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					Comparison of Kelso's B&O Tax Code Deviations from Core Model Ordinance Provisions Kelso B&O Tax Provision 5.03.040 Definitions Summary of Change from Core Model B&O Tax Ordinance Includes additional definitions for the following: Advance, Reimbursement Agricultural Product Artistic or cultural organization Competitive Telephone Service Consumer Director In this City, within the City Newspaper Non-profict organization or non-profit corporation Office, or Place of business Precious metal bullion or monetized bullion Processing for hire Product Royalties Software, prewritten software, custom software, customization of canned software, master copies, retained rights Tuition fee 5.03.050 Agency—sales and services Explains under what conditions a taxpayer is acting merely in the capacity of a broker or by agent, consignee, bailee, factor or agent when selling tangible personal property or services. 5.03.060 Imposition of the tax Tax rates for the following classifications: Extractor: .001 (.1%) Manufcturer: .001 (.1%) Sales at wholesale: .001 (.1%) (deleted exception language) Sales at retail: .001 (.1%) Printing, printing and publishing, publishing newspapers, extracting for hire, and processing for hire: .001 (.1%) Retail services: .001 (.1%) Service & Other: .002 (.2%) The B&O tax shall not apply to any person with taxable income less than $20,000 from all activities conducted within Kelso during any calendar year. Exemptions provided for the following: Non-profit organizations. Healthcare organizations Insurance business Farmers Althetic exhibitions Racing Ride sharing Deductions included for the following: Non-profit organizations Compensation from public entities for health or social welfare Interest on investments Interest on obligations of the state or its subdivisions Interest on loans to farmers Sales of precious metal bullion

5.03.110 Exemptions

5.03.120 Deductions