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					How to create MRTG (Graphs) for customers            *MRTG= Multi Router Traffic Grapher.

  1. Enter the Cacti server through: or .

  2. Use our User Name and Password.

  3. Under the Management section choose Devices, Search either by Device name or IP.

  4. After finding the
     required device, left
     click on it.
5. Left click (Create Graphs for this Host).

6. Search for the required
   Slot/Port either by Slot/Port
   Name or by Index Number
   found on (5100ma index)

7. Left click on the required

8. Press Create.
9. In the Title type MISP in the begging if this is migrated connection / type Egynet if this customer located in Egynet Dslams, remove the word (Traffic) and
   type S/P numbers instead, then type the customer name @ POP.

10. In the Name remove the word (Traffic) and type S/P and their numbers.

11. Press Create.
How to Create Tree for customer
The aim of the tree is to collect customer's connections in one place.

   1. Under the Management section choose Graph Trees.

   2. Left click on Add.

   3. In the Name type the customer name, then press Create.

   4. Press Save.
How to Place customer's graphs under one tree
Now it's time to collect customer's graphs located in different devices under one tree.

  1. Under the Management section choose Graph Management.

  2. Search by customer name we already put on customer's graphs.

  3. Select all the graphs by checking the upper check box.

  4. In Choose an action choose Place on a tree and search for the tree we created before, then press GO.

  5. Choose Yes.
How to create a User Name and Password for the customer
Now it's the time to create account for the customer in order to be able to see his graphs.

   1. Under the Utilities section choose User Management.
2. Left click on Add.

3. In the User Name type the customer user name (Will be used for logging to Cacti server).

4. In the Full Name type the customer full name.
5. In Password type the password twice (In most cases we type the password the same as the user name and remember the password is case sensitive).

6. Check the (Enabled) check box.

7. In Realm Permissions check View Graphs, then press Create.

8. Search for the account we created.

9. Left click on it.

10. Choose Graph Permissions, the first three allowed and the last one is denied.
11. Press Save.

12. In Add Tree choose the tree we created before, press Add.

13. Press Save.

Now Logout from the Cacti and try to use the account you created to see the graphs (The graphs takes about 10-15 Minutes to begin drawing the traffic).

If you found everything ok give the customer Cacti URL and the required credentials to logon.

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Description: How to create MRTG (Graphs) for customers, MRTG= Multi Router Traffic Grapher.