A LETTER TO THE EDITOR Public vs.charter schools by gagato


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     Dear Editor,
     I would like to state my position on the controversial
subject of public schools vs. charter schools. I support charter
schools. I think that charter schools are a way to educational
reform: by trying new school models, we will ultimately be able
to choose the ones that will work best for our kids. It is true
that charter schools divert some funds from public schools.
However, this should not be a decisive factor in whether or not
to give them a chance. By creating competitive alternatives to
public education, we will pave the road to progress in the
traditional system. It is no secret that public schools fail a lot of
students every year. It is a known fact that some kids cannot
survive in the tough environment of the huge public schools,
especially in the inner cities. This is true both for under-
performers and for over-achievers. With their rigid
standardized assessments, public schools cannot accommodate
the broad variety of learning styles. Charter schools may be a
solution for thousands of recent immigrant families whose
children struggle in public schools. In a word, charter schools
are worth trying! They are a good investment.

     Yelena Zimon

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