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									Account director job description

A standard job description of Account director will include elements as follows:

   1.   Job information
   2.   Job purpose
   3.   Key tasks
   4.   Job standard
   5.   Job spec etc

Sample key tasks of Account director

   1. Ensure resources and opportunities are available for the account team to gain
       needed skills and abilities.
   2. Manage budgets and deliver programs within projected costs, including
       developing detailed marketing program cost estimates, business cases, and ROI
   3. Analyze financial statements and present financial justification for strategic
   4. Reinforce Digital Cement's leading practice position by leveraging specific
       learning into general firm knowledge development.
   5. Assumes a leading role in the review and evaluation of the quality of the Agency's
       product for all major creative, media, strategic and marketing strategies at the
       critical stages of their development, presentation and implementation.
   6. Monitor workflow across account team to ensure efficient delegation of projects.
   7. Manage the overall client/account P&L, ensuring responsible financial
       management and delivery of account profit expectations.
   8. Demonstrate consistently sound judgment and creative thinking.
   9. Provide unflappable and inspired leadership.
   10. Qualify opportunities, and help to define and influence the prospect's
       requirements in order to put a winning proposition in front of the client.
   11. Deliver key presentations to small and large groups including Manager, Director,
       Vice President, and C-level stakeholders.

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