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					                       Latest R4i Gold V1.40 Kernel Released released the latest R4i Gold V1.40 kernel for it’s product R4i Gold firmware V1.4.1. The update R4i gold V1.40
kernel succeed all functions of former version R4i gold v1.39 kernel. It fixed some bugs and enable some new games. Thanks
to, with their hard work, we can enjoy more happiness from R4i gold V1.4.1 firmware. Users can download R4i Gold
V1.40 Kernel from: to enjoy more games.

R4i Gold V1.40 Upgrade Content
 #5303 -- Zack & Ombra: The Phantom Amusement Park

#5302 -- 007:Golden Eye 007(EUR)

 #5301 -- Captain Tsubasa: Gekito No Kiseki(EUR)

#5299 -- 007:__Golden Eye 007(USA)

 #5298 -- Radiant Historia(JPN)

  #5294 -- Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel(EUR)

R4i Gold kernel upgrade Log

R4i Gold Kernel upgrade to V1.40        2010-10-09

R4i Gold kerngrade to V1.39.2      2010-10-31

R4i Gold kernel upgrade to V1.39         2010-10-30

R4i Gold kernel upgrade to V1el up.38         2010-10-23

R4i Gold kernel V1.40 upgrade method
Firstly, download R4i Gold V1.39 kernel upgrade patch from internet, and decompress it to your computer. There will be 1 shell
folder and 2 files: "_DS_MENU.DAT" and "_DS_MSHL.NDS". Then connect the TF card to the computer through MicroSD
reader,and copy the 2 files to the root directory of TF card. Finally, pull out the TF card and insert it to your R4i Gold firmware,
connect the R4i Gold Firmware to the DS or DSi manchine to reset. Congratulations, The R4i Gold V1.39 Kernel upgrade
process is finished.


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