle CRM
     Online customer support
     Customer profiling
     Web interface
     Sales management for vendors and partners
Lets talk !!
   Pay from Home
     Pay using mChek on Airtel
     Log on to and go to “My Account” Section.
   One time Payment instructions
     Give an ECS for your bank account
     Give a standing instruction for charging your credit card.
   Walk in and Pay at
     Any Airtel recharge outlet
     Airtel Relationship centre
     Any easy bill/ Oxygen outlet
     Any Airtel drop box
     ATM payments – For PNB debit card holders
Airtel Relationship Centre
Reception/Waiting    Briefing about the        Purchase
      Area              various Plans
• Well Greeted      • Explained in        • Various Payment
• Comfortable         detail                Options
  Seating           • Suggested Plans     • SIM delivered
• Served Water        according to the      immediately
                      specific            • Selected Choice
                      requirements          for Number
                    • Explained
                    • VAS
     (+ve)                (+ve)                 (+ve)
   Activation          Billing         Value Added
• Usually take    • Number of         • Information
  between 24-       billing Options     available
  48 hrs          • Incorrect           easily
• Loop holes in     Unbilled          • Convenient
  Document          Usage               activation/Dea
  Submission      • Billing             ctivation
• Address           Discrepancies     • Wide range
  Verification    • Unfulfilled
      (-ve)            (-ve)               (+ve)
   Deliver what you promise!!!
   Don’t over-commit!!
   Be Reasonable while answering Queries!!
   Be Accountable!!
   Real time billing update
   Ensure safe handling of documents
   Immediate Activation
   Highly efficient address verification process.