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					City of Wenatchee JOB DESCRIPTION Title:
Reports to: Affiliation: POLICE CHIEF Mayor Management Department: Classification: Date: POLICE DEPARTMENT Exempt Revised February 2001

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY Serve as the Director for the Police Department. This is an executive, supervisory, and administrative law enforcement position responsible for all departmental personnel, programs and services. Department functions focus on protection of life and property, law enforcement, crime prevention, and development of positive relations with various interest groups. Other executive functions include planning, coordinating, policy setting, problem solving, goal setting, plan implementation, evaluation and correction. The Chief should be visible and active in the department and community providing a sense of direction, education, and confidence in the department. Department divisions include patrol, detectives, neighborhood resource team, school resource officer, records bureau, dispatch, and parking enforcement as well as a shared role in the regional drug task force. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS 1) SUPERVISORY DUTIES: Directs Police Department activities and personnel. Directly supervises senior staff and other administrative personnel. Duties include establishing selection criteria, oversight of the hiring process, probation, promotion, employee training, evaluation, discipline and termination. Set ethical and behavioral standards for all department personnel. POLICY ADMINISTRATION: Formulate policy and comply with regulations governing Police Department activities in consultation with the Mayor, City Council, Department Directors and other City personnel. Confer with other law enforcement officials to coordinate investigations and resolve enforcement issues. Establish goals for the department to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Provide guidance to division commanders in the development and implementation of operational policies. BUDGET COMPLIANCE: Develop, present, administer and monitor departmental budget. Directly or indirectly approve departmental purchases to ensure compliance with budgetary guidelines for every division of the department. Along with others, identify sources for grants, apply and administer per regulations. LABOR RELATIONS: Assist, plan and participate in labor negotiations, union contract administration and settlement of employee grievances. Understand the fundamentals of labor relations, negotiating techniques and practices. CUSTOMER and COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Relate to, attend meetings with, support and gather information from a wide range of community groups and the general public. Regularly make presentations to service clubs, schools, churches and other public gatherings to inform and educate, provide answers to general questions or criticisms, and establish favorable public relations. Establish and participate in committee work, advisory groups to understand community needs and communicate departmental functions. Maintain positive community/customer relations. MANAGEMENT RELATIONS: Report directly to the Mayor; work effectively, cooperatively and courteously with City management and elected officials, state and federal authorities. LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Analyze and evaluate departmental performance and compliance on municipal, state and federal laws, ordinances and codes as well as court cases pertaining to law enforcement functions. WORKER SAFETY: Oversee responsibility for worker and citizen safety. Enforce and comply with best practices to protect and preserve employees, community members and property. DEPARTMENT OVERSIGHT: Analyze data; prepare reports and correspondence relating to departmental activities, direction and accomplishments. Respond to sensitive or complex inquiries. Take corrective action as needed or directed; deal with emergencies as required; perform creative problem solving.









OTHER FUNCTIONS Performs other duties as needed or directed. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY This is a department director position directly and indirectly responsible for sixty full-time employees. Exercise all management responsibilities as defined in the essential job functions. Foster a positive and productive work environment; administer corrections as needed. Address complaints and resolve problems. Recognize work excellence and build an effective team. INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS Demonstrate excellent communication skills with a wide array of people inside and outside the department including media contacts. Build consensus and productive relationships. Use personal, verbal, written and computer skills to communicate and improve the department and relations. PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CAPABILITIES Meet Washington State Law Enforcement medical standards and physical demands to perform the essential job functions. Accommodations may be made to individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Regular duties include requirement to see, talk, hear, write, and use phone, fax and computer. Regularly required to sit for long periods while performing desktop activities. Occasional standing and walking short distances, climbing stairs, and lifting up to 20 pounds. Must be available and prepared to take necessary police action at all times, both on and off duty. Mental alertness, attention to detail and concentration is required. Ability to work independently, solve problems, make and follow-through on decisions. Other requirements include a capacity for clear written and verbal communication, sensitivity to political realities, ability to understand, meet and effectively deal with all members of society. Work more than eight hours a day or forty hours per week as required. JOB CONDITIONS Primarily directs police department activities in an office environment at the department or City Hall; occasionally work in outside weather conditions. Position requires mobility in representing the City at various meetings and occasions. The Chief may assume command during major police operations or emergency thereby being exposed to hazards associate with police work. Occasionally dress in uniform and visit officers in their street duties. EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree and/or FBI Academy or equivalent preferred. Familiarity with word processing and data based programs and spreadsheets; regular involvement in continuing education. Eight years minimum of street-level law enforcement with four years of administrative law at the rank of Chief, Captain, or a county equivalent in a jurisdiction of 10,000 people or more. Knowledge of Washington State laws, work in an accredited department, experience in grant writing and/or facilities bond issues, budget administration and union relations. Knowledge of participatory management.

The duties listed above are intended as illustrations of the types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific job duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position. The job description does not constitute an employment contract and is subject to change as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.