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					CITY OF WENATCHEE JOB DESCRIPTION Title: Facilities Maintenance Technician-Generalist Department: Streets, Fleets & Facilities Reports to: Streets, Fleets & Facilities Manager Position: Revised Classification: Non-Exempt Date: February 1998

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY Responsible for the efficient maintenance and construction of City facilities, furnishings and equipment. Demonstrate knowledge and practical application of skilled carpentry and basics in the plumbing, concrete, electrical and painting trades. Work with a wide variety of people throughout the organization. Make recommendations for preventative maintenance schedules, purchases and renovations to insure good maintenance of City property. Follow safety rules and precautions to protect self and others.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS 1) Perform skilled carpentry work to prepare, install, inspect, modify, maintain, repair and construct City structures, facilities, furnishings and equipment. Build and paint cabinets, tables, shelves of various sizes and designs. Demonstrate skilled bench work in a carpentry shop, operating saws, planers, joiners, other power and hand equipment. 2) Read and interpret blueprints and specifications, prepare sketches of work, list materials and supplies required and estimate costs. Assist or accomplish on own, the design and development of carpentry projects; make recommendations on materials, supplies and structural changes. Assemble materials and tools required for a project.

3) Work with others to perform a variety of projects in building or maintaining City structures and equipment. Work cooperatively to plan projects efficiently and accomplish desired results. 4) Hang and tape dry wall, patch walls, paint interiors and exteriors of City buildings.

5) Prepare and maintain records of projects. Handle all necessary paperwork in terms of requisitions, purchase orders and related matters. 6) May assist the City electrical inspector in design and development of electrical projects. Able to troubleshoot electrical systems in City facilities and perform minor repairs under the direction of the City electrical inspector. OTHER FUNCTIONS Performs other duties as needed or directed. JOB COMPLEXITY Perform recurring work as a well as a wide variety of new projects and problem solving related to maintenance and construction. Duties are widely varied and will range from relatively unskilled tasks to highly skilled trade-related projects requiring operation of numerous hand and power tools. Work is characterized by the broad scope of duties associated with maintenance and construction requiring considerable knowledge of skilled carpentry, basic residential and commercial wiring and related functions. Considerable initiative required and the ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision. Work is generally only periodically reviewed or reviewed upon completion.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY Approximately 50% of the year may serve as Lead Worker for fellow employees and/or temporary workers. Must demonstrate the skill to lay out projects and plan resources including materials, tools and labor. Is responsible for directing projects from conception to completion. Work with a variety of managers and directors to determine scope and specifications of projects.

INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS Work daily with employees throughout the organization, has regular contact with vendors and other trade or building professionals such as HVAC technician, mechanics, electricians, engineers and architects. Ability to understand the desired results needed, to listen to and communicate with others in a positive way to achieve desired results.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CAPABILITIES Knowledge of principles, methods, materials, tools and equipment used in carpentry. Capable of skilled work in both rough and finish carpentry. Demonstrated abilities as a generalist in a variety of trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electricity, concrete work, and painting. Knowledgeable to perform nearly all taks which might arise in the building and maintenance of City facilities. Can cope effectively with the typical problems encountered in construction, maintenance and repair projects, use of tools pertinent to the trades, use of hand and power equipment, reading of blueprints and working drawings. Able to prepare sketches and make estimates of materials and labor, read and interpret blue prints and work from plans and specifications, establish and maintain effective work relationships with others and maintain records of work. Knowledge of job hazards and established safety precautions. Able to work independently, with others, or in supervising others.

JOB CONDITIONS Responsible for a variety of projects, work is primarily done inside, but may also be subject to exterior projects in a variety of weather conditions.

EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE High school graduation preferred, supplemented by completion of a carpenter apprenticeship and two years of journeyman experience in the field. Must have a demonstrated ability to perform basic electrical wiring work. Shows generalists ability in a number of related fields such as plumbing, concrete work, painting. Able to make mathematical calculations necessary for preparing drawings, reading blueprints, ordering supplies and estimating costs. A valid Washington State driver’s license is required. The duties listed above are intended as illustrations of the types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific job duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position. The job description does not constitute an employment contract and is subject to change as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.