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Grants for Business in Carteret County - PDF


Grants for Business in Carteret County document sample

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									c a r t e r e t c o u n t y 2 0 0 5 c o m m u n i t y h e a lt h a s s e s s m e n t

                                                         Creating Healthy Lifestyles

                                                         for All Citizens of

                                                         Carteret County:

                                                         Where They Live,

                                                         Learn, Earn,

                                                         Play, and Pray
                                                                                    
The Board of Directors for
Healthy Carolinians of Carteret
County determined that the         Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County (HCCC) operates as a 501(c)(3) public
following were the top five        charity.

health priorities that needed
                                   Our Vision
to be addressed in Carteret
County over the next five years:   To create environments that support a healthy lifestyle for all citizens of Carteret
                                   County where they live, learn, earn, play and pray.

  1. Access to care
                                   Our Mission
  2. Obesity
  3. Physical Inactivity           To promote individual and community responsibility for good health in Carteret

  4. Drug/Alcohol Abuse            County.

  5. Mental Health
                                   The HCCC board of directors has adopted the following goals for 2006-2011:

                                         1. Improve quality of life and years of health

                                         2. Create a network of programs and services that support healthy lifestyles

                                   Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County wants to create partnerships that work to-
                                   gether to bring needed interventions and resources to Carteret County.

                                   Our mission is not to compete with other organizations but to assist other organiza-
                                   tions reaching goals and objectives related to healthy living in Carteret County.

                                   Our community’s good health depends on all individuals and organizations taking
                                   responsibility for promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles in Carteret County.

                                                                         Healthy Carolinians is a state level initiative that
                                                                         supports local communities in their efforts to assess
                                   the health of their community. The Healthy Carolinians process also supports local commu-
                                   nities in their efforts to mobilize resources to combat community health problems revealed
                                   through the Community Health Assessment.
The Assessment
The Community Health Assessment survey instrument was distributed throughout
Carteret County by the Community Health Assessment Team, which consisted of              The purpose of the Community
a core staff from the Carteret County Health Department and Healthy Carolinians
                                                                                         Health Assessment is to provide
of Carteret County. Community forums were also held in three different locations to
obtain verbal input from the community. Surveys were collected and submitted for         an understanding of the current
summary and analysis by Carteret Community College.
                                                                                         health status and needs of Cart-
The surveys produced primary data on current health status and needs, as contrasted
                                                                                         eret County, along with commu-
with existing secondary data which was collected from a variety of sources on state
                                                             and community health        nity strengths, assets, and poten-
                                                             status. The latter pro-
                                                             vided a basis for com-      tial resources to address those
                                                             parison of county health
                                                                                         needs. The goal is to provide a
                                                             conditions to those for
                                                             the state as a whole,       compilation of health data and
                                                             thereby identifying is-
                                                             sues for consideration as   information with which appro-
                                                             top health priorities in
                                                                                         priate planning may take place
                                                             Carteret County.
                                                                                         to improve the overall health of
                                                             Members of Healthy
                                                             Carolinians of Carteret     the community.
                                                             County participated in
                                                             the important decision-
                                                             making process used to
                                                             identify the top health
                                                             priorities for the com-

                                                             Healthy Carolinians of
                                                             Carteret County will
                                                             develop action teams to
address specific health needs. Action teams will be formed to address these health

Join an Action Team today and help Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County make
our community a healthier place to live, learn, earn, play and pray! For more informa-
tion about joining an Action Team, call 252-222-3439.

To download a copy of the 2005 Carteret County Community Health Assessment,
visit www.healthycarteret.org.
Our place on the path...
                       Carteret County is known as “The Crystal Coast” and covers an area of

                       approximately 1,064 square miles, of which 524 square miles are land. This coastal

       area is geographically the southernmost point of the Outer Banks (SOBX), bordered on the north

       by Pamlico Sound and on the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean.

                       The county’s written history dates back to around 1525. Carteret was first home

                       to the Tuscarora Indian tribes. The early settlers came mainly from the other

       American colonies rather than directly from Europe. Carteret County was formed in 1722 from

       Craven and was named in honor of Sir John Carteret who later became the Earl of Granville, one

       of the Lords Proprietors of North Carolina.

                       Carteret County has a permanent population of approximately 59,383 person

                       based on the US 2000 Census. The county grew by more than 13.3% from 1990

       to 2000 and grew an estimated 4.2% from 2000 to 2004.

                       The NC Department of Commerce elevated Carteret County from a Tier 4

                       to a Tier 5 ranking, which is the highest tier, as one of the less economically

       distressed counties in the state. Population growth was the factor that moved the county to

       top tier level. Carteret moved from 67th to 39th most populated county in the state. These tier

       rankings can have far reaching implications for attracting new business to the area.

                       Based on parent surveys, Carteret County schools are perceived to be safe and

                       orderly, that teachers and administrators have high expectations of the students

       and that parents are kept informed of student progress.
                 In Carteret County, smoke-free environments in schools, medical facilities,

                 many workplaces, restaurants and institutions have been established by

policy. For example, Carteret County School System was one of the first school systems in

the state to adopt a 100% tobacco-free policy.

                 There are approximately 150 churches in Carteret County representing            When local citizens were

                                                                                                 asked “What does good health
                 many denominations where individuals and families can worship together.
                                                                                                 mean/What does a healthy
Most of the churches have active youth programs, and both adults and children are involved
                                                                                                 community look like,” these
in many faith-based outreach programs locally and world-wide.
                                                                                                 were some of the responses

                                                                                                 •   Freedom from pain
                 In the fall of 2005, Safe Kids in Carteret County was created to provide
                                                                                                 •   Good air and water
                 education and direct services to reduce injury in the community. The local      •   Combination of physical,
                                                                                                     mental and spiritual well-being
Safe Kids plan includes hands-on educational activities for children and families at car seat
                                                                                                 •   Everyone working together
checks, bike rodeos, and water safety events through collaboration with other community          •   Financial health

partners. Through grants, Safe Kids in Carteret County will purchase safety seats and bike
                                                                                                 •   Safety
                                                                                                 •   Good leadership
helmets for local distribution.
                                                                                                 •   Godliness
                                                                                                 •   Accessible resources
                 The Carteret County Health Department has a dental health program                   and services
                                                                                                 •   Prevention education
                 that provides a mobile dental clinic, “Miles of Smiles.” The mobile clinic
                                                                                                 •   Recreation and
travels to elementary schools within Carteret County, providing dental care to children 0-17         cultural activities
                                                                                                 •   Preparedness for emergencies
years of age. The program strives to produce short-term and long-term improvements while
                                                                                                 •   Clean environment
providing a quality dental experience for all participating children. Children 0-17 enrolled     •   Good communication

in the NC Medicaid or Health Choice programs qualify for the service.

                 In the Community Health Assessment and Community forums, many

                 people said the best things about living in Carteret County are the natural

beauty, beaches, healthy outdoor atmosphere, and recreational and cultural opportunities.

                 State and federal parks, state aquarium, off-shore diving, community parks,

                 recreational fishing, public fishing piers, golf courses, public swimming and

boating areas, and forests are just a few of our county’s bounty of resources.
               5 Major Causes of Death
      Heart Disease
      All Cancers
                                                      What we are leaving
•     Cerebrovascular Disease
•     Chronic Respiratory Disease
•     Alzheimer’s Disease                                              The 2004 NC state rate for uninsured is 17.5%. Carteret County ranks

                                                                       63rd in the state with uninsured rates of 11.1% for ages 0-17; 23.3%
         5 Major Causes of Death vs. State
                                     County State*     for ages 18-64; and an overall uninsured rate of 20.4%.
Heart Disease                        258      234
All Cancers                          214      197
                                                                       Many general practice and family practice physicians refer their pa-
Alzheimer’s Disease                  31       26
Other Unintentional Injuries 33               25                       tients to specialists outside of the county.
Suicide                              19       11

                                                                       Health Care Services in Carteret County are located primarily in
    Infant Mortality: Total death rate of 9.0 per
     1,000, compared to state rate of 8.5 per 1,000                    Morehead City/Beaufort areas. There is one hospital, 15 jurisdictional

                                                       EMS units, and paramedic responders within the county. There is no consolidated
           Obesity, Children 2 Through 4
At Risk                              Overweight        county-wide 911 service.
County: 16.2%                        County 18.8%
State:       15.6%                   State:   14.9%
                                                                       The Carteret County Health Department is located in Morehead City
              Live Births Where Mother                                 and although it offers a variety of health care services, there are no
              Smoked During Pregnancy
County: 19.5 %                                         satellite or outreach clinics for the more rural areas.
State:       14.4%

                                                                       44.9% of the survey respondents revealed that public transportation

                                                                       issues were one of four significant community health problems in our

                                                       county. The only general public transportation services is taxi cab services in the Beau-

                                                       fort, Morehead City and Atlantic Beach areas. There is a countywide transportation

                                                       service, “Carteret County Area Transportation System (CCATS) which does not pro-

                                                       vide emergency medical transportation or escort service but does provide Paratransit

                                                       and Community Transit services.

* 2000-2004 age-adjusted rates per 100,000
behind...                                                                                        Our next step in Carteret County is to

                                                                                                 establish Action Teams to address each

                                                                                                 health need separately.
               Among 25 top health issues in the United States, almost one-half (49.4%) of
                                                                                                 Action Teams will be formed to address
               survey respondents identified obesity/overweight health status as their chief
                                                                                                 those top five (5) health priorities: Access
  concern for Carteret County. It is worth noting that four of the top five health concerns      to Care; Obesity, Physical Inactivity, Alco-
  for the county were lifestyle related, with “access to care” being the one exception.          hol/Drug Abuse; and Mental Health issues.

                                                                                                 These teams will be comprised of indi-
               Heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and asthma are the
                                                                                                 viduals with a particular interest, connec-
               major causes of illness and hospitalization in Carteret County.
                                                                                                 tion, or expertise on the issue. The Action

                                                                                                 Teams will pursue a systematic course of
               In relation to finding and using 29 specific health services in Carteret Coun-
                                                                                                 action in attempting to fully understand
               ty, respondents identified the following five issues as being most important:     each health issue, develop appropriate in-
  health care transportation, mental health/counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, lack of      terventions, identify resources, and com-

  private health insurance coverage and home care for the elderly/disabled.                      plete a plan for implementation.

                                                                                                 These efforts will be guided by the board
               With regard to 21 unhealthy behaviors resulting in poor health, survey re-
                                                                                                 of directors for Healthy Carolinians of
               spondents felt that five of the top six issues for Carteret County were related   Carteret County.
  to some form of substance abuse (including tobacco, alcohol and drugs). The unhealthy

  behaviors included alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, drinking and driving, drug abuse, to-

  bacco use among adults, and tobacco use among those under 18.

               Narrative comments from survey respondents included issues such as inad-

               equate mental health services, unsafe roads (for physical or leisure activity),

  lack of public transportation and over development.
                                                                                                Carteret County Health Department
                                                                                              Carteret County Parks and Recreation
                                                                                                           Carteret County Schools
                                                                     Carteret County Department of Social Services
                A Publication of Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County                                   Carteret General Hospital
                                                                                                        Coastal Community Action
                                                                                    Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities
                                                                           North Carolina Cooperative Extension – Carteret County
                                                                                        Onslow Carteret Behavioral Health Services
                                                                                                             Community Volunteers
                                  If you would like to volunteer                                                Business community
                                                                                                            Faith-based community
                                  to join an Action Team in order

                                  to create healthy environments

          for all citizens in Carteret County where they live,
                                                                                                      For more information contact:
          learn, earn, play and pray, please call today. Or, if your                         Anne Hardison, President/Coordinator
                                                                                             Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County
          group or organization is already working on these
                                                                                                                       P.O. Box 754
          issues, please let us know.                                                                    Morehead City, NC 28557
                                                                                                               252.222.3439 (office)

Data in this document was taken from the Carteret County 2005 Community Health Assessment – a report issued by the Carteret County
                                                                   Health Department and Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County.

                                                                            Full report can be downloaded at www.healthycarteret.org

    Funding for the completion of the Carteret County 2005 Community Health Assessment and printing of this publication provided by
                                                  Healthy Carolinians of Carteret County and the Carteret County Health Department.

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