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									FINANCE DIRECTOR/TREASURER Financial Services Department

NATURE OF WORK Plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the major programs and activities of the department including general accounting, budget development and administration, financial reporting, investment management, risk management. Develops short and long-range plans for the Department’s functions and is responsible for safeguarding the City’s assets and resources. Reports to the City Administrator. Performs related work as required. REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK Plan, organize, direct, and administer all programs of the Finance Department. Develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to assure preservation of City assets and sound accounting controls of City finances. Coordinate with the City Administrator and Department Directors to resolve financial issues impacting multiple departments and addressing City-wide policy and management concerns. Coordinate the preparation of the City budget, direct budgetary activities and monitor the budget during the course of the year. Prepare the City’s comprehensive annual financial report in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Prepare periodic and special financial reports as needed. Communicate with the City’s insurance carrier to determine adequate levels of insurance coverage and work towards settlement of insurance claims. Manage the City’s finances to provide for bonded debt service for general obligation bonds revenue bonds and local improvement district bonds. Receive and evaluate information from banks and investment institutions. Respond to banking and investment needs as required. Supervise, train and evaluate departmental staff.

Job Description - Finance Director Financial Services Department

Be able to communicate complex financial information in an understandable form for nontechnical people using both written and verbal skills. REQUIRED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in accounting, finance or a closely related field. Designation as a certified public accountant. Five years of progressively responsible municipal experience which should include managing the financial services of a municipality including budget preparation and administration, financial reporting and debt issuance and management. NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS Knowledge of: Generally accepted accounting principles and current pronouncements, developments, and trends in governmental accounting as promulgated by GASB and other oversight agencies. Budgetary, accounting and reporting systems. Management information systems and computerized financial applications. Internal control practices and procedures. Public finance and fiscal planning. Ability to: Demonstrate management skills, including delegation, problem-solving and decision making, leadership, human relations, and diplomacy skills. Develop, implement and administer goals, objectives and procedures for providing efficient and effective financial and administrative operations. Plan, organize, direct and coordinate the work of departmental staff. Prepare and direct the preparation of the City’s budget and annual financial report. Prepare and administer complex budgets and allocate resources in an efficient and effective manner. Select, supervise, train and evaluate staff.

Job Description - Finance Director Financial Services Department

Identify and respond to issues, concerns and needs of the City Commission, Administrator, departments and general public. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City Staff, agencies and the general public. Communicate effectively in both a written and oral manner. Operate both main-frame and personal computers using both spreadsheets and word processing applications (preferably Microsoft Excel and Word).

March 1996

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