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					1. NREL: Senior Analyst International Clean Energy Cooperation

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is seeking to hire a senior analyst in its Strategic Energy Analysis Center to
work on projects related to international clean energy cooperation. Intermediate-level analyst position providing
primary support to international renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in the Strategic Energy Analysis
Center of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The successful candidate will work closely with other senior
analysts in planning and performing analysis related to international clean energy cooperation. Position is in the Market
and Policy Impacts group.

Please use the NREL jobs website at click “search openings,” and
under “Requisition Number” enter “747BR.” Note that while the online posting specifies doctoral degree “or equivalent
experience/education” under minimum qualifications, we will definitely consider candidates with a masters degree and
relevant experience. Also, other job postings in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center can be found by searching on
organization “6A20.”

Feel free to contact Jacquelin Cochran ( if you have any questions.

2. Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs, Orcas Island, WA

The Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (OPLACO) is hiring a new director of their energy efficiency & renewable energy
programs. The principle function of an employee in this class is to provide energy services to OPALCO members by
directing, researching, and administering all of our energy programs. Responsible for management of program
development, energy conservation/efficiency communications, speaking engagements, budgeting, record keeping, data
entry, file maintenance, tracking costs and kWh savings of all energy services programs. Provides point of contact for
members participating in energy services programs, which include energy efficiency, renewable power, and load
management. Works closely with staff to properly communicate energy services messages to internal and external

3. Energy Policy, Technology, Environment Faculty Position: Humboldt State University, CA

The Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences (ENRS) and the Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) at Humboldt
State University (HSU) will soon be announcing a tenure track position opening for the 2010-11 academic year. This joint
position is for candidates with emphasis in areas related to energy policy, technology, and the environment. Candidates
with strengths in science and/or policy aspects of these areas are encouraged to apply. Applications from candidates
with interdisciplinary backgrounds are most welcome. We expect to release an official position announcement by the
end of August, and our anticipated application deadline is for late October or early November.

Responsibilities associated with the position will be divided between the ENRS program's Environmental Science option
(60%) and the Schatz Energy Research Center (40%). In practice, candidates would be expected to teach three courses
per year (or an equivalent teaching load) in the Environmental Science option, along with associated advising and
committee responsibilities. The balance of the faculty member's time would be devoted to activities at the Schatz
Energy Research Center, including the development of a robust research agenda in one or more areas of interest related
to energy and the environment. Candidates would also have an opportunity to work with graduate students in the
interdisciplinary Energy, Environment, and Society (EES) program.
For a person with a background in energy technology, energy policy, and/or climate change, joining and collaborating
with the Schatz Energy Research Center is a big plus. The Schatz Center has a twenty year history of groundbreaking
work in renewable energy and hydrogen technologies and would welcome a new faculty member. The Center consists
of approximately 25 members (including associated faculty, permanent staff, and students), has an $8M endowment,
and has attracted substantial funding from federal, state, and business organizations, as well as a number of private
foundations. The Center is in the process of building a new 6,600 square foot laboratory and office facility on a
picturesque hillside on the HSU campus (the building is scheduled to be finished in the spring of 2010).

Interested candidates can contact Prof. Arne Jacobson ( or Steve Martin for additional information.

Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences: (please also follow links to the
Environmental Science option)

Schatz Energy Research Center:

Energy, Environment, and Society Master's Program:

4. SunPower: 3 Positions Sales Analysts, Financial Analyst, Richmond and San Jose, CA

Utility Sales Analyst (Richmond, CA)

SunPower is seeking a Utility Sales Analyst to work with an existing Utility Sales Department in the development solar
power plant projects for key investor-owned electric utilities, municipal utilities and independent power producers in
the US. The Utility Sales Analyst will help formulate proposals for electric utilities, a key aspect of supporting the
aggressive sales goals for the US Utility Department. We are looking for a team player with a proven ability to achieve
results in a fast moving and dynamic environment. The candidate should be both self-motivated and skilled in executing
tasks assigned to them by sales executives.

Utility Sales Analyst-GIS Specialist (Richmond, CA)

We are seeking a Utility Sales Analyst- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist to work with an existing Utility
Sales Department in the development solar power plant projects for key investor-owned electric utilities, municipal
utilities and independent power producers in the US. The Utility Sales Analyst (GIS) Specialist will help formulate
proposals for electric utilities, a key aspect of supporting the aggressive sales goals for the US Utility Department. We
are looking for a team player with the ability to achieve results in a fast moving, dynamic environment. The candidate
should be self-motivated and able to take direction well from the sales executives.

Financial Analyst(San Jose, CA)

We are seeking to hire a FP&A Analyst reporting to the Senior Financial Analyst. The Analyst will support department
managers to plan and manage their expense budgets consistent with the corporate strategy. He/she will be responsible
for financial/business analysis that includes financial modeling, preparation of the quarterly/annual forecasts and
financial reports, and analysis to support the monthly/quarterly close process and ong

Apply on-line


5. Principal Analyst: NREL support for CEC, CARB, CPUC, Sacramento, CA
Provide analytic leadership of energy analysis and planning capabilities to ensure the integrity and credibility of NREL
analytic technical support. Provide senior technical support to California institutions on behalf of NREL, including the
California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board, and California Public Utilities Commission. Develop and
lead partnerships with leading California Universities to support the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis. Provide
analytic leadership to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), NREL senior management and other
stakeholders as assigned. Work with DOE and NREL Senior staff to define analytic directions and approaches, integrate
and interpret results, standards of practice and communicate the resulting information in publications and
presentations. Lead analytic teams on high profile, complex tasks and interpret results to provide decision support
analysis for CA institutions, NREL and DOE. Provide strategic advice in terms of options and implications to CA
institutions, NREL and DOE/EERE management.

If interested, apply directly to Dr. James Newcomb

James Newcomb
Group Manager
Market, Policy, and Impacts Analysis
Strategic Energy Analysis Center
National Renewable Energy Lab

6. Sustainability Manager- UC San Francisco

The UCSF Capital Programs & Facilities Management Department designs, builds, operates and maintains UCSF facilities
in support of its research, teaching, health care and community service missions; the department employs over 300
professional staff, and spends $78 million annually in operating funds and more than $200 million annually in capital
funds; the Environmental Sustainability Manager will have responsibility for coordinating all UCSF initiatives related to
sustainability in accordance with the CACS mission and vision, and to update initiatives to keep current with institutional
capacity and developing technologies; the incumbent will provide support to CACS, and ensure that the Sustainability
Steering Committee and its work groups are coordinated and working in concert with UCSF Sustainability policy;
oversees the development of the UCSF Sustainability Assessment and the development and update of the UCSF
Sustainability Plan; finally, the Sustainability manager will provide content management and coordination for UCSF’s
Sustainability website; and perform other duties assigned.

Preferred Qualifications:

University and or Medical Center experience; Master of Science in a related field; LEED accreditation; specific experience
in the areas of sustainability policies, sustainable food systems, healthy living programs, conservation energy, waste- and
or water-management; understanding of environmental best practices in universities or health care environments.

7. Renewable Energy Financial Deal-Structuring Analyst, San Francisco

Our company is dedicated to saving the planet by helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint. We develop and
build solar panels and many other kinds of renewable and energy savings projects for K-12 schools, colleges, universities,
and additional public sector customers. We have over two dozen locations across the country, but we are currently
looking for a superstar to join our San Francisco team.

While technologies appear every day, the real revolution in the renewable energy industry lies in the creation of truly
brilliant financial structures that allow these projects to go from blueprint to reality. We are looking for a superstar who
wants to use their financial acumen, analytical skills, and creativity to take on this challenge.

The goal is to leverage our company’s strengths to create a programmatic competitive advantage in finance for our
business development team, and then work alongside that team to structure live deals. You will have the unique
opportunity to forge strategic alliances with financial advising firms, banks, and tax equity investors to build our
company’s capacity to finance projects .You will leverage your exceptional analytical skills to craft superior financial
solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.

This position is ideal if a top-tier business school is in your future. You will develop structuring and negotiating expertise
as we create competitive advantage and gain sales and field experience through customer interactions as we put that
advantage to work. You will work directly with MBAs from Harvard and Kellogg as well as among the larger, incredibly
talented team.

The ideal candidate earned an undergraduate degree in business from a prestigious university, and/or developed their
superior financial and accounting skills in the banking or consulting world. You have to be incredibly comfortable with
spreadsheets and willing to dive into the details of financial contracts. You have to be able to think strategically, yet also
remain detail-oriented and diligent. You are an excellent communicator, prepared to negotiate with everyone from top
bank managers to school district personnel.

We are a division of a Fortune 100 company, and our parent company has the deepest of pockets, a strong balance
sheet that we leverage in all of our projects, and a genuine commitment to the highest level of integrity in all business
practices. Virtually everyone you will meet from our division and the parent company will be extremely warm and
friendly, and we do a remarkably good job of making sure that people with ego and arrogance are not hired.

We are located in downtown San Francisco in the heart of the financial district and the building is easily reachable by
almost all popular forms of public transit.

If you have been reading closely, you wouldn’t expect a typical recruiting process. And I’d hate to disappoint you. To
begin our rather unique recruiting process, send your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to You will be writing to Rhiannon, our team’s incredibly talented recruiter.
Note that your cover letter MUST specifically address each of the ideal qualifications described below.

1. Measurable Success - Unfortunately, academics are one of the few places we really compete with others in a (mostly)
objective and fair environment. For that reason, it is great to see candidates that graduated near the top of their class
from a top university. But if you don’t have that, share something else that demonstrates your success competing
against a group of really bright and motivated cohorts.

2. Analytical Skills - Strong analytical skills and what gives you confidence that these skills are really strong.

3. Relationship Development - Outstanding relationship-building skills and demonstrated ability to connect with people
at all levels in an organization. Convince us that you have the ability to interface with everyone from the janitor to the
Board president and from salesmen to project engineers.
4. Career Goals - A short description of what you want to do with your career and how your next job might fit into those

5. Trail of Tears – Tell us about a boss or coworker that nearly or actually cried when you left their team (either in a
business or academic environment) and your best guess as to the key reasons that they were nearly in tears. What is it
specifically about you that they are going to miss?

6. And Gosh Darn It, People Like Me - Something that gives us confidence that if we were on an elevator with you and
the elevator malfunctioned between floors, that we wouldn’t hate being stuck on that elevator with you for more than
three hours while the doors are being repaired by the elevator services team.


8. Senior Environmental Analyst at the SF Dept. of the Environment with a focus on renewables.

It's a substantial position so worthy of consideration.

From: Cal Broomhead mailto: Cal.Broomhead@SFGOV.ORG

Sent: Friday, August 07, 2009 1:55 PM

Subject: Job Open for Renewable Energy Program Mgr at SFE

The job notice is available at

Minimum of full time 3 years experience in Renewable Energy. Contact person:

Cal Broomhead
Energy and Climate Programs Manager
Department of Environment
11 Grove Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

415-355-3706 direct

415-355-3700 reception

9. Vehicle-to-Grid Post-Doc, U. of Michigan

An opportunity within the Center for Sustainable Systems at the Univ. of Michigan. We have an urgent need for a post-
doc to work on a vehicle-to-grid study. ..... They can contact Jarod Kelly or Greg
for more information on the position.
Jarod Kelly
Alcoa Fellow
Center for Sustainable Systems
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


10. Energy Engineer, Energy Center of Wisconsin

 The Energy Center of Wisconsin is seeking an energy engineer with a desire to apply both reason and creativity towards
the creation of a sustainable energy society. We are a private non-profit organization that is mission-driven,
independent, and objective. We seek practical solution paths among a world of competing interests.

 The individual will be responsible for the evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies in buildings
and campus settings, including quantifying energy system performance, life cycle cost economics, and emissions
reduction potential. Experience with energy modeling software such as eQuest, TRYNSYS, TRACE, or other similar
environments is highly desirable, including the ability to model novel or complex energy systems and develop specialized
energy analysis software.

 The individual will be responsible for identifying, quantifying, and optimizing energy savings opportunities during early
building design stages and for existing facilities. Knowledge of relevant building energy codes, green building rating
systems, and ASHRAE standards is highly desirable.

The candidate should possess the ability to work in a team environment, including communications skills such as report
writing, client contact and public presentations. The ability to summarize and communicate technical concepts to a non-
technical audience is highly valued. The candidate should also possess fundamental project management skills such as
project planning, budgeting, and the ability to achieve project goals and deadlines.

Minimum requirements are a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably mechanical, and a fundamental knowledge of
building energy systems, energy analysis, and thermal science. Ideal candidates will possess a master’s degree in
mechanical engineering with a thermal science focus, professional engineering registration, LEED Accreditation, Energy
Manager Certification, and possess 5+ years design firm or facilities experience with energy systems in commercial or
institutional facilities.

We offer a competitive salary, progressive work environment and excellent benefits. Interested candidates should send
or email a resume, cover letter and any salary expectations (no phone calls please) to:

Human Resources Director
Energy Center of Wisconsin
455 Science Drive, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53711


11. Energy Analyst and Content Manager Positions: Al Gore's Clean Energy campaign, D.C
 There are two exciting roles opening up for Al Gore’s campaign on clean energy and climate legislation in Washington,
DC to be filled immediately – we need folks with climate and energy backgrounds with interests or experience in
communications and being creative/innovative. Please send all inquires to We
need to fill them by September!

     Content Manager:

The Content Manager will be responsible for collecting, developing, and maintaining substantive material on clean
energy, climate, and policy to support the Alliance’s communication and grassroots campaign. He/she will oversee
development of approved content for state-specific and national messaging and be responsible for ensuring that all
Alliance content is credible, accurate, and supports key messages.

Must have background in climate and energy but needs to be versatile in handing other content such as social and
economic benefits associated with transitioning to a clean energy economy. High level of responsibility, attention to
detail, and good writing skills required. 2-5 years experience required. Position located in Washington, DC.

 Energy Analyst:

The Energy Analyst will be responsible for developing technical content for the campaign, reviewing technical materials,
briefing campaign staff on climate and energy topics, and providing support for Al Gore’s staff as needed. He/she must
understand the solutions to the climate crisis and be confident and proactive in seeking input from energy companies,
academia, and other relevant organizations.

A strong background in climate and energy systems is essential. Must also demonstrate a high level of responsibility,
attention to detail, and analytical capability. Must have good understanding of climate mitigation pathways and
renewable energy technology and trends. Familiarity and interest in climate and energy policy a plus. 2-5 years
experience required. Position located in Washington, DC.


12. Energy Policy & Planning Analyst, PG&E

Avoided Cost, Sr. Analyst- San Francisco, CA

The Market Design & Analysis Group in Energy Policy Planning and Analysis is responsible for the policy formation and
calculation of energy and capacity prices PG&E pays in a number of regulatory and commercial contexts, including the
pricing of procurement of renewable generation, such as wind and solar. The group is also responsible for maintaining
and implementing cost effectiveness models in a number of contexts including the evaluation of supply and demand
side resources such as Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, Climate Smart and other PG&E programs. In addition, the
group also has the responsibility for the evaluation of the terms in supply contracts.

The group is seeking an individual to participate in avoided cost activities. These include developing pricing policy with
regard to Qualifying Facilities (QF) including all aspects of QF deliveries, (energy and capacity pricing for firm and as-
delivered contracts) developing prices for avoided generation capacity for use in valuation of demand side management
programs including energy efficiency programs, demand response programs and pricing programs, developing and
implementing cost effectiveness and benefit/cost methodologies for a variety of programs including supply and demand
side programs, and developing and adapting competitive pricing methodologies and cost effectiveness methodologies to
meet changing market conditions and market institutions, such as the introduction of locational marginal pricing in
California. In addition, the individual would be providing assistance with the preparation of analysis and testimony for
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proceedings on a variety of proceedings, providing assistance in
communicating analysis and results to management for policy decisions, and representing PG&E in public and regulatory
forums on avoided cost and cost effectiveness issues.


       A Bachelor's Degree in economics or finance.
       Demonstrated technical expertise in all aspects of the evaluation and calculation of appropriate pricing for
            generation, transmission and distribution in a regulated environment
       A minimum of 4 years of experience working in policy analysis setting


       Master's Degree or PhD in economics, or finance.
       Customer service focus with regard to providing support and information to other parts of PG&E and outside
       Strong analytical skills, ability to solve abstract problems, strong knowledge of economics, willingness to pay
        attention to details.
       Communications skills with the ability to relate technical analysis of issues to laypeople.
       Ability to work effectively in a team environment
       Demonstrated computer skills including a knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Acces


13. Building Physics Engineer, Lakewood, CO

The RMH Group is looking for an experienced (minimum 5 years or the equivalent combination of education and
experience) building physics engineer to join our sustainable design team.

 The ideal candidate has a comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, HVAC system
design and/or analysis, and how building design and architecture impact energy use, as well as the ability to utilize
software models to evaluate energy use and space conditions. Software experience should include DOE2, EnergyPlus,
Transys, MathCad, CFD programs and other similar tools. Good writing and general communication skills and a Bachelors
Degree in Engineering, Physics, and or a related field are a must. LEED AP and an advanced degree are preferred.

Resumes with salary history/expectations can be submitted to to:

The RMH Group

Attn: Human Resources
12600 West Colfax Avenue
Suite A-400
Lakewood, Colorado 80215
fax: 303.312.4609
phone: 303.239.0909
The RMH Group is a mechanical, electrical and industrial process consulting engineering firm located in the Denver,
Colorado metro area. Additional information can be found on our website


14. Faculty positions in Environment and Development, Bangalore, India

The Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment ( ATREE invites applications for faculty
positions in the broad theme of environment and development, specifically in areas of land and water resources, forests
and livelihoods, energy and climate change.

Qualifications: Candidates must be dynamic and highly motivated scholars, Ph.D. with one or more years of post-
doctoral experience, with a strong track record of academically rigorous but socially relevant research in the areas
indicated above. They could be trained in any branch of the social sciences or of the natural/ physical/ engineering
sciences, or both. Applicants must have a strong interest in applied research, working in multi-disciplinary teams, and
teaching on environmental issues.

Responsibilities: Core faculty members will participate in long-term academic, policy and action oriented research
programmes that address important issues in sustainable development. They will participate in Ph. D. teaching, advising
and short-term training programmes. Faculty members are also expected to share institutional responsibilities.

Appointments and Emoluments: Appointments will be at the level of Fellow (equivalent to Assistant Professor) or Senior
Fellow (mid-level Associate Professor) depending upon candidate's experience. The positions are long-term, supported
by endowments.

ATREE is one of South Asia's leading conservation and environmental research organizations. ATREE seeks to address
pressing environmental challenges through interdisciplinary research, teaching and active engagement with civil society
and policy makers.

Applications: To apply, submit detailed curriculum vitae, list of publications, copies of key publications, names and
contact information of three references, and an outline of proposed future research. Please use ' Faculty position in
E&D' in the subject head of your e-mail. There is no separate application form. The deadline for receiving applications is
September 15, 2009.

For submitting applications and further information, please contact:

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Royal Enclave, Srirampura, Jakkur P.O. Bangalore 560 064, INDIA
Tel: +91 (80) 2363-5555, Fax: 2353-0070


15. Energy Efficiency Engineer, Northeast or CA

We are seeking an energy engineer with 7-15+ years of experience to launch and manage the engineering analysis
division of a consulting firm specializing in energy efficiency program evaluation. The location for this position is
somewhat flexible, but will most likely be based in the Northeast or in California.
Responsibilities include mentoring junior engineers, developing analytical tools, engineering analysis and calculations,
energy simulation modeling, estimation of energy impacts, analyzing metered data, primary research, analyzing data
related to end-use systems, and report writing. The company offers a competitive compensation package and lots of
opportunity for growth.

Our ideal candidate has a high level of intellectual flexibility and is experienced in engineering analysis and modeling, as
well as mentoring junior staff. He or she should be comfortable working in a multi-disciplinary setting and working with
uncertain data.

Interested parties please send a resume to Amy Fried at

Amy Fried
Fried & Company Executive Recruiters
1633 Pine Street, Boulder CO 80302

tel 303 325 5795
fax 303 928 7173
cell 303 859 3735



16. Electrical Engr & Mechanical Engr for High-voltage grid, Zenergy Power, So S.F.

Senior Electrical Engineer – High-Voltage Manufacturing

The high-voltage manufacturing engineer is part of a product development and engineering team developing high-
temperature superconductor (HTS) fault current limiters (FCL) for the electric power grid. The basic technology for the
HTS FCL has been developed, tested and validated through numerous full-scale prototype experiments. The high-
voltage manufacturing engineer will assist the team in transitioning the HTS FCL to a commercial product suitable for
installation in electric transmission systems. The high-voltage manufacturing engineer will also help develop, select,
establish and supervise a manufacturing base for the production, testing, installation, commissioning and acceptance of
commercial high-voltage HTS FCL devices.

       Ten or more years of experience in the design, testing, procurement and manufacturing of high-voltage
            electrical transmission equipment (transformers, circuit breakers, series reactors, capacitor banks, FACTS,
            VAR compensation equipment, etc.) or equivalent experience (high-voltage laboratory testing or industrial
            or government technical program high voltage experience).
       BS in electrical engineering (power or rotating machines) – MS or PhD preferred.
       Proficiency in ANSYS with specific experience in high-voltage design modeling and simulation.
       Working knowledge of PSCAD or other widely accepted utility electrical circuit modeling software.
       Working knowledge of SolidWorks CAD software.
       Specific experience designing, specifying, procuring and monitoring the manufacturing to specifications of high-
            voltage electrical equipment (ability to effectively supervise vendors).
       Detailed knowledge of one or more standards families for high-voltage equipment design and testing (IEEE,
            CIGRE, IEC, etc.).
       Strong communications and writing skills.

Mechanical Engineer Designer

The mechanical engineer designer is part of a product development and engineering team developing high-temperature
superconductor (HTS) fault current limiters (FCL) for the electric power grid. The basic technology for the HTS FCL has
been developed, tested and validated through numerous full-scale prototype experiments. The mechanical engineer
designer will assist with the development and commercialization of HTS FCL products by preparing drawings and
specifications, perform mechanical analyses, and developing models and simulations of the mechanical, thermodynamic,
heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of HTS FCL devices.

Zenergy Power, Inc.
Albert Nelson
379 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 1
South San Francisco, California, 94080 USA
Phone: +1 (650) 615-5712
Cell: +1 (650) 814-6440
Fax: +1 (650) 615-5705

17. Account Manager - SunRun (home PV systems), San Francisco
The SunRun Account Manager will oversee SunRun's partners throughout the United States. You will play a major role in
growing and expanding your territory as rapid growth and a high increase in deal volume is expected. This role would
suit a self-motivated, results-oriented individual who is comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment; is
capable of harvesting new relationships and developing existing relationships with our partners and has the talent to
lead a high performing sales team. You will be confident and extremely adept at presentations, training, motivating,
influencing and supporting highly successful sales personnel.

The Company

SunRun is revolutionizing the way people power their homes. Instead of buying dirty power from the utilities, our
customers purchase clean solar energy right from their roofs! We allow homeowners to go solar for a low initial cost and
see immediate savings on their monthly electric bills. We work with the best installers in the business and operate
across the country. We’re a hard-working, fun-loving company funded by top venture capitalists, and even though we’ve
quickly grown into one of the largest providers of residential solar in the country, we’re just getting started.


Contribute to a team to achieve quarterly and yearly sales quotas for assigned area

Build, manage and support installer partners within assigned area of responsibility

Develop SunRun product expertise, along with strong knowledge of solar / energy industry

Interact with SunRun customers, providing them with product and contract information
Deal processing and problem resolution Drive implementation of robust sales forecasting system throughout

installer partners Track and remit payment of installer partner sales commission


Bachelors' Degree from a top tier university and 3-4 years of related experience

Expert fluency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

Technological savvy is a must

Excellent analytical skills with knowledge of finance/business concepts (ROI, NPV, Payback)

Tireless personal initiative, entrepreneurial nature to drive toward solution and results

Track record of training, motivating and managing a quota for sales personnel

Experience in business to consumer selling environments is a definite advantage

Must be comfortable with extreme deadlines and weekly sales forecasting

Apply: Please send your resume to


18. Blue Planet (Hawaii) Media relations and communications expert

Blue Planet seeks media relations and communications expert

Blue Planet in Hawaii has a job opening for an expert in media/public relations and writing and communications. The
employee or contractor would create, develop, and maintain key aspects of Blue Planet's broad and varied public affairs
and information dissemination efforts. The perfect candidate is a creative, talented, and prolific writer who can also
develop and manage earned media opportunities. A complete job description and details are available on our website
(applications due August 31). Please forward the job link to interested individuals.


19. NREL LCA intern

Date: August 24, 2009

From: Garvin Heath

RE: Life cycle assessment intern for 2009-2010 academic year or longer

My supervisor and I are looking for a graduate intern to support our life cycle assessment projects. Preferably this intern
would be a graduate student, ideally with some LCA training or experience though we can provide training if not. One
project need we have is to support a state-of-the-science review of the LCA literature on energy technologies. The
incumbent would gain in-depth knowledge of the vast LCA literature and contribute to the development of focused
summaries of the lifecycle impacts of a wide range of energy technologies that will immediately be used by policy
makers (DOE, IPCC) and in advanced energy models. Previous experience with literature reviews would be helpful for
this project, though excellent organization skills and a broad understanding of both energy technologies and life cycle
assessment is sufficient.

Candidates from any degree program are welcome to apply, though we prefer students who have completed an
engineering course of study (ChemE, EnvE), or equivalent. We need the student during the Fall 2009 semester and to
start as soon as possible. Depending on performance, this internship can extend throughout the school year, the
summer and beyond. Note that NREL pays for roundtrip relocation transportation if you live more than 50 miles from
Golden, CO. Pay is a decent student wage, adjusted commensurate with experience.

Note: Feel free to send you resume directly to in addition to the official route via the NREL
website (


PhD, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley, 2006
ScB, Environmental Studies, Brown U, 1994
Garvin Heath, PhD
Technology Systems and Sustainability Analysis Group
Strategic Energy Analysis Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Research Associate
University of Colorado at Boulder
1617 Cole Blvd., Mail Stop 302
Building 3/257
Golden, CO 80401
(o) 303-384-7460
(m) 303-635-316
4(f) 303-384-7449


Posting Title   Graduate Intern - Life Cycle Assessment

Requisition Number      821BR

Location        Golden, CO

Position Type   Student RPP

Hours Per Week          30

Job/Research Summary A student internship is available in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) Strategic
Energy Analysis and Applications Center. NREL is the nation's primary laboratory for research, development and
deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. We have an immediate opening for a one-year
part-time student internship in our Golden, Colorado office. The position would be part-time (15 - 30 hours per week)
during the school year and/or full time during the summer.
Job Duties        Support environmental life cycle assessment studies of renewable energy technologies through data
collection, literature reviews, model inputs, sensitivity analysis, and data charting and reporting.

Minimum Qualifications        Must be enrolled in a minimum 9 credit hours. Must be a US Citizen or US permanent
resident. Minimum 3.0 GPA in the last completed semester.

Preferred Qualifications        Minimum: completed undergraduate degree in engineering or environmental sciences.
Preferred: Master’s degree student in environmental engineering and related disciplines, with focus on life cycle
assessment. Level of duties can vary according to education and experience of candidate. Good organization, experience
reviewing literature, broad knowledge across energy technologies, and database experience very helpful.

Description: Senior Education Sales Manager + Denver Colorado + Linkedin document sample