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All About Books
Parts of a Book
        Each book in the library has many parts.
The spine of a book

           The spine of a book is the part
            that you see when the book is
            on the shelf, and other books
            are along side your book.
           The spine of a book helps hold
            your book together and keep it
            strong just like the spine in your
            body does!
The Human Spine and
The Spines of Eight Books
The Cover of a Book

   The cover is the
    outside of a book.
    There is usually a front
    cover, a back cover,
    and the part in
    between them called
    the spine.
Table of contents

This is an
  of a table
 in a book.
Other pages you know . . .

   The Table of Contents is at the beginning of a book
   If there is an index, it is at the back of the book
   A glossary is at the back of the book too, and tells
    you what words in the book mean.
This is an index from a book.
It is similar to the table of contents

  The index tells you
   what pages you
   find each topic or
   subject on
           A glossary gives the
Glossary   definitions of
           the words used
           in the book.
Who is the author?

     The author is the person who writes the story.

The author writes the words of a story.
Sometimes the author draws the pictures
 too – then you say the person is the
 author and illustrator.
The author always writes the words.
Lemony Snicket is the author of the
Series of Unfortunate Events Series.
The Illustrator draws the pictures
in a book.

The illustrator is the person that draws the
 pictures in a story book.

Sometimes there are pictures on every
 page, and they tell a big part of the story.

The person that draws them is the
The Illustrator draws the pictures

                   Margaret and
                    H.A. Rey are
                   the illustrators
                     of Curious
The title is the name of the story.

     The title is usually on the front cover of the
      book and on the spine.
     The title is on a page called The Title Page
      right before the beginning of the story.
     Authors usually choose the title for their
      book, since they write the words!
        The Title of this book is
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

                  The author of
                   this book is
                  J.K. Rowling

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