Budget for the 2004 Honduras Mission

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					                Budget for the 2004 Honduras Mission
   1.   Roundtrip travel expense to Tegucigalpa, Honduras - $650/person
   2.   In country expenses - $500/persona
   3.   Model Village Programb - $2000/year
   4.   General expenses for the tripc - $1500/year
   5.   This is for a group of 20 Missionariesd

Grace Church Congregation Support - $2,000
Grace Church Service & Mission Support - $4,500
Direct Support from the Mission Team Members - $15,000
Speer Grant - $5000
Total Income - $26,500

Round Trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for 20 - $13000
In-Country Fees for 20 - $10,000
Model Village Program - $2,000
General Expenses - $1,500
Total Liabilities - $26,500

It is expected that the half of the Speer Grant be paid by January 2004
and the second half be paid by July 2004. The 2004 Honduras Mission
trip begins on July 10, 2004

Notes: a – In country expenses are fixed costs that Honduras Outreach
charges for transportation, guides, and living in Honduras for 1 week.
b – Model Village Program fee is the money that is provided to the village
for building supplies such as cement, roofing and other building materials.
This is set by HOI.
c – Expenses are supplies for the school that we bring with us such as
hygiene kits (comprised of toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soap and cups),
books and other school supplies. Also this provides for tools and gloves that
we may provide to the village.
d – The number of missionaries that have made the trip are 10 people in
2000, 18 people in 2001, 15 people in 2002, and 11 people in 2003. We
hope to provide additional money from the Speer Grant to help 5 to 10
additional missionaries go on the trip to Honduras, to bring the total from 11
to about 17 or 20.

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