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									                         The Capital Vixen
                               Newsletter of the Sweet Briar College
                               Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club                                Winter 2005
                                                           Club To Host
                                                          Annual Dinner &
                                                           Silent Auction
                                                      The Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club will
                                                    hold its Annual Dinner on January 27, 2005. The event will
                                                    include special guests, Ken Huus, SBC dean of admissions, and
                                                    Jonathan Green, dean of the College, who will give an update on
                                                    SBC in honor of Sweet Briar Day.
Dr. Barbara Perry, SBC Carter Glass Professor of      The event will also include a Silent Auction to raise funds for the
Government and director of the Center for Civic     College’s scholarships for Washington, D.C.-area students. The
Renewal, spoke to Club members at the lecture,      Vivienne Barkalow Hornbeck Scholarship, Washington Club
“Clotheshorse or Cold Warrior? Jacqueline
                                                    Scholarship and Harriet Evans Wyckoff Scholarship help the
Kennedy and the Role of Modern First Ladies,”
                                                    College maintain its competitive financial aid program and ensure
on October 13. See full details on page 4. (Photo
courtesy of Ann Carter, SBC)
                                                    the prominence of SBC as a top-notch college for women. If you
                                                    have any items or services to donate to the auction, please contact
Calendar Of Events                                  Janet Whitehurst `75 at, or
                                                    complete and return the enclosed form to Nancy Mortensen Piper
       *Club Board Meeting 1/4                      `74 at
        *Club Annual Dinner &                         Some items or services to donate could include: art; antiques; a
          Silent Auction 1/27                       weekend at a vacation home; dinners; spa treatments; gift
                                                    baskets; floral arrangements; tickets to sports or cultural events;
                                                    and autographed items. The Club appreciates the support of its
       *Club Board Meeting 2/1                      alumnae and looks forward to seeing everyone at the Annual
       *Club Board Meeting 3/1                             Board Calls For Alumnae
          *Horse Race, TBA
         *Wine Tasting, TBA
                                                          To Help Homeless Children
                                                     During the holidays there is usually no shortage of toys for
                                                     children, but often children do not receive books. For the past
            In This Issue:                           five years, Nursat Aygen `76 has attended a Christmas party for
                                                     homeless children in the D.C. area and has brought books for the
 * Upcoming & Past Events                            children. A few years ago, she convinced one of the party
 * Call For Alumnae to Help Homeless                 organizers to obtain books for the children, who received books
 * SBC In The News                                   at the party, in addition to the gifts of toys and clothes donated to
                                                     their shelters. The books were extremely popular! In the spirit of
 * Update Your Membership
                                                     Aygen’s favorite Christmas party, she proposes that giving books
 * Distinguished Citizen Award                       to needy children at Christmastime take hold in alumnae clubs
   Nominations                                       throughout the country and that the Club begin the tradition this
 * SBC Admissions Calls For AARs                     holiday season. If you would like to donate books, have book-
 * Adopt-a-Highway Program                           related contacts, or would like to help in other ways with this
                                                     project, please contact Aygen as soon as possible at
 * Reports From Board Meetings             
 * Fun Poll                 ...and more!                     1
SBC In The News
Full stories of the following articles are available online at:

November 9, 2004: “Va. Education Leaders Meet at Sweet Briar to Discuss Partnerships, Future”
by Kevin Miller, The Roanoke Times

September 13, 2004: “$3 Million Gift Creates Kitty Corbett Powell ’38 Reading Room”
Sweet Briar College has received a $3 million gift from Kitty King Corbett Powell, class of 1938, of Houston, for the
renovation and expansion of the Mary Helen Cochran Library. In recognition of Powell’s extraordinary generosity,
the College is naming the library’s main reading room “The Kitty Corbett Powell `38 Reading Room” in a dedication
ceremony on Friday, Sept. 24, during the 2004 Alumnae Council Weekend. As the only intact interior space on
campus designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram, the leading college architect in the United States at the time of its
design, the main reading room continues to be an incomparable central gathering place for reading or studying and is
memorable to Sweet Briar students from every generation. The room has walls graced by Corinthian pilasters and a
soaring ceiling crowning the space with geometric design. It will be restored to its original beauty and functionality,
thus bringing new life to one of the most magnificent places on campus. “I decided to support the new Library and
Technology Center because I am so fond of Sweet Briar, of libraries, and of Ralph Adams Cram and his work,” said
Powell. “This is such a worthwhile project, and I know that Sweet Briar will use the money to great advantage.” The
Mary Helen Cochran Library was designed in 1927 by the Boston architectural firm Cram and Ferguson and
completed in 1929. Through her campaign investment, Powell will help launch the renovation of the original library
structure, the first step in the expansion of the Library and Technology Center. “The new Library and Technology
Center is incredibly important to the Sweet Briar community because we must continue forging ahead, making
improvements all of the time,” Powell said. “It is a shame for the current library facility to be so antiquated.” In fall
2002, Sweet Briar embarked on the largest comprehensive fund-raising effort in the College’s history with the public
announcement of an unprecedented campaign goal of $102 million. Our Campaign For Her World emphasizes a mix
of endowment, facility, and program objectives and seeks support for the College’s Annual Fund. In addition to the
building needs that the campaign will support, faculty and students will benefit from scholarships and funds for many
academic activities. More than $80 million in gifts and pledges to the campaign have been received. The campaign
goal and first-phase funding for the Library and Technology Center is $6,400,000. With the addition of Powell’s $3
million gift, this goal — partial funding for the entire project — is nearly complete. Powell is the managing trustee of
The Powell Foundation. Her husband, the late Ben H. Powell, was executive vice president, director, and chief
counsel for Brown & Root, Inc. She is the mother of Marian Harrison, class of 1963. To learn more about Our
Campaign For Her World and the plans for the proposed Library and Technology Center, please visit

August 30, 2004: “Alumnae Association Welcomes Over 200 Alumnae and Friends Back to Campus
for Alumnae Council Weekend: September 24-25, 2004”
The Alumnae Office welcomed over 200 alumnae and friends back to campus for Alumnae Council weekend -
September 24-25th! View the full brochure and schedule of events online by going to
council/. The theme for Alumnae Council 2004 was “A Passion for the Subject: Celebrating the Arts at Sweet Briar
College,” which commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Anne Gary Pannell Center and Gallery, and showcased
how the fine arts are practiced and studied at Sweet Briar. Next year’s Alumnae Council will be held September 22-
24, 2005. We hope you will make plans now to join us for this eventful time at Sweet Briar!

                        Mission Statement For The Sweet Briar College
                               Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club
 The Club aims to foster the community of Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C.-area alumnae
 through life-long learning and through business and social networking. The Club works to:
 enhance the welfare and reputation of the College; raise scholarship funds for students attending
 the College; and assist the College’s Admissions Office with recruiting Washington, D.C.-area

          Winter 2005                                 2                         The Capital Vixen
     Register Your                      Reconnect With The Club!
    E-mail Address!                  The Club Board requests that all alumnae renew their
  You can keep connected with        membership for calendar year 2005 in the Sweet Briar College
     local alumnae and Club          Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club. Quarterly issues of The
  activities by registering your     Capital Vixen will be mailed to alumnae who have paid their
e-mail address with the College.     annual dues. To renew your membership, complete the enclosed
 Your e-mail address will remain     “Membership Renewal Form” and return it to Nancy Mortensen
private, and you can unsubscribe     Piper `74. If your contact information or interests have changed,
 at any time. Please send your       please also complete and return the form with the updated
 e-mail address to the College’s     information. Please update your membership with the Club to
        Alumnae Office at            reconnect with alumnae and Sweet Briar! or by fax at
         (434) 381-6132.                 Distinguished Citizen
                                              Award --
                                        Call For Nominations
                                        The Club Board wishes to highlight the
                                     accomplishments of its alumnae by presenting
       Sweet Briar                      one special alumna in the Club with the
        College                              “Distinguished Citizen Award.”
      Washington,                    The recipient of the award will be chosen based
                                                  on your nominations!
          D.C.                            Nominations may include substantial
      Alumnae Club                         professional, political, scientific or
       Established                       humanitarian contributions to society.
                                      Please send your nomination and reason for
        c. 1914                            nomination to Adair Collins `98 at                    

  Club Programs                       Upcoming D.C.-area Events
    Overview                             12/23 Messiah Sing-along at the Kennedy Center,
  The Club’s programs foster                            Washington, D.C.
 education, collaboration, idea     
   exchange, networking, and             index.cfm?fuseaction=showEvent&event=MFHFM
professional development for its
  members. The Club aims to                12/31 New Year’s Eve at the Kennedy Center,
 conduct educational seminars,                          Washington, D.C.
events and activities that focus
on topics of interest to the local
        SBC community.                   index.cfm?fuseaction=showEvent&event=MFHFN

       Winter 2005                          3                     The Capital Vixen
             Webmaster Needed                                         The Capital Vixen --
 The Club seeks a Webmaster to manage the Club’s Web
                                                                        Call For Ideas
 site, Experience with PHP-nuke,           The Club Board is interested in your
 Front Page, and Yahoo! Business Web site                         ideas for the newsletter! If you have
 configurations preferred. Requires 10 hours minimum              any ideas of article topics, themes for
 per week. Please contact Penny Czarra `75 at                       ongoing columns, formatting, etc., for more information about                       contact Adair Collins `98 at
 this fun volunteer activity that is vital to the Club!        

     Book Signings Enthrall                                     Call For Letters To The Editor
The Club recently hosted two book signing events that If you would like to express an opinion on
      were smash hits with dozens of attendees!          a topic related to being a Sweet Briar
                                                               alumna or to Sweet Briar
On October 13, Michela English `71 graciously hosted     College, contact Adair Collins `98 at
   in her home the lecture, “Clotheshorse or Cold      
Warrior? Jacqueline Kennedy and the Role of Modern                for more information.
First Ladies” by Dr. Barbara Perry, SBC Carter Glass
 Professor of Government and director of the Center
   for Civic Renewal. Dr. Perry’s book, Jacqueline
                                                                 SBC Admissions
    Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier, was
 available for purchase and signing after the lecture.
                                                                 Calls For AARs
                                                                        The SBC Alumnae Admissions
  On December 3, Paul Cronin, former SBC Director of Representative (AAR) Program needs
  Riding, presented on his book, Schooling and Riding help from alumnae in the greater
 the Sport Horse, which was available for purchase and Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area
             signing. Katrina Balding Bills `97,                  right away! AARs work on behalf of the, organized the event, which took SBC Office of Admissions to contact and
                                                                  recruit prospective Sweet Briar students.
      place in the carriage house (c. 1850) at historic
                                                                  Last year, AARs represented the College
  Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, Va. Bills said, “The
                                                                  at 77 college fairs throughout the country!
   warmth of Sweet Briar sisters reunited, new friends
                                                                  This year, the Office of Admissions
     introduced, and fellowship for all was present in            estimates that more than 700 students will
                      abundant measure.”                          visit the SBC campus -- and many of these
                                                                  students will be from our area! Each of
                                                                  these students needs to hear more about
Alumnae & Students Connect                                        Sweet Briar from alumnae, so please
                                                                  consider signing up to be an AAR today!
 At Back-to-school Brunch                                         You really can make a difference. You can
On August 8 the Club hosted a brunch to honor new and
                                                                  sign up to be an AAR at http://
returning students at the home of Patti Powell Pusey `60. Thirty-
                                                        , or
five people attended the brunch, which featured a “Club
Update” presentation by Club President, Janet Whitehurst `75,     by contacting Melissa Coffey `98, assistant
and a talk “No Boundaries” by Amy Leigh Campbell `97, director of the Alumnae Association and
President of Bloom Consulting, LLC and author of Raising AAR program coordinator, at (434) 381-
the Bar: Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the ACLU Women’s Rights 6243 or
Project. The brunch was a fun time for all, connecting new          To recommend a prospective student to
and current students and their families with alumnae and Sweet    Admissions, go to:
Briar friends.                                                    alumnae/network/nominate.html.

       Winter 2005                             4                       The Capital Vixen
Missing Sweet Briar? Feel like you
are there with free “wallpaper” for                                  On The Road
     your computer desktop at:                                      Again...
  or by sending a SBC e-card to a                           The Club would like to assess the interest of D.C.-area
                                                            alumnae in volunteering for the Adopt-a-Highway
        fellow alumna from:                                 Program in Virginia. According to the Virginia                            Department of Transportation (VDOT), “Adopt-a-
                                                            Highway provides an opportunity for you or your...civic
   ?       Fun Poll
Question: What is your favorite
                                             ?              group to clean up litter and listen for Virginia roads to
                                                            breathe a collective sigh of relief.” More information
                                                            about the Adopt-a-Highway Program is available at: http:/
building on the SBC campus?                                 /www.virginiadot.orginfoservice/prog-aah-default.asp.
                                                            The program involves a commitment of four times a
                                                            year for two years. If you are interested in volunteering
* Williams Gymnasium &                                      for the program, please contact Nursat Aygen `76 as
Prothro Natatorium – Vicki Zak `00                          soon as possible at, and you will
* Pannell Fine Arts Center                                  be contacted about available times.
– Natasha Nickodem `01
* Benedict – Emily Boatwright `00                           Full-color Sweet Briar College license plates,
* Benedict/Babcock Fine Arts Center                         including the College’s name and seal, are now available
                                                            to Virginia residents through the Virginia Department of
– Amanda Atkinson `00
                                                            Motor Vehicles (DMV). Souvenir plates are also
If you have an idea for a Fun Poll, please contact
                                                            available. For more information, visit the Virginia DMV
Sarah Belanger `01 at!              Web site, at, and click on
                                                            “Plate Purchase.”
  Alumnae Prepare For
                                                            Adair Collins `98 recently visited Bulgaria, where she
   Upcoming Reunions                                          served in the Peace Corps 2000-2002. If you are
 Alumnae will be welcomed back to campus May                 interested in learning more about Bulgaria, you may
27-29, 2005 for Reunion 2005, which will include                  contact Collins at
Classes of 1925, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1950,
1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990,
1995 and 2000. More details are available at: http:/
                                                             Board Reports From Its
   Photos of Reunion 2004 are viewable from
                                                              October & November                                       Meetings
 Recent Campus Events                                      October: Plans for the winter issue of The
                                                           Capital Vixen were discussed. Arrangements
    12/2       Bum Chum Bazaar &
                                                           were made for the Perry book signing event on
               Chamber Orchestra Concert
                                                           October 13.
    12/4       Student Dance Concert
                                                           November: Arrangements were made for the
    12/4-05    Fall Horse Show
                                                           Cronin book signing on December 3 and the
    12/5       Christmas Vespers                           Club’s Annual Dinner on January 27.
    12/6       Class of 2008 Caroling Party                Information needed for the winter issue of The
                                                           Capital Vixen was discussed. The next Board
    12/7       Sweet Tones Chistmas Concert
                                                           meeting was set for December 7.
    12/10      Fall Semester Classes End
        Winter 2005                                    5                         The Capital Vixen
                       Club Leadership
Club Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. The next Board meeting will be
January 4. If you are not a member of the Board but have paid your annual dues, you are welcome!
If you would like to attend a Board meeting, please contact Janet Whitehurst `75 at Please get to know your Club Board and other advisors and
leaders, and do not hesitate to contact members of the Board with your thoughts and ideas!

Club Board
President                             Janet Whitehurst `75  
VP & Treasurer                        Nancy Mortensen Piper `74
Secretary & Ivy Social Club Rep.      Alison Stockdale `00  
VP, Community Outreach                Nursat Aygen `76      
VP, Newsletter                        Adair Collins `98     
VP, Web Communications                Penny Czarra `75      
VP, Public Relations                  Anna Reilly `95       
VP, Networking                        Monty Tripp           
                                      Wolfensberger `82
VPs, Student Recruitment              Sarah Belanger `01    
                                      Jaimie Del Monte      
                                      Galbreath `92
VP, Events                            TBA
VP, Fundraising                       TBA
VP, Membership                        TBA

Advisors To The Board
Rachel Baltus `96              Julia Mills Jacobsen `45               Patti Snodgrass Borda `82
Megan Morgan `76               Martha Mansfield Clement `48           Ellen Ober Pitera `93
Camille Crawford `93           Jennifer Rae `82                       Nancy Daugherty Davidson `82
Lynn Pearson Russell `69       Barbara Bolling Downs `64              Jean Taylor `49
Becky Dane Evans `78           Phyllis Watt Wilson `80

Additional Club Leadership
In addition to the members of the Club Board, the positions of Decade Leaders and State Leaders were
instated to help offer to the Club’s programs and activities their valuable insight from a generational
and geographic perspective, respectively. “TBA” denotes positions that have not yet been filled. If you
are interested in taking on a position, contact Janet Whitehurst `75 at
       Decade Leaders
       1920s         Anna Reilly `95                      1960s       TBA
       1930s         Anna Reilly `95                      1970s       Paula Brown Kelley `78
       1940s         Beatrice Dingwell Loos `46           1980s       TBA
                     Edith Brainerd Walter `42            1990s       Anna Reilly `95
       1950s         Courtney Gibson Pelley `59                       Nalini Mani `93
                     Jane Ramsay Olmsted `52              2000s       Alison Stockdale `00
       State Leaders
       Washington, D.C. TBA          Northern Virginia TBA      Maryland TBA

       Winter 2005                            6                      The Capital Vixen
               Board Thanks Club Members!
              Thank you for your support of the Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club!
                             See enclosed details on how to become a Patron Member or Member of the Club.
Penny Czarra `75, Patron Member
Martha Holland, Patron Member
Nancy Mortensen Piper `74, Patron Member
Janet Whitehurst `75, Patron Member

Col. Cecilia Albert                  Susan H. Daly Holbrook `70                          Courtney Silverthorn `03
Nursat Aygen `76                     Martha Holland `72                                  Erin Sobotta `99
Chantel Bartlett `98                 Hilary Carlson Katerberg `96                        Rachel Souder-Arguedas `01
Sarah Belanger `01                   Margaret Dowell Cochran Kearney `40                 Martha Madden Swanson `66
Baird Bell `67                       Tarrah Kehm `00                                     Jean Taylor `49
Stephanie Berger `91                 Paula Brown Kelley `78                              Cathy Weiss Thompson `74
Katrina Bills `97                    Kim Keriakos `67                                    Mary Fleming Finley Thompson `66
Saralee Boteler `79                  Page M. Kjellstrom `70                              Patricia Ticer
Marisha Bourgeois `99                Ann C. Leonard `47                                  Courtney Totushek `97
Edie McRee Bowles `74                Sarah Lindsey `04                                   Mary Montelle “Monty” Tripp `82
Eden S. Brown `88                    Peggy Jean Fossett Lodeesen `58                     Sandra Schwartz Tropper `73
Amy Leigh Campbell `97               Karin Lawson Look `74                               Tia Trout `02
Martha Clement `48                   Beatrice D. Loos `46                                Erin Vlasaty `99
Cissel Gott Collins `72              Josephine MacMichael `67                            Maria Vonetes `75
Barbara Tragakis Conner `85          Julia Mak `49                                       Sandra Vonetes `75
Shirley Stultify Cooper `55          Alicia D. Markham `02                               Anne Claire Wackenhut `98
Mary Craddock, MD `68                Jesse Martin `02                                    Jennifer Wagner
Camille A. Crawford                  Alicia McCarthy                                     Leigh Anne White ‘86
Martha S. Crosland `71               Lauren Friend McKelvey
Mary Louise Kelley Dame              M. Elizabeth Medaglia `69
Nancy Daugherty Davidson `82         Meredith Williams Melmed `95
Sarah Dean `99                       Brieanne Vogler Midura `01
Ann King Dietrich `53                Marion Montgomery `44
Ann Thomas Donohue `54               Amy Mullen `02
Tria Pell Dove `64                   Carole S. Ney `36
Ellen Claire Gillespie Dreyer `83    Megan Ogborn `03
Ilsa Eickhoff `01                    Jee Park `02
Michela English `71                  Courtney Gibson Pelley `59
Maria Estefania                      Claudia Forman Pleasants `70
Katherine Estes `41                  Patricia Pusey `60
Roxanne Renee Fox `01                Janet Rakoczy `78
Jane Frierson `74                    Nancy Rasenberger `51
Allison Gerber `98                   Gretchen Redmond
Jean G. Guergai `87                  Anna Reilly `95
Percy Clarke Gwinn `68               Audrey L. Rosselot `48
Adele Harrell `62                    Meriwether Rumrill `59
Ann Petesch Hazzard `51              Elizabeth (Betty) Sayler `85
Karn Henderson `97                   Katie Schellhammer
Kristin Herzog                       Mary B. Schwartz `81
Melissa Henning Hill ‘99             Lauren A. Sherlock `74

                 Winter 2005                                7                          The Capital Vixen
  The Capital Vixen
  SBC Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club
  Box E
  Sweet Briar College
  Sweet Briar, VA 24595

        The Capital Vixen is published quarterly and is available to Washington, D.C.-
area alumnae online at:
Quarterly issues will be mailed to those alumnae who have paid their annual dues.
To receive e-mail notification of newsletter issues posted online, register your e-
mail address with the College’s Alumnae Office at or by fax at
(434) 381-6132.
        The newsletter bears the name of the Sweet Briar College mascot, the female
fox or vixen. The purpose of the publication, consistent with the goals of the Club
itself, is to serve as a meeting ground for alumnae and to keep alumnae informed of
the current news of Sweet Briar College and the Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club.
        The newsletter’s Editorial Board includes: managing editor, Janet Whitehurst
`75; chief editor, Adair Collins `98; and editors, Nancy Mortensen Piper `74 and
Penny Czarra `75. If you would like to contribute to the content of the newsletter,
please contact Janet Whitehurst `75 at or Adair Collins
`98 at

       Winter 2005                    8                 The Capital Vixen
 Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club Membership
                                      Renew your Club membership today!
Please complete and return the form below to renew your membership in the Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae
Club or to update your contact information or interests. By doing so, you are supporting the largest SBC alumnae club and
your alma mater! All area alumnae are encouraged to pay annual dues to the club; your dues go directly to the Club’s events
and activities, which benefit alumnae, current students and prospective students. Dues-paying members become
immediately eligible for discounts on select events; receive preference on over-subscribed events; and receive quarterly
issues of The Capital Vixen by mail.

Annual Dues Scale
Ø$20 per alumna
Ø$10 per alumna – Classes of 2003 & 2004
*A special annual payment of $125 or more gives an alumna Patron Status, which waives the alumna’s annual club dues and
provides the alumna with free attendance to a variety of club events and a Sweet Briar sticker or mug.
*Additional donations to the Club are gratefully accepted.

Completed form below may be mailed to:
Mrs. Christopher W. Piper
6101 Bayliss Knoll Court
Alexandria, VA 22310

                   Please accept the enclosed check for $________, made payable to
                     “Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club,” as my
                  annual dues to the Club / Patron payment / donation [CIRCLE ONE].

Please complete the following, and circle any information that has changed:

Name: _______________________________________________ Class: ___________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Work Phone: _____________________________ Home Phone: _________________________
Fax: ____________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________

I would be willing to volunteer in one of the following areas:
Career Development _______              Community Outreach _______              Events: Social _______
Events: Educational     _______         Events: Cultural       _______          Fundraising    _______
Public Relations        _______         Student Recruitment    _______          Web Communications
I would be interested in hosting, speaking at, or participating in the following:
                               Hosting                  Speaking                Participating
Brunches/Teas                  _______                  _______                 _______
Cocktails/Receptions           _______                  _______                 _______
Career Workshops               _______                  _______                 _______
Family Events                  _______                  _______                 _______
Tours                          _______                  _______                 _______
   – Authors                   _______                  _______                 _______
   – Current Events            _______                  _______                 _______
   – SBC Faculty               _______                  _______                 _______
Sporting Events                _______                  _______                 _______
A good location to hold events: _____________________________________________________
Other ways I would like to be involved in Club:         _____________________________________
        Call For Silent Auction Items Or Services!
    The Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club will hold its annual dinner event
January 27, 2005, which will include a Silent Auction to raise funds for the College’s scholarships
 for Washington, D.C.-area students. If you have any items or services to donate to the auction,
             please contact Janet Whitehurst `75 at,
                           or complete and return the form below to:

                                     Mrs. Christopher W. Piper
                                     6101 Bayliss Knoll Court
                                      Alexandria, VA 22310

                          Some items or services to donate could include:
                                 *a weekend at a vacation home
                                         *spa treatments
                                           *gift baskets
                                      *floral arrangements
                               *tickets to sports or cultural events
                                       *autographed items


I would like to donate ________________________________________________________________
to the Sweet Briar College Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club for the Annual Dinner’s Silent Auction on
January 27, 2005. Please contact me to make arrangements for my donation.
Signature: _________________________________________________________________________
Date:      __________________________________

Please complete the following, and circle any information that has changed:

Name: _______________________________________________ Class: ___________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Work Phone: _____________________________ Home Phone: _________________________
Fax: ____________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________
Description of Item/Service:

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