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									                                                Why CANopen...
                                                CANopen is a higher layer protocol based
                                                on CAN (Controller Area Network) which

CANopen             protoCol
                                                enables the communication between
                                                devices of different manufacturers and
                                                guarantees interchangeability of devices.

                    stACk sourCe
                    Code                                     http://www.systec-electronic.com/canopen

                           More Information
                           Looking for more
                           information about
                           the CANopen Source
                           Code? Please check out
                           our company website,
                           where you’ll find lots
                           of useful information.

  Order Information
    See back for available packages!            CANopen Protocol Stack
  Contact: sales@systec-electronic.com
                                                Source Code
Save time and cost in creating Real-Time Capable                             Ask us for Adaptation Support.
standard compliant CANopen The Zero-Copy strategy and the seamless Supported Platforms
devices - SYS TEC CANopen implemented, strictly event-based software
                               structure make our CANopen Protocol 8-bit
Protocol Stack Source Code.    Stack best suitable for realtime applications Infineon, Philips, generic 8051, Atmel AVR
                                                as well as realtime operating systems.
You don’t need to be an expert in order                                                      16-bit
to design standard compliant CANopen
                                                Reduced Workload                             Infineon, Renesas, Fujitsu
devices when using the SYS TEC CANopen
protocol stack. All communication services      The ODBuilder is a configuration tool for    32-bit
are ready to use and have proven to be          creating the Object Dictionary of CANopen    Philips LPC2xxx, Freescale MPC5x5,
standard-compliant in many industrial           devices. Plausibility checks make easy the   ColdFire MCF52xx and MCF54xx, Intel
applications.                                   setup of a complete, standard compliant      80x86 based, Infineon TriCore, and more
                                                Object Dictionaries and minimize the
Modular and Scalable                            risk of input errors. On mouse-click the     Supported Operating Systems
                                                Object Dictionary source code as well        Windows 2000/XP/XPe/CE, Linux, eCos,
The extensive source code configuration                                                      PXROS
                                                as the corresponding EDS is generated
options allow for a best optimization in
terms of speed and memory consumption.
The comprehensive API of the CANopen
Protocol Stack enables a simple integration
to user applications. The modular software      Our CANopen protocol stack is available
structure and the various configuration         for many platforms and CAN controllers.
options makes possible fine-tuning and          If your system is not supported, the
lets you produce small code because only        sophisticated software structure and the         CANopen Applications
necessary components are linked to the          implementation in ANSI-C supports easy
application.                                    adaption to your specific target platform.
                                                                                                         Elevator Control
                                                                                                         Medical Devices

                •   Complete set of CANopen master and slave services included                        Industrial Automation
                •   USB/CAN interface and fully-featured toolchain for configuration, test             Building Automation
                    and commissioning of CANopen devices and networks included                          Maritime Systems
                •   1 year support and update service included                                           Special Vehicles
                •   No royalties on deployed products

 SYS TEC electronic GmbH, August-Bebel-Str. 29, D-07973 Greiz, Germany, phone +49 3661 6279 0, fax +49 3661 6279 99
    sYs teC products and services are available
  worldwide through our partners and distributors.
                                           For a complete list visit: www.systec-electronic.com/distributors

Available source code packages:                                                                                     CANopen Add‑on
                                 CANopen Source
  Add-on Package

                                 Code Value Pack

                                                                                                                    CiA 402 Add-on
                   Source Code

                                                   Source Code


                                                                                                                    This add-on module implements the

                                                                                                       Feature      CANopen device profile for drives
                                                                                                                    and motion control according to CiA
                       •               •               •         CAN driver source code                             402, as it is used for digital controlled
                                                                                                                    motion products like servo controllers,
                       •               •               •         Multi-instance support
                                                                                                                    frequency converters and servo motors.
                       •               •               •         Object Dictionary Builder tool
                                                                                                                    The implementation can handle up to 8
                       •               •               •         Event driven API for OS                            axes and supports the Homing Mode,
                       •               •               •         Generic OS API integration                         Profile Position Mode, Profile Velocity
                                       •               •         CANopen Configuration Suite                        Mode, Velocity Mode, and Profile Torque
                                                                 CAN-bus monitor with CANopen protocol plug-        Mode.
                                       •               •
                                                                  USB/CAN interface
                                                                 1 year free technical support and update service
                                                                                                                    MPDO Add-on
                                                                                                                    This add-on module provides multiplexed
                   512/512       512/512           512/512       Receive PDOs/Transmit PDOs                         PDO services according to CiA 301. A
                       •               •               •         Static PDO mapping support                         multiplexed PDO is a special type of PDO
                       •               •               •         Dynamic PDO mapping support                        that is used wherever more process data
                       •               •               •         Bitwise PDO mapping support                        are to be transmitted, as “normal” PDOs
                   127/127       127/127           127/127       SDO servers/clients                                are available. MPDOs are therefore used
                                                                                                                    in CANopen lifts (CiA 417) for example.
                      •             •                 •          SDO segmented transfer
                      •             •                 •          SDO block transfer
                     •/•           •/•               •/•         Emergency producer/consumer                        SRDO Add-on
                      •/•            •/•              •/•        SYNC producer/consumer                             This add-on module provides all services
                                                                                                                    and functionality compliant to CiA 304 -
                      •              •                 •         Heartbeat producer
                                                                                                                    CANopen Framework for safety relevant
                     127            127               127        Heartbeat consumers
                                                                                                                    communication. It allows for design
                       •               •               •         Life guarding                                      of safety relevant CANopen devices
                       •               •               •         Node guarding                                      based on SRDOs (Safety Relevant Data
                       •               •               •         Boot-up protocol                                   Objects). This safety implementation
                       •               •               •         Node control protocol                              has proven to be successful in various
                                                                                                                    industrial applications.
                       •               •               •         Error control protocol
                       •               •               •         NMT slave state machine
                       •               •               •         Time stamp object
                                                                                                                    Dynamic OD Add-on
                                                                                                                    The Dynamic OD Add-on implements a
                       •               •               •         High-precision time stamp
                                                                                                                    Dynamic Object Dictionary as specified
                      •/•            •/•              •/•        Layer Setting Services (LSS) slave/master          in CiA 302 and provides functionality
                       •               •               •         Store/restore parameter support                    to replace, extend or modify parts of
                       •               •               •         CiA 303-3 indicator specification support          an existing object dictionary at runtime
                       •               •               •         SRD client (dynamic SDO client)                    (e.g. PDOs, process data).
                                                       •         SDO manager
                                                       •         CANopen manager boot-up procedure                  SDO Gateway Add-on
                                                       •         CiA 302 Configuration Manager                      This add-on modules implements a SDO
                                                                 Process image, dynamic object
                                                                                                                    gateway function, which makes possible
     •                                                 •                                                            the forwarding of SDO messages
                                                                 dictionary support
     •                                                           Multiplexed PDO (MPDO)                             between two or more CANopen
     •                                                           CiA 304 safety relevant data objects (SRDO)
                                                                 CiA 402 device profile for
                                                                 motion control and drives

                                                                                                                           LEArn morE AT:
                                                                                                                                                                Release 11/2009


SYS TEC electronic GmbH, August-Bebel-Str. 29, D-07973 Greiz, Germany, phone +49 3661 6279 0, fax +49 3661 6279 99

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