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					                                      School Council – Minutes


1. School visits

       Last week some of the school council members showed a lady called Coleen Jackson around
        school. Mrs Jackson is the Head Teacher at Marshfield Primary School. She visited our school
        to look at how we had made progress.
       Alek and Callum showed Mrs Jackson around the Usher Street site and Akbar and Ifrah
        showed her around the New Cross Street site. She was really impressed with the visit and
        said it was great to see the children being so informative, honest and confident.

2. Health and safety group

       Last week Fiona and the Heads and Deputies went on a health and safety walk around both
       They looked at all the things in school which could be dangerous for children and staff.
       They found a number of things which could be dangerous for example staples in the walls,
        untidy corridors and messy cloakrooms.
       Fiona has spoken to Mrs Chivers and Mrs Pillinger about lots of the things the group pointed
        out and many of them have now been looked at. For example, we are looking at getting
        sensor taps in the toilets at New Cross Street so the taps turn off and do not flood the toilet
       Aminah and Ifrah are also making some posters that we can put around school.

3. Writing scrutiny group

       This group did a fantastic job last week.
       They took one literacy book from each class in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 so they could look at lots of
        different writing.
       They looked at the presentation, punctuation, marking and if the children had made
        progress. They found that around 50% of books had good presentation. The group thought
        that the teacher’s marking was really good but that the younger classes needed their
        feedback on the flipcams in case they couldn’t read the comments in their books.

4. The learning walk group

       This group looked the learning walls around school. They made sure each class had a literacy
        wall, a maths wall and a big question wall.
       Most of the walls had success criteria and examples and many had WAGOLS. The group
        would like to see lots more WAGOLS on every display.
       They were really impressed with the behaviour in class, especially the behaviour charts and
        GEM charts.

5. Road Safety meeting
         On the 25th November a Policewomen called Laura will be visiting school to talk to the
          School Council about road safety. We will be doing lots of road safety activities and talking
          about how we can make the roads in our area safer.
         The council discussed lots of ways to make the roads safer, for example wearing your
          seatbelt, looking both ways when crossing the road and not crossing between cars.
         They were set a task on the blog to think about road safety and look at the website.

6. Blog

         There is now a school council blog where children can do tasks, post comments and tell
          everyone their ideas.
         The school council really like the blog because it is a fun way to learn and it lets everyone
          have a chance to make a suggestion or comment on work.

7. GEM assembly

         GEM assemblies will be used to celebrate excellent pieces of work in maths and English. The
          work will be scanned in and shown on the big screen.
         Each child chosen will receive a big GEM diamond and a certificate.
         To be chosen for the GEM assembly your piece of work needs to have:
                       A GEM tag
                       Fantastic presentation
                       Fantastic punctuation

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