Exponential Growth and Decay Project by malj


									                         Exponential Growth and Decay Project

Objective: Students will create and explain a visual representation of exponential growth
or decay.

   1. Pick a topic of exponential growth or decay. Feel free to research and come up
      with other topics.
            Exponential Growth Topics              Exponential Decay Topics
       Yeast, bacteria                          Radioactive Elements
       Population                               Medicine Level in Blood
       Credit Card Account with interest rate
       or Savings Account with interest rate
       Value of stock when there is steady set Value of stock when there is
       increase                                 steady set decrease

   2. Write a 1 page paper to explain the growth/decay of your topic. Give examples of
      how this information is used, when it was first discovered, etc.
   3. Create a PowerPoint presentation showing the growth/decay for 10 generations or
      10 cycles. We looked at this applet to get us started.

             Slide #                Contents of the Slide
                1      Title page with Name and Period
                2      Brief explanation of topic (Make sure this is
                       presentation worthy-not a paper!)
             3-13+     In background: picture to represent
                       growth/decay as the applet example in class
                       In bottom right hand corner: graph from Excel
                       demonstrating the data in the picture
         Last Slide    In bottom left hand corner: Reset button that
                       will take you back to slide #3

   4. This project will be due _Wednesday, May 5th!
   5. Checkpoint #1 will be __April 22 ___. You will need to have a topic and
      your main research.
   6. Checkpoint #2 will be __April 29 ____. In addition to the sketch, you will
      need to have a rough draft of your paper, the equation, and some graphs created.

                                                       Point Value
        Written explanation of the                         40
        growth/decay, how it is used in real life,
        Correct Equation                                    10
        Accurate Graph (title and labels) with              30
        population indicated on each graph
        Accurate Visual Model of                            20
        Growth/Decay (10+ visual slides)

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