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32nd Annual Conferences
May 5-8, 2009
Miami Beach, FL

Overall Evaluation

Did you think the level of this meeting was                         Appropriate Too Complex
                                                                            82%             0%
How would you rate the meeting overall                              Excellent   Satisfactory
                                                                            50%            40%
On the whole how would you rate the following aspects of the meetingExcellent   Satisfactory
Overall quality of speakers                                                 57%            38%
Time for networking and informal learning                                   47%            53%
Efficiency and effectiveness of the registration process                    59%            41%
Usefulness of the exhibit program                                           40%            50%
Usefulness of the poster sessions                                           25%            75%
Hotel accommodations                                                        59%            10%
Meeting rooms                                                               68%            18%
Social functions                                                            50%            36%

Please indicate how you learned about the conferences
Conference announcement or Program mailing                                           32%
NRHA Publications                                                                    18%
Other Publications                                                                    0%
Word of Mouth                                                                        18%
NRHA Website                                                                         22%
Other                                                                                10% NRHA emails

What is the single most important factor in determining if you will attend next year's conference?
Continuing Education Credits
Conference Location                                                              10%
Conference Cost                                                                  35%
Coverage (ability to get away from work)                                         35%
Other                                                                            20% content, program

Explain the organization to us. i.e. congress, cg?
Explain how the association is organized. What is the congress? What is the CG?
Great learning opportunity. Very well organized. Fantastic location. Pretty expensive for meals and drinks on-site. Some of the b
Well done - thank you!
This was the worst NRHA meeting I have attended. Hotel had lots of problems- too expensive, terrible room, disorganized mee
The location made it very difficult to concentrate on anything, it was fabulous!
Very poor choice of venue- expensive, isolated
Flow sessions not so good- did not like exhibit hall event Wednesday and why was a 45 minute break after Friday AM session a
Hotel was a bit over the top- very expensive for everything. Otherwise, very nice.
As an exhibitor, the $1,150 was for my booth space registration and meals. Beside the cocktail reception and two breakfast buf
Mtg logistics- award banquet didn’t give winners much recognition, podium was in the dark- PPT slides promoting sponsors cou
Astonishing opulence compared to those for whom we work. Prehaps NRHA might consider a more "rural" location to stimulate
Overall, I found the meeting to be average. The hotel was way overpriced and under delivered. I had to ait 2 hours for my room
Beautiful location, Great keynotes. Internet should be free. Rooms were too spread out.
On 5/7/09, lack of signage indicating which classes were where and where refreshments were located.
Worst NRHA conference since Reno. Hard to find session rooms- some not included in program, no info on CG meetings, poo
Miami is a beautiful place and the fountain is gorgeous but it is really hard to make yourself attend sessions when you have a b
I was disappointed in the cocktail reception. If I would have known it was about the exhibitors, I would not have made a point to
More posters needed! I enjoyed viewing the posters! I would recommend allowing additional posters on health education.
I think it was insensitive to hold the conference at such a lavish site, espcially given the economy and how hard the rural facilitie
The variety of sessions and topics was the most important reason I attended. I got good information and best practices on issu
Disappointed in break sessions-too many "repeats", not interactive sessions should be shorter (45 min not 75)
Meals too expensive

Suggested Session Topics for Next Year
Focus on the community and how it must work to provide care
Community focus
Developing a network with non-health organizations with a rural interest
Stimulus updates, more on mental health
Rural health data- making things simple and useful for policy makers and legislators. Social determinants of health as they app
Funding for CAHs, RHC, CC; HIT resources and how they work, don’t work. New strategies to design rurhal health community
Too early to tell, but the major theme will be the same for hospitals- 1. Workforce 2. Facilities 3. Technology, but that will be tru
Continual focus upon access to health care for rural and disadvantaged populations.
Health reform, elder care
I liked the diversity topics
More on allied health education to help with shortages in rural areas.
Workforce development module for community/region. Access to mental health- telepsych? Outreach counseling?
Profiles of rural physicians, profiles of rural patients, profiles of veterans needs for rural communities
             Too Basic



 and drinks on-site. Some of the break out rooms were a little small.

e, terrible room, disorganized meeting space, Regis & Kelly disrupted access, etc. Not enough lunches on Wednesday. Meeting program wa

e break after Friday AM session and breakout? Conference locale, while very nice, was a a distraction to the learning opportunity- also too e

 l reception and two breakfast buffets, no full meals are provided until the last day or so when most exhibitors are gone. Price should decreas
PT slides promoting sponsors could have been used to highlight the awardees and their accomplishments- a little more time would have allo
  more "rural" location to stimulate rural economy etc? I was personally offended by NRHA's choice of Miami and its over emphasis on sense
d. I had to ait 2 hours for my room but they would upgrade me for $30/day. Later I learned friends of mine at the conference were put in the
am, no info on CG meetings, poor info on where food would be avaliable, ludicrous cost of restaurants, bar, snacks, etc. Food provided by t
end sessions when you have a beach waiting for you! Breakout session on the bungalows would have been fun!
I would not have made a point to come because I had the exhibit time on Wednesday. I was disappointed in the first keynote speaker. Altho
osters on health education.
my and how hard the rural facilities are having to struggle to keep a float. Hats off, however, to all at NRHA who planned the event, it went v
mation and best practices on issues of importance to me.
 (45 min not 75)

eterminants of health as they apply to rural America.
 design rurhal health community training, involve AHEC, bring resources to rural areas.
3. Technology, but that will be true for CAH conference as well.

Outreach counseling?
dnesday. Meeting program was not as good this year - Wednesday PM sessions in the exhibit area were poor. Too many speakers were "c

earning opportunity- also too expensive- we have almost zero travel aid and cannot be reimbursed for a $5 cup of coffee!

are gone. Price should decrease or more meals should be included.
ittle more time would have allowed time to eat and a little better, quieter presentation- don't try and combine "eating your meal" with "making
nd its over emphasis on senseless wealth. I was crippled by inaccess to pursers by wi-fi and hotels focus of big $. Your underuse of the 2 la
the conference were put in the "upgraded" rooms at no additional charge. Food costs $$$. Beverage costs $$$. Savannah- now thats a goo
nacks, etc. Food provided by the conference was the only option for some participants!

the first keynote speaker. Although I applaud him and his work. I do not feel he captivated the total audience- this information did not benefit

ho planned the event, it went very well.
e poor. Too many speakers were "consultants" and promoting their business - e.g. Katz, Waller

 $5 cup of coffee!

bine "eating your meal" with "making award presentations"
us of big $. Your underuse of the 2 large screens flanking the stage with the speakers is a great detriment to the multifaceted (TV & monitor a
 sts $$$. Savannah- now thats a good conference site. Hospital CG meeting- not productive at all- the CGs need to WORK!
ence- this information did not benefit my knowledge base. I think he would have been better in a breakout session. I really enjoyed the netw
nt to the multifaceted (TV & monitor acclerated audience)
CGs need to WORK!
out session. I really enjoyed the networking opportunity. I will come back next year, I made new friends not just collegues.
not just collegues.

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