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DESCRIPTION Apple/ClarisWorks word any document processing other including





spreadsheet & database). .doc Microsoft Word document. Other programs such as Word Perfect are using this extension as well. .htm, .html HTML file (stored in a plain ASCII text file with formatting commands within brackets, understood by web browsers). "Portable Document Format", a file format developed by Adobe for storing nicely .pdf formatted documents which will appear the same on any computer monitor or printer - readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Rich Text Format (text with some very common formatting preserved - stored in a plain ASCII text file with additional .rtf formatting commands somewhat like HTML files). RTF lets you exchange text files between different word processors or different operating systems. Plain ASCII Text File (e.g. files created .txt with Notepad on Windows or SimpleText on Macintosh). .wps .wp, .wpd, .wp5, .wp6 .xls .bmp .eps Microsoft Works document. WordPerfect document. Microsoft Excel Windows Bitmap Image File. Encapsulated PostScript, a common

graphic file format.


Graphic Interchange Format, a common .gif image file format for web pages - stores single images or animation sequences (animated GIF). JPEG .jpg, .jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group), a common image file format for photographic quality images, popular for use on web pages. .mix Microsoft PhotoDraw or PictureIt! image format. A common Windows graphic file format, .pcx the standard for the PC Paintbrush program. Macintosh .pict,. pct PICT images (will be

understood by QuickTime or Microsoft Office for Windows). Stands for "Portable Network Graphics", a new bit-mapped graphics format


becoming more popular for use on the World Wide Web, as an alternative to the GIF format.


Adobe Photoshop image format. Tagged Image File Format, one of the most widely supported file formats for storing bit-mapped images (Windows and Macintosh).

.tif, .tiff


Windows Metafile Format, a common Windows graphic file format. Stands for "Audio Video Interleave", the standard file format for Microsoft Video for Windows.


.mov .mpg, .mpeg

QuickTime movie. Highly compressed digital video


compression file format, developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group. Audio .aif, .aiff Interchange File Format, a

common sound file format developed by Apple Computer, the standard audio format for Macintosh computers. Another common on Sun audio and file format, Unix




computer systems, or for use with the Java programming language. File extension for MPEG, audio layer 3 highly compressed by removing


redundant and irrelevant parts of a sound signal, which the human ear doesn't hear.


The most common Windows sound file format. Stuffit Archive, the most file common type, Macintosh compressed


developed by Aladdin Systems. .sea .zip Self-extracting Stuffit Archive. Zip archive, the most common Windows compressed file type. Generally refers to any Windows program .exe .hs,. stk .ppt .wb1, .wb2, .wq1 .wk1, .wk3, .wk4 .wks .exe, .com .bat .ini (or "executable"), but may specifically refer to a self-extracting Zip archive. HyperStudio stacks. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Quattro Pro spreadsheet. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet. Microsoft Works spreadsheet. Executable File DOS Batch File Windows Initialization File


.sys .cur .ico .reg .dat

System File Cursor Icon Registry Patch Registry Data File

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