September 2004

REVITALIZATION                                          REVITALIZATION (con’t)

Crop report. No. 22, August 30, 2004 – no. 26,          Final report: applied research and industry
September 27, 2004.                                     development prepared by Western Applied
CA2 SA DA C58                                           Research Committee. 2004.
                                                        ADF no. 20020258.
Agriculture Development Fund                            CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F258

NOTE: Please order by ADF number.                       Final report: applied research and industry
                                                        development prepared by Wheatland
Final report: agricultural education coordinator.       Conservation Area Inc. 2004.
2004. ADF no. 19970072.                                 ADF no. 20020259.
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F072                                  CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F259

Final report: animal disease diagnosis:                 Final report: assess the feasibility of a processing
development of diagnostic tests for infectious          plant method of retting flax straw in
and non-infectious diseases of livestock. 2004.         Saskatchewan. 2004. 28 p.
ADF no. 20020269.                                       ADF no. 20020092.
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F269                                  CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F092

Final report: application of engineering to reduce      Final report: characterizing and value-added
farm machinery injuries in Saskatchewan. 2004.          processing of low-quality grains: a special
ADF no. 20020264.                                       research and technology transfer project. 2004.
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F264                                  21 p. ADF no. 20020250.
                                                        CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F0250
Final report: applied research and industry
development prepared by East Central Research           Final report: development of Brassica juncia
Foundation. 2004. ADF no. 20020262.                     germplasm with seed oil low in saturated fatty
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F262                                  acids. 2004. ADF no. 19990352.
                                                        CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F352
Final report: applied research and industry
development prepared by Indian Head                     Final report: improving consistency of
Agricultural Research Foundation. 2004.                 Saskatchewan-produced strawberry crown
ADF no. 20020255.                                       quality. 2004. ADF no. 20000095.
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F255                                  CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F095

Final report: applied research and industry             Final report: mapping and cloning of blackleg
development prepared by North East                      resistance genes in Brassica SPP. 2003.
Agricultural Research Foundation. 2004. 27 p.           ADF no. 19980307.
ADF no. 20020256.                                       CA2 SA DA 306 A03 F0307
CA2 SA DA 305 A04 F256
                                                        Final report: pest status of leaf hoppers and their
Final report: applied research and industry             impact on aster yellows disease in canola. 2004.
development prepared by South East Research             86 p. ADF no. 20000242.
Farm. 2004. ADF no. 20020257.                           CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F242
CA2 SA DA 306 A04 F257
                                                        Final report: preliminary assessment of the
                                                        potential for market premiums for First Nations
                                                        branded mead. 2004. ADF no. 20020130.
                                                        CA2 SA DA 306 A04 R0130

                                                 Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch
                                                 Saskatchewan Formulary Committee Bulletin
Farm and food report. 04-37-171-04-39-180.       update to the 54th edition. ISSN: 0708-3246.
CA2 SA DA F12                                    No. 100, October, 2004.
                                                 CA2 SA H 870 B75
Policy Branch
                                                 Medical Services Branch
Cattle marketings. July, 2004.
CA2 SA DA 450 S12                                Annual statistical report. 2003/2004.
                                                 CA2 SA H 160 A56
Feed grain and forage listing service.
September, 2004.                                 Subcommittee on HIV/AIDS
CA2 SA DA 305 F23
                                                 Guidelines for the management of potential
Market trends. September 1, 2004; September 8,   exposures to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and
2004; September 15, 2004; September 22, 2004.    recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis.
CA2 SA DA 305 M17                                2004.
                                                 CA2 SA H 790 A02 H35
EMPLOYMENT                                       HEALTH QUALITY COUNCIL

Annual report. 2003/2004.                        Teaming up to improve mental health care:
CA2 SA SS A56                                    Saskatchewan should encourage shared care
                                                 approach involving family physicians and mental
CROWN INVESTMENTS CORPORATION                    health professionals. (Brief).
OF SASKATCHEWAN                                  CA2 SA HQ 10 A04 T27

Crown Corporations Payee Disclosure 2003.        INDUSTRY AND RESOURCES
CA2 SA CIC A04 C61
                                                 NOTE: $5.00 POSTAGE AND HANDLING
ENVIRONMENT                                      WILL BE ADDED TO ALL ORDERS.

Quarterly status report project proposals        Business unlimited. Vol. 9: no. 2,
received by Environmental Assessment. 2nd        September/October, 2004.
Quarter, 2004.                                   CA2 SA ECO B77
CA2 SA EN 70 R27
                                                 Monthly oil and gas production report. ISSN:
GOVERNMENT RELATIONS AND                         0228-4622. June, 2004.
ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS                               CA2 SA MR M55

Municipal Relations Division                     Petroleum and Natural Gas

Municipalities today. June, 2004; September,     Sale of petroleum and natural gas rights. Sale
2004.                                            302, December 7, 2004.
CA2 SA MG M77                                    CA2 SA MR S17

Office of French Language Co-ordination          IRRIGATION CROP DIVERSIFICATION
Government of Saskatchewan French-language
services policy. 2004.                           Annual report. 2003/2004.
CA2 SA INT 250 A04 G57                           CA6 ICD A56

JUSTICE                                            LEARNING (con’t)

Joint and several liability proposed amendments    Special Education Unit
to The Contributory and Negligence Act. 2003.
19 p.                                              Planning for students with fetal alcohol spectrum
CA2 SA AG A03 J574                                 disorder: a guide for educators. 2004.
                                                   CA2 SA EDE 55 A04 P47
Joint and several liability proposed amendments
to the Limitation of Actions Act. 2003.            LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY
CA2 SA AG A03 J57
                                                   Information and Privacy Commissioner
                                                   Report on the overarching personal information
Occupational Health and Safety                     privacy framework for executive government.
                                                   2004. 45 p.
Training schedule and publication list.            CA2 SA IPC A04 R25
September-December, 2004.
CA2 SA LA 200 O13                                  QUEEN’S PRINTER

LEARNING                                           The Saskatchewan gazette. Part I. Vol. 100: no.
                                                   35, August 27, 2004 – no. 39, September 24,
Adult basic education level three:                 2004. Yearly subscription $123.05 (includes
communications curriculum guide. 2004. 180 p.      7% GST of $8.05). Single issue $5.00 (plus
CA2 SA EDE A04 A21                                 7% GST of $.35).
                                                   CA2 SA YX 99 G17
Educational video duplication services.
2004/2005 catalogue.                               The Saskatchewan gazette. Part II. Revised
CA2 SA EDE E28                                     regulations of Saskatchewan. Vol. 100: no. 35 –
                                                   no. 39, September 24, 2004.
Early Childhood Development                        CA2 SA YX 99 G18

Annual report. 2001/2002; 2002/2003.               The Saskatchewan gazette. Part III. Unrevised
CA2 SA EDE 30 A56                                  regulations of Saskatchewan. Vol. 100: no. 37,
                                                   September 10, 2004.
Instructional Resources Unit                       CA2 SA YX 99 G19

Learning resources update 2004.                    SASKATCHEWAN APPRENTICESHIP
CA2 SA EDE 210 L26                                 AND TRADE CERTIFICATION
Official Minority Language Office
                                                   Earn as you learn: the payoff lasts a lifetime.
Core French: a resource list update for grades 1   CA2 SA SAT A04 E19
to 12. 2004. 39 p.
CA2 SA EDE 550 A04 C52                             SASKATCHEWAN BUREAU OF
Prince of Wales Scholarship Fund                   Consumer price index: Saskatchewan, Canada,
                                                   Saskatoon and Regina. August, 2004.
Financial statements. 2003/2004.                   CA2 SA EX 300 C56
CA2 SA EDE 425 F37
                                                   Labour force statistics. August, 2004.
Saskatchewan Correspondence School                 CA2 SA EX 300 L12

Financial statements. 2003/2004.                   Monthly statistical review. Vol. 30: no. 9,
CA2 SA ED 120 C56                                  September, 2004.
                                                   CA2 SA EX 300 S76

STATISTICS (con’t)                            APPLIED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Saskatchewan government employee survey.
July, 2004.                                   Planning, Research and Development
CA2 SA EX 300 P63
                                              Accreditation status report for SIAST programs.
SASKATCHEWAN CENTRE OF THE                    2004.
ARTS                                          CA2 SA SIA 15 A17

Annual report. 2003/2004.                     SASKATCHEWAN LEGISLATIVE
CA2 SA CY 20 A56                              LIBRARY

SASKATCHEWAN FINANCIAL                        Checklist of Saskatchewan government
SERVICES COMMISSION                           publications. ISSN: 0705-4122. August, 2004
                                              CA2 SA YL C37
Superintendent of Insurance
                                              SASKATCHEWAN MILK CONTROL
Annual report. 2003.                          BOARD
CA2 SA CA 220 A56
                                              Board order. No. 713.
SASKATCHEWAN GOVERNMENT                       CA2 SA DA 750 O66
                                              Update. Vol. 11: no. 1, September 20, 2004.
Towing and trailer safety. 2004.              CA2 SA DA 750 U62
CA2 SA GI T577
                                              SASKATCHEWAN OPPORTUNITIES
Communications                                CORPORATION

RoadSmart report. Issue no. 3. September,     Innovation Place
CA2 SA GI 40 R57                              Newsletter. September, 2004.
                                              CA2 SA EC I56
SGI Canada Insurance Services Ltd.
                                              UNIVERSITY OF REGINA
Auto pak replacement cost. 2004.
CA2 SA GI 100 A761                            Financial statements for the year ended April 30,
Your business needs the guarantee. 2004.      CA5 SRU F37
CA2 SA GI 100 Y55
                                              UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN
APPLIED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY                Annual report. 2003/2004.
                                              CA5 SSU A56
Business plan 2003-2008. 2003. 123 p.
CA2 SA SIA A03 B76

Institutional Research and Analysis Office

2003 Canadian college student survey. 2004.
17 p.
CA2 SA SIA 16 A04 C11

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