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					                                                                            10 September 2010

Tier 4 (General) application checklist
You will need a number of documents to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. The UK Border
Agency is extremely strict about the documents and financial evidence that must be provided for a
Tier 4 visa so you need to follow their guidelines exactly. More information is available at:

¤ Application form
Visa extension: Tier 4 (G) (
students/applying/) A step-by-step guide to filling in the form is available on the Student Centre
website at:

¤ Passports
You should submit any passport/s that you have ever used to enter the UK. If any of these
passports have been lost or stolen, you will need to provide additional information See the
Guidance Notes for more information.

¤ UK Biometric Residence Permit
If you have been issued with a biometric ID card in the UK, you need to include it in your
application. You either have sticker in your passport or an id card – not both.

¤ 2 passport-style photographs
These must be taken within the last month and meet the strict UKBA standards. These should be
on white or grey background and you should not smile. See the Guidance Notes for more

¤ Fee
Postal application: £357. We recommend that you pay by Postal Orders but payments by cheque,
bank draft or credit card are also possible. See the Guidance Notes for more information.

¤ CAS statement (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
The CAS is a unique reference number linked to a record created by the University in the UK
Border Agency IT system. It replaces the ‘Visa Letter’ and contains all of the same information.
Once a CAS has been issued for you, you will receive an electronic CAS statement by e-mail. This
will include your unique CAS number. You will need to include this information when you make
your visa application. This information is confidential and should be treated carefully - see the
Guidance Notes.

¤ Proof of academic qualifications
Your CAS statement may list the qualifications you used to obtain your place at City. If it does, you
must include an ORIGINAL certificate or transcript for each of these qualifications (and official
translations if they are not in English). See the Guidance Notes for more information.
¤ Proof of finances
Original financial documents showing that you have enough money to pay any outstanding tuition
fees and a fixed amount of money for living. You will need formal proof that you have had this
money for AT LEAST 28 DAYS before applying. (*Government or University sponsored students
may not need to show this).

This will usually be:
   your bank or building society statements covering a 28-day period or
   a letter from the bank confirming that you have held funds for at least 28 days

Money for living expenses
The fixed amount of money for living expenses will usually be 1600GBP if you:
        need an extension to continue your current degree course at City
        have recently completed a full-time course which lasted for more than 6 months e.g
            undergraduate degree, A-Levels etc **

** Important It is helpful to send the UKBA evidence from your previous school, college or
university to confirm that you have been a full-time student. It should clearly show that you
studied for least 6 months and that your course ended less than 4 months ago.

If your parents are supporting you
If your parents are supporting you and the money is in their account, you will need to provide
extra documents (and translations if these documents are not in English):
   your parents’ official financial documents (see above)
   your original birth certificate
   a letter from your parents (in English) confirming that the money in their account will be used
    for your studies.

If you have official financial sponsorship, e.g. from your government
If you are financially sponsored by your government, your employer or another scholarship
agency, you must provide a formal letter from them confirming the details of your sponsorship.
See the Guidance Notes for more information.

¤ ATAS Certificate
People who want to study certain science and technology courses at Masters or PhD level need to
apply to the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS), before they can apply for their visa
extension. Applications need to be made at least 4-6 weeks before you plan to apply for your visa.
See the Guidance Notes for more information.

¤ Police Registration certificates
If you are required to register with the police, you must include an up-to-date police registration
certificate which shows your current address with your visa application.

Please e-mail if you have any problems with your application. Pease provide
your full name, student number and course so we can answer your query as quickly as possible.
The information in this checklist is given in good faith and has been carefully checked. City
University however accepts no legal responsibility for its accuracy.

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