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Asiabiz Explains Singapore Employment Pass


AsiaBiz is the leading Singapore company that provides Singapore Subsidiary Registration services to local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors and offer consultation regarding the immigration and taxation, accounting and book keeping requirements, and other compliance matters stated under the Singapore law.

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									         Asiabiz Explains Singapore Employment Pass

Before any foreigner can commence with his business operations in Singapore,
he needs to secure an Employment Pass.

Treated as the principal working visa in the city-state, the Ministry of Manpower
can only allow foreign individuals to apply for an EP following a complete
incorporation of their company.

Asiabiz, a business firm based in the heart of Singapore and which has been
invited by media to tackle about Singapore’s visas, says there are 3 conditions
under which foreigners can apply for a working visa.

“If they are an entrepreneur, a business executive, shareholder of companies
registered and incorporated in Singapore, professional, or managing director
seeking relocation, they are eligible to hold an EP.”

“The second premise is when they have locally incorporated a business
enterprise and they need to hire foreigners to constitute their workforce,” Asiabiz

To continue, Asiabiz says, “Finally, for those who received an offer to work
locally, the employing company shall facilitate the process of Employment Pass
on their behalf.”

Singapore’s reputation being the world’s 4th largest financial center and the
easiest place to do business for 2011 can be attributed to the city-state’s
insatiable thirst and remarkable prowess for scrutinizing talents from foreign

“Besides having a minimum monthly earning not below than S$2,500, foreigners
must prove their professional qualifications, educational attainment,
specializations, and relevant work experience,” Asiabiz says.

Further, the Ministry of Manpower assesses the applicant’s qualifications on other
points including the reputation of the company, his citizenship, roles and
responsibilities, salary, age, and the company paid-up capital.

While the Ministry deems it a primary factor that foreigners have earned their
college degree or posses a diploma, the same cannot be disqualified in its
absence, provided that they have impressive compensating attributes.

Needless to say, foreign individuals can accelerate the process of their EP if they
employ the services of a business firm engaging in that business matters like
Asiabiz. It is also mandatory.

“That is part of our job description,” beams Asiabiz growing excited in the
discussion, “foreigners can rely upon us to process their working visa.”

“Documents such as the applicant’s resume or curriculum vitae specifying the
educational and employment details, hard copy of Original Transcript of Records
and educational certificates, certificate of employment, and personal page of
their passport are submitted to our office for processing.”

Generally, it takes 2 weeks for the Ministry of Manpower to release the
authorization code, which is a pre-requisite to submission of an EP application.

“After the ministry releases the code, the Singapore employment pass application
is submitted online and which will take another 2 weeks for its process to
complete,” continues Asiabiz, “then an In-principle approval notification is sent to
the applicant by the ministry via e-mail indicating an approval.”

During the collection of the EP, the IPA letter must be printed together with
other pertinent documents like recent passport size photo, original passport with
the entry embarkation cards, and medical exam result, as these should be
presented before the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.

“Foreigners can have their medical examination in the country of their origin
through a reputable clinic or hospital,” Asiabiz further elaborates, “or they can do
that in the local clinics which can have the result on the same day.”

It may be that the while the process takes place, the foreign individual is
offshore. If such is the case, the IPA features an inherent one-time journey entry
visa for the sole purpose of collecting the EP physically at the appointed office in

In most cases, entrepreneurs authorize their agent to claim the EP on their
behalf, however.

Like what happens most often with Asiabiz, in almost all the time it processes the
working visas of foreigners.

“Our reputation precedes our business name,” says Asiabiz in conclusion of the

About the Publisher:
Since its inception, Asiabiz has been committed to providing services in matters
relating to business. Among its specializations are setting up a business in
Singapore, which entails its registration, incorporation and formation.
AsiaBiz is the also the leading Singapore Company Incorporation specialists. It
has assisted thousands of foreign entrepreneurs form a Singapore Company. Our
office is located at Raffles Place, in the heart of the Singapore business district.
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