SpringCM Announces New Release of Cloud Invoice Automation Solution by EON


CHICAGO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--New capabilities provide greater visibility into invoice cycle times and bottlenecks, lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies

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									SpringCM Announces New Release of Cloud
Invoice Automation Solution
New capabilities provide greater visibility into invoice cycle times and bottlenecks, lowering costs and
improving operational efficiencies

November 10, 2010 08:10 AM Eastern Time  

CHICAGO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--SpringCM® today announced the latest release of its Invoice
Automation solution, delivered on its award-winning cloud enterprise content management platform. SpringCM’s
newest release makes automating invoice processing easier, faster and more affordable to implement. In addition,
new reporting and analytics features will provide customers with enhanced management insight into invoice cycle
times and bottlenecks, resulting in lower costs and improved financial operational efficiencies.

According to a recent SpringCM survey, more than 70 percent of organizations receive over three quarters of their
invoices in paper form. While automating invoice processing can reduce costs by 75 to 90 percent, more than half of
the 100 respondents cited the perceived cost and resources required with on-premise software as barriers to

“Many factors are prompting businesses to focus on ECM as part of a shift toward a SaaS or cloud model,” said
Toby Bell, research vice president at Gartner. "The attractions for applications like invoice processing are obvious as
it brings with it fewer costs for infrastructure hardware, software and management, and less complexity in the
applications layer.” 

Additional highlights of this newest release of SpringCM Invoice Automation include:

    l   An expanded business event model to enable quick configuration of rules, such as changing a vendor and
        automatically updating payment terms, or changing terms and automatically recalculating the due date of an
    l   Additional wizard-based reports and dashboards to assess cycle times and identify problem areas
    l   A new portal to enable vendor self-service, and reduce time spent by accounts payable staff responding to
        vendor inquiries

SpringCM Cloud Invoice Automation eliminates paper from the invoice payment process and fully automates the
workflow process from capture of invoice information, to matching, purchase order specifications, the approval and
sign-off process, and electronic submission for payment to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With
SpringCM, customers gain visibility into all of these processes as they occur.

“The impact on SG&A and risk reduction are obvious to most organizations,” said Roger Bottum, vice president of
marketing, SpringCM. “On-premise delivery models have been a barrier. But now with cloud solutions, automating
the invoice process can be easy, fast and affordable to address.” 

Today’s release is one in a series of recent product releases from SpringCM. In the past weeks, SpringCM has also
announced the October 2010 release of its flagship Cloud Enterprise Content Management solution and its newest
version of its Cloud Sales Contract Management solution.

More information on SpringCM Invoice Automation is available here.
Follow SpringCM on twitter @springcm.

About SpringCM

SpringCM is the recognized market leader in cloud enterprise content management. With delivery in days and at a
fraction of the cost, organizations use SpringCM to streamline their inefficient document processes with customers,
vendors, and remote operations. Organizations such as Dresser, BillingTree, ACS, and Cox are achieving a payback
in as little as 40 days in areas such as case management and claims processing, bids and proposals, regulatory
inquiries and accounts payable. With SpringCM customers avoid the expense, complexity, and risks of traditional
ECM software. For further information, visit www.springcm.com.

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