November by mzoglmann



Dear Parents,
        Can you believe it is November already? We are entering into a very busy time of
year… the Holiday Season is upon us! This is a very exciting and sometimes exhausting
time of year. It is also a great time to share wonderful moments with family and friends.
        November’s curriculum gets us ready for Thanksgiving, which consists of
Indians/Corn, Harvest, and Turkey Time. In the couple days before our Thanksgiving
Break we will be discussing Thanksgiving; we will have a Thanksgiving Feast during
snack time. There will be a sign up sheet of items to bring for the feast. Remember there
will not be any school on November 24th through the 26th with classes resuming on
November 29th.
        Grandparents Day and The Thanksgiving Program are on the same day this year,
November 19th. On this day, Grandparents will come to there grandchild’s classroom at
9:00am for a brief program and craft. Then, at 10:00am we will all be taking part in The
Thanksgiving Program, located in the south gym. Mr. Elmore has been teaching us the
Turkey Tango. The children are asked to sit with parents or grandparents and will be able
to join us on the gym floor to participate in the last song , “The Turkey Tango”, if they
        Our TTH class grandparents are welcome to come to their grandchild’s classroom
on November 18th at 10:30am for a brief program and craft. They may also come take
part in The Thanksgiving Program on November 19th at 10:00am if they wish to do so.
        Please remember to update your child’s extra clothing in their locker to something
more suitable for fall temps. Also, remember to bring a jacket for your child. We go
outside every day, weather permitting, even if just for 10-15 minutes. The wind can be
very chilly, especially if it is overcast.
        Remember to turn in your child’s “All About Me” page when you get it
completed. The ones that have come in so far are wonderful. Thank you for taking the
time with your child to do this project.

Thank you,
Miss Zoglmann & Ms. Ruffin

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