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The research study explores the contribution of small and medium enterprises in
Vietnam to development impacts. Firstly, a framework is developed to measure the
development impacts of SMEs in Vietnam. Based on a selected sample of SMEs in
Ho Chi Minh City, data are collected to measure development impacts.           Then
comparison between the contribution of small enterprises and that of medium
enterprises is conducted to give insights for managers, decision-makers and policy-

The findings reveal that SME sector makes significant contribution to development
impacts on economy as well as society such as employment creation, income
generation, education, health, gender, economic efficiency and economic linkages
etc. The findings also present that investment in small enterprises is more efficient
than in medium ones in term of income generation, employment creation, economic
efficiency and economic linkages. However, in term of education, health, gender,
infrastructure, investment in medium firms seems to be more efficient. Finally, some
recommendations for improving business environment to promote development of
small and medium enterprises are also suggested.