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The world today is smaller and more intricately connected than it has been any time
before in history. Want to be relevant and marketable? Learn a second language.

   International business, diplomacy          in today’s work environment. The
   and nonprofit management are               ability to fluently speak, write, and
   areas that are expanding rapidly as        comprehend a second language not
   networks between nations grow.             only gives you the competitive edge in
   Global relationships, facilitated by       the job market but also distinguishes
   multi-lingual communicators, are           you as someone who understands
   essential as nations engage each           global trends and is ready to make a
   other. Language experts are vital          relevant contribution.

            I     INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUDIES                                                  I     INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUDIES

       Why Study a     Simply put, language study opens doors. Even if you                  Marketability   Nearly any job listing in the United States includes the
        Language?      were never to leave the United States, having another                                following phrase: “bilingual a plus.” In the United
                       language in your arsenal would increase your chances                                 States, knowing a second language, particularly
                       of professional success. Multinational corporations,                                 Spanish, virtually guarantees you a job in certain
                       government offices, schools and non-governmental                                     fields with a shortage of bilingual employees—such as
                       organizations are just a few of the areas where your                                 education or healthcare—and qualifies you for many
                       language skills equal employment opportunities. Of                                   specific bilingual positions that would not otherwise
                       course, if you have been bitten by the travel bug,                                   be available to you. If you need proof, just perform
                       language skills give you incredible leverage in terms                                a search at—you’ll find well over
                       of taking up jobs around the world. International                                    000 jobs that include the keyword “bilingual.” In an
                       work experience is invaluable and qualifies you in an                                increasingly multicultural workplace, there are few
                       unprecedented way for positions of influence and                                     careers that would not be greatly enhanced by fluency
                       leadership.                                                                          in a second language, and knowing a second language
                                                                                                            always gives you a leg up on the competition as you
Personal Fulfillment   Anyone who has mastered a second language will tell                                  apply for jobs. In short, you’ll find that, regardless
                       you that it is one of the most rewarding, liberating,                                of your specific career choice, your ability to land a
                       and exciting experiences you can ever have. It demands                               job and perform at work will be greatly enhanced by
                       hard work and determination, and when you finally                                    knowledge of a second language.
                       reach that point where the language just “clicks,” it’s
                       one of the most exhilarating moments of your life.
                                                                                  “ThE INTErNATIONAL NATUrE OF ANdrEWS hAS MAdE IT pOSSIbLE FOr ME TO GET LOTS OF
                       Along with this tremendous sense of accomplishment,
                                                                                  prAcTIcE IN ThE LANGUAGES ThAT I hAvE LEArNT hErE.” bjOrN kArLMAN, cLASS OF 006
                       learning a second language breaks down the most
                       significant intercultural barrier that exists—language.
                       This gives you the life-changing opportunity to
                       connect with an entirely new group of people,
                       opening a window into their cultural identity, social
                       relationships, sense of humor, and customs. Finally, the
                       very process of breaking away from your own native
                       language—of beginning to speak, think, and dream in
                       another language—expands your mind and broadens
                       your perspective on the world. As you immerse yourself
                       in something entirely foreign (literally), you’ll gain a
                       better understanding and appreciation of your own
                       cultural background.

                  I     INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUDIES                                                        I      CHOOSE ANDREWS

                                                                                           Unique Qualified   The greatest asset of the Andrews University
                                                                                                   Faculty    department of International Language Studies is the
                                                                                                              outstanding faculty. You’ll study under a team of
                                                                                                              language experts who are passionate about teaching
                                                                                                              and dedicated to their students. Most of the Andrews
                                                                                                              professors are not only native speakers of the language
                                                                                                              they teach, but are academically certified with masters
                                                                                                              or doctoral degrees, and regularly participate in
                                                                                                              national and international conferences on language
                                                                                                              education and literature. More importantly, our
                                                                                                              professors are deeply committed to students, and go
                                                                                                              the extra mile to provide for their academic, social,
                                                                                                              and spiritual development. You’ll find professors who
                                                                                                              always take the time to help you select classes, register,
                                                                                                              find jobs and internships, or just sit down and chat.

                                                                                               Year Abroad    As one of the most culturally diverse universities
dIFFErENT cULTUrE ArE WhAT MAkE IT SpEcIAL.”                 jULIO jUArEz, cLASS OF 00          Program     in the U.S., it is no surprise that Andrews University
                                                                                                              has extensive connections abroad. Our affiliate and
                                                                                                              extension schools are located in  countries on five
             Travel and     Without a doubt, what attracts most students to an                                continents, allowing students to transfer approved
            Multicultural   international language degree is the opportunity                                  credits to Andrews. We also co-sponsor the Adventist
             Experience     to travel. Truly mastering a new language comes                                   colleges Abroad program, which allows students to
                            only through immersion, which is why international                                complete their language degree requirements at a
                            language students are required to live in another                                 number of the international Adventist colleges and
                            country. The process of immersion allows students                                 universities. While studying abroad, you can select
                            not only to learn the language more effectively, but                              from a variety of culture, business, language, and
                            also to identify with a distinct culture and group of                             humanities courses in a curriculum that includes
                            people. It is an eye-opening experience that will serve                           extensive tours of the region. As an international
                            you well in your career, as you will gain an invaluable                           language student at Andrews, you’ll be required to
                            cultural understanding and sensitivity. Indeed, in                                spend anywhere from six weeks to a year in one of
                            today’s increasingly multinational business world,                                these locations, depending on your degree. but don’t
                            cross-cultural comprehension is a priceless commodity,                            worry—given the amazing tours, museums, great
                            something vital to effective business practice. The                               food, and travel opportunities, this is one requirement
                            multicultural education you’ll receive in choosing to                             that students always look forward to!
                            learn another language will be a lifelong asset to you,
                            your coworkers, and your clients.

                    I     CHOOSE ANDREWS

  Study Tours and   Along with our year abroad program, the Andrews
Summer Programs     department of International Language Studies
                    sponsors two annual international study tours to
                    locations in Europe and South America. The study
                    tours allow students to complete at least 6 credits
                    of language requirements, and more importantly, to
                    enjoy some incredible travels with their friends. As if
                    that wasn’t enough, the department offers even more
                    travel opportunities through the Adventist colleges
                    Abroad summer programs, which consist of six-week
                    sessions in the following languages:

                    > Chinese (Mandarin): hong kong Adventist
                      college, hong kong

                    > French: centre Universitaire et pédagogique
                      du Salève, collonges-sous-Salève, France

                    > German: Seminar Schloss bogenhofen, St.
                      peter am hart near braunau Austria

                    > Greek: Athens Study center, Athens, Greece

                    > Hebrew: jerusalem center, Israel

                    > Italian: Instituto Avventista villa Aurora,
                      Florence, Italy

                    > Portuguese: centro Universitário Adventista,
                      São paulo, brazil

                    > Spanish: colegio Adventista de Sagunto,
                      valencia, Spain; Universidad Adventista de
                      Montemorelos, Montemorelos, Mexico;
                      Universidad Adventista del plata, Entre rios,

                                                                              cENTrE UNIvErSITAIrE ET pédAGOGIqUE dU SALèvE,
                                                                                              cOLLONGES-SOUS-SALèvE, FrANcE

                I      CHOOSE ANDREWS                                                                         I     CAREERS

     Unique     With the 6th highest percentage of international                             Career    >	 Education
Opportunities   students in the U.S., you can be sure that you’ll have                 Opportunities   >	 Translation/Interpretation
                plenty of opportunities to keep your language skills
                                                                                                       When combined with other programs, an international
                sharp at Andrews. For starters, as an international
                                                                                                       language degree uniquely qualifies you for careers in:
                language student, you’ll be able to participate in
                frequent departmental activities, including assemblies                                 >	 Advertising and              >	 Marketing
                and tours. The International Language Studies                                                public relations          >	 Nursing
                faculty also works hard to provide students with                                       >	 Agriculture                  >	 physical Therapy
                excellent internship opportunities related to their                                    >	 communications               >	 pre-med
                career choices—in hospitals, businesses, social work                                   >	 Education                    >	 psychology
                settings, and schools throughout the U.S. and Latin                                    >	 Finance                      >	 public policy
                America. Furthermore, exceptional students have the                                    >	 International                >	 Social Work
                opportunity to join the local beta kappa chapter of                                          relations                 >	 Speech pathology
                the national collegiate language honor society, Alpha                                  >	 Management                         and Audiology
                Mu Gamma. Finally, a host of international culture
                clubs on campus, such as the Spanish club, Adelante
                and the French club, sponsor regular student activities,    “MY TIME IN ThE INTErNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUdIES dEpArTMENT hAS bEEN AN UNFOrGETTAbLE
                and there are weekly Sabbath schools in all of the          ExpErIENcE, ESpEcIALLY WITh cOMFOrTING prOFESSOrS WhO WOULd dO ALL IN ThEIr pOWEr TO
                                                                            SEE EAch STUdENT SUccEEd.”                                   ALEx pEñA, cLASS OF 006
                languages that the department offers.

     Degrees    Academic Programs (credit hours in parentheses)
                >	 bA: French Studies (6)
                >	 bA: Spanish Studies (6)
                >	 bA: Language for International Trade (0)
                >	 bA/bbA: Language and International business
                   ( total)

                >	 Minor in French ()
                >	 Minor in Spanish ()

                >	 certificate in Spanish Translation/Interpretation ()

                Graduate Degrees
                >	 MAT—language requirements only (-)

                          I     PROGRAM INFO                                                          I     PROGRAM INFO

 BA: French Studies    requires a minimum of 6 credits. These include              BA and BBA:    This joint degree in language and international
                       FrEN0 or 0, 0 or 0 and . All majors are         Language and     business (LIb) is a double degree for undergraduates
                       required to attend a full academic year in the Adventist    International   planning to enter a career in international business. The
                       colleges Abroad program at centre Universitaire                  Business   LIb-joint degree provides students with both practical,
                       et pédagogique du Salève, collonges, France. This                           on-site work experience and a thorough academic
                       requirement may be waived for native speakers or                            background in international affairs. Students in the
                       candidates who have spent an extended period of                             language and international business program receive
                       time in a French-speaking country.                                          two separate but integrated degrees: a bachelor of
                                                                                                   business Administration with a major in management
BA: Spanish Studies    requires a minimum of 6 credits. These include                             and a bachelor of Arts in Language for International
                       SpAN0, 6, and 6. All majors are required to                           Trade. The language for International Trade major
                       attend a full academic year in the Adventist colleges                       trains students in French or Spanish language and
                       Abroad program at colegio Adventista de Sagunto,                            culture for business and professional positions.
                       Spain, or Universidad Adventista del plata, Argentina.                      Students additionally may take examinations leading
                       This requirement may be waived for native speakers                          to certification in business French or Spanish. All LIb-
                       or candidates who have spent an extended period of                          joint-degree students participate in an internship in a
                       time in a Spanish-speaking country.                                         business/industrial work environment. The goal is to
                                                                                                   place qualifying students abroad where they can use
   BA: Language for    This program integrates the study of international                          their language and business skills in an international
 International Trade   languages and cultures with preparation in                                  professional environment. Students who do not
                       international trade and business. The objective of                          go abroad are placed regionally and work one or
                       this major is to prepare students for international                         two semesters for an employer in a staff support or
                       careers with the necessary business and language                            administrative capacity. The program is designed so
                       skills. Students in French or Spanish participate in an                     that students can complete the -credit program in
                       internship in a business/industrial work environment                        0 semesters.
                       either in the U.S. or abroad where French or Spanish
                       is spoken. Students may take examinations leading to
                       certification in business French or Spanish. See details
                       below. The major consists of study in the following
                       three areas: () specialized studies in language, ()
                       business and economics, and () required cognates.

                              I     FACULTY

pEdrO NAvIA                                  ELAINE jUbANSkI
chair, Associate professor of Spanish        Instructor of portuguese
bA, Antillian college                        bA, Andrews University
MA, Andrews University,                      MA, Western Michigan University
MA, University of Notre dame
phd, University of puerto rico               rUbEN pErEz-SchULz
                                             Instructor in Spanish
LILIANNE dOUkhAN                             bA, University of La Frontera
Associate professor of Music and French      MEd, University of Lethbridge
MA, University of Strasbourg
MA, Andrews University                       EMELY pOLOchE
phd, Michigan State University               Instructor of Spanish
                                             bA, Andrews University
SArAh FUSTE                                  MA, Western Michigan University
Instructor of French
bA, MAT, Andrews University


    BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI 49104-0180
    PHONE: 269.471.3180
    FAX:     269.471.6298

    let’s be global. let’s be interactive. let’s be skillful. let’s be communicators. let’s
    be vocal. let’s be translators. let’s be travellers. let’s be qualified. let’s be fluent.
    let’s be multi-lingual. let’s be in demand. let’s be relevant. let’s be linguistic. let’s
    be international. let’s be understanding. let’s be competitive. let’s be connected.

    P    269.471.3180
    F    269.471.6298
                              INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUDIES

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