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					                        Research Newsletter of the UIC College of Dentistry

                       June 8, 2004                                         Issue No. 6


Special Guest Lecture June 17 at 12:30 pm (LHN) by Dr. Maria Worsham, Director of Cancer Genetics Research
at Henry Ford Hospital and professor of Pathology at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Her talk is
sponsored by CMBOD and entitled "Molecular Modeling Strategies for Diagnosis and Prognosis in Head and Neck

The Thirteenth Annual Research Symposium presented by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Friday, June 18,
2004. Mahmood F. Mafee, MD, Professor of Radiology, UIC College of Medicine will discuss, "The Role of Oral
and Maxillofacial Magnetic Resonance Imaging." Keynote Presentation: 9:00 am-12:00 Noon. Resident
Presentations: 1:15 - 4:00 pm (LHN).

NIH-Sponsored On-line Grant Writing Skills Workshop in June. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, this
series of workshops are being held every Wednesday in June (12:00- 1:30 pm Central). For more information and to
register, go to:

UIC-sponsored Grant Writing Courses Offered Summer and Fall. Course entitled, "Mastering Grant Writing:
How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal." The summer session will cover writing for the non-profit sector, the fall
session will cover academic research grants. Course size is limited. Go to:


UIC Makes Strong Showing at IADR Hawaii in March. Besides presenting over 50 papers, faculty and students
also took part in some island hospitality and the opportunity to socialize with colleagues over umbrella drinks!

UIC College of Dentistry Now in Top 15 of NIH-Funded Dental Institutions. Based on NIH funding awards in
FY 2003, UIC-COD now ranks 14th in the nation in research, a rise from 16th place last year.

Campus Visit by Dr. Lawrence A. Tabak, Director, NIDCR, Dr. Larry Tabak visited COD on May 4 to learn more
about our research activities and educational programs. The day included lab tours, meetings, and a seminar
presentation. Dr. Tabak especially enjoyed visiting with our students and post-docs. Thank you to everyone who
helped out that day!

Dr. Lin Tao's Work Makes Headlines Worldwide. Dr. Tao's work on Lactobaccilus strains that may inhibit HIV
transmission through mother's milk received worldwide attention in June, with the story carried on the CNN and
BBC web channels, as well as Y   ahoo headlines and a Chinese newspaper. As this goes to press, the Chicago Sun
Times has just interviewed Dr. Tao for an forthcoming article.
Chewing Gum Study Highlighted. Articles on Dr. Christine Wu's clinical study of Wrigley's cinnamon-flavored
Big Red gum appeared in the Chicago Sun Times and UIC Press in April. Dr. Min Zhu was a key investigator and
coordinator of this study.

Reminder on Grant Renewals and Submissions. Now is a good time for Principal Investigators to check to see
when their annual grant renewals are due and to make sure they submit the documentation required by the granting
agency and the university. Also, faculty planning to submit grants soon should make themselves familiar with the
Fed's new on-line E -snap submission system. If you have further questions or need help with a submission, see
Virginia Buglio in Office of Research (Room 402C, x. 6-1027).

New IRB Forms. OPRS and the UIC IRB have updated their applications forms, posted on the OVCR Web site at OPRS will no longer accept the "old" application
forms after September 14, 2004.

Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program. Each year NSF selects nominees for the Presidential
Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) from among the most meritorious new CAREER
awardees. This Presidential Award is the highest U.S. honor bestowed on scientists and engineers beginning their
careers and comes with a minimum $400,000 grant. Proposal Deadline: July 20, 2004 (due by 5 p.m. proposer's
local time). Go to:

Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation Grants are available for $50,000-$1,000,000 per year for projects in
children's oral health. Letters of Inquiry are due July 6, 2004. Details are available at:


Mina Chung won the IADR Education Research Group's Student Award for 2004 at the March meeting in Hawaii
for her poster, "Dental and Medical Students' Understanding of Infant Oral Health." Dr. Linda Kaste is her mentor.

Dr. Liu Hong was a finalist for the Hatton Award at IADR. He was also recently awarded grants from the Whitaker
Foundation and the March of Dimes for his research on applying tissue engineering to cranial sutures.

UIC-COD Students Win Young Investigators Awards from the Chicago Section of the American Association for
Dental Research. Above photo shows recipients and their research advisors. (Left to right: Lin Tao, Sarah Carlson,
Tanvi Mehta, Anne George, Jianjun Hao). We're proud of you!

Sarah Carlson, a D-2 student, won First Place in the 'Graduate College Award' category at the Sigma Xi research
forum for her paper, "Lactobacillus Lectin as a Natural HIV Trap." Dr. Lin Tao is her mentor.
Sean Holliday, third year orthodontic resident, was awarded third place in the Resident Clinician Scholars Program
at the 2004 meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Orlando. His research advisor is Thomas

Conference Paper Wins Section Prize. "Latino Views on the Relationship of Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases"
by Anne Koerber, Esther Vega, Khatija Noorullah, Izadora Torres, John Crawford, Linda Kaste, and Karen Peters
was presented in Los Angeles for the National Oral Health Conference, as well as at the CDC Diabetes Translation
Conference held in Chicago where it won first prize in the Communications section.

Degrees Earned. Graduate assistants Izadora Torres and Thelmare Varnado graduated in May with MPH degrees,
and Beth Saberbein, a volunteer for Dr. Koerber, graduated with a BS degree. Beth will enter the College of
Dentistry this fall.

John P. Zarb was invited to present a paper entitled "Diagnostic Codes for Prosthodontics: A critical component of
the electronic patient record" at the 86th Annual Scientific Session of the Academy of Prosthodontics held in May.
The meeting took place in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Anne George presented a paper entitled, "Self-assembled protein matrix serves as a novel scaffold for in-vitro
mineralization and cellular modulation" at the 7th World Biomaterial Conference May 17-21, co-authored with G.

Christine Wu, along with Dr. Keith Singletary, the Director of UIUC/UIC's Functional Foods for Health Program
and Dr. John Erdman, Nutrition Research Chair, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition at UIUC, were three
of the eight speakers at the International Symposium of Functional Foods for Health in Taiwan, May 25th and 27th,
2004. Dr. Wu presented and promoted the oral health benefits of functional foods. Dr. Wu also recently attended the
International Society of Breath Odor Research annual meeting in London, UK. New advances in etiology,
treatments, and diagnosis of halitosis were discussed. The society has proposed to hold its upcoming 2006 meeting
in Chicago!

Carla Evans was elected Member-at-Large at the AADR Council meeting in Honolulu. She will attend the AADR-
IADR Board meetings for three years.

Al Obrez was elected Treasurer of the Chicago Section of the American Association for Dental Research.


New Projects

Procter and Gamble Clinical Study. A team from Periodontics is conducting a 60-subject, double-blind, crossover
clinical study testing the efficacy of an electric toothbrush. Dr. Wu is the PI, Dr. Min Zhu, the project coordinator
and Dr. Nakib, the Clinical investigator. Currently the trial is taking place in the Faculty Practice Clinic, but a
permanent clinical study facility for the college is in the planning!!

New Publications (March 2004 - May 2004)

WD Bradford, LM Kaste, PJ Nietert, "Continuity of medical care, health insurance, and nonmedical advice in the
first three years of life." Medical Care 2004, 42(1):91-98.

SM Walton, GR Byck, JA Cooksey, LM Kaste, "Assessing differences in hours worked between male and female
dentists: An analysis of cross-sectional national survey data from 1979 through 1999." JADA 2004, 135:637-645.

Jianjun Hao, Bingshuang Zou, Karthikeyan Narayanan and Anne George, "Differential expression patterns of the
dentin matrix proteins during mineralized tissue formation." Bone 2004, 34:6, 921-932.
T Mayo, LM Kaste, BS Graham, "Existing community dental education programs: What can we learn?" CDS
Review May/June 2004:22-26.

Anne Koerber, Sangeeta Gajendra, Reginald Fulford, Ellen BeGole and Carla Evans, "An exploratory study of
orthodontic resident communication by patient race and ethnicity." JDE May 2004:553-562.
Submissions. Please submit your news items as an E-mail attachment to Shannon Dawdy <> at the COD Office of Research.
Also, contact Shannon to become a subscriber to this list, x. 3-1160.

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