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                                Foods 10-20-30
                                 Room 278 (MINERS DINER)

                                 Ms. Connie Spacek
                                 Semester 1, 2010/11

                                  Tel: 743-5800 ext. 126

      In Foods our goal is the completion of five 1-credit courses. FOD 1010 is a
     prerequisite for any other Foods credits; therefore, students must obtain a grade of
     50% in this module before continuing with any further modules. It is possible to
     complete more than 5 credits depending on individual student motivation to do so. If
     there is insufficient evidence (incomplete bookwork and missed labs) for any
     particular course the credit will not be granted until the missing work is made up.

     As students are in the process of learning culinary concepts they will be building
     their knowledge base in ways that do not necessarily result in an immediate
     mark. For more information about the formative assessment in Foods please
     contact the instructor. See below for the breakdown of their summative mark for
     each 1 credit course.


FOD1010: Food Basics (approx. 3-4 weeks)
Students will learn the importance of safe and efficient work habits, to take care in handling
food, to understand and read recipes in various formats, how to familiarize with kitchen
equipment, and to make wise food choices based on Canada’s Food Guide.

Summative Assessment:            Assignments           20%
                                 Safety Test           10%
                                 Labs                  50%
                                 Module Quiz           10%
                                 Reflection &
                                 Basic Competencies    10%

Note: Students will need to obtain 75% or above on the food safety exam before
beginning to cook.

FOD1020: Contemporary Baking (approx. 2-3 weeks)
Students will learn baking terms and techniques, the functions of ingredients typically used
in baking, various methods of mixing, and how to evaluate the quality of a baked product.

Summative Assessment:            Assignments           20%
                                 Labs                  55%
                                 Module Quiz           15%
                                 Reflection &
                                 Basic Competencies    10%
FOD1030: Snacks and Appetizers (approx. 2-3 weeks)
Students will learn about the importance of snack choices and how they compare to
Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Factors affecting snack choices will be explored,
as well as, the selection and preparation of various snacks and appetizers.

Summative Assessment:              Assignments             20%
                                   Labs                    55%
                                   Module Quiz             15%
                                   Reflection &
                                   Basic Competencies       10%

FOD2090: Creative Cold Foods (approx. 2-3 weeks)
Students learn to combine nutrition and creativity in the preparation of salads, salad
dressings and sandwiches.

Summative Assessment:              Assignments             20%
                                   Labs                    55%
                                   Module Quiz             15%
                                   Reflection &
                                   Basic Competencies       10%

FOD2060: Milk Products and Eggs (approx. 3-4 weeks)
Students will develop various skills/techniques used with milk products and eggs, in
addition to, comparing the various products available, what they contribute to cooked foods
and how they are best used.

Summative Assessment:              Assignments             20%
                                   Labs                    55%
                                   Module Quiz             15%
                                   Reflection &
                                   Basic Competencies       10%

 **NOTE: Students who successfully complete or who have previously completed the above 5
    modules will consult with me to create their course plan from the remaining available

Course Expectations
Accessing culinary information for assignments/projects is a significant segment of each
course. Some assignments in the course will be formative which help you retain the vital
information you will require for the summative final quiz, as well as, for the kitchen labs.
Although only some assignments are a weighted portion of the course, if you do not complete
all tasks there could possibly be insufficient evidence that the course outcomes have been met.
The credit will then not be granted.
Lab Days
Students will be cooking Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday providing that assignments
are up to date. Advanced students will have to have their group’s recipe/grocery order
submitted to me the Friday before the lab day. They will not be able to cook if this is not
received. Non-kitchen days will be spent either planning their cooking labs, working
towards completing their bookwork/assignments, tackling kitchen duties or other activities
designed by the instructor.

Proper attire must be worn on cooking days. No open toed shoes, hats, spaghetti strap
shirts, tank tops or extra bulky tops will be allowed in the kitchen.

Basic Competencies
Attendance, preparedness, participation and teamwork are vital for successful completion
of this course. Class begins when the bell rings, therefore arriving late may mean missing
a fun game, interesting food clip, etc. Chronic lateness (five lates) will result in phone calls
home and referral to the office for disciplinary measures. Missed labs must be made up
after school (or other approved arrangements). No marks will be taken off for late labs as
long as they are completed. Written work for the 1st module must be completed before the
next module is started, and may require completion as homework.

Extra Help
Students requiring extra help can make arrangements with me on an individual or group

Great Websites for Foods 10-20-30 Information
     Foods Curriculum – You will be able to find the key terms and the general/specific learner
     outcomes we will be covering
     Login is LA19, password is
     There is an abundance of food tutorials and videos on this site. is a great cooking and recipe website! In here you will find many how-to videos
     on cooking.
     You can watch episodes of your favorite tv chefs, such as Paula, Barefoot Contessa, etc. There
     are many things to learn from this beautiful website.
     Look and taste is an awesome website to learn cooking from.
     These online video tutorials are awesome! It is a great website to explore!

           Welcome to Foods! Bring your Appetite!!
                   PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR PENCIL/PEN!! 

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