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             Ganiyu ‘dele
      Be A Boss Business Club
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Permit me to introduce you to Be A Boss Business CLUB

About Be A Boss Business Club

  • Our main objective is to expose and train
    individuals and groups of people on various low
    budgets, easy and profitable businesses they can

  • We achieve these through seminars, workshops,
    consultation etc, bringing together experts and
    professionals in various fields to impact
    knowledge on people.

  • The communal and cooperative advantage

  • Loan facilities, networking, joint venture etc
Now in case you're still thinking about
joining - I've put together 12 compelling
reasons (to go along with our theme) why
you need to be part of this club.

Reason #1: Not the same "usual suspects" who sell
you copied manuals they do not even know how it works
or have not made a dime from what they are telling to buy.
I've brought together an elusive group of real-world "doers" to present
what they're doing for a living.

Reason #2: Our consultants combined bring in over N200M+
in their business both online and offline selling everything from e-
Books, real physical,manufacturing,consulting,agriculture and agro-
allied, products, information products, advertising, blogging,
Associations, CPA networks, membership sites & more.

Reason #3: Networking opportunity not to be missed
You'll be able to get up close and personal with the
CEO of leading organizations and sharing their success
secrets to motivate you.

Reason #4: Easy payment plan makes your investment
easy on the wallet i.e. N1k monthly.

Reason #5: Built-in money making opportunity which makes your
membership free after 2months.

Reason #6: Confidential information to be shared.

Reason #7: Once In a year star studded Underground seminar.

Reason #8: Now 'newbies'and beginners can quickly catch up to
speed and be better adjusted for the breakthrough ideas they'll
be exposed to at the club.
Reason #9: Networking opportunity not to be missed for joint

Reason #10: Big, bold unshaken guarantee...
At the end of the first 30days if you don't believe what you've
discovered is pure moneymaking gold or you decide not to continue
your membership {which i seriously doubt}.

Reason #11: This is not all comers affair, money
will be refunded to members who are dormant and
we will be shutting the door to membership after
reaching the numbers of people we are willing to
work with.

Reason #12: It'll be FUN! As you can tell from the site -
this isn't the typical seminar. There will be lots of fun,
Surprises and cool stuff going on!

There you have it. Trust me, it would be a huge
mistake to miss out on this opportunity.

Don't miss your chance to hear from the most elusive and secretive
group of 'Underground’ achievers (and also mingle and network with

NOTE: These are just some of the many opportunities and value you get from being a
member of this club.

BE A BOSS BUSINESS CLUB                                      ONE DAY

1 BASIC ENTREPRENEUSHIP SKILLS                                  N30, 000+
Includes 20 courses on how to start and run
a successful business.

2 OPPORTUNITY IN REAL ESTATE                                   N10, 000+
  More than 20 ways to make money in real
  estate as a start-up.

3 IMPORTATION BUSINESS                                         N25, 000+
 It is a known fact that importers are
 millionaires, join the big league by learning
 all the inside secrets.

4 OPPORTUNITIES IN FILM INDUSTRY.                              N8, 000+
  Nigeria is the number one in home video
  industry in the world. Nollywood generates
  more than 25billion take your share of it.

5 GLOBAL STOCKS                                                N6, 000+
  Learn all the technicalities on how
  to buy and sell cheap stocks and turn in into
  blue chips.

6 FOREX TRADING                                                 N20, 000+
 It is no news that this is a goldmine,
 but you need the best of training and

7 SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES                                       N5, 000+
  they are free to join and it’s a good place
  to make steady income.

8 WEBSITE DESIGN BUSINESS                                        N7, 500+
  The whole world is going online, take
  advantage of this massive opportunity.
9 INFORMATION MARKETING                              N10, 000+
   Learn the A-Z on how to make good
   money as info marketer.

   Do you that there are over 20 ways you can make
   Money in this sector.

    TOTAL                                             N128, 500

BE A BOSS BUSINESS CLUB ANNUAL                        N12, 000

                                   YOU SAVE            N116, 000

How To Join Be A Boss Business Club.
Presently we sensitizing people with our weekly seminar and
during this time you will be given the opportunity of joining
the club without the 2k registration fee.

What this mean is that you can just pay your one month
subscription fee of 1k.

Pay the N1,000 at any of the GTBANK
Account name: Ganiyu Bamidele .S
Account Number: 21781038631590
Send email to beabossng@yahoo.com or text
with your Payment details as follows: Name, amount,
branch paid into, teller number, date of payment.

I have seen it happen so many times, people just create a blog page
and expect money in their Adsense account without any effort.

The high expectation disappears after days and weeks of no money
in the Adsense account.

No doubt Adsense is by far the easiest way to generate income
online but there is need for good understanding and know how.

Earning can be as high as $90,000 in a month according to reports.

Like every other serious online business model, earning from
Adsense is not a guess work, it’s built on system which can be learn
and implemented.

Are you truly ready to join the league of earners in the Adsense

This report i put together is for you.
5 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Clicks.
1. Consistency In Keywords: Staying with the theme of your
keyword is important because this is what got visitors interested in
you blog in the first place.

The density and consistency of you keyword also determines the kind
of Adsense that will appear on your blog.

For a better understanding let me use my blog on vacancy as

If you take a very close look at the first advert that appears on this
blog, it says ‘Employment In Nigeria’. The implication of this is that
when a visitor whose sole intent of coming to this is blog is to get
information about job, there is higher percentage of him/clicking on
the advert.
The next question that comes to mind is how do you keep the flow
with you keyword? The answer is simple, just be sure that what you
Are always talking about on your blog is about the theme.

If your blog is about diabetes, the title of your post/article should
always be something like: Diabetes: What you should not eat,
another can be living with diabetes etc Am sure you got the idea now.

In the body of your post, make sure your keyword appears couple of
time too but do not over do it.

2. Use Relevant Pictures: Remember the popular saying about
picture speaking more than words? This applies to Adsense too.
Putting a picture near your Adsense will gives more visibility and this
will make it more noticeable.

Google frowns at such words as ‘click here’ or putting arrow directing
your visitor to click on Adsense on your blog; this is done in order to
protect advertisers. However if creatively used images put next to
your Adsense will get it noticed.

Note: Be sure to use relevant pictures in your post and not images
that do not have anything to do with the subject of discussion.

3. Use Different Adsense Size: Working with different size of
Adsense block can determine your click through rates. For me the
block size that appears in my blog has recorded some success but I
encourage you to monitor the success rate and determine which one
works for you best.

To get the different Adsense available for your use, do the following
  1. Log on to your blog
  2. Go to the dash board
  3. Click on layout under the blog you want to work on, you will get
     something like this:
4. Click on the edit of the Adsense you want to work on, when I
   did for my own blog, I got something like this
You can play around and get the workings of your Adsense from this
place, once you get the desired Adsense block you want, just save it.

4. Blend Your Advert Colour: The colour of your Adsense should
always blend with your template. If you take a look at my blog the
template is green and I have blended the Adsense colour into it.

This modification works best with blog that has lots of contents, your
Adsense will get clicked because people will naturally think its part of
the article.

5. Adsense First: If your only monetization strategy is a Adsense,
won’t it be nice to always put it forward? As rule of the thumb, make
sure the first that appears on your blog is the Adsense block.

If you have found this report useful or have questions, send me a mail
at beabossng@yahoo.com.

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