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					The next day, Ordinary woke up at usual time. But he didn't do his Usual
Job, instead he filled his luggage with ordinary things. Soon, Ordinary
went from the comfort conter of Land of Familiar, heading for the Border,
where almost no Nobody ever crossed. As every Nobody, Ordinary knows that
the further someone walks from the center of Land of Familiar, the more
unfamiliar it is. He also know that most of Nobody who tried to left
Comfort Zone of Land of Familiar feel very uncomfortable, that they
turned around and go back home. But Ordinary said to himself that he's
different from most Nobody. He will chase his Dream, no matter what will

But, as Ordinary stepped further, he started to feel anxious. The view
looked different. Now when Ordinary thought about his Dream, the Dream
also looked different. For the first time, he saw how the chase could
give him so many uncomfortness. And he got a more bothering thought: To
do what he likes most, he has to do what he fears most! Ordinary's
feeling started to turn from anxious to worry. His steps were slowing
down. And he started to feel great doubt about his Big Dream. What were
he thinking? He don't have enough talent or skill to succeed in achieving
his Dream. It's certain that he Can Not achieve Great Things. What if he
failed right in front of other Nobodys? Even worse, although he can do
the Dream, it's clear that he's Not Worthy. However, he's just an

His steps were getting heavier. The worry had turned into fear. In front
of him, he saw a sign: "Leaving Comfort Zone of Land of Familiar.
Entering Border Land." While he was approaching that sign, Ordinary
bumped into the invisible Wall of Fear. He stopped, he cannot step
further. He dropped his luggage and sat on it.

Should he turn back? he asked to himself. Or should he try to find a way
to continue the journey?
After a while, he heard these words:"Why do you stop?"
Ordinary recognize the voice of Dream Giver. "I think I want to go home.
I'm not the right Nobody to chase such a Big Dream."
"Yes, you are. I created you to do this."
"But I think I Can Not do this."
"Yes, you can. And I will be with You. I will help you."

Ordinary stayed in his place. After a while, he stood up and looked with
full of hope to the Unknown. There lies his Big Dream. But stepping from
this place to there seemed too difficult. And he turned back to the Land
of Familiar. He remembered all of his comfort - Usual Job, Best Friend,
his sofa, and his Box. There is something beautiful in nothing-happens.
Ordinary took his luggage and decided to take a step to that direction,
just to know how it feels. It felt better. He took another step. Even
better. He continued and with each step back to the Land of Familiar,
Ordinary felt better and better. But soon he felt that he also got more
and more sad. He knew the reason: he is leaving his Big Dream further

"Why are you turning back?" Ordinary heard Dream Giver again.
Ordinary stopped. "Because I'm afraid! Leaving Land of Familiar feels too
scary and dangerous."
"Yes, indeed."
"But if I'm expected to do this Big Dream, I'm sure I won't feel this
"Yes, you will. Every Nobody will feel afraid."
Ordinary thought for a while. "But You can get rid of that fear. Please
get rid of that fear! If You don't do it, I can't continue the journey!"
"Yes, you can. Be courageous, Ordinary."

Now Ordinary can see his choices clearly. Retain his comfort of his
Dream. But how can he "be courageous" if he doesn't have any courage? He
decided. If his fear wouldn't go, he still had to move forward. Trembling
he lifted his luggage, turned his body around from Land of Familiar, and
walked to the sign. And even though his fear got bigger and bigger,
Ordinary closed his eyes and stepped widely forward - right through the
invisible Wall of Fear.

And there he found something surprising. In the other side of that single
step - a step that Ordinary think he can't do - he found that he had gone
through his Comfort Zone. Now Wall of Fear was behind him. He is free,
and his Dream lies in front of him.

That day... Ordinary wrote the Truth about his Comfort Zone in his Dream
> It's hard to leave my Comfort Zone. But it'll be more difficult to
leave my Dream, and I'm thankful I didn't do it.
> I still feel unworthy or able to do my Dream, but Dream Giver has
promised to help me.
> Now I know a secret: I can "be courageous", even when I'm feeling
> My Big Dream lies in the other side of the invisible Wall of Fear. i
have to get through it. I didn't think that I could do it, but that's
what happened.

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