The 2004-05 Enhancing Educational Effectiveness Award Recipients by kyliemc


									The 2004-05 Enhancing Educational Effectiveness Award Recipients

Name                     Dept.               Abbreviated Title of Project

Aguinaga, Jose           Library             New Model for Information Literacy
D’Amicantonio, John
Mayfield, Tracy
Travis, Tiffini
Wakiji, Eileen

Bhat, Christine Suniti   Ed Psych, A & Coun. Assessment and Career Education
Hoffman, Rose Marie      (EDPAC)

Chen, Teresa             Ed Psych, A & Coun. Web-based Guidelines for Level I
                         (EDPAC)             Tech Standards

Doyle, Alicia            Music            MUS 471/571: Studies in

Fisher, Carl             Comp. World Lit     Development of Cultural Studies
Velcic, Vlatka           & Classics

Gardner, Nancy           Chem. & Biochem     Revising the General Chemistry
Garber, Ron                                  Laboratory

Goldstein, Cora          Political Science   New Course: Nationalism and
Haesly, Richard                              National Identities

Greene, Gary             EDPAC               Interdisciplinary EDEL 462

Hall, Darwin             Economics           Dev. of Interdisciplinary Capstone
Finney, Stanley          Geology             Course in Env. Science and Policy

Kaminsky, Arnold         ASAM and History    Premodern Asia: New Capstone IC

Manke, Beth              Human Development Program Eval. for Social Sciences

Myers, Michael           Chem and BioChem Integrated Chem: Inquiry Learning

Nigrelli, Christina      Fam and Con Sci.    Integrating an Audience-Paced
Koval, James                                 Feedback System into a
Horn-Mallers, Melanie                        Capstone Course
Pavri, Shireen           EDPAC               Digital Videos for Guided Reflection

Powers, Kristin          EDPAC               Retooling the Psych Prog. Sequence
Hagans-Murillo, Kristi
Morrison, Jim
Tocco, Frank
Elias, Norma

Sheley, Nancy Strow      Liberal Studies     Revising Capstone Experience to
Keirn, Tim                                   Meet SB 2042, NCLB, CSET

Turley, Steve            Teacher Education   Aligning Standards, Content,
Hakim-Butt, Karen        KPE                 Assessment and Instruction

Vipond, Dianne           English             Field Exp. For Engl. Ed Students

Yarbrough, Carla         Journalism          Media Literacy Service Learning
Reis, Raul                                   GE Capstone Course

Young, Stacy             Comm. Studies       Preparing Grad TAs

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